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Poor David Hogg. He was gifted a spot at Harvard even though he didn’t have the grades to get himself into the local community college. But we live in a time when victimhood, activism, and media celebrity count for more than academic achievement and test scores.

Worse still, David has an iPhone and a Twitter account…both of which he puts to regular use while exposing how poorly equipped and embarrassingly ill-formed he is. Based Politics’ Hannah Cox and Brad Polumbo had a little fun at little David’s expense, fisking a few of his more inane gun-related tweets. Enjoy.


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  1. Victimhood? I watched film of the Hindenburg crashing and burning. Do I get ptsd bennies? Tell me where hogg boy and the skin head dyke were at during the shooting?

    • Hey guys! I just got my pubes! For years, I lectured actual adults, decades older than me, about my sheer overwhelming wisdom, that radiated outwards to all from my navel gazing. And adults everywhere lapped it up, big time. They put me on a pedestal, and allowed me to speak, and speak, and speak some more, and then criticize and shout and raise fists in the air, but the reality is, I hadn’t even thought about that stuff before. Those were just my teachers and my parent’s opinions. I mean come on. I didn’t even have pubes yet. I had no live experience, whatsoever. What am I going to know about that stuff? But you dumb f***s lapped it up. Well – I’m here to say. I now have pubes. Real pubes. And this time, I’ve thought about gun control, a lot, like 30 minutes, while taking a dump with my phone. And I know what is best for everyone! So get ready!

      The tweet that ended Owen Benjamins twitter activity:

      Talk of my pubes!

        • Yes there is and David Hogg is an example. The little phag isn’t qualified to clean toilets.

        • No wonder Bloomberg bought him so cheaply.

          Getting into Harvard is one thing. Completing the course is something else. Unless Uncle Mike hired assistants for Hogge boy’s submitted work and tests.

  2. The young couple make a couple of good comments regarding how survivors are not automagically endowed with the intelligence / ability to make public policy just on the basis of having survived some event. Great point in that most survivors are operating from an emotional PTSD standpoint and cannot rationally evaluate the event which they were part of.

  3. David “Camera” Hogg hires armed guards to protect him when he is advocating for civilian disarmament. That should tell you all you need to know. His father is also an FBI employee, for what that’s worth. Wonder if growing up with “Guns” in the house traumatized him.

    • That’s made exactly his point. Why should anybody feel so unsafe and have to hire ARMED bodyguards for merely expressing an opinion. No matter what that opinion is.
      It says a lot about America does it not when when an opinon cannot be expressed especially on the subject of gun control. Where I come from on thne other side of the pond I can express ANY opinion and the chances of being shot for doing so are just about as near ZERO as it is ;ossible to be. There will ,of course, always be some bloody nuttter who takes exception but it’s surely not the norm to have armed guards.
      In the UK, and I’d suppose the UK is around the European average on a per capita basis, there are on average around 750 to 1000 ILLEGAL deaths per annum from all causes. That includes plain Murder, acts of terrorism, manslaughter, victims domestic violence [by far the most common] infanticide, knife crime and GUN CRIME. That equates, on a per capita basis, to around 4000 illegal deaths from all causes in the entire USA.
      Think on this. in the last two decade there have been around 150,000 t0 170,000 victims in the USA from GUN CRIME ALONE. Now reflect the number of casualties suffered by members of the US Armed Forces in the same period.
      You do the research! It’ll keep you occupied for an hour or two. Suffice to say that the US Armed Services, overall, would appear to be one of the safest occupations in the USA.
      It makes National Headlines when a few Army Personnel in IRAQ get bloody headaches from a near miss missile but on that SAME day ten times as many CIVILIANS in the USA became casualties of Gun Crime and was not worth a mention.
      Maybe a DAILY reality check on State Controlled Media would not go amiss on the lines of ‘Today CBS/Voice Of America announces another 400 casualties of GUN CRIME Nationwide’ followed by the names of the victims.

      • ” Why should anybody feel so unsafe and have to hire ARMED bodyguards for merely expressing an opinion.”

        Missing. The. Point.

        He hired ARMED guards. Stop and think about that.

        The guy wants everyone ELSE disarmed, but he gets to have armed guards. Just like the politicians advocating everyone ELSE to be disarmed.

        Guys for none is hilariously impossible. Guns for some is tyranny waiting (and usually *wanting*) to happen. Guns for all (with a very few, specific exceptions for those *proven* to be not sufficiently responsible) is the least bad choice.

        Yes, I recognize that it’s lousy. It’s just much less lousy than the other choices.

        Also, your stats are A) inaccurate, B) worded to be as misleading as possible (as it clearly includes suicide, among other points), and C) leaves out that you could drop the US murder rate to lower than than European levels by just leaving out the 3 largest cities (which have been run for decades by those advocating gun control and have had the strongest gun control laws in the nation the whole time).

  4. “Utereses should not be more regulated than guns.”

    {Hogg’s mis-spelling}

    Oh, I dunno, a competency test before reproduction would be a good idea…

  5. Never saw these people before – but Hannah has one of those faces. She appears to be sneering at the world, full time. She reminds me of that ‘resting bitch face’ meme from a few years ago.

    Alright, I’m done picking at her looks. Libertarians have a lot of good points, and I agree with their stance on guns. No license to drive a car? Mmmmm – right. These guys are a little silly, but they’re not batch1t crazy.

    • What’s the difference? Any argument you make for or against licensing for one or the other can be applied to both. The state has no business messing with my vehicle any more than my gun. And before you say the RTKBA is a constitutional right, the constitution only LISTS SOME of your NATURAL rights. It does not list all of your natural rights. It does not give you right or create rights. The constitution doesn’t mention cars at all, and I would argue that cars are reserved to the people under the 10th Amendment as an individual right as part of our natural right to travel.

        • If I have a revoked license, (I don’t) how is that I still pay taxes for roads/highways. If I don’t pay, the Gov will use force against me yes?

          I submit to you that since I, under threat of force, must pay taxes, Therefor I have a Right to the use of the Road/highway.

          Not a privilege when the Gov is basically saying “Pay, or we’ll do bad things to you.”

      • They do build the roads(with the money you and others paid in taxes). They have a right to create a system where everyone who wishes to drive on public highways safely, with insurance, can.

        Driving is much different that have a firearm. In the first place, the BORs was written to make sure the government recognized our God given rights to defend ourselves, not to mention other uses that a firearm may have.
        Much of the costs for roads are covered by taxes on fuel, tolls, user fees and user taxes. It can be argued that the highway system benefits all people, because even when they do not drive, they do ride and have deliveries of goods because of the roads.
        Most of us end up paying to use a shooting range, but we can use certain federal and state properties as well as our own land to practice and enjoy our firearms.

    • Gun control zealots say guns should be treated like cars with regard to licensing and registration.

      How about we also treat cars like guns with regard to storage, usage, and features?

  6. If the first Black Women(?) on the USSC cannot define what a woman is neither can d. hogg.

  7. Mr. Hogg;

    I can appreciate that you are a survivor. I can sympathize with those who are survivors against those that would kill them, I know exactly the horror. I can sympathize and know that horror because I too am a survivor.

    I’ve looked into your account of what happened at Parkland. There are those that say you were not even there, but they are incorrect. You stayed in the school, and recorded interviews with your peers inside the school as it remained locked down. As you and other students tried to exit the building after a fire alarm went off, a janitor sent y’all back. A teacher pulled you and other students into a classroom and locked the door, and made y’all hide in a closet where you and the others would remain safe and all of you did remain safe. Thankfully, at no time did you ever directly encounter the threat.

    Aside from the fact that your best chance of survival was to leave the school and the school grounds – aside from the fact that the majority of those shot in school shootings are within 30 feet outside a lock down area but were able to leave the immediate area and the school but were sent back or kept in to go to lock down areas while an active shooter roamed the halls – aside from the fact that school shooters know this and specifically hunt the areas within 30 feet of lock down areas to catch any of the strays sent back into the killing zones by the school staff —- Aside from all that, you still survived to make your interview videos.

    Then later that night, about 6 PM, you ride your bike a few miles back to the school to make more video and have an interview later with Fox news. So much horror and terror, lives gone and shaken, and intrepid you pushes on for your interviews and then go back to the scene of the crime and have an interview with Fox News. Its almost like you from the very beginning had an idea that “hey, I can get some recognition from this.”, but no that couldn’t be. You are a survivor.

    I’ve heard your story, don’t hear much about you being safe and focused on your interviews and videos and never directly encountering the threat. Left with the ability to get into a locked down area because you were not allowed the safer choice of leaving the school after having been sent back into the killing zone by the school staff, you made the wise choice to at that point get into the locked down area so good job and you did the right thing then. Its a heck of a story.

    I understand, I can understand and I know because I too am a survivor. My story is a little different though.

    To be brief… Several times in my life time I’ve directly encountered the threat that wanted to seriously harm or kill me, twice my wife has directly encountered the threat that wanted to seriously harm or kill her. My wife and I are well aware of the sheer terror and horror that can happen. We didn’t have someone else to see to it that we were safe, we didn’t have a place to hide, we could not escape, there were no police around and the fasted time for them to arrive was after it was over, we had no other way out but through the threat.

    The way we survived was by employing defensive gun use. Without that gun we would not have survived, but survive we did. We didn’t have time to make videos though, we were too busy surviving. Some of those who were the threat I killed and the others either wounded or ran away. So you see, you are not the only survivor. Over ~7,000 times daily across the United States people survive facing the threat directly by employing defensive gun use. Sure sometimes the trigger doesn’t need to be pulled as the intent clearly communicated by brandishing the firearm sometimes makes the bad guys run away, but if that victim had not had a gun the bad guys would have continued having already communicated their intent by their hostile and violent actions. But anyway, those over ~7,000 daily are survivors too so that’s around 2 million survivors annually.

    Yes, defensive gun use survivors – exercising that most primal and natural instinct of survival, literally fighting for their very survival the same as all animal species do when confronted with a threat to their lives. Many people seem to think they are sinners for wanting to survive, the anti-gun groups, yours included, would rather they die than to employ a gun to survive.

    But let me ask you, while you were surviving your incident safe in a locked down area did you at any time ever say to your self you did not want to survive? Yes I know you were not confronted with the threat directly but had you been, if you able to do so would you have fought to survive? If you had fought would you have used anything at your disposal to fight and survive, even applying deadly force with something?

    I’m not sure what your exact answers would be in words but I have a pretty good idea of what the answers should be, and I have an idea because I know what its like to fight to survive and to fight for the survival of a loved one with no other hope but fighting through the threat and overcoming it, survivors do by some means and what ever they can use when the threat presents its self to seriously harm or take life.

    Mr. Hogg – since your anti-gun groups are so interested in survivors of ‘gun violence’ – do you think they would let us literally millions of survivors of ‘gun violence’ attend and speak at one of their rally’s and have a few interviews and maybe even have you document our stories in one of your ‘gun violence’ interviews? Please let me know.

    Thank you for your attention;

    A survivor

  8. Not a fan of these two, they are lolberts. Much prefer the Ron Paul/Mises Institute crowd!

  9. In any case, we live in when exploitation, activism, and media superstar count for more than scholastic accomplishment and grades more information go through original link https://writinguniverse.com/how-to-revise-an-essay/ of which he puts to customary use while uncovering how ineffectively prepared and embarrassingly not well shaped he is.

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