Gloricia woody oklahoma city shooting
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By Ken Miller, AP

Three McDonald’s employees in Oklahoma City suffered gunshot wounds when a customer opened fire because she was angry that the restaurant’s dining area was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, police said Thursday.

Gloricia Woody, 32, was in custody after the Wednesday night shooting on four counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, said police Capt. Larry Withrow.

It was not known if Woody has an attorney, Withrow said.

Woody entered the restaurant’s lobby and was told the dining room was closed for safety reasons, Withrow said.

“(Woody) was asked to leave but refused,” leading to a physical altercation between Woody and one employee,” according to Withrow.

“The suspect was forced out of the restaurant by employees. She reentered the restaurant with a handgun and fired approximately three rounds in the restaurant,” Withrow said.

One employee was shot in the arm, one suffered a shrapnel wound in the shoulder area and another employee was struck in the side by shrapnel. The employee who fought with Woody suffered a head injury during the altercation, police said.

Two of the employees are 16 years old and the others are 18, Withrow said. He did not know which employees were wounded by the gunfire.

Police initially said two employees were struck by gunfire.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that the employees were expected to make a full recovery.

The shooting comes amid tensions over restrictions because of efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic, as well as how people are responding to ongoing efforts to reopen portions of the United States shut down by the virus.

“What you’re seeing in this situation is really what you’re seeing in a variety of situations across the country, which is this tension about opening and people’s concern about it,” he said. “But there’s absolutely no excuse for violence, particularly gun violence, so I’m just happy that our people are going to be OK.”

Tensions have escalated into violence elsewhere in the country.

This week, a woman, her adult son and husband were charged in last week’s fatal shooting of a security guard who refused to let her daughter enter a Family Dollar in Flint, Michigan, because she wasn’t wearing a face mask to protect against transmission of the coronavirus.

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      • Maybe some parents should stop giving their kids stupid first names… seems like it’s not working out very well…

        • In other cultures, names may be powerful seals, an attempt to nudge fate, or an object of pride. Then again, I think dumb people give their kids dumb names, and the dumb genes got passed on regardless.

        • Now, she can have a few years to practice “getting her cred back”, BEHIND BARS where she belongs because of her actions. Now, maybe others who might want to get their “cred” back will use those melons on top of their becks for something better, ya’ think

        • No man, that is the tyrant Gov Northam himself! He is one upping himself by dressing up not just in black face but as a woman in blackface! He does not go halfway. Of course he can because he is a demoncRat and they can do no wrong, they can get caught raping babies in the NicU and their sycophant followers would still bow down and lick the jam from between their toes.

  1. What in the hell are these “people” thinking? They are going to jail forever (maybe, most violent felons and gun felons go to jail for a long time, at least they do here), over a mask and having to eat their Happy Meal in their car. What would they do if you really pissed them off.

      • That’s what I thought. Not even something that you’ve had to do without or some sort of need, but sitting in a jail cell because of McDonald’s? That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard in awhile.

        • Haven’t y’all heard – they are letting criminals out of jail because of the corona virus. She will be booked and then released. Don’t want them scum/thug criminals to get sick.

        • This is the kind of ignorant, stupid garbage that the Social Welfare system breeds.

          The HHS has moved TENS OF THOUSANDS of this kind of crap into my area over the last 10 years. Now convenience stores at gas stations have to have bullet proof kiosks for their cashiers; NOT for COVID-19, but for Welfare Ghetto Trash.

        • Don’t even say that. McRib has become the modern day Halley’s Comet. A harbinger of Doom.

      • It was not over the food. She was dissed, she felt like she has to revenge. Same thing that leads to large part of the “inner city gun violence”.

    • Do you think Gloricia has a car? The mug shot doesn’t make her look like the brightest bulb in her mama’s inventory, or the sharpest tool in her daddy’s shed. And, this is Oklahoma. The worst of the worst in Oklahoma can be found along the Cimmaron, but some of the really bad ones manage to get over to OKC. In Tulsa, you can expect a mother to give her baby away at Walmart so she can go to a crack party . . .

    • These people who act like this just have zero impulse control. They are what community activists and mad moms think all gun owners are like. Not coincidentally, they often did not come by guns legally.

      It’s really not that unusual, it’s just that it makes the news because the reasons involve health orders like this instead of someone stepping on their shoe at the bus station or calling them a nasty name.

    • Such analysis would require thought – keep in mind, with 100 being the average IQ, half of the population is dumber than that.

    • It get’s 3 free meals a day, and gets to watch free cable for 7 to 10 now (give or take a few).
      Check the mugshot again…..
      Does it LOOK like it’s heartbroken at the prospect of free shit?

      • The simply fact that you have hangovers screams poor life decisions. The fact that you then eat McDonald’s after confirms it.

        Back on topic: This women is a better shot then most police officers. 3 shots and 3 wounds, the police should be recruiting her not arresting her.

        • It’s good you are so proud of being a drunken retard. You are fooling yourself if you think drinking does not make you boring.

        • Yeah, everyone who has had a hangover is a drunken moron.

          Tell me, how many times did your head get shoved in a toilet in high school?

    • Doing food delivery now.
      Every time I walk into mcd’s, it smells like a chemical factory.
      37 ingredients in their buns when it should just be 3 maybe 4?
      I can’t eat there anymore.

      • Yeah, Tom, but look at it this way –

        100 years after your funeral, your corpse can still look like a Twinkie that spent 100 years in the county landfill…

      • I have similar “problem”. I hauled hazardous chemicals for quite a long while. I smell those chemicals. Can’t always identify them, but I smell them. Women and their makeup and scents? Most of that crap is definitely repulsive. Ugh. Foods aren’t so bad, most of the time, but sometimes, yeah, get a whiff of chemicals and there’s no way I can eat the stuff.

      • Definitely, I have a similar disposition to Paul, I’ve worked around chemicals. Most hazmat, others not. I don’t do “food” processed, nor made with chemicals, especially not those I can i.d. by scent. Typical me, “Won’t ingest anything made in a chem lab”. Hate avoiding commercially available chicken, but it’s all processed with chlorine as a preventative against salmonella/other contamination. It’s why most of Europe forbids domestic chicken exports. We have a farm that delivers. Dairy, beef, & foul. Free range everything, no chem laden supplemental food in their diets either. Meds only when sick, no steroid, nor anything else not specifically required to maintain good health. Doesn’t do the huge markup for natural foods most gouge over.

        Sorry though, won’t, and can’t name them due to the fact the FDA would freak, & send in an assault team over raw milk being sold. I’d like to share, but they are word of mouth only, and for good reason.

        • good place to be.
          i can still get a little unpasteurized apple cider, too.
          just let it go south a bit…

  2. It seems this may have been about being physically ejected from the restaurant. Employees who are not trained or equipped for security should not have to do so. They were only teenagers, probably not taught how to handle such customers.

    I am NOT blaming the employees; I am saying security should have been provided by professionals or the employees should have been trained to call for help.

    • ( +1 ) Even if her ejection from the dining area wasn’t optimal, there was no justification for her to come charging back in guns ablazin’.

      • It was all about ego. “Who do they think they are? I’ll show them!”

        It’s yet another example of Toxic Masculinity. This has to end. Wait, what? It’s a woman?! Before you know it, they’ll be calling for treating people equally and pursuing due process instead of just believing all women. Crazy times.

    • Precisely. I sure hope it was management that threw her out. I can say that when I worked a low-level job like that in college I sure as hell wouldn’t have put hands on anyone who wasn’t assaulting me. Stealing? Okay, I’ll contact LP. Vandalism? Eh, I’m hourly, I’d just have to work anyway. Peeing on the floor? Janitor’s problem, I’m not trained in hazardous\bio waste.

      Know your worth and know what your job thinks you are worth. They’re usually not he same thing, but don’t give them more than what they’re paying you for if you’re risking your ass.

    • I agree.
      If I would have been an employee there that day, judging just by her face and first hostile response? I would have gave her a spatula and pointed her towards the kitchen and said go ahead and fix yourself anything shoogg, were going on break right now, then get out of the building, 911. Lmao.. Confrontations are at an all time high since last Christmass. I had a whopper in a grocery parking lot. I stayed in my vehicle and tried to deescalate a man who drove up on me fast when I was backing out of a spot and wouldn’t let me out in his big truck. He then jumped out and walked over and stood a few feet away from my car door taunting me, he looked sad, lonely and angry in his eyes and was looking to vent anger, so I sat there waiting and figuring if I have to get out and defend myself that it would all be caught on camera, so I wanted to be in the “right” if I went to “hic court”. Then he says “I can wait out here all day, if I have too”. I immediatedly burst out laughing, because my mind went to the television sitcom Seinfeld episode where they are fighting over a parallel parking spot and George says “I’ll die out here!”
      This jerk sees me lol’ing and he comes close to my door and reaches in and I went into lethal defense mode. I threw the shifter into park, opened the door and by the time I got one foot on the ground to get out, he was already back in his truck. POS turned tail as soon as I got pissed off and tired of his crap. Two women already were recording with their phones. I backed up and figured if I hit him it his own fault and recorded, but luckily I didn’t, as I was driving a compact car and got out, pulled over and he roared by me out of the lot. Be careful or smart about how you deal with people like this, because it’s becoming more and more common and potentially lethal.
      All over squat..

  3. “But there’s absolutely no excuse for violence, particularly gun violence,”

    Of all my years on this planet, I’ve never in my life seen “Gun Violence”! However I have seen violent people use a gun……Big F**king difference. This writer has been reading too many liberal magazines & listening to the MSM.

    Words matter.

    • This is no excuse to use a gun. However there is coming a time when guns are going to have to be used to stop the tyranny that’s going to happen. So there will be a reason/ excuse coming soon. As for this instance the woman needs locked up for a very long time.

      • That has nothing to do with what I said…..I’ve owned guns for 50 yrs & right now many around the house loaded……Not one time has any of those guns been violent……Unless they needed to be🤣

    • “But there’s absolutely no excuse for violence, particularly gun violence…”

      Don’t you see? If the perp had beat the employees to death with a tire iron, that would be OK.

      The head Mickey at Mickey Ds had to virtue signal; it’s required so as to not offend the virtue crowd.

      • Yes. Now imagine the perp having a different color skin from the victims. Now it’s even More worse somehow. That means you Really hate them instead of just being irritated enough to commit murder over a Big Mac.

  4. Dang #itch! You can’t eat in your ride?!? Will they let out a murderer to make room for this dumbazz?

  5. People used to wonder why I prefer to carry a firearm. Stories like this makes them understand. We are surrounded by stupid, petty and entitled people who do not have second thoughts about killing you because they can’t eat inside, because they feel disrespected or for some reason the color of your clothing offends them.

    • 40+ years of treating people with kindness so they’ll see the error of their ways. Too much focus on self-esteem without the knowledge and skills to back it up. Too many participation points and no winners allowed, so no one loses. Telling children they are special and rules don’t apply to them. Too much ego stroking which does little to prepare the little tykes for the real world.

      And no wonder they snap when they hear the word “NO” and they can’t get their own way.

      • A sociology professor I knew several years ago (not as a professor; our kids went to preschool together) had nothing but scorn for the whole idea that self-esteem has any relationship to good life decisions.

        He was fond of pointing out that as a whole, incarcerated criminals have *great* self-esteem scores.

      • “And no wonder they snap when they hear the word “NO” and they can’t get their own way.”

        We are in the fourth generation of children raising children to remain children.

  6. Can’t wait for the Corona defense from her attorney…and then they’ll let her go with a handslap.

  7. “What you’re seeing in this situation is really what you’re seeing in a variety of situations across the country, which is this tension about opening and people’s concern about it,”

    No, not even remotely close genius.

  8. A crime involving Blacks happens and here comes the white trash commits. Obviously the face of the boogieman for some people is Black. That narrow mindedness leaves the door open for an armed lily white perp to make a bigot their new wife.

    On the other hand the victims were doing non glamorous entry level fast food jobs. Hopefully a judge who began his adult life with such a job will see to it these lowly workers get the justice they deserve and throw the book at the perp. Hope she likes prison slop.

    • There was a white punk in Florida who shoved a park ranger into a pool. Same thing, just not as extreme.

    • “Obviously the face of the boogieman for some people is Black.”
      Yeah. Isn’t that weird? I mean, there’s just 13% of them and they commit more than 50% of all solved murders and most of those left unsolved and some people are wary of them. How unreasonable! How raceees!

      • Shush…..If the media was to find out they’d never report another story with a Diverse picture!!

  9. This shooting had nothing to do with the pandemic. Anyone who would shoot teenagers working the McDonald’s counter over a “dis” doesn’t need a real reason to do so. Somebody like that is walking around looking for an opportunity to be a criminal.

  10. Th I s could be exhibit A on why i choose to carry a concealed weapon. You never know when you will meet someone of questionable sanity.

  11. It’s not stress from coping with the virus. It’s a willingness to introduce violence into a nonviolent disagreement rather than handle it peacefully. This incident and the Dollar General shooting are examples. So was the white punk in Florida who shoved a park ranger into a pool because the punk’s group was told to keep a greater distance between themselves. They think insistence on reasonable behavior constitutes disrespect that must be redressed by a beating or worse. Tolerating this attitude will only reinforce it.

  12. Shooting them because they wanted you to eat what they sell is one thing… but shooting them because you actually WANT to put that crap in your mouth??????

  13. She shot them because they were dragging her OUT of McDonald’s? I’d shoot somebody who tried to drag me IN to McDonald’s.

  14. 1) Don’t open the lobby. Use the drive through or walk-out service.
    2) Don’t put your hands on anyone unless you are trained and PAID to do it. That’s what the phone is for. Call the police, let them deal with it. And if you are paid to do it… well, let’s just say it’s a very perilous job. Physically, if you’re unarmed. And legally perilous, always.

    • Well that and the other story linked to it change the narrative rather substantially. I wonder who’s telling the truth about who did what?

      I suppose the wise thing to do it wait until both articles get their story straight….

  15. Another nut job leftist obviously. Want to stop nearly all gun violence in this country then ban demonrats/lefties from having firearms. Of course it would be impossible to enforce without being racist. Cue the Eye Roll icon.

  16. Man, that is one rough-looking 31 year old! And what’s up with the Mr. Spock raised eyebrow?

    Glad none of the employees were killed or critically injured. Throw the book at the perp. The only difference between what she did and a triple homicide is that her aim was bad.

    • You mentioned the raised “eyebrow”.
      It’s a nod to “the Rock” Dwayne. She’s a huge fan!

  17. Is anyone surprised, honestly?

    “What you’re seeing in this situation is really what you’re seeing in a variety of situations across the country, which is this tension about opening and people’s concern about it,”

    That statement is clapptrap, PC, tripe.

    If you cant clearly articulate the problem you have a snowball’s chance in hell of fixing it.

    The problem is the values that groups, ethnicities, and certain races promote, and cultivate, while everyone allows it.

    The events, although related to the changes in restaurant operations due to the wuflu, (now a hate crime in San Antonio to call it such) really had nothing to do with “tension”. It has to do with values, or a lack there of. This POS would have done this or something similar for myriad reasons, the ass clam making this statement just did a disservice to the victims and the community writ large. But, then again is anyone surprised?

    • If I would have been Taylor Swift or one of her bodyguards? I would have shoved Kanye off the stage and onto the floor way down below where he belonged, after he cut off Taylor and brown nosed Byonce.
      Then asked for a fresh mic.
      “As I was saying..”

  18. That’s my wife you all be talking about. She was a little mad because she’d be late for church again.

  19. I just watched the youtube video of the scene and her arrest,. As she is getting arrested for just shooting up a McDonalds, which two of victims were white, while the cop has his weapon trained on her giving her commands, this fucking creaton, proclaims, “i dont give a fuck, Im black, go ahead and just shoot me cause Im black”. As she proceeded to play the victim.

    Is anyone surprised?

    Now that she brought race into it, can we bring in Federal hate crimes for targeting white employees? Nah, cause there is no such thing as reverse racism.

  20. Another example of what happens when you have an armed criminal and unarmed law abiding citizens. Say *NO* to gun control.

  21. Blacks sure as hell don’t seem to like McDonald’s. Just fry your dam. Chicken at home why don’t you

  22. There seems to be one commonality among all the people murdering or attempting to murder low wage workers because they’re mad about corona.

  23. Ya know..
    This whole article has me “Shamrock Shake’n”.
    I got a song!
    Wait another one!
    This criminal has a defense, because nobody ever prosecuted the “Hamburglar”.
    Taken it to the next level.
    “Robble robble”

  24. Put them in stocks, so the public can come by and throw rotten veggies at them. 2 days for each person they wounded.

  25. “But there’s absolutely no excuse for violence, particularly gun violence…”

    Is gun violence suddenly worse than other types of violence? Would it of been better if she had stabbed the employees?

    • He is a political type and knows the PC terminology to generate the greatest virtue signaling to the leftist audience.

  26. Yes, I like the term and it applies, dumbfuckery on display. And why was the lobby even unlocked? I guess carry out but they should have just had the drive through open so these ignorant shit for brains would not even be able to walk through the door.

    And for craps sake McManagers, tell your juvenile employees to stop trying to be McCops. If someone was not leaving when asked then they are trespassing. Call the friggin police and let the guys with the guns deal with bone headed, brain dead “Gloricia” types. We all might have gotten lucky and that rabid dog would have been put down.


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