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TTAG readers have once again been hit with malware redirects from ad suppliers. I apologize deeply and completely for this issue. We have shut down the ad supplier in question. The redirects should stop immediately. And not return. If they do ping us at [email protected]. The Truth About Guns is committed to providing you with the cleanest and most secure user experience possible. Thank you for your patronage, patience and understanding.

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  1. Didnt experience it myself. Though I’m locked down pretty tight with ABP, Ghostery, NoScript, and others. Nothing runs or loads without my consent.

    Can’t browse the interwebz these days without 36 condoms on.

  2. Saw this and mentioned to the wife. I already know to never click anything unsolicited. Usually use Chrome. This kinda’ thing pops a LOT on porn sites(so I’ve heard:-)…

    • Did they do anything preventative, or just clean it up? Install Malware Bytes (I’d buy the pro version, only $25/3 computers/1yr) and Adblock Plus as a browser addon. Should keep you clean from now on. I’d also recommend getting either Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender in Windows 8), or buy a good antivirus program like ESET or Kaspersky (skip the free garbage like AVG). You’ll probably never have another problem.

  3. And what about the annoying video ads that auto-play a couple of minutes after landing on a TTAG web page? I guarantee those ads are reducing visits to this website.

  4. I’m on a small android tablet and never have a popup or redirect. Not computer literate. Is there an android reason?

  5. Is that a joke that you care about security? ….This is the second time this has happened. I don’t get how you continue to use such bad ad providers that this would happen. You have lost me as a reader this is inexcusable.

    • Unfortunately, it can happen with *any* ad network. It would probably be better (and possibly more lucrative) to solicit more targeted ads from the firearms community and skip the ad networks entirely.

      The most effective thing you can do to keep yourself safe (and ad free) is to install the browser addon AdBlockPlus.

  6. Glad you finally caught it, and especially that you acknowledged it. Most site operators don’t. Isn’t there anything proactive that website operators can do to prevent ad-delivered malware from getting on the site in the first place? Or do you just have to trust and post whatever the ad networks send you?

    I think ad delivery is the most common vector for malware now. I had to get an i7 quad core just to be able to surf the web without the complex rich-content ads crashing or freezing my computer. Now the ad-delivered malware adds injury to insult.

  7. Excellent. I can read through the articles without it reloading the site now. It had been giving me a headache.

  8. How many apologies for these terrible ads you put on here are we going to endure before you finally figure it out? Spam, pop-ups, phone app hijacking, and now this time malware?

    Probably never, considering the number of record views the site gets. So, since you aren’t really going to do a damn thing about all this, why even bother with these posts, pretending to actually care?

    This shit has gotten old, last month.

    • @BadTTAG
      How about being like a Real Gun Guy and taking care of your own problems by being actually prepared for the unexpected instead of trolling & bad-mouthing? This kind of thing happens to websites. A lot. Lack of planning on your part does not make TTAG a bad place on the interwebz.
      Quit whining & get yourself a damned antivirus program & ad blocker.

  9. You guys really need to stop using third party ad networks for your advertisement. Not only is that where all the really stupid and annoying ads come from, it’s also an easy thing to use for black hats and the like to throw malware at your viewers. I wouldn’t be surprised if TTAG was being specifically targeted by anti-gun people using this method. You want to replace as much of your advertisement as possible (ideally all of it) with directly negotiated contracts. If you don’t go this route, you’re just going to start getting more and more of your viewers switch to using adblockers on your site. Negotiated contracts are also likely to get more clicks, since the ads are probably all going to be gun related and I’m guessing (not really) that most everyone who visits TTAG has an interest in guns.

  10. Adblock Plus is a wonderful thing. And I don’t click ads anyway.
    Plus I mainly use Linux so…

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