Bushnell 1X MP: Zombie Branding Back From the Dead!

Zombie Assault 1X MP Sight (courtesy ammoland.com)I reckon Bushnell resurrected the zombie branding thing to celebrate (if that’s the right word) the release of the zombie romantic comedy Warm Bodies. Oh wait. Too late. Uh, World War Z! According to the presser, Bushnell’s 1X MP Zombie Assault sight “features one power magnification and a versatile illuminated reticle that allows shooters to quickly acquire targets in shooting games, competition or while honing their skills at the range.” Of course we all know that’s PR speak for “it’s perfect for blowing the heads off the undead.” But seriously, the $199 sight sounds like seriously good value for money . . .

The new 1X MP Zombie Assault sight features an illuminated T-Dot reticle with five brightness settings. In addition, the reticle can be displayed in red or green, allowing the shooter to control both the brightness and reticle color and select the best combination based on ambient light conditions.

Featuring multi-coated optics, the Zombie Assault provides great light transmission, while the Amber-BrightTM lens coating reduces glare. Fully waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, this sight is built to withstand the ever-changing and unpredictable weather as well as thousands of rounds of recoil.

The 1X MP Zombie Assault sight, available for an estimated retail price of $199.99, includes an integrated mount that fits Weaver-style bases or a Picatinny rail, protective lens covers, and a CR2032 battery.

Now if they could just rethink this a little to get the temper of the times. I mean, it’s Zombie Defense not Assault, right?


  1. avatar gloomhound says:

    I am sooooooooooooooo sick of the whole “zombie” thing.

    1. avatar anonymous says:

      You didn’t really think the whole “zombie thing” would stay dead, did you?

      1. avatar Jason Lynch says:

        Mummy, make the bad jokes stop…

        1. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

          I’m revoking both of your pun licenses, write now, lol

        2. avatar Hal says:

          It’s a shame that this type of marketing has re-animated…

        3. avatar anonymous says:

          > I’m revoking both of your pun licenses

          Discussing this topic was bound to have punintended consequences.

  2. avatar sdog says:

    omg, Please.make.it.stop..

  3. avatar TeutonicTenifer says:

    I might actually consider it if they sold it without the silly zombie branding.

    1. avatar DJ says:

      +1. I don’t want to have to whip out a can of spray paint after it arrives so I don’t appear to be an idiot when I take it to the range.

      The “faux ACOG” ergonomics are another pet peeve of mine.

      1. avatar Brandon says:

        The non-zombie version has been around for years and it’s a pretty decent site. Usually found for about $40 less than the zombie version.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      Then don’t buy it. Don’t look. Don’t listen.

      Did it ever occur to you that the zombie branding helps our cause, even if peripherally? It could go something like, “if there’s a zombie outbreak, a zombie apocalypse – where do you think your government will be?”

      “They be runnin’ fo’ they LIVES, RIGHT?”

      Don’t wait for government help, homies!!!

      They’re marketing the stuff WE love – to people who might not have quite the same level of awareness as … well, US!

      Save your ire for things that ACTUALLY DESERVE IT. Have a drink! ON ME! Send the bar tabs to…. now, where’s my address?

      1. avatar Hal says:

        Oh I completely agree. The zombie thing is a good way to get young people who would otherwise default to being public school-crafted statists to think about the idea of self-sufficiency. Wouldn’t choose these products for myself, but then again I was thinking that way long before the craze.

        I just hate that damn optic 😉

        1. avatar Jesus says:

          I’m 24.

          The easiest way for me to explain my interest in guns to people my age is to say “I’m getting ready for the zombie apocalypse. ”

          Thank you AMC.

      2. avatar TeutonicTenifer says:

        I think the zombie branding is great for business and attracting young adults to guns. I still don’t want one myself.

  4. avatar lagbolt1138 says:

    I was tired of the zombie meme at noon on day 1.

    From the above propaganda:

    “…the 1X MP Zombie Assault sight “features one power magnification…”

    Uhhhh… “One Power” equals NO magnification, right? Am I missing something here? (other than marketing BS)

    1. avatar Hal says:

      No you’re not. It’s probably 1X magnification in the sense that a trijicon 1-4 X accupoint or an elcan specter DR has a “1X mag.” The difference is this appears to be 1X magnification without the added capability of being variable like the two optics I just mentioned, which if you read my rant below, is just dumb.

  5. avatar Hal says:

    Zombies aside, I wouldn’t buy that thing because it is a cheap attempt to copy the ACOG from a maker that has, in my experience, produced some crappy optics.

    Plus, a 1X non-adjustable magnification? WTF?! Either make it 1-3X (or some variation thereof) or make it a non-magnified optic (Aimpoint, EOTECH, reflex, etc). So let me get this straight: I get ALL the issues that come with a 1X mag such as no co-witnessing iron sights and picky parallax, with none of the benefits or expanded capabilities of variable magnification? GREEEEEEEAAAAAAAT. Just what I needed.

    I will stick with a TA44. Just enough magnification to sharpen up the image a bit, but little enough magnification to shoot CQB when utilizing the BAC. Thanks but no thanks. If I wanted a cheap CQB optic, I would look at a vortex or an Aimpoint PRO. 1X fixed mag…. ridiculous.

    1. avatar Rightontheleftcoast says:

      Concur. Bot a Truglo shotgun saddle mounted Red Dot from Bushnells awhile back for the rem870 that lasted for seven shells. Save your money for the real ACOG if you need to trust your life to it.

    2. avatar Ropingdown says:

      Bushnell was the original controlling interest in, funder of, EOTech. I still have an original Bushnell HoloSight (the one without the large metal housing) that functions well after 11 (?) years. A 1X psuedo-ACOG is right up there with a non-collapsing ‘collapsible’ AR stock.

      As for the Zombie bit, it’s done more harm for the image of RKBA than a CA legislator with a fresh supply of Geritol.

      1. avatar Hal says:

        Maybe that was a different time in that company’s past and Nick Leghorn seemed mostly impressed with their new offerings at their recent press-shoot. However, the bushnell products I have used (optics, binos, spotting scopes) were crap.

        1. avatar Ensitue says:

          Most optics makers have 3 or four price lines to appeal to different level retailers.

  6. avatar Ensitue says:

    I have had two of these (sans green logo) for about 5 years @$100 they are an excelent optic, the reticle has 4 hold over points and the 1 MOA dot is excelent for longer ranges, I use mine for deer hunting as well as recreational shooting. I have yet to burn out my first battery. Looks aside the unit is very durable. There is a 2X version at higher cost
    At $200 it is over-priced, Barska sells a similar unit for a bit over $100

    1. avatar Ropingdown says:

      Well, for $100…that’s different.

  7. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    It does seem a bit silly to make something matte black and then stick a day-glo green sticker on it. But all that aside it might be a decent optic.

    But all you FUDs need to realize once and for all that you don’t make up the entire consumer base for firearms anymore! This IS NOT targeted at you, so get over it!

    I use soap, but I doubt as many women moan about how tired they are of all the new macho, Xtreme man-sudz that come out every other week. They just continue making there usual choices based on their individual preferences and go about their day.

    1. avatar Hal says:

      I’m physically fit and 29, not a FUD. My comments about this optic come from 10 years of using firearms both recreationally and professionally. This includes using a veritable cornucopia of optics. While that doesn’t make me the world’s foremost expert, I have learned a few things. If this optic is 1X (as opposed to non-magnified like an Aimpoint) then you’re getting all the drawbacks of a magnified optic with NONE of the advantages. The consumer’s money would be better spent on quality iron sights ($150 and you can get good fixed irons with a CSAT aperture) or a less-expensive red dot (vortex comes to mind) than on this thing.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      Right. OH…. forgot that address…

      THIS JUST IN: for those who’re looking forward to WWZ, the word now is that it’s a straight up New World Order/Agenda 21 propaganda joint.

      And if you don’t know what Agenda 21 is, please do yourself a favor and look it up. Once it’s described to you, you’ll realize you’ve been experiencing it in increments for over ten years.

      Want your country ruled by the UN? DIDN’T THINK SO.

  8. avatar utdmatt says:

    You guys are all missing the funniest part of this craptastic optic.

    They put IRON SIGHTS on top of it 🙂

    Who the heck puts cqb iron sights on top of a 1x optic? lol

    1. avatar Ensitue says:

      those iron sights are a mistake but then there are 1000’s of shooters that pay extra money to mount them on their ARs as well as a boat load of other gizmos that are not mission critical

    2. avatar Ropingdown says:

      Or…the iron sights are on there because you can’t co-witness standard backup sights with the optic, and it takes some time to get the two thumb screws loose during an incident?

      1. avatar Ray says:

        Or if it really is another Chinese POS, you’ll need the irons (plastics) when it dies after 7 shots.

  9. avatar Sammy says:

    I’m with TeutonicTenifer, how much for one without the goofy zombie logo?

  10. “Assault Sight” – Snort!

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