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Tensions are escalating across America as people have had enough of power-mad governors and state officials trying to enforce tyranny in the name of protecting people from a virus. If this continues through the July 4th weekend, will things turn into Independence Day 2.0?

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association reports that customers have already begun pushing back on busybodies scolding them to follow Governor J.B.Pritzker’s executive order mandating masks for people in stores. And they report the problem has quickly grown worse – with increasing violence.

CapitolFax, a well-known political blog in the Land of Lincoln, has the story.

Mask-haters causing problems at retail establishments

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association is receiving regular updates from its members about the issues around the new face-covering requirement in the governor’s revised executive order. I asked them to send me a roundup. Here it is…

DeKalb – Consumer Wearing Hunting Knife Refuses to Wear Mask

Have had 3 or 4 customer issues about asking them to wear a mask. One was somewhat disturbing. Very large man about 6 foot 6 with what I believe was a hunting knife told me that he would not wear a mask and we can’t legally ask him to put one on and he was going to shop in the store and asked how I was going to enforce it…

AP Photo.

Even police are ignoring the governor’s mask order. But to be fair, the governor’s own wife and kids ignored the “stay at home order” and flew down to the Pritzkers’ $12 million horse farm in Florida where they don’t have to stay at home or wear masks.

Peoria—Law Enforcement Officer in Uniform Refuses to Wear Mask

A police officer visited the grocery store without a mask. Several customers and the store manager challenged him on it. The officer told them he was making a political protest. The manager asked him to leave which he ultimately did but how do you get enforcement help when the police aren’t abiding?…

Carbondale—Employees Threatened

I want to share with you the issues we are having at our Carbondale store around the face covering mandate. This is putting our Teammates and Customers in harm’s way. We have already had several issues at this location as we attempt to enforce this. The issues arise not only between Customers and our Teammates but also between Customers. The public is on edge and even a passive approach has sent several Customer’s over the edge to a point they are shouting at our Teammates. Our Teammates fear for their safety. When someone refuses to comply, we have had complying Customer’s verbally attack the non-compliance Customer. We should not be the police or enforcers. My fear is that these instances will escalate into a situation where someone will get hurt.

And then there’s the Romeoville mayor who seems eager to kick off the boogaloo

Romeoville #2—Mayor Advised Law Enforcement to Arrest Retail Workers Not Enforcing Mask Requirement

The Romeoville Mayor sent a police officer to let me know that going forward, we must refuse any individuals at the front doors that are not wearing a mask. If not, the store manager in charge will be arrested for reckless endangerment. He did not have any documentation of the sudden change.

Americans are reading stories about overzealous law enforcement “protecting and serving” people good and hard while enforcing radical state dictates. This one from Las Vegas.

If some governors follow Oregon’s lead and extend these lockdown rules past the July 4th weekend, this year’s celebration could become Independence Day 2.0.

On Tuesday, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker told Oregon’s governor to hold his beer. Pritzker announced that the Land of Lincoln will not fully reopen until a vaccine for the Wuhan flu is available.

All that’s needed to kick off a real revolution is for a busybody Karen, pressing her nose up against her window, to call authorities and report on a July 4 gathering of her (or his) neighbors. America’s Independence Day weekend has a long tradition of cookouts, social gatherings, and even some drinking.  These are all things Karens and chickified man-child Karens (would that be a Kyle or a Greg?) may find repugnant.

“Hi. 911? Please send police to break up the unlawful group next door. They might spread the virus! I can smell their grill, which means they might be exposing my family to COVID!  Please hurry! OMFGBBQ!”

Add if a couple of cops like these show up, things could easily go sideways.

If this happens more than a few times or to the wrong person, someone is going to get hurt. Or worse.

It took three strikes of the match in April of 1775 to kick off the first American revolution. Who knows how many strikes it will take to start a second one. Hopefully we won’t find out in our lifetimes.


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  1. The .gov has opened jails to let real criminals out to protect them from the virus. And now they’re going to put folks with no arrests behind them into those same jails for not wearing a mask or going to a loved ones funeral or opening their small business up?

    Fuck the .gov.

  2. We can only hope. My answer to anybody who demands that I wear a mask is far more simple. You can’t demand I break the law. Then I laugh in their faces.


      Thumbs up!

      Of course, I do wear my Infowars mask in the grocery store; surprising how people look and quickly look away.

      • Dr Judy Miskovits interview shines a light the overseers of information don’t like.

        Hence why her interview keeps getting taken down.

        • She is brilliant! Have been to several of her talks and got to sit with her once having snacks in the concierge’ lounge.

          Have been watching her videos on this plannedemic. She has the science. She is exposing Fauci for his fraud not only in this but in AIDS research. She worked with him on AIDS. She knows what he did.

        • Pretty sure I had it too. Dry cough, tickle in the chest, and slightly decreased energy for a couple of weeks, then slowly got over it. No snot or hangouts in the baño.

        • Me and my wife both had this for a couple weeks (her silightly longer due to her weaker immune system) and both got over it. Hell, I was still jogging and working out during it, just at an easier pace and workload.

      • If I REALLY need something, and an “forced” to wear face covering…I have a stretch-tight black ninja hood with an eye slit. I cover that with my wrap-around dark sunglasses and and a blank black ball cap.

        No talking. Blank black bug thing staring at you. I am not rude to the front line troops at the grocery store…but YOU wanted me to cover my face. DONE.

        Alternately, I have a dust mask with THIS IS WHAT TYRANNY LOOKS LIKE written on it.

        • A bit like mandatory m/c helmet laws. If I have to wear one, then you will not like the stickers that I choose to adore it with. You want to force me to wear a useless mask, then I will wear the most offensive one that I can come up with. Just to show my disrespect for the demands.
          I am not saying that all masks are useless- just that not all masks are made the same and that most rules about face masks do not have any efficiency standards.

        • Tbh, if I go out, I’m probably cutting up an old skivvie shirt and making a haji head wrap out of it with alittle tiny slit to look out through. That, or I’ll look around for one of the fancy ones I picked up over seas with all the tassels and stuff hanging off of it.

  3. When you have a President too vain to wear a mask or set an example regarding social distancing, his puppet vice president parroting the presidents every word and deed, the whole West Wing maskless and disregarding CDC recommendations, governors not enforcing their legislature’s regulations, then how the devil do you expect the general public to act responsibly?

    • Yeah… Ok Karen. Those masks are useless and most of us have already been exposed to the virus. The PotUS actually has balls, unlike the last gutless wonder to squat in the White House.

      • I was asked to leave my local supermarket yesterday for bringing in my own shopping bags – even though I was self checking and no employees were going to touch my fresh gear.

        Didn’t matter. The twelve year-old enforcer got his manager and I was shown the door. Like a baseball manager being ejected, I got my money’s worth.

        • They have no concept of the rest of the world! In many countries, markets do no supply bags or boxes. The customer is expected to bring their own reusable bags or a backpack to carry out what they purchase! People in the USA should travel to other countries to see how the rest of the world lives!

        • That’s because they don’t want your dirty old bags on the check out area. It’s not Communism, you’ll be ok.

        • Steve, I totally get that. But my hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dustmite-resistant bags never left my cart. I use the little scanny thingy.

        • Reusable “bring your own” bags is one thing I liked when living in Oz. Back here in Texas, every trip to the grocery store adds to the fabulous pile of plastic bags in the trash.

        • Here i New York state, they’ve banned plastic bags, so yi have to use reusable bags. You can bring your own or pur hase new ones. However, due to the virus, they have (I am assuming temporarily) gone back to using plastic bags. At the local supermarket, they allow you to bring your own bags, but if you do, you have to do the bagging. The cashiers are not allowed to.

        • In the Bahamas those plastic bags at the grocery store cost 25 cents each. It didn’t take long to break the locals dependence on them. They reuse those bags until they have large holes.

      • Genuinely curious, but how are the masks useless? My understanding is that yes, they won’t stop the individual virus particles, but they do inhibit the spread of bodily fluids that can carry the virus, so they both help protect you from others and help protect others from you.

        • They are useless because they only slightly limit transmission FROM carriers not TO people… unless you’re wearing full CBRN gear, you’re going to be exposed pretty quickly. Given current testing, it seems that the exposure rate for the population is already absurdly high. Basically, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already been exposed and are about as sick as you’re going to get.

        • I live with my mother right now. She is one of the prime candidates to die though as she is 70, had a huge amount of her lymph nodes removed due to having had Stage 3 breast cancer, and has asthma. She is plenty healthy though and neither of us has so much as had a cold despite me working full time right now, so I doubt I’ve been exposed, unless we both are just super lucky to be immune.

        • Serge is right, masks, and specifically N95’s so widely being used, are less than useless for prevention of infection. They only protect against a carrier transmitting, & that’s debatable. N100’s are better, but not much. There is absolutely no substitute for a dedicated CBRN mask/gear. That is what you need for absolute protection from all known microbiological threats, including this one.

          There’s been reports from JAMA, albeit heretofore unsubstantiated, that the ocular socket is a possible ingress point. If true, that makes anything without full face coverage completely worthless w/ regard to Covid-19 infection preventative measures.


        • Same as an operating room. The staff wear masks to protect the patient, not themselves. That’s the way they work. I love to see these idiots going into the grocery store with gloves and masks then leaving, getting in the car, still gloved and masked, grabbing their car keys and steering wheel, and spreading anything they came into contact with throughout the car. The masses have no idea how to use PPE or how to prevent transmission. Guess as long as everybody feels good then all is right.

    • Exactly!

      Total leadership failure at every level. From Trump to the many Governors, it’s a disaster. Not a one of these elected fools has displayed any understanding of how to lead a civilian population.

      Here’s a hint, it isn’t by denying the problem exists (Trump) or by ordering people to obey you (the Governors).

      • The problem is that nobody has clearly defined the problem. The purpose of social distancing and masks WAS to “flatten the curve” and buy us time to redirect medical resources. That’s already happened.

        The implication of that is: we are all going to be infected. There is no stopping the spread of this. Nobody has ever said that the Mexican Beer Flu will be stopped.

        If you are that scared then YOU need to quarantine, not the 99.95% of people who are going to live.

        • Yup, “flattening the curve” is deceptive as it neglects to communicate that flattening the curve using the actions taken, also stretches the curve out in time. The area under the curve doesn’t change doing what we have done.

    • WJ,

      Vanity? Really? You are accusing Trump of vanity? That’s like accusing the sky of being blue. That is his brand!!!

      So what? No one gets to be President without vanity.

      His refusal to wear a mask is more of a signal that he is on to the the plannedemic and is not going to be controlled, manipulated.

    • Those of us who voted for Trump don’t just take orders from our leaders. You must have us confused with Democrats.

    • Regardless of how well a mask might or might not work, the mask has become a symbol of fear and compliance to your masters. What it does accomplish is identify those that would if ordered to do so, would willingly board a box car if told it was taking them to a safe place as deemed by a government administrator or propaganda apparatus known as the media.

    • Where have you been? You butt-hurt anti capitalists have had your panties in a wad since November 2016, and seem to always be first in line to express expose your sopping wet Depends to the world. Please do continue to post as a target for severe mocking is always welcome.

  4. You guys really need to relax on the fear mongering. To suggest people will start a revolutionary war over this is just insane and has no basis in reality.

    • Yeah… It’s not like the Karens are tanking the economy, putting people out of their homes, and causing our unemployment rate to jump by double digits… Oh… Wait…

      • A $1,200 stimulus and a $600 unemployment raise was just put out or did you forget about that already. Regardless, a revolution is not going to happen. Neither you, nor TTAG has any proof. It’s pure speculation and fear mongering at this point. End of story.

        • You have no idea how the economy works, do you commie?

          Let me simple it up for you.

          If nobody is working, nobody is making anything. It doesn’t matter if you hand everybody $1,000,000, there will be nothing to BUY.

        • John,

          My employer was forced to shut down back in mid-March (California), so I’ve been waiting until we re-open on May 18. I (fortunately) qualified for unemployment benefits, and received an email a couple of days ago from our company president confirming that I’ll be able to return. After 20+ years of working there, I’ve become a core member of the management team needed to make the entire place run.

          But here’s the problem: My assistant – even though he has worked there as well for a few years – was inexplicably denied UB from the State, and the appeals department isn’t accepting calls, with only a recorded message stating that the agency is “overburdened due to COVID and isn’t able to review appeals at this time”. Plus, our company president has informed us that our industry (including our customers) has suffered “catastrophic and long-lasting damage” due to the shutdowns, and many positions (such as my assistant) have been indefinitely furloughed and will be re-reviewed later in the year as global market conditions warrant.

          So in a nutshell, I received unemployment payments and have a job to return to. I’ve been largely unaffected.

          My assistant has received no unemployment, and (along with literally dozens of other employees) now has no job. I’ve known him and his family for many years.

          All because politicians around the world overreacted and attempted to play God with our lives.

        • John said, “that already. Regardless, a revolution is not going to happen. Neither you, nor TTAG has any proof.”
          Ok John, present your proof that it will not happen!

        • And now the local and state governments are asking for their welfare check because money grows on trees!

        • “You have no idea how the economy works, do you commie?”

          You think the stimulus is a good idea and I’m the commie. Explain to me how I saw people walking out of Wal-mart with big screen TVs a few weeks ago. This discussion is pointless and totally going off-topic. TTAG is fear mongering like they usually do and nothing will come of this. I won’t bother prove a negative, either.

        • Holy shit dude… Assumes statements not on the record. I think the stimulus checks were a RETARDED idea and you can go back to the “how are you going to spend your stimulus check” thread to see why.

        • I would rather the government didn’t squander money like these stimulus payments, but since they did, I put almost all of mine into my business and to pay off the meager financial debt I had to someone in family. A little bit went to dog food so my pupper can have a good brand of kibble to snack on.

          I did portion a little bit to myself, $100 or so, but it ended up going into the business as well.

        • ” pay off the meager financial debt ”

          Well, ya see, this was the plan all along. That $1200 “stimulus” was never about helping the common folk out or giving them a little shopping spree. It was never about YOU. That money was another bailout to the bankers and landlords. The idea was to send the money to the hoi paloi who would instantly send most of it along to pay rent or pay down debt. We were just a pass-through. But, by sending it to us so we could pass it along to the creditors makes for really good optics, like the gubmint is really looking out for the little guy. Clever move, actually. But its all BS. It’s just another bailout to the rich.

        • “Bailout to the rich”? Dafook are you smoking? If it were $12,000 I’d pipe right up and say “Thanks!” If it were $120,000 I’d actually be happy! For $1200 I won’t even notice it except when I balance my checkbook. And, while I’m comfortable I am certainly not rich. If somebody thinks they are impressing the rich with such largesse, they need to get out more.

    • Don’t count your chickens before your eggs hatch. Some people will take offense at things others will consider nothing. And some people will go to fist city over very little.

      • You hit the nail on the head with your comment. Lots of people walking about just looking for an excuse to start a fight. A lady shot a McDonald’s employee last night in Oklahoma city because she was told the dining area was closed due to COVID 19 restrictions.

      • Agree. My daughter who is a manager at a national pet store chain, was told by corporate to not allow non mask wearing customers, as well as other guidelines, in the store based on county regulations. Yesterday, she tells us that a family of 4 (mom and three older daughters) comes in and she advises them to please wear their masks. They belligerently do so, but she’s sees them removing them whilst shopping. She asks them politely again to please comply, and provides the reasons why.

        They decided to make a scene and started to berate and cuss her out. She then asks them to leave. As they are walking out, one of the daughters throws a glass/container of hopefully water in my daughters face. And threatens my daughter that someone will be coming for her. What the f is wrong with people. Taking out personal frustration on a store employee for complying with the job requirement is just stupid. And this wasn’t the first time during this period that she’s been verbally assaulted, just the first time something has been thrown on her or being threatened. Glad I wasn’t there when this happened.

    • There really isn’t a line in the sand for you is there? Is there anything the government could do that you wouldn’t roll over for?

    • Yeah this is sensationalist reporting, and a bad one at that. Really this is Boch getting overly emotional about something that’s wrapping up in most states right now anyway.

      Look, I’ve been listening to people talk about another civil war since the 90s. This isn’t going to cause it. I’m actually not the kind of person to say “it can’t happen here.”. It most certainly can. In fact, I would even agree that our current trajectory as a nation is likely to lead us into civil war. However, this shit isn’t going to be the trigger. Most states a relaxing their restrictions as it is right now anyway. So calm yourself down. You’ll be able to back to the bar in no time. Because that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it?

        • I’m glad I’ve offended you. But understand where I’m coming from. This whole boogaloo civil war don’t tread on me thing might be new to you, but I’ve been around it for 30 years. I’m not bashing it. In fact I like a lot of it. But some of you fall for the sky is falling, war is imminent cries routinely, every couple of months or so. Next year, when the war still hasn’t happened yet, there will be some other thing going on and some of you will be screaming “here it is!” “The war is imminent!”

        • This in itself will not kick off C.W. 2.0; however it will become one more straw for when it does start. Satan is making sure that enough buttons get pushed on both sides to make it happen one day.

        • Satan, is it? Oh, my! When you see him, give him warning, I’m getting older, it won’t be much longer before I arrive to teach the puke how to PARTY!!

    • Downunder we started the restrictions early and from a population of 25 million only have 6000 cases and under 100 deaths. Most of the deaths were clusters from an aged care facility and cruise ship passengers.

      Extrapolate those numbers to the USA, using 15x as an estimate, that would 75000 cases and 1500 deaths.

      I’m in an essential industry so my employment is safe. The only inconvenience for me is the gun ranges closing and the pub my son and I go to once a week for dinner had closed. I’m waiting for word on the ranges.

      My son and I came up with another arrangement with the night out being replaced by another night at my place for his weekly visit. He has been hit harder with state level athletics being cancelled hours before the events, school and after school sports being cancelled, pools closed, and having to learn at home.

      • “ Downunder we started the restrictions early and from a population of 25 million only have 6000 cases and under 100 deaths.”

        I sure wish we’d had a president who exhibited the leadership to place the restrictions early like they did in your country, maybe our death toll wouldn’t be passing 75,000 citizens now.

        But like Rush Limbaugh said, it’s just the flu, which kills 75,000 citizens in three months every year, right?

        • Wait a year before deciding what the right course was, right now nobody knows. Down under sounds good now, but in 20 years they may still be shut down when the US has forgotten the virus ever existed. Conversely, if the bug is seasonal, they may have already been shut down for 6 months when the season hits them, since their seasons are opposite ours, and they could lose a million. Miner, the only thing you know about the whole thing is that you hate Trump, whatever he did is wrong. Pretty idiotic, but you’re not alone.

        • You mean like shutting down travel to and from China, which earned Trump (even larger than usual amount of) accusations of “raceees!” from leftist shit stains like you?

          Trump derangement syndrom is strong with this one! Can you imagine how much you could achieve, if you spent the time and energy you waste on hating Trump, on something positive and constructive? Sky is the limit!

      • Not really comparable. Australia it hit during summer and it was winter in US. It has been said many times the virus is fairly delicate and does not survive higher temperatures which is one reason projections were that the curve would flatten as summer approaches. You also are not experiencing any herd immunity so when cooler weather approaches and when things open back up all it takes is one infected person to start the chain reaction again and since your population did not experience a high number of cases there will be very few immune amongst you and it will spread quickly. But then you are conditioned to give up your freedoms more so than we are so you will comply and resume your home imprisonment once again.

    • Not yet. People still have too much to lose. But choke the economy little longer and bring a big depression, then things may change.

      When there is no work, no future, money are not worth the paper they are printed on, your hungry children cry and your wife yells at you to do something, you may start thinking about desperate things. If then cops come to push you around for braking some idiotic rule, you may get an idea to push back.

  5. There already was a sequel to “Independence Day”, this would have to be 3.0….oh, wait…this isn’t about the movie? I should ready the above article first?

    Will do.

  6. None of these boomers are going to revolt over anything. They’re going to take some pictures posing with their PSA ar15s, post them on ar15.com, and continue to cuck themselves while talking about “blue lives matter”. Drop the tough guy act, you need cialis to perform.

    • Cuck? Cuck, cuck, cuck. That’s the sound a hen makes when she wants a rooster to shag her.

      You looking for a rooster, henboy?

    • Ventura county California they are dragging people to quarantine centers right out of their homes. In Illinois they are talking no church for a year. Is there anything that’s too far for you? Would you ever resist anything? Boomer is really played man. Come up with your own thing.

    • Alright, young grasshopper. Show us, old impotent boomers, how it’s done. Lead the attack! Youth forward!
      Where and when?
      …yeah I knew it, just shut up when adults talk and get back to your little video game.

  7. A private business has a great deal of authority in who they allow in their doors, or when or what numbers. As much as it extends from Private Property Rights. If a McDonald’s says you must wear a mask and stand 6 feet apart, or wear shoes and a shirt for that matter, that is their right. Don’t like it, go someplace else.

    The authority within one’s own property is not absolute, but it does cover a hell of a lot of possibilities.

    • Depends on the context, they have no authority to demand that someone break the law. One of the reasons I love the retardation in my state is that I have a builtin defense. An executive order can’t force me to commit a felony.

      • Law demands that you shop while armed? There is a way to comply with the law, you just aren’t willing to.

        • The law can’t, through a back door, outlaw something that another law makes expressly legal no.

    • Sure try not baking a cake for a gay couple. This stunt only works so long until you get sued or forced out of business. Do you realize how dumb you sound?

    • Yup! A McDonald’s can demand you wear a mask, and you can tell them to kiss your ass. They can tell you to leave and you can refuse. The cops are not likely to be coming, and it would be really (I mean, REALLY) inadvisable to attempt to beat you up for it, since that would be reason to shoot them. Some of these employees are going to get injured trying to enforce bullshit rules from headquarters, and are going to sue the shit out of headquarters when they get out of the hospital. “I was not trained or armed or paid to enforce masks or social distancing, I cook the fries. *YOU* should have protected me, I want $20 million.”

  8. I have no doubt that there are people getting confused as to why so many are against the masks and the distancing.

    It’s all quite simple really. It’s about freedom. The Wuhan virus is but a speed bump in the road of life.

    • Speed bump:
      Yeah? It WILL kill people in my age group. And if it kills me, that’s one hell of a speed bump. Just because the flu has killed more doesn’t mean that Covid 19 isn’t a serious threat to a lot of people. as for the flu, just maybe getting an annual flu shot is a really good idea. Not a perfect fix, but better than nothing.

      • Flu shots have 45% success rate at best. It might come as a surprise to you, but people in your age group die from many, many reasons. Some die a bit sooner if their pre existing conditions combine with the Covid, but we will all die sooner or later. Show must go on!

        I have to ask, if this particular virus doesn’t kill many more than regular seasonal flu, why is our goverment’s reaction to it so different? We already know that the reaction to this panicdemic is going to kill orders of magnitude more people than the sickness itself. Why keep it up?

    • Oh please… the FLU kills more people that Vietnam every year. Don’t even get me started on heart disease.

    • much like Flint’s dollar store shooting, some people just can’t handle being told no.

      odd that those people tend to have other things in common, tho.

    • Anyway you slice it, this illness is unremarkable in the pantheon of illnesses. 400,000 people die every year after year of malaria. Thats preventable and treatable. You here crickets on that one. Get a grip

      • Malaria could be mitigated if DDT weren’t banned. So, it’s another cause of death that the .gov has allowed to flourish due to ignorance or downright evil. Kinda like Covid19.

        • Just ANOTHER anti-black,anti-asian and ANTI-HUMAN thing. Birds are more important than millions of people. Thanks to Rachel Carson…

        • All you people who think people come before anything else don’t have the brains to piss up a rope. If we screw up the environment, we commit suicide. Without honey bees, for instance, we break the food chain. Poison the ecosystem with DDT, we kill off the birds and lots of other species, and insect populations explode leading to crop devastations and famine. Keep dumping crap into the oceans and it kills off the fish. If the oceans die, there is no means to process oxygen, deep ocean currents go away and that causes weather disasters. I’m not a tree hugger, or enviro-Nazi by any stretch, but I’m not stupid either. The earth is tough and resilient, but it is also fragile in many ways, and if we screw things up in certain areas, there’s no coming back from it. Earth will abide, but we won’t be here to see it.

        • John, which is it: is Earth tough and resilent or fragile?
          I don’t know about you, but I am a human. Therefore I always put people first. They matter uncomparably more than animals to me.

          How many people killed by malaria are you okay with, to save some bird’s eggs? (No, we are not talking about dumping poisonous waste into oceans now.) Number of dead people you are willing to sacrifice to save one bird, please.

    • You should have watched the press conferences where the government health experts said they count anyone with or suspected to have covid as a death by covid. Asia doesn’t do this. Hence why the number in America is so high, they are intentionally erroneous.

      I wonder why the government would lie and cause panic. Hmm…

      • There’s also the testing factor. Hundreds of thousands of people are now being tested, where very few were before. More tests mean more people are being diagnosed. Nobody’s accounting for that, either. The numbers on this thing are totally and completely effed.

  9. Give em an inch….ya know the rest! They’ll keep pokin the bear till the bear gets tired of it. Sad part is, the instigators wont be the ones gettin hurt.

  10. Two McDonald’s employees in Oklahoma City were shot by customers after being told the dining area was closed due to coronavirus restrictions. Another employee was injured and the victims are expected to survive.
    Posted: May 7, 2020 1:15 PM
    Updated: May 7, 2020 3:00 PM
    Posted By: CNN

  11. Bullshit!! It’s fine if sheeple feel the need to wear a mask and distance themselves, but maybe they should stay home if they’re afraid. I’m in charge of my own well being, not the gov or any other Karen/Karl who thinks that I am also responsible for her/his well being. Protect yourself your way as you see fit, and stay away from me if you feel threatened, but don’t put your fears on my shoulders and expect me to conform!! Revolution 2.0? So be it, if it comes to that. Also, if I was the salon owner I would have told the judge I will not apologize. This kind of bullshit can’t continue in a supposedly free country!

  12. Alright, I’m getting tired of this shit. Maybe I’m changing or maybe TTAG is changing but I this article has little to do with guns. Yeah you can make a reach about personal freedoms and government overstep but there isn’t anything here directly addressing 2A concerns. It comes of as fearmongering about an(other) American revolution and reeks just as badly of sensationalism as most of the reporting about the virus itself. The current situation is very much a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” concerning public safety/personal freedom/ the economy, there isn’t a perfect answer. Trump and the right are idiots, Biden and the left are fools, and we are all screwed. Maybe we should embrace the virus and hope it gives us a reset on the current situation. I’m going to wear my mask, demand that you stay 6′ away from me, carry my pistol, and live my life as best I can close to normal. You don’t want to do any of those things? Cool, you do you, I’ll do me, and we’ll leave eachother the hell alone and get along as best we can. I just hope we can start getting real content again instead of this crap.

    • “…this article has little to do with guns…”

      And yet here you are commenting. Good on ya!

      • Well, what the hell do you expect me to do? I read the article, I found it wanting, I post my grievance. Worst case (most likely) nothing comes of it. Best case (snowball’s chance) more 2A and directly gun related content show up instead of this. In the mean time I guess I’ll just have to check the author line and ignore articles by Boch.

        • Your opinion is that the virus has nothing to do with guns, fine, don’t bother to read such content. But we’re going to end up near Great Depression status under many estimates, and that is partially why guns are selling like hotcakes, a breakdown of law and order is not out of the question, which looks like it is not so distant from guns at all.

        • You can disagree with the article (and let’s be honest, it is a bit far stretched), but if you don’t see how the situation described in it influences the gun culture, there are other sites with “no politics” and “straight up guns” you might like better.

    • The 2nd Amendment isn’t just about guns. I think you need to remind yourself of what it says.

  13. I’d be ok with this if you could hold people criminally or civilly liable for irresponsible behavior. But how could you prove x gave y a fatal infection? The only people who the lawyers are going to get are employers and businesses. There are law firms already getting their ducks in row. An individual can, and as should readily be seen, ignore the social distancing order but a business that defies will face financial ruin if granny dies because she went to the hairdresser. Without legal protection opening up period, let alone in defiance of an order, is the road to financial ruin. These are things that keyboard warriors fail to take into consideration.

    • You have not been paying attention for the last 4 months. The virus will kill whoever it’s naturally going to kill. The plan was to slow down that outbreak to keep the numbers within the medical capabilities of the country. That was only supposed to be a couple of weeks to allow adjustments to the hospitals and time to better understand the virus.

      We now know the virus is no more dangerous than other corona viruses and the medical system is not going to be overrun with patients. Yet the government is still grabbing money and power.

      Westerners are cowards. You can’t find a cure for a virus. Hiding in your bubble isn’t going to save you nor help you fight the virus. When you go back outside in a year from now the virus will be there waiting for you.

      Unfortunately, Americans don’t understand human rights anymore.

    • As CC above said, you can’t avoid the infection. If you didn’t get it yet, you will. Cure is very unlikely to be found and vaccine only little less so.

      Home of the scared and land of the involuntary quarantined? Never!

  14. I know. We can’t sit back as and let the government continue to summarily execute and send to gulags everyone who violates stay at home orders and mask requirements.

    • It’s a matter of whether you want to take the risks and assume the liabilities………..your choice.

  15. “Even police are ignoring the governor’s mask order. But to be fair, the governor’s own wife and kids ignored the “stay at home order” and flew down to the Pritzkers’ $12 million horse farm in Florida where they don’t have to stay at home or wear masks.”

    Do as I say, not as I do…

  16. Meh…I wear a N95 mask for ME. Nearly 66. Got quite ill in January. Did I( and my wife)have Kungflu? Dunno but I’m not weeping for idiot’s who think they’re immortal. Me & mine are OK for now. I’m watching fatboy lecture us Illinoisans right now. And Southern,central and nw ILL ain’t CHIRAQ…

    • There is nothing wrong with wearing masks. If Americans would learn from the East Asians they would be at work right now instead of jobless and broke.

      But in America some people don’t need no damn mask to go to work or outside.

  17. As more testing is coming out, we see that the apocalyptic projections of mortality rates for COVID-19’s are hysterical propaganda.

    Most of the deaths in the US are now in the urban northeast US. NYC has feckless political leadership, and they got the results they voted for.

    I’ve now read dozens of medical journal articles and papers on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, and the nut of the issue comes down to this: the people with the highest risk of mortality are:

    – male
    – over 65 years of age, and (wait for it)
    – obese, with one or more of:
    – hypertension and/or
    – type 2 diabetes
    – cardiac conditions.

    Want to avoid lethal outcomes or serious medical issues? Lose weight. Get your BMI under 25. Simple as that.

    But now that the totalitarians have gotten what they claimed we needed all along (ie, widespread PCR testing), we’re finding that the vast majority of people who are infected with SARS-CoVo2 remain asymptomatic, and the rate of mortality from infection is very much more like a bad influenza seasons’s mortality. Yesterday, Cuomo had to look idiotic as he announced the results of testing in the NY area: 66%+ of positive test result people are asymptomatic.

    As for the furor over masks, distancing, etc Here in Wyoming, we got a “F” for distancing measures. We never went into full shutdown. Our toll in Wyoming, such as it is, as of today is: 479 laboratory-confirmed cases, 152 probable cases and 7 COVID-19 related deaths. Most of those were at a long-term care facility in Fremont County.

    And (one more time), we got a “F” on distancing. Meanwhile, the dazzling urbanites in NYC, who sneeringly deride us here in “big square states” for being flyover-country rubes? Single-digit deaths.

    So much for the prognostications and evaluations of ‘experts,’ the most notorious of whom, Neil Ferguson, he of the “2.2 million Americans will die” fame has now had to quit his position at Imperial College. Why? Because his married booty call came across London in the midst of a full shutdown, presumably to service his sexual desires (I guess he didn’t want to be a chubby chaser, so he had the chubby chase him), and he now has had to ignominiously admit he didn’t follow his own numbers and projections. Ergo, he’s full of crap.

    There’s no reason why any pro-gun person should believe these ‘experts’ – we’ve been dealing with ‘experts’ who have been telling us that our guns are going to result in our being 43 times more likely to die by gunfire than non-gun owners. We’ve been dealing with specious statistics and corrupt science for decades. Did you think that scientists and academics suddenly became competent, just because the subject changed? We were told that there would be oil in the Gulf of Mexico for decades after the BP oil spill. We were told by academics and experts that the Fukishima radioactivity would irradiate the west coast of the US.

    We’ve been fed literal dump trucks full of bullcrap by ‘experts’ and academics for decades.

    Did you honestly think they suddenly became honest brokers of information with skillful predictions on this particular topic?

    • False. 1/3 of population has “pre-existing conditions.”. The best data is from NY and depending on the sample the CFR is between 0.7 and 1.0 percent. That is the real range for the Spanish flu. The 2.5% CFR. Implies only 1/6 of the population got it which highly unlikely.

      The spare of asymptomatic cases may be the result of significant mutations weakening the virus to the point where it has become benign or inert.

      • More likely, most cases are asymptomatic and due to an early lack of data to produce test kits (thanks CCP) we had to restrict testing to critical patients.

        • So the all those asymptomatic people infect more people who are asymptomatic. It’s over-blown and we did not need to destroy our economy. It’s a bad virus, but should never have shut down the economy anywhere but MAYBE NYC and other nasty urban environments where people are stacked on top of each other. The government and “experts” did far more damage than the virus. I have not worn a mask yet, I have been to work every day where no one wears a mask, about 10% in the businesses I go to (our state is “open”) wears masks (mostly old folks or Yankees and liberals who have moved here from somewhere else), nobody dares say anything to anybody not wearing a mask. Overblown panic hype perpetrated by cowards and statists.

    • Correct. I recall when the experts revealed to us that Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be uninhabitable for 10,000 years. If you haven’t seen a picture recently you should look it up.

  18. It’s all fun and games shitting on comparmentalized groups of people like gun owners, homosexuals, races, religions, etc… because you’ve always got a bunch of buddies on your side laughing along.

    This pandemic hysteria and the subsequent safety theater and police state hard-on is gathering too many people into the mocking pool. It’s pretty obvious the “authorities” are firmly in the minority opinion camp here. Even people who claim to buy into the seriousness of it all are demonstrating through their actions they lack sincerity.

    So fuck’em.

    • Yeah, and all the millennials who ignored it and went to Spring Break are the first ones to narc or Twitter-mob somebody now.

  19. Well, it looks like the National Guard might be the only recourse to help with this problem. I hope
    not…there has to be a half-way point somewhere. I understand both sides, and I hope there is some
    kind of solution.

  20. Why are we rebelling? Are they pressing our kids into service as child soldiers? No. Are they disappearing political activists and journalists? No. Are paramilitary death squads running around murdering everyone who doesn’t fall in line? No.

    No, gentlemen, we fight because if we try to go to Walmart without a mask, Walmart might ask us to leave. If we throw a large party during a pandemic, the police might tell us to knock it off and then fine us if we don’t comply.

    How long are we to endure these intolerable disruptions to our convenient and opulent lives? I say to you all, give me 4th of July keggers or give me death!

    • This is not about freedom. It is about my right to trample on your rights. How do I know this? How many TTAGers ranted on about “price gouging?” They think they have a right to buy all they want at the price they want. The seller has no right to charge more. The same people who demand the right to pig out on double quarter pounders at MickyD’s would find for any plaintiff if they sat on a jury where someone sued a business where granny got sick and died.

      We rightly ridicule lefties when they call Trump a dictator with no repercussions and yet how many righties are ranting about creeping fascism on the Statehouse steps and then get to go home?

      It’s Bullsheet all the way around.

      • Come now, surely you don’t believe that the natural progression of fascism is “unicorns and rainbows” to “SUDDENLY HITLER!”

        Protesting fascist trends and going home doesn’t mean that those trends aren’t fascist, it just means that they haven’t reached the level of “SUDDENLY HITLER!” yet. Proportional response is important.

        • They apparently didn’t pay attention to how China had a cultural revolution into communism. It took a lot of work to genocide their Asian culture for a European one.

          Westerns watch too many movies. They think everything happens within 1h and 45m, if it doesn’t, then it isn’t happening at all. They are waiting to see the military assault cities and throw people in death camps before they start to think something is going on and it ain’t good.

      • Yeah, you’d have been right at home in Germany in the 1940’s. Nothing to see here. See, those Jews can still go home. Theyve just had their store front smashed. Totally not a big deal.

      • “We rightly ridicule lefties when they call Trump a dictator with no repercussions and yet how many righties are ranting about creeping fascism on the Statehouse steps and then get to go home?”

        What do you want them to do, have the protesters start shooting?

    • They are shutting down free market capitalism and the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They got over 30 million fired from their jobs. They stole 6.2+ trillion dollars. They nationalized some parts of the economy. They are setting up spy networks. They are closing public property. They are beating people in the streets for not following unlawful orders. They are imprisoning people for refusing to stay under house arrest. They closed down hospitals, dentists, repair shops, etc. They are bankrupting small businesses while giving bailout to corporations.

      Justice is an illusion. Liberty is gone. Now freedom is being taken away from the non ruling class. Once justice, liberty and freedom are gone the really bad stuff starts to happen.

      Justice -> Liberty -> Freedom -> Life

      • We are still heavily armed.

        We need to carefully plan the start of the first skirmish of the revolution in a place and at the time of our choosing.

        • If anyone is willing to sacrifice their life don’t waste it on some replaceable enforcer. They should go for the head not the limbs. Where the head goes the body will follow.

    • You didn’t read any of the linked articles or twitter accounts of civil liberties violations. Instead you go about mandatory masks at Walmart, which no one is talking about.

      Freaking straw man argument you made.

    • In California they are going door to door doing forced quarantine you better be careful what you wish for. I am citizen and I have rights if you choose to impede them you will be told to fuck off regardless of who you are. If you are dumb enough to move onstage 2, ie threaten me with violence or kidnapping for not complying you will have a *very* bad day.

      Hope you enjoy slavery and may your chains rest lightly on you.

    • I don’t really agree with the mask and social distancing, but it doesn’t really cost me anything to comply.

      The real problem is shutting down a huge part of the economy because it is viewed as ‘non-essential’. Having the government tell people that they are forbidden to operate their business or work is unacceptable and I can’t see how it is legal for the government to make these decisions. People are going to lose everything. Their homes, their businesses, everything they have worked for.

      There is long standing legal precedent to quarantine people infected with a dangerous disease. I’ve never heard of a forced quarantine of healthy people though. Unless you are going to include forcing Japanese Americans into camps during WW2. We did that for our ‘safety’ too.

      But I guess it’s ok with a lot of people because it’s all for the greater good. Those useless non-essential people don’t need to eat or pay their rent or mortgage. Maybe we should make them wear a yellow star when they go out in public so we can identify them. After all they are non-essential! They don’t deserve to live, they just pollute our society!

      All joking aside, this is going to cause more long term damage than most can imagine. We are going to be lucky if we don’t end up in another Great Depression. Despite what they taught you in school, FDR and his brain trust did almost everything wrong. I don’t have much faith things will go any better this time around.

      • While there are similarities to the Great Depression, there are also some glaring differences, and that makes all the difference. The GD was caused by the stock market crash of 1929, and the subsequent mishandling by FDR and his liberal army of sycophants. Anyone who has studied the actual history of that period knows this, but most still believe FDR was the great God who saved us from the Depression and WWII. Didn’t happen that way folks.

        The current situation is totally voluntary in the sense that we did it on purpose. The economy was roaring along, the stock market was working like a champ, and we had the lowest unemployment in history. We turned it off ourselves. As it is becoming increasingly clear, we likely overreacted quite a bit. Now we need to turn it back on as fast as possible. Some people will get sick and die, that is unavoidable, but we can’t remain shut down any longer or the situation that results will make the Depression look like a Sunday picnic in the park. As things are becoming more apparent, the Democrats are trying to use this pandemic to take out Trump once and for all, even if it destroys the country in the process. They’d rather rule over the ruins than have to work in a bipartisan manner with Trump.

  21. Says the guy that demands other people’s children get potentially catastrophic vaccines to make him feel safer. But suddenly masks are an infringement on him. Comedy gold, all day, every day.

  22. “sentenced to 7 days in jail for civil / criminal contempt of court and fined $7,000” for not groveling and begging for forgiveness for the sin of wanting to feed her family and have her employees feed their familes.

    Remember the recent story about that teen burglar that was shot? His criminal history began when he was 9 years old. How many times was he thrown in jail and fined $7,000?

  23. Texas is arresting a lot of people for disobeying orders. Oath breakers who have discontent for human rights. They are locking up capitalists for doing business without permission from the state. Straight out of communist playbooks.

    This is what the statist take over looks like. All while the people cower in their homes asking for universal basic income to save them.

    What happened to the concept of interstate commerce? You know the part where the government is supposed to prevent an economic shut down? If they want to put everyone under house arrest the president needs to declare martial law to get rid of the constitution. Instead the tyrants are simply taking over the country by saying this isn’t martial law, everything is voluntary, don’t resist for the sake of public safety.

    This is when militias are supposed to make a cameo to put the politicians and their enforcers in their place. Where are all those Boomers and the Xers? Do the Zoomers and the Millennials have to sacrifice for them instead? Where are those patriots Republicans always talk about?

    • Isn’t it really just a handful of industries that are fully shut down? Where I am, most businesses fall under the umbrella of essential services.

      Grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. are all still open. Also, being an adult in the 21st century with an Internet connection, I can order pretty much anything I need or want online and have it dropped off at my door without having to endure the presence of others. Same for restaurant food. They’ll bring it to me. Hardly seems like a war on capitalism. Maybe just a war on dinosaurs who refuse to adapt.

      And “house arrest”? Really? I can leave my house as much as I want and I can even go to the many businesses still open. I just don’t cluster up.

      These protests, like almost all first world protests are nothing more than the temper tantrums of spoiled, over fed, grown up children who have never known true need or even moderate discomfort.

      • So corporate stores are flourishing while small businesses are disappearing? The government still allows you to get food to fill your stomach while you are at home playing video games or watching porn? They let you out for a little exercise? They give you a little money to buy your essentials for living?

        That sounds like the life of a prisoner. They are allowed the minimum essentials, they are let out on the yard for some exercise, they don’t have to work because the government pays the bills, they are only allowed to socialize in the way the guards say, etc.

        You be explaining house arrest and work release.

        You know in North Korea they have a similar setup for the general populace?

        By the way, Hong Kong is protesting the house arrest scheme by the communists. They realized it was all nonsense to keep them from being free and fighting back.

        Japanese and Koreans continued on living their lives with a slight inconvenience. The Japanese pretty much ignored the government.

        • In my city lots of small businesses have adapted. We had delicious takeout just last Friday from a local mom and pop restaurant.

          Hell, for me personally, if it wasn’t for all the people dying excruciating deaths, this stay at home order would be awesome.

          I’m working from home and I’m not missing my 2 hour daily commute time (saving tons on gas). I can still get everything I want or need. I can get stuff done around the house on my lunch break, I have an airtight excuse for not making plans or adhering to social obligations.

          And again, I can still do pretty much all of what I was doing before, I just don’t have assholes crowding me while I do so.

        • Jason, you’re ruining their narrative, how can they be a victim if you point out all the benefits here in America still available?

          Word up, true house arrest means never going to Walmart.

        • @ Jason why don’t you go get a hair cut or watch a movie? How about attending church? Just because you like being a slave does not mean the rest of us do. The slaves and useful idiots always come out during these kinds of things.

        • You bet it didn’t and happy!
          The author, Ayn Rand ended up on Social Security and Medicare, apparently she was a closet socialist all along.

      • Hooray for Jason, everything is peachy, as he can work from home. How about all those who can’t do the same and are forbidden to go to work or open their businesses? Screw them, all those tens of millions of them, what’s important is that Jason has his comfort.

        How long you think this can continue before we ALL crash and burn? Each cent of those trillions of dollars our government magically created out of thin air to give away and “support the small (and some very large) businesses” lowers the value of money in our pockets and saving accounts. It also corrupts minds of the people into looking for easy solutions through government handouts.

        It took just a skillfully orchestrated scare to shut our booming economy down. It will take a lot of time and effort to get it up to speed again. Things will get much worse before they starts to get better again. How much worse depends on how much longer we keep choking the economy.

        So let’s stop fooling around and get back to work! This is what the protests are about, only idiot can say it’s about inconvenience, parties and bars.

      • The vast majority of those restaurants you are ordering takeout from can’t survive on the reduced volume of business they now have.

        Millions are out of work. Commercial real estate is already a bloodbath and it’s going to get worse. Guess what is going to happen to the pension funds that are holding the notes on all that property? Tax receipts are also in the toilet. Next year we can look forward to all those non-essential cops and firefighters being laid off along with the teachers local governments don’t have the money to pay for. Then the inflation will hit. I’m hoping it will be more like the 1970’s than the 1930’s, but who knows.

  24. If States haven’t backed off by July 4th, they might see an insurrection bigger than the American Revolution and Civil War combined.

  25. Illinois will be a dystopian wasteland by the end of the year as they wait for a v accine that may never arrive.

  26. I think the mask order might be less upsetting to people if not for all the stress people have about the economy/finances/jobs right now. You have all that and then some nitwit as you see it is saying, “You there, wear a mask…”

  27. A thousand infringements on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments but it’s telling people to wear a mask during a pandemic that causes a revolution?

    ok then

    • I see a bunch of stuff going on which is unconstitutional or simply illegal, like arresting, fining, and jailing someone for violating an executive decree. Executive orders control those in the employ of the executive, if you wish to put *me* in jail you need to show that I have broken a LAW. Like, one passed by a legislature and signed by a chief executive, which a jury of my peers has decided I violated. I know, picky, picky, picky. But we haven’t elected anybody Dictator that I’ve heard of, and I have a bunch of ammo says we aren’t gonna start real soon. BUT!! The crap about masks, I don’t see as a part of that. The government has been requiring us to wear articles of clothing forever, in different countries the rules are different but still exist. I do not see a basis for getting in an uproar over requirements for masks.

    • Not over masks. We see and feel all the crap you mentioned. For some masks may be the last straw that pushes them over the edge.

  28. I am tired of retards getting anxious because I am going the “wrong way” when pushing my cart at the grocery store. In addition, 6ft apart is not enough for those snowflakes, they make it 12 and it creates ridiculous lines and confusion at the cash registers. Other than that the inflation stinks, I have already noticed a significant price increase on many items and I am sure it will never return to what it used to be.

    • I’m sure when you leave the grocery store you turn the wrong way and point out all the anxious “retards” while they blare their horns at you. It’s funny how people will go through the trouble of wearing a mask but ignore other steps at preventing infection for the sake of convenience. Who is more retarded? The person who apparently can’t read or follow directions, or the person annoyed that someone else expects them to be able to read and follow directions?

  29. This flue is simply not as deadly as advertised. Modern sanitation has really reduced the chances of a “black death” type event in the 21st century. But never let a crisis go to waste.
    The state governors over reacted. The worst ones are the Democrats. As usual.

  30. I suggest the author of this article go back to 11th grade and re-read the chapter on Strict Scrutiny analysis of any laws.

    Our system, which we agreed to, is that if a law or regulation is purportedly unconstitutional, we go through the legislature, then the Courts, and THEN we use our weapons.

    We argue for strict scrutiny applied to any law infringing upon the 2nd Amendment – it should apply to any law infringing upon the 1st as well. Not your feelings or emotions.

  31. Generally I think it’s a time for relative caution (LOL as of that’s gonna happen).

    The truth is that if *it happens* we probably won’t know it until the event itself is well in the rear view.

    If you explained WWI to people at the end of June/beginning of July 1914, after June 28, most would have laughed at you and told you that you were batshit crazy if you believed that a war of that magnitude would be the result of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Not even a sovereign but the sovereign’s heir FFS!

    But a month later…

  32. Six trillion dollars spent. If we saved a million folks we spent like 6 million apiece on ’em. Harsh, maybe, but we could lose a million and still be a great country. Instead we have caved to the GREAT GOD GOVERNMENT and just about killed the country.
    Stay in your cave if you like – don’t tell me to stay in mine. NOWHERE in the Constitution does it state “VOIDED BY VIRUS”

  33. “You owe an APOLOGY to the ELECTED OFFICIALS whom you have DISRESPECTED.”
    – the “Hon.” Reverend Dr. Judge

    I’ll always take a pass on THAT most gracious offer😶,
    but thanks for the oPpOrTuNiTy though🖕.


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