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A lot of you are unaware of or simply don’t know about the Forum page link at the top, or what mysteries lie behind it. It’s not a magical place or some kind of mystical hidden portal to a black hole. No, what lies behind is the TTAG Free Fire Zone! What is the Free Fire Zone you may ask? It’s a forum for all you guys to have a place to discuss rifles, handguns, reloading, hunting, shooting, 3-gun, IDPA, Skeet shooting, optics, reloading, and even Israeli Supermodels . . .

The purpose of the forum isn’t to take away from the joy of commenting on the articles on the main site. It’s there to give you, the loyal reader, a place to talk to and get help from fellow gun enthusiasts who are also addicted to this site. Basically it’s another place to enable your bad habit…but with those who also have the same issue!

So head over there, don’t be afraid to click that link and come check out what we got over there! I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!



FFZ Site Admin

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  1. We’ve been working on getting it a lot less spammy than it has been in the past. Now we want some activity there.

      • Publicity like this will help.

        There is a forum suggestion thread in the General Discussion area. People posting ideas in there will help fill out sections we may not think of. A new section (or sub-section) can be added if there is interest.

        I usually lurk there most of the day. I don’t post on everything in there, but I try to maintain some activity. Mostly I look for spammers because I like the Truth About Knives official spam machete I was issued.

  2. It’s not very user friendly, compared to other forums. Are there plans to update it in the future?

    • The layout does seem a bit 10 years ago. I’ve been registered for awhile, but it’s a relatively slow forum compared to the competition. You can pretty much read everything new in about 15 minutes once a week.

  3. I’ve tried to register a couple of times, but I’ve been rejected because ‘Gov. William J. Le Petomane’ is not an acceptable user name.

    A man’s got to fight for his name, you know.

  4. ya, i posted there and directly about which was a better portal for communicating in regards to a semi- major local issue. never heard dick.

  5. I’d use it more if the admin and authors were better about using it themselves. I’d left comments and questions there before and waited weeks for some sort of response that never came.

    • Agreed.

      Haven’t been there in a while, I recall quite a few questions directed to Miss Weiss that were never answered.

  6. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…

    Never seemed to work right on my “smart”phone or tablet. (Both ‘droid.) Since that’s how I access the site 90+% of the time, I’ve not graced those collections of electrons with my pragmatic perapetatic prose.

  7. Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Group

    Well, there’s your problem right there.
    Not using vBulletin.

    • A vB conversion would handle the news/blog side of the site as well. It would standardize the users/usernames between the blog and the forums and could tie the articles directly the forums if needed/wanted.

      WordPress is dated (at best) and phpBB is not only unspeakably clunky but dangerously dangerously unsecure.

  8. Sorry, but the forum sucks.

    Maybe if you updated it to look like its from this decade, maybe it will be ok. Maybe.

  9. I’m seeing a lot of Complaints about no activity in the FFZ.
    STOP COMPLAINING, and do something about it. Go to the FFZ and PARTICIPATE. A forum doesn’t create traffic on its own. The users create the traffic on the forum.

    The FFZ allows you (even you, Dirk Diggler) to open a topic of your own and discuss it. Or you can ask a question and get an answer. It is more free-form than the regular TTAG blog.

    You say it is ‘dead’ over there. Well then, let’s bring it back to life.

    • That is the goal, I plan to get this forum active. Suggestions are always welcome and I’ve got a topic started on the forum specifically for that.

  10. Ok. First I noticed. There are lots of similar gun forums out there. And TTAG is the only one I’ve joined. Perusing some topics it seems to be used rather sparingly. I spend WAY too much time here. Maybe I’ll use this. Or just lurk like I do on the firing line, firearm blog, gun nuts media, Taurus forum. S& W forum, keltec forum, etc.

  11. “…unaware of or simply don’t know about…”

    Do those two statements mean the same thing, or are they redundant?

    • Simply redundant. Sounded better in my head when I wrote the post in the middle of the night.

  12. And a lot of us dont go there because we feel it’ll be more racist, anti religion, judgemental, argumentative, fringe element bullshiite like that which graces these main pages.

    I’m sure you’ll delete this, but you’ll take your sweet time deleting the aforementioned detritus. Soo thanks but no thanks.

    PS Great site doe.

    • …racist, anti religion, judgemental, argumentative, fringe element bullshiite

      You’ll find judgmental and argumentative behavior in EVERY issue-specific community. Having been a member of many over the years, I have to say that the environment here is far less hostile than it could be.

      As far as anti-religious and racist… Kindly stfu or provide examples of racism and anti-religious sentiment. You’ll find neither. In the exceedingly rare instance of some degenerate making a comment along either of those lines, they’re crucified by the userbase before the mods have a chance to intervene.

      And “fringe element” is a straw man that isn’t worth any response but this: run along now, the big people are talking.

      • thank you kindly for your fine example of what i’m talking about. do i owe you anything? cup of coffee maybe? on me.

        • Did I provide you with a fine example or racism, anti-religious sentiment? Maybe it was some fringe element lunacy. No, it’s more likely I was being judgmental and argumentative in response to your snide and judgmental initial post. What’s good for the goose, right sport?

          I’d take that cup of coffee though.

  13. Tried to go there. Wouldn’t let me sign in or open a new account or whatever. Since I’m a regular at TTAG why not just allow me to click on over there?

  14. I have an account there and have participated a bit. I don’t go often because I do easily 90% of my web surfing on my phone and it really isn’t mobile friendly. More like actively mobile hostile, actually.

    If the interface were easy to use on my phone, I’d probably be there a lot. There are fun people there and the atmosphere is mostly light and breezy.

  15. There’s only so many hours in the day, and keeping up with the main site for TTAG takes more time than is available as it is.

    • I just keep hoping the stars align someday so you can write a book. That gunsmithing from the ground up idea you kicked around a while back would be incredible.

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