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Rick Nolan

‘I don’t need a semi-automatic rifle to shoot a duck. Maybe you do. Maybe you should spend more time on your shooting range.’ – Democratic Rep. Rick Noland in ‘I Don’t Need a Semi-Automatic Rifle to Shoot a Duck,’ Dem Congressman Says [at]

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      • One of the comments under the article (headed by a photo of an Uzi submachinegun) said:

        “What does an Uzi have to do with semi-automatic rifles or duck hunting? What do any kind of rifles have to do with duck hunting? What does duck hunting have to do with the Second Amendment? Lefties make my brain hurt.”

        I won’t broadly lump ALL lefties under the anti-gun banner, but otherwise, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Not a duck … But those &@$!|^¢π Canada geese have more rights than people, it seems sometimes.

    • Classic misdirection. If you actually think, not just feel, you recognize that deer/pheasant/duck/small game hunting is nowhere near the same as self defense. In self defense, everything happens fast, you are reacting on instinct. In hunting, you generally have more time to be more deliberate in aiming and setting up the shot. But if you think you can slip a cheeky one liner by low information voters, the fraudster does it.

      • You may not have meant it that way, but self-defense to most people implies guarding against personal, physical attack. The intent of 2A should always be said to secure our liberties against govt oppression. Self defense appeals to the masses who don’t get that govt may be the greater danger.

      • Nolan, got to hand it to him, he can lie without technically lying! Misdirection and smug righteousness, with clever misrepresenting words, and all in a days work for personal political gain. Keep it up and I will never vote Democrat again, except the pro gun ones (and only based on voting record) , that is if the Democrat party doesn’t weed them out first. Can’t trust them even on things you think you agree on.
        I suppose that is why party affiliation isn’t on campaign signs any more in CT.

    • Don’t you see? He’s DUCKING the real issue of his party’s obsession with violating constitutional rights!

  1. He should mind what he says, as I also don’t need a Congressman to make laws either. He should spend more time reading the Constitution.

  2. I guess he uses a bolt action or lever action rifle to shoot ducks. When I hunted ducks and geese I have vague memories of them ranger fellers getting upset if you used a rifle. Shotguns only seemed to be their mantra.

    Maybe the rules are different for them congress critters.

  3. “Just in case you didn’t realize I don’t know what I’m talking about, let me prove it.”

    • Yup. What’s the saying about that, again? Something like “Better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

  4. You don’t need armed security, I don’t. Maybe you should spend more time in the gym. I don’t remember reading about the Bill of Needs, perhaps this wise leader could educate us more about what the lowly peasantry needs.

  5. Like most dems, he doesn’t understand the plain meaning of the written words.
    John Kerry did the same thing when running for POTUS. He made it clear that his view was that the 2A did not protect an idividual right to own guns for self defense. He, and nearly all elected democrats, believe it only allows a privilege of owning a guns for sport competition and hunting.
    These a-holes are selective in how they read the plain language of the Constitution.

    • Success in international sports competitions being necessary for the security of a free union, the right to keep and bear sporting goods shall not be infringed.

    • The problem is that many of these progressive turds DO understand the intent of the US Constitution…they just choose to ignore it because it doesn’t fit their particular agenda. I used to think many of them were ignorant. I am now much more concerned that their actions are well thought out. You might be able to fix ignorance but repairing a flawed ideology is a much bigger problem…

      • Correct! They are not talking to us. They are talking to the ignorant populous that vote Democrat in the first place. They are afraid that their base will be apathetic if they don’t rile them up now and then with this BS. They know the truth but the truth won’t garner votes.

  6. good thing dick cheney decide to use his shotgun instead of his ak when he went hunting. might have a death on his

  7. This sort of ignorance damages their argument far more than it helps. It’s a mind-blowingly good way for our side to educate the intended target of this sort of nonsense.

  8. I don’t need a semi-automatic rifle to shoot a duck because I use a semi-automatic shotgun. It takes a damn fine shot to hit a duck with a rifle. I am not that good. I could use my semi-automatic Remington 750 to shoot coyotes and feral hogs though.

  9. What’s really sad is the statement in the article that the most recent poll is leaning his way.

  10. Nope don’t need a rifle for ducks, I have a shotgun. That rifle is for varmint, that rifle is for deer, that rifle is for plinking, and that… Oh wait now I have an arsenal.

  11. I don’t need an automatic transmission to shift my gears, or a Keurig to automatically brew my coffee, but they’re damn convenient and they’re no one else’s damn business.

  12. But, I need one to help We The People defend the country against any prospective dictator, which is why we have the 2nd amendment. Mister Democrat, why is your party pushing America toward a dictatorship?

  13. ‘I don’t need a semi-automatic rifle to shoot a duck. Maybe you do. Maybe you should spend more time on your shooting range.

    Typical. Firstly you wouldn’t use any kind of rifle to shoot a duck – bolt, semi, or single. Secondly, I don’t’ have a semi-auto for hunting. I have a semi-auto because I like it.

    Just like nobody needs a Chevy corvette, a Dodge viper, or a Lamborghini. They can drive a prius. We can play the “nobody needs” game all day but it’s not about needs. It’s about rights and freedom. If you want to satisfy everyone’s “needs” then we call all live in rubber white rooms, being completely safe, being force fed food not of our choosing, never allowed to leave, and supervised closely – because that is all anyone really needs. We just need food water and shelter right? It’s all we need.

    What a two faced liar:

    Play all sides and do whatever necessary to get elected and then look out for number one.

  14. He’s right about one thing. You would have to spend a lot of time at the range to be a good enough shot to hit ducks with a rifle.

  15. I dont need anyone infringing on my rights. Maybe you to. Maybe you should spend more time at the shooting range so you can stand up to tyranny.

  16. Prolly get deleted (but in that I respect property rights I’ll bear no grudge…)
    There is no hope for the American electoral system. That some s**t-for-brainz like that can run for office and then actually be elected by a majority vote demonstrates that most Americans have s**t for brains…

  17. Ah yes, I must of forgotten that the 2nd Amendment is meant to protect us from waterfowl………

    How do people like this keep getting elected?

  18. A sorry-a$$ remark, by a sorry-a$$ Democratic Socialist ideologue who doesn’t know what he is talking about. (sarc\) Fer Chrissake, everyone knows you use FLAK guns to shoot ducks! (sarc/) He’ll probably read this and say THAT next time…here’s a clue Rep. Nolan..a thing your pal Al Gore invented called “the internet” is a source of correct information (if you know how/where to look) which would have informed you of the correct firearm and legal requirements for duck hunting. Well, at least ducks everywhere can relax if you’re hunting them…

  19. I tell you what…if you spend more time studying the Constitution…I’ll spend more time of the range…seems like a Win-Win to me

  20. Politicians should have to pass a Constitution test before they can get their name on a ballot.

    • Hey Curtis did you catch the latest attack ad from Pat Quinn(the worst governor in America TM)? “In the time it takes to watch this(30seconds? or less) this 350round clip could spray a room with boolits. ‘Cause that’s the only reason to have an ASSAULT RIFLE. Bruce Rauner supports assault rifles”.Duh indeed. And Quinn will probably be reelected. Sigh…

  21. I use a semi automatic double action 3 shot laser pistol to do my DUCK HUNTING.

    that and the stupid dog laughs at me.

    Don’t tell me how to live.

  22. That’s like saying “Nobody needs a corvette to mow their lawn, if you do, maybe you need to retake driver’s ed..”

    What an idiot.

  23. Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to hunt ducks. It’s a federal crime to do so anyway!

    Nobody needs fast, powerful flashy cars. The state should provide you with the most efficient vehicle for your lifestyle, funded by taxes of course.

    Nobody needs to eat steak. Vegetarians get by just fine.

    Nobody needs a big house. A cot, four walls and a roof are all that’s required.

    Nobody needs democracy. Plenty of countries all around the world do just fine without it.

  24. How about this, Rep. Nolan? I will come to your house and remove everything I think you don’t “need.”

  25. Using a rifle to duck hunt does increase your skill level, and save the lives of birds; so no reason I can see for a dem to not encourage it. Hayuk

  26. And I don’t need a Benelli waterfowl gun to drop some creep who tries to break into my house. So I guess we’re even, Congressman. Now seriously, for all you “the party doesn’t matter” types, how many times have you caught any national-office R making this particular kind of idiot remark?

  27. I need a semiautomatic rifle to shoot a duck because the government won’t give me a falconry license.

  28. Wait, wait, let me go back and check on what the Bill of Rights says:

    “A well-harvested duck, being necessary for the purposes of sport, the right of the people to keep and bear fowling pieces shall be exclusively granted at the state’s discretion.”

    Well, son of a bitch. Guess he’s right, guys. Turn ’em all in.

    • Someone needs to make a “The Second Amendment according to Rick Noland” ad , use that, and run it in Minn.

  29. I don’t need a Democrat lawmaker telling me how to live my life, does that mean we can outlaw Democrats too?

  30. Minnesota deserves to loose all their rights as citizens and that will soon happen when those brain frozen idiots up their vote democrat again in November.

  31. I always use my 788 bolt action rifle with a Weaver V9 scope to shoot ducks. It has more range than a shotgun. Just wait for the duck to land in the water and….

  32. I am SO TIRED of liberals using the “You don’t need a _____” argument! That argument is the greatest fallacy ever pulled on the American people.

    The first 10 Amendment are not called the Bill Of Needs; They’re called the Bill Of Rights.

    This country is not about allowing the people to have what they need. It is about giving the people the freedom to do what they want and to have whatever they can afford to buy, as long as they don’t violate another person’s freedoms or rights. Freedoms, not Needs.

    Democratic Rep. Rick Noland doesn’t NEED to live in a large house/apartment and own a nice car, but this country gives him the freedom to do that and much more. This is part of what the Founding Founders were talking about when they wrote “the pursuit of Happiness.”

    • Never fall for this argument! If you do, then you will lose that verbal battle.

      1. It is a misdirection or distraction technique, and a very effective one. It forces you to start justifying that you need or want something, when that was never the point to begin with. You are immediately put on the defensive by this argument. In fact, it is an argument that you can’t win, because really do not need, for example, “a semi-automatic rifle to go duck hunting” because you really don’t even need to go duck hunting at all. You WANT to use a certain gun to do a particular recreational activity that you WANT to do. You are forced to argue about why you should be allowed to do something you WANT to do, when they are saying you do NOT NEED to do it. You can’t win if you let them frame the argument into justifying a need.

      2. This country is not, and never has been, about allowing us to meet the needs of our lives. It is about giving us the freedom to do what we want, to own/buy what we want, to live or go where we want, to pursue whatever we aspire to become, etc. It is about the freedom of “the pursuit of happiness.” Any government that wants to limit our freedoms in any way must show a good reason why IT NEEDS to do so.

      Let me say that last part again. The NEEDS question is valid, but not in the way they asked the question. It is the government that must demonstrate a sufficient need to take away our freedoms, not the people who must demonstrate any need to retain our freedoms. The purpose of government should be to protect our freedoms.

      Whenever someone tries to use the “You don’t need a ___” argument, we need to shut them down immediately. We should respond with something like, “Are you saying that I have to show some need in order to exercise my Constitutionally protected Rights in this country? Do I need to demonstrate a sufficient need before you will allow me to vote, or before you will allow me use my 1st Amendment right to speak right now? I thought this country was about protecting our freedoms, not just allowing us to fulfill our needs. Do I need to demonstrate sufficient need to some government official, before I am allowed to buy a car, or would that be only if I wanted to buy a nice car? I thought it was the government who must demonstrate a sufficient need to take away our freedoms, not the people who must demonstrate a need to retain our freedoms. Are you saying that I am wrong there? What are you saying, Mr./Mrs. ______?”

      Don’t allow people to get away with using the “You don’t need a ______” argument. It is wrong on so many fronts, and they need to be corrected when they try to use it.

  33. Mr. Noland’s comments are absolutely sad. Its truly a sad day in America that this is what has risen to the top to run for office in a supposedly free country. When are we all going to wake the FU&* up???????? How do people like this rise to even be able run for US Assemblyman or Senator with such a complete lack of knowledge about such an important issue? I’ll tell you how… the electoral college system. It needs to go back to the popular vote!!!! We unfortunately place a high premium on emotion nowadays instead of facts and knowledge. Very sad indeed! BTW, Bob is absolutely correct, this is the same technique Andrew Cuomo used to get the NY SAFE act passed!!! “You don’t need thirty rounds to kill a deer.” But that’s what the democratic technique is. Diversion and convoluting rational thinking about your individual right to being able to protect yourself. BTW, Cuomo has the NYS Police protecting him. The Governor has a special State Police Division that is charged with his protection that we all pay for. These bastards don’t even want to allow us to be able to pay for our own protection…. meanwhile we pay for theirs. Can we start to get the picture here now people????? This same governor is embroiled in a scandal known as the “Moreland Commission” a commission he designated to uncover government corruption and fraud…. until they started looking at him directly. All of a sudden Moreland started to go away……. this is scary shit folks and we just keep getting spoonfed the bs and we keep swallowing.

  34. Hey Dick – In my state, I’m not allowed to use any rifle to shoot ducks, period. I’m restricted to shotguns for waterfowl hunting, which I’m okay with. So I really resent your suggestion that I need to spend more time on the shooting range when you don’t even know the laws I have to abide by. Maybe you need to spend more time educating yourself on hunting laws. Or better yet, educate yourself on our Constitution, particularly the 2nd Amendment. You seem to be unclear on its meaning. I really don’t think you should be telling me what guns I need if you can’t comprehend a document that the rest of us had learn in 12th grade. Maybe you just need to read up and spend a little time studying. Think of it as your version of spending more time on the range.

  35. Other things aside, if you can effectively use a rifle for duck hunting then YOU ARE THE MAN!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING DUCK HUNTING?! GET OUT THERE AND KILL SOME ISIS MOSUCKRAS

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