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Man’s best friend makes the best burglar alarm. A northwest Chicago resident’s dog woke him up after 1 a.m yesterday. The barking, followed by a noise from the man’s basement spurred Mr. Homeowner to access his personal safety rescue tool. Good thing too, because the resident and his dog met a 27-year-old burglar who didn’t seem too intimidated by staring down the muzzle of a gun.

Pro-tip: A gun isn’t a magical talisman. Oftentimes bad guys have had guns pointed at them before. In this case, however, the intruder tried to approach the good guy who promptly fired a shot, hitting the burglar and leaving him in serious condition.

In a near miracle, given the fact that over half of the highest priority calls to 911 in Chicago don’t have officers available to respond, the cops showed up quickly after the bad actor started leaking.

NBC 5 has the story . . .

A suspect in custody after he was apparently shot during a home invasion on Chicago’s Northwest Side Sunday morning.

According to Chicago police, the incident occurred in the 3600 block of North Newcastle in the Dunning neighborhood at approximately 1:20 a.m. Sunday.

The homeowner told officers that he was woken up by his dog’s barking at the time, and then heard a loud noise in his basement.

He pulled out a weapon and went downstairs to check, and said the suspect continued to walk towards him after confronting him inside the residence.

The homeowner then fired his weapon, striking the 27-year-old man.

One man who lives next door to the home that was burglarized said he was shocked to learn what took place.

“I am shocked, I am flabbergasted at what is happening here,” said Felix Echevarria.

We’ll have to see if an early morning home invasion is a serious enough offense for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to actually pursue charges in this case. In the mean time, it’s yet another successful defensive gun use in which a homeowner stopped a threat.


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  1. dacian, the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er, This is what happens when you are STUPID in a No Stupid Zone!

    • tim…I hate to rain on your ignorant bigot parade but Blacks do not have or never will have a good ol’ boy network like the kkk.

        • And numerous D.E.I. directives implemented across all levels of government and universities in the past 2 years that are 100% discriminatory to Asians and Whites.

      • Why don’t you see black racism? I never owned slaves, the Africans here now were never slaves, how do I owe reparations? Why does Ca owe reparations, not a slave state? I know you don’t like Hyena Harris, don’t you think it’s racist that she is vp because black/indian/woman?

  2. From the article, attributed to one of the neighbors expressing his surprise at the incident:

    “…I am flabbergasted…”

    That’s a four syllable word he used there, folks. Color me surprised that this reportedly was spoken by a resident of Chicago.

  3. Years ago, I stated on this very website that one hugely important application of the Second Amendment is necessary righteous self-defense when government does not provide security–where that government failure can be due to a variety of root causes such as inadequate resources (manpower in this case).

  4. *Bark, Bark, Bark*
    “What’s wrong with Wolfy?”
    Your parents are dead.
    Would you rather be attacked by one 120 pound german shepherd or by 120 one pound chihuahuas?

    • I’ll take the one German Shepherd please, over being yapped to death by a herd of the Devil’s favorite canine. I hate those neurotic little things!

      • now maybe you will believe me when I tell you that the chihuahuaT dogs were bread specifically for the purpose of hunting BEAR in that province of Mexico whci lends its name to the breed.

        • The dog is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where the dog was discovered about 1850. Some experts think the Aztecs or Incas developed the dog; others say the breed can be traced to Spanish dogs as far back as the 1500s. The use of the Chihuahua long ago also is uncertain. Some think Chihuahuas might have been used for FOOD by Central American Indians, while others think the dogs had great religious significance.. Wouldn’t even make a snack for the Grizzly Bears in Chihuahua..

    • We see police videos of cops blasting perps to bits, I assume mostly due to adrenaline.
      This home owner seemed to believe one was enough. Maybe the perp dropped out immediatly ?

  5. This neighborhood in Chiraq isn’t the ghetto(to you ignorant of Chicago). Been there many times in years past. Good on the homeowner but it does show ALL of Chiraq is unsafe. Yeah too bad the perp didn’t assume room temperature. Now his homies are looking for revenge🙄

  6. one should recall the lessons taught by John Wayne in THE SHOOTIST. The secret to winning gun fights isn’t being the fastest. the secret is being willing. if you actually have to pull the gun, you probably need to pull the trigger.

    shooting, dumping in a dumpster or dark alley far from your home then shutting up would them be in order.

      • Agreed. Doing so, if it is traced back to you, would be suggestive of murder rather than self defense. If it is self defense, then there is no need to hide the evidence, especially if the shooting occurred in your home.

        • You got 50-100k for legal fees laying around the house? I don’t have that kind of disposable income.

    • everyone:
      we live in a country where almost half of homicides remain unsolved. the clearance rates for murder are barely one-in-ten for high crime cities such as Chicago. as a detective explained to me when my brother was brutally murdered over three decades ago, unless you are murdered by someone you know, the odds of your murderer being arrested are slim to none. A properly ventilated carcass of some anonymous criminal that is discovered miles from your home isn’t going to implicate you unless you were stupid enough to call the police.

      As so many people who have been involved in a defensive gun use can attest, merely brandishing a firearm to deter criminals WILL get you prosecuted by the same corrupt District Attorneys who allow criminals to run at large. Just ask the Mccloskeys. Given the near certainty of being pilloried for reporting a defensive gun use verses the near certainty of never being implicated for remaining anonymous, a victim would have to be insane to report a DGU.

      • Thank you, I said the same thing a while back, and was told how I was gonna get life. Someone been watching too much ID( Investigation Discovery). The big muddy just a mile away, I gonna strip their stupid ass and toss them in. Be in NewOrleans before anyone finds em.

  7. see if an early morning home invasion is a serious enough offense for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to actually pursue charges in this case.

    Next Headline: Homeowner charged with attempted murder, civil rights violations, harboring a vicious dog, jailed without bail awaiting trial…

  8. “…. the cops showed up quickly after the bad actor started leaking.” Gotta save those Libturd voters. Does the homeowner now qualify for “First Responder” Discounts??? Police are “Second Responders” or “Never Show Up Responders.”

  9. Word has it that Lori Lightfoot’s forehead receded another quarter inch upon hearing the homeowner was not arrested for exercising his constitutional right.

  10. “…. the cops showed up quickly after the bad actor started leaking.”

    key word here is “after”

    Police are not your first responders folks. When that threat arrives, the only first responder is you.

  11. For me getting shot would be enough for me to quit b&e, and get a job. Then again 1 night in jail was enough for me to stop screwing up. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to live in illanoys.

  12. no doubt that Kim Foxx will decide the poor downtrodden thug has been punished enough by virtue of having been ballistically enhanced. Assuming he is non-white, since she wouldn’t want to violate her 2 tiered justice principles.

    • That’s what I was thinking. After all, he wasn’t armed, so there is no firearms enhancement that they can dismiss “in the interests of justice” to reduce the prison time. All they’ve got is the B&E, so they will reduce that to a misdemeanor and release him after sentencing to time served.

  13. As usual the police come and call someone to pick up the body and file a report. Serve and protect?
    Usually I support the LEO’s. And do in this case. However this shows the truth is cops can’t protect anyone but themselves. It’s always been up to the individual to protect themselves and deal with any situation until professional response can be summoned and arrive.

  14. Defensive training teaches: “Once you have made the decision to shoot, keep shooting until the threat is eliminated.”.

    Policeman: Why did you shoot him 15 times?
    Hero: He kept rolling around as if in pain and cussing/threatening me, so I thought he was still a threat.


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