SIG SAUER P365 XMACRO 9mm pistol
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SIG SAUER continues to expand on its modular P365 platform, this time by increasing capacity to the full-size pistol range and creating an offering for those wanting to jump on the compensated carry gun trend.

A new grip module extends the grip length of the slim, modular P365 to accept a full 17 rounds of 9mm ammo. And by using the P365’s 3.1-inch barrel in the longer P365XL slide SIG has been able to use the extra room to integrate a compensator for reducing muzzle flip.

A tabletop look at this new configuration can be seen in the video below . . .

The new grip module has been claimed by some to be very similar in size to SIG’s new P322 rimfire pistol, but as we don’t have one we can’t make that comparison. What we can say is that by keeping with the P365 platform and magazines, increasing capacity to 17 rounds only slightly lengthens the grip.

Shooters with larger hands who found themselves almost satisfied with a P365XL and 15-round magazine will probably find the P365 XMACRO finally has a place for all their fingers.

The dust cover has been extended to meet the end of the slide and SIG’s proprietary rail system has been replaced with the more real-world-friendly Picatinny rail. Adding to the new grip module is the ability to select between one of three included backstraps (or don’t use one at all if you’re really kooky).

The Sig P365 XMACRO (above right) with 17rd magazine is only slightly longer than the P365XL with 15-round magazine.

The compensation solution is an interesting one. The biggest problem with the current industry norm of threading a device onto the end of the barrel is that it adds weight with the most leverage possible to counter the way the barrel needs to move in order to properly cycle. The result is often a gun that becomes a picky eater. Of course that counter weight at the end of the muzzle is also a source of the “compensation” shooters feel.

I’m convinced that some of the compensation could more easily be replicated by using an old YouTuber hack: simply mount a big flashlight or weight to the rail of the gun. Adding weight out front counters muzzle flip nicely and both the gun and the shooter look cooler and the gun shoots flatter.

The P365 XMACRO tucks the shorter 3.1″ barrel from the original P365 into the longer XL slide meant for a 3.7″ barrel.

Avoiding ammo sensitivity and reducing total weight, the P365 XMACRO instead uses the 3.1″ barrel from the P365 in a slide length usually used for a 3.7″ barrel. The compensation ports are then cut into the slide itself.

The only drawback I see to this design is it means your slide is sized like a P365 XL…but the muzzle energy and projectile performance is reduced to that of a P365.

I know most consumers don’t think about the fact that the majority of 9mm ammunition is formulated to perform best from a 4″ barrel, and maybe it really doesn’t matter much. I have yet to find a test subject willing to be shot with the same ammunition from a 4″ barrel and a 3.1″ barrel and then testify which round did the most damage. There are also a few loads out there, some made by SIG, with thinner jackets and other tricks to maximize performance from a sub 4-inch barrel.

The P365 XMACRO’s 17rd magazine (R) is somehow not any larger than the P365 XL’s 15rd (L).

We hit the range with two shooters to get a feel for the P365 XMACRO and conduct our standard battery of experiences including filming our absolute first shots, testing the new magazine’s ability to run full-mag +1, trying out ten different loads from 90gr up to 165gr, a trigger control exercise, some practical accuracy, and lastly to give concluding thoughts.

The results can be seen in the video below. . .

One thing we didn’t test on camera for that video, but will include in a future video is how the frame feels with a regular (uncompensated) 365XL slide. We did this briefly as the sun was setting off camera and were both impressed with how much the compensator really changes the feel of the gun.

While testing the gun as-is, it simply felt like a pleasant-shooting pistol. So much so that we almost forgot this gun is still part of a “micro compact” family of guns…known more for being compact, not necessarily enjoyable at the range.

We also want to test a few rounds to see just how much energy is lost by going with a 3.1″ barrel. It’s long been my personal preference to carry a pistol with at least a 4″ barrel.

The P365 XMACRO stock is extended to cover the 17rd magazine and will likely conceal better than the blocky 15rd P365 XL magazine.

On the range the P365 XMACRO was an overall joy to shoot. Reduced-energy aside, it seems that with this build, SIG has created a modular do-all kind of gun with the grip and capacity to serve as a viable home defense option, be pleasant enough to use in training.

I know most folks carry a small subcompact or micro-compact gun, but take a larger gun to training courses IF they even train at all). The P365 XMACRO is comfortable enough for training while still still slim enough to use as a carry gun.

Yes the grip is a touch longer than a P365 XL with a 15-round magazine, but because the length is made up of more rounded grip instead of a boxy protruding magazine, I suspect it will conceal better by printing less obviously.

Specifications: P365 XMACRO 

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 17+1
Overall length: 6.6 inches
Overall height: 5.2 inches
Overall width: 1.1 inches
Barrel length: 3.1 inches
Sight Radius: 5.1 inches
Weight (w/magazine): 21.5 oz.
Current Retail Price: around $799

Ratings (out of five stars):

Reliability * * * * *
Not a single malfunction with any of the eleven types of ammunition used.

Ergonomics * * * * *
Somehow this thin pistol fit both my XXL-glove hands and Teya’s M-glove hands just fine. Three included backstraps allow for some change, but we both found the large backstrap to be the most comfortable.

Accuracy * * * * *
Once you learn to punch through the carry-grade trigger it’s easy to put shots where you want them.

Concealability * * * * 
The longer grip likely conceals better for those who appendix carry than those who carry strong side, rounded corners of the grip will print less than a P365 XL with a 15-round magazine.

Overall: * * * * 1/2
This is an excellent little pistol. I don’t have any criticisms that aren’t already accepted when selecting this pistol. I believe the SIG P365 XMACRO can become the new replacement for the older “compact” (4″ 15-rd 9mm) concept and offers more comfortable carry and higher capacity.

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  1. I’d rather have the longer barrel, no ports, and get a lower price. I’m sure it’s already being produced to release once sales of this model begin to drop.

  2. Why is it that a few months after you buy a handgun the makers come out with “better”. I bought a P365. Then I bought a P365XL. And now this ?!?!? I gots no mo money for P’s….

  3. On Saturday I went to a range with three other guys. One had the XMacro and had not shot it yet. I gotta say, we all loved it. I’m not the greatest shooter but produced a small group at 8 yards. It’s more comfortable than the XL and of course, higher capacity. If the barrel was longer I would call it perfect.

  4. Cool. I’m in. Eventually when the price drops a bit.

    Totally agree about being “almost” happy with the XL. Coming from a G43 gucci’d with TT extensions – it didn’t matter. Always uncomfortable and reloads were sure to leave a blood blister inside your palm. I shot like shit too. So I’ve been hoping for something like the XMACRO (stupid fucking name btw) for a while. Also, mostly because of the 1911 rail and capacity without the need to get extendo’s. I actually perfer the XL without the +2 (or 3 I forget), but my spare mag does have it. Everything sits better carrying this setup that way. No extendo in the gun but extendo in the spare – evens the spread. Anyways, I’ve said extendo one too many times. But the 1911 is a nice addition because WML’s for the XL suck. The TLR-6 is just a piece of crap, the TLR-7 SUB is good but wider than the gun – so the holster has a decent gap to slip a finger in the trigger guard (down side to WML’s for those that don’t carry them). I have not tested any others but that’s mainly because SureFire is overpriced and Olight sucks. Regardless, 1911 will open up some options and hopefully some new designs for the new look will hit. Either way, it’s probably going to end up in the hands of Talon Retention (local – no UPS touching my products lol) so I can get a holster for it once those holsters for a decent WML combo hit the market.

    I’ll keep an eye out on trader sites.

  5. . . . . that’s not a compensator. Those are speed holes in the slide. If they do anything to reduce recoil it’s due to the weight.

    Guarantee if you throw on a 4″ barrel and slide it will have less recoil than this 3″ barrel and chopped up slide gimmick, just due to the weight out front.

  6. Saw one at a LGS the other day. Have not fired one (yet). The salesperson and I were looking at how the barrel muzzle stops roughly 0.5″ from the end of the slide…the question we both had was how much was muzzle blast going to flame-cut that last 0.5″ of slide and the frame parts in front of and below the muzzle bore.

    Really like my P365 Standard with 12-rounders. It is a sweet size for EDC. It appears that the evolution of the P365 is towards an ever increasing capacity (and physical size). When Sig “evolves” the P365 to a certain point…I’ll just carry my G19 – Gen 5 or P226 rather than purchasing yet another P365.

  7. *sigh*
    Moderation for an extremely benign comment.
    WordPress / TTAG’s trigger algorithm is totally random.

  8. If I’m in a defensive fight requiring the capacity of a full-sized handgun, wouldn’t it be better to have a bigger gun? (Or a rifle?)

    I’m sure it’s a good gun…

  9. Where is Glock besides behind the curve (again)?
    Where are the expanded capacity mags for the 43X and the 48? Apparently, SIG had all these new versions planned or in the pipeline when it introduced the P365. Glock has nothing with greater than 10 capacity and flush-fit from the factory to compete.
    This looks like a job for TTAG’s ace investigators to grill Glock about this.

    • Glock should come up with an OEM magazine option with 13-15 rounds, that works with the 43x/48.

      That said I carry the 48 with the 10 round mags and it is perfect for me, and I mean perfect. Perfect weight, slimness and overall size. Adding a larger capacity magazine, would just make it heavier. I carried a 19 or 26 for years and now I will not go back. I am fine with just a 48 for EDC and then a 17 for home defense/OWB carry on rare occasions with a jacket, or when driving cross country.

      • Glock still uses polymer outer shell on metal lined mags. This makes them way thicker than just bare metal that everyone else is using. I wonder if it’s just Gaston being stuck in his ways or trying to not eat into the G19 market. I’ll bet that after Herr Glock is no longer running the company things will change, just like what happened with Ruger after Bill Sr retired.

  10. One question I don’t see anyone asking is can a P365 X-Macro slide be used on a standard P365 given that the barrel is already the 3.1”. Obviously the the dust cover won’t extend the full length and would need to use mags from the original, but would anything actually prevent it from being used? For a P365 user without a red dot mount slide, seems like it would be an interesting option to milling or finding a P365X slide.


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