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The video above features the 9mm Steyr MPi 81 (an improved version of the MPi 69). I filmed (videoed?) Ray Harrison of Texas’ Ballistic Ops firing the sub-gun with my new phablet, the iPhone 6+. I didn’t record this version of machine gun fun in slo-mo. For contrast, I recorded the same guy shooting the same gun (Steyr MPi 81) in slo-mo. I sent it to Dan via iPhone. He uploaded it to YouTube. Et voila! Check THIS out . . .

Gorgeous! Shell casings flying through the air with the greatest of care, spinning like ballerinas. Here’s the thing: when I downloaded the slo-mo Steyr file from my phone to iPhoto, copied the file to my iMac desktop, and then uploaded it to YouTube, it played in real time. Not slo-mo. Like this . . .

That should be slo-mo, dammit! But it isn’t. This failure to slo-mo held true for other slo-mo machine gun videos downloaded and uploaded via the same process. What gives? Here’s a clue:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 7.55.48 PM

When I play the video from my desktop, it runs in Quicktime. And look! There’s a little blue slo-mo button. Click on slow down. Click off, real time as above.

Until and unless I can solve this “no slo-mo on YouTube from an iMac desktop upload problem,” sharing the gee-whiz fun of iPhone 6+ slo-mo firearms videos is a bit of a PITA. I have to either upload straight to YouTube from my phone or email myself the clip to get the slo-mo upload. (Needless to say I’ve already downloaded all the machine gun videos and wiped them from my phone.) My Google-Fu fails me. Any ideas?

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    • Any takers on giving me their Android phone for 5 minutes and seeing if I can break it while using it in ways that you would never use a phone…ever? Bueller? Bueller? Nope…

      • Ive sat on my s4, and my old htc dream without a single issue, but hey, you go spend an extra $200 for that little logo

      • “while using it in ways that you would never use a phone…ever?”

        Most of the reports of the bent iPhone 6+ are from people who placed them in their front pockets. You’re telling me you would never… EVER put your phone in your front pants pocket? interesting…

  1. My guess is that it records the video at 60-120 fps and the video player is just slowing it down.
    When you upload a video higher than 30 fps to youtube, youtube compresses it back down to 30 fps.

  2. As it stands right now there isn’t an Android phone available that can record at a native 720p 240fps like the new iPhone can. Im sure one of them will copy it soon but as it stands the iPhone is your best phone choice for good slo-mo. I haven’t experimented too much with it yet but I know for sure the slow motion will be there if you upload to youtube directly from the phone using the share button. I suspect you may need a mac with iMovie to upload it that way from the desktop side, but I don’t know that for sure.

  3. YouTube may just not support those frame rates. Try importing into iMovie or Final Cut and see if it’ll let you re-export the video at 30 fps. If your 240fps video was 10 seconds long, the resulting 30fps version will be 80 seconds long.

  4. There’s an iPhone 6 now? Come on, Technology: is this really where you’re choosing to plateau? How about giving the new smartphones a rest and getting back to work on those damn flying cars you promised us sixty years ago?

  5. If you upload it from your phone directly to YouTube via the YouTube pop up when you click to share the video it will upload it in slo mo

  6. Uggh – Android VS iOS has infected this site too.

    Can’t we all just agree that both are better than Windows Phone and be done with it?

  7. The answer is an app called slomoshare. You edit the slow motion video in the camera roll on your iPhone then use slomoshare to “fix”(as in set) the full speed vs slow speed as a finished video. You can then upload that to anyplace you like and the slow motion will work like you expect.

  8. iMessage the video from the iPhone to yourself and copy/paste it out of the Mac’s Messages client to a folder. It should preserve the slow-mo.


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