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By Larry Keane

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is either devilishly stupid, or devilishly underhanded. With Canada’s Boy Wonder, sometimes the differences are difficult to discern.

The Canadian head-of-state’s unilateral gun grab that bans 1,500 makes and models of modern sporting rifles under the guise of an “assault-style” firearm classification, swept up multiple other firearms. Some are certainly “military-grade” like the mortars, grenade launchers and rocket and missile launchers, which were already banned.

It also banned Ruger’s Mini-14, commonly referred to as a “ranch rifle” that doesn’t have any of the offensive cosmetic characteristics gun control groups get woozy over when they hear them described. That’s why the prime minister echoed one of their favorite sound bites.

“You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer,” Prime Minister Trudeau said during his gun grab announcement.

Oops, Got Shotguns?

Turns out, he doesn’t think hunters need a 12-gauge shotgun either. Or 10-gauge guns for that matter. Gone too are big-bore rifles. Right now, the order bans much more than Prime Minister Trudeau advertised. That’s got to be a big surprise to Canada’s moose, bear, deer, upland bird, duck and goose hunters.

spokesperson for Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair said the ban would not include shotguns and was preparing an official statement, but it still hasn’t been clarified. Blair did say the government is planning a revamp of Canada’s gun classification system to “create a new evergreen framework for classification to ensure federal intentions can’t be easily overridden.” In other words, they don’t want their gun grab to be undone.

Blair was the architect of Prime Minister Trudeau’s order that banned almost every modern 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotgun in Canada with removable chokes because they exceed the maximum bore diameter of 20mm, as defined by Canada’s Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness according to a report from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

duck hunt hunting arkansas
(AP Photo/Spencer Tirey)

Modern shotguns with removable chokes may have an external diameter of .840 inches and the last inch to three inches of the barrel is slightly larger to accommodate a removable choke. That leaves the diameter typically at .841 inches, or 20.657mm. Different models and makes can vary from 20.00 mm to 20.83, which outlaws many of the most popular shotgun models.

Estimates are there are 1.5 to 2 million of the common hunting firearms in Canada.

That’s got Canada’s firearms industry body, the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA) telling firearm retailers to cease sales of many 12 gauge or larger shotguns with removable chokes. Four major gun advocacy groups in Canada, including CSAAA, are calling for Blair’s resignation and the withdrawal of the poorly-crafted gun ban.

“Minister Blair is either too inept to comprehend the scope of his regulations… or he lied to the government and Canadians,” CSAAA said, according to a National Post report. CSAAA noted in a separate statement, “… it was abundantly clear that the regulations were rushed through and are flawed, unfair and dangerous.”

Bye Bye, Big Bores

That’s not all. The Canadian Shooting Sports Association said classic dream rifles specifically designed to hunt big and dangerous game are on the chopping block too.

“As well, many large bore hunting rifles – some over 100 years old and valued over $100,000 have become prohibited,” the Canadian Shooting Sports Association warned in an email notification. “None of these firearms are semi-automatic or ‘military style.’

.470 NE double rifle
Sabatti double rifle in .470 NE (courtesy Tom in Oregon)

“They encompass common bolt-action rifles such as the .460 Weatherby, break-open single and double rifles. These firearms are captured because the powerful cartridges they shoot – designed to humanely dispatch the largest game animals. PURE hunting rifles.”

CSAAA said the Canadian government couldn’t answer how or why bolt-action rifles were included, how shipment to Canadian law enforcement would be handled or what will happen to carriers moving inventory that was already in shipping when the “immediate” ban was announced. It was also left unclear what Canadian companies are to do with U.S. products exported to Canada that are now banned. They can’t be re-exported out of Canada back to the United States.

It would be easy to say Prime Minister Trudeau and his Canadian gun control allies have no idea what they’re talking about and that’s why the order is such chaos. The prime minister is pitching this as a reaction to horrendous murders by a deranged man in Novia Scotia, but the reality is, Trudeau has been planning to do this for months, or even years.

By anyone’s definition, that is devilishly detailed.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Does anyone really believe that’s not the end game? Very. Very few of em are honest enough to admit it!

    • A stated Progressive aim in the 1990s was to change Canada from a masculine independent nation into a feminist dependent nation. They are well on their way.

      In WW1 Germany would keep close tabs on the locations of Canadian units because they were used as shock troops to lead attacks.

      In WW2 the first SS Panzer Korps which comprised of both of SS units with Hitler’s name, were very respectful of Canadian units after Normandy and both were conducting reprisals on each other over POW deaths. British Nazi collaborator Howard Joyce (aka Lord Haw Haw) joked to end the war quickly the Allies should give every Canadian soldier a bottle of whiskey and a motorcycle, and tell them Berlin is out of bounds.

      In Korea and Vietnam Canadians were known for their actions. In the Yugoslavian civil war many Serbian warlords had a 50-cal pointed in their direction when the Canadians disagreed with them. The Serbians complained directly to the UN about the aggressive and provocative Canadian troops.

      The record for the longest recorded sniper kill is from a Canadian in Afghanistan.

      How did this get achieved so quickly?

      • Much respect for the Canadian military. I just left Iraq, where the Canadian military and RCMP were present and very active alongside coalition forces. Many military members expressed a fierce pride in Canada, but would rather have the protections of the U.S. Constitution.

  2. 9mm and .45 are military grade…as are muskets and knives of all sorts
    rocks and boiling oil were once used as well…going to ban those as well?

    • “and knives of all sorts rocks and boiling oil were once used as well…”

      Boiling oil that makes yummy fried grouper sandwiches?

  3. super soaker…gasoline…a lighter…
    going to ban all of those?
    garden sprayers, too?
    bleach and ammonia?

        • And we have judges that wipe their butts with the Constitution every day.

          The character (constitution) of the people matters far more than a Constitution written on paper.

          If we want to keep our Constitution, we better improve our constitution (character as a people).

  4. Sounds like the deranged individual or individuals are running the country up there . . . I mean ruining 😢

  5. If I was a legislator I’d consider it my sacred duty to educate myself as thoroughly as possible before crafting legislation that criminalized my fellow citizens. Shocking to me that in real life no one seems to give a shit.

    • If you were a legislator you’d enjoy privilege and power over the Great Unwashed as you cut deals to enrich yourself down the road.

    • As funny as that tweet may be, referring it to BRCC’s coffee, that’s not what is listed there. It was a joke from the BRCC guys.

  6. That’s a feature, not a bug.

    I hope Canadians can defeat this outrageous grab by their government.

  7. The only Big Bore that needs to be banned is Trudeau’s leaky bunghole that keeps shitting on all of Canada’s subjects.

  8. People get the government they deserve. Now they’re shocked that the beanbag they elected is running amock.

    • Loosely, I agree with you, if applied for the outcomes of fair elections. The flip side of that coin, however, is “is it fair?” if 50.1% vote a Leftist into Canuckistan office, and that Canuckadoodle then removes rights/property from the other 49.9%.

      • It sounds like he’s intentionally lying to the people that vote for him. His words are we’re just taking these military assaulty things that no person needs. His actions are then to grab everything he can possibly get. Is Canada’s press like ours? They won’t call him out on it as long as they agree with it?

        • Canada doesn’t have free press. Just look at the Rebel News folks. Banned from many public news junkets. And the way I understand it it’s like this – imagine if all the alphabet news agencies and major papers were literally funded by the state (overtly) as opposed to the US where project mockingbird puts CIA and NSA operatives in front of the camera (Anderson Cooper).

      • That’s pure democracy for you. Founding Fathers were right when they refused it in favor of Constitutional Republic.
        “Fair” has nothing to do with it.

    • Imagine if you had no Electoral College. That is what happened to us. Because one big city (Toronto) went exclusively Liberal, they won the election. They even lost the popular vote, but thanks to all those seats they won a minority government.

      Until the next election (which in a Parliamentary system can occur when a vote of non-confidence is held successfully) the organizations and gun owners in Canada are working to do what they can. This includes legal action, support of parties that support gun owners, and educating the public.

  9. I do believe that this opens quite an opportunity to purchase a lot of nice guns at great prices once I’m able to cross the river again.

    • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that the US has some strange import laws that would prevent these newly banned guns to be imported to the US for sale. That’s why we didn’t see a flood of handguns with barrels >105mm or 32/25 caliber when that ban went through.

    • You’ll need to get in touch with your politicians, because there are a bunch of rules that will make re-importing guns made in the US difficult, as well as firearms from Russia and China. I don’t want my country to lose those guns, but if the alternative is their destruction (Restricted firearms are registered by the government), then I’d rather them go to American gun owners.

  10. It’s not just the top politician up that way ….

    A few days ago, May 4th, Canada cops assaulted a 19 year old woman in a Star Wars Storm Trooper costume. She was parading back and forth in front of a Star Wars themed restaurant, where she was employed. It was “May the Fourth Be With You Day”, and the idea was to draw in customers for take-out orders.

    So why did the cops point guns at her and include an officer carrying an “Assault Style Rifle” of his own? Why did they put her to the ground and give her a bloody nose?

    Simple, she was armed.

    She was armed with a typical Star Wars Storm Trooper Blaster.

    Naturally, they had to get her disarmed and in cuffs before they could investigate and determine it was not a real blaster weapon as used by the Galactic Empire, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..

    While all that was going on, the owner stood in the restaurant entry yelling to the cops that she was an employee and the “gun” was a “plastic toy”.

    The cops ordered him to shut up, mind his own business and not interfere.

    Oh Canada!!!!

    • There was no need for concern. If the cops knew anything about Storm Troopers, they would understand that she couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with that blaster.

      • There was a gag scene in “The Mandalorian” about that. Two Storm Troopers on their speeder bikes, parked and waiting. They try to hit something with their blaster pistols, just for fun, keep missing, one of them bangs the side of his blaster to make it shoot better, still misses, gives up.

        Yup, Storm Troopers can’t hit crap.

    • Watched the original with weird Canada guy commenting….Noticed the 12ga, but also some type of subgun when cop walked up to weird Canada guy recording, warning him to “stay back!”

      Later videos cut that part out and some sites editing pictures out.

      I thank the universe I am not Canadian.

    • I saw that video shortly after it was posted. Huge overreaction from the Canuckacops. Apparently none of them were familiar with Star Wars and May 4th? Or could understand English with the restaurant owner attempting to explain the situation?

      Or maybe (and most likely) they were bored out of their gourds, and saw this incident as the only opportunity they’d have for years to bust out those guns from the cruiser trunks.

    • I keep coming to the conclusion that Canadians are too stupid to be absorbed into the US. Or at least the Eastern and coastal type. Perhaps the French should have them back.

  11. so are Canada’s gun laws even more restrictive then Mexico yet?
    The Mexican government has these lil .22 AR SBR’s they sell to civillians

  12. Canada rebuilt their economy after the left destroyed it and they thanked the right by putting the left back in charge. Its easy to poke fun at them but I feel for regular Canadians who are just trying to make it. The left just wont let up with appropriating others wealth to buy votes. Disarmament is just a small part of what they have planned with the US being a safety valve for policy mistakes, expenses and a lack of industry.

  13. They also outlawed Black Rifle Coffee.

    It’s a shitshow that would be hilarious if they weren’t so serious.

  14. Australia, New Zealand, and now Canada. A revolutionary war with the mother country really does make a difference.

  15. This is a feature – not a bug.
    The goal is complete disarmament of ALL citizens so their police can arrest 19 year old girls in Stormtrooper outfits with impunity.

  16. Has anyone found out what the guns were in the mass shooting that started this temper tantrum? I’ve heard pistols and something like a “military appearing rifle” but nothing specific.

  17. Banning shotguns is simply unAmerican. If thy stop making Canadian Club, Molson beer and MooseHead beer, I say we build a wall along the northern border too.

    • Tried moosehead beer once many years ago and liked it. That was sometime in 96. Have never seen it in australia since

  18. Back in the early 60’s, at 15 I lied about my age (16 was required) to get into the Young Soldiers Militia stationed in Calgary. It was a Scottish unit as our dress uniform was included a kilt (if i remember correctly we were some how associated with the Black Watch). We served one weekend each month and went to a military base for 1 month every summer. During the summer we trained with the FN and had additional training with 30 cal machine guns, mortars, grenades, rocket launchers and more. In fact I was given the opportunity to drive a tank at one time. Other similar units were doing artillery. All of this before I was 16/17. I left Canada, after many jobs, in 1968 and joined the US Marine Corps. Now I look back at Canada and wonder what has happened. This boy child, Trudeau, being elected and re-elected – where did the Canada I knew and grew up in go? What I see is a people comparable to the Jews before Hitler came to power. They were first told to register their guns and crime would go away (it didn’t). Then Hitler came to power and ordered all guns to be confiscated and any one who didn’t follow this order was arrested. It was handy to have a registry in every city of who had guns. Hitlers brown shirts and SS only had to check this registry. Many survivors of all this still say “never allow your guns to be registered and never give up your guns” because once you do, you will have no way to fight back when tyranny takes over. Canadians need to tell Trudeau that they refuse to give up their guns and that he can go to hell and all gun registries be destroyed.

  19. Just another note – it is really hard to imagine the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) confronting people at gun point and breaking down their doors to confiscate their guns but I believe this has already happened. I use to have such respect for the red uniform but not any more. It is like the FBI in the US, they by their actions do not deserve the respect they were given for so many years. Has the RCMP become the storm troopers/brown shirts of a previous era?

  20. My God, what is that fool doing….you Canuks are done. It has happened gradually, with small steps until he accomplished what his hidden agenda was all the time he was talking shit… you have been bamboozled, lied to and tricked by a professional con man. Now, if not too late, it’s you time to act…you better do it quickly, your New World Order spot is already on its way to be cast in stone….oh Canada.

  21. The pussification of Canada has been in the works for decades. It was Pierre Trudeau who really ramped up Canada’s progressive spiral. This is what happens when all educational and all levels of government get infected with progressives.
    What his commie father started Justin Trudeau is going to try finishing to get his dream of being on the UN.
    We don’t have any centre or right leaning main stream media it is all left to far left and has been bought off by the liberals with half billion dollars.
    Being a British parliamentary system like we have compared to the USA is what our problem is.
    Please hold on to your 2nd as we have no gun rights let alone property rights as Pierre Trudeau made sure of that with the ass wipe constitution that he forced on us.

  22. truedodo is a sick gun control zealot and that makes him a gutless wonder. And like all gutless wonders he is counting on jack booted thugs to enforce his gun grab. First gun owner gets a scratch refusing to lay down their firearm at the feet of truedodo and it will backfire on truedodo. It is truedodo following in the footsteps of gun grabbing nazis and kkk racists. You are bulling innocent people because you are sick in the head mr. truedodo.

  23. In the USA, and other countries, like Canada, if citizen disarmament is not responded to with DIRECT THREATS OF ARMED RESPONSE, AGAINST LAWMAKERS, they WILL take everything.
    They LAUGH at “peaceful protests” – They LAUGH at litigation that they fight with TAX DOLLARS!
    In the USA there is the HOPE of the Supreme Court UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION!
    If they do NOT uphold the Second Amendment, we are in the same boat as Canada.
    FIGHT TO KEEP THEM . . . or surrender them.

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