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I was going to post Dom Raso’s commentary yesterday but the words got in the way. This morning I read a post that convinced me that Raso’s right: gun grabbers are lost in their masquerade. They believe that disarming Americans makes them safer. You heard that right. Not disarming criminals, although, you know, that too. Disarming civilians. They really believe it, too. And it’s not just ignorance. Here’s the money shot from, quoting the Director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center and oft-cited gun control advocate Dr. David Hemenway . . .

But a big thing is to change social norms. We’ve already had some of those successes. When I was a kid drinking and driving was fine. Now it’s not fine. And it’s not just because of the law because the law was always there. It has a lot to do with social norms. This is not acceptable behavior anymore.

Another area we talk about where social norms have changed is smoking. What a magnificent change we’ve had in smoking in the United States. We need to see a social norm change on gun violence.

Instead of it being the mark of a real man that you can shoot somebody at 50 feet and kill them with a gun, the mark of a real man is that you would never do anything like that. You’d show that you were stronger than they were and smarter and not just that you had some weapon.

The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as people who really have skill and bravery and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to. They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.

Hemenway turns the old self-defense adage—God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal—on its head. Actually, it’s worse than that. Hemenway pisses on people who’ve used firearms to defend themselves against rapists, criminals and terrorists—without specifying the “real skills” needed to avoid rape, injury or death.

What do we even call the idea that people who shun guns for self-defense are morally superior to those who tool-up to defend themselves, their loved ones and other innocent life? The cult of victimhood? The Sisterhood of Submission? It’s a death cult of some sort. And it’s not restricted to Cambridge eggheads.

In last night’s pro-disarmament diatribe, the President tried to “reach out” to gun owners. To convince them that the federal push to limit ammunition magazine capacity, ban modern sporting rifles and create a federal firearms registry doesn’t violate their Second Amendment rights.

Setting aside the fact that the constitutional scholar fails to recognize that gun rights are protected by the Second Amendment, not granted by it, it was interesting to hear the Commander in Chief suggest that he understands the desire for armed self-defense. In rural areas. Well, his wife does.

I was in Colorado I told the story about Michelle she came back from a trip to rural Iowa, we were out there campaigning, sometimes there’d be miles between farms let alone towns and she said ‘You know coming back I can understand why somebody would want a gun for protection. You know if someone drove up into the driveway and Barack you weren’t home and the sheriff lived miles away I might want that security.’ So she could understand what it might be like in terms of someone wanting that kind of security.

A desire that’s inappropriate for urban dwellers, according to Mr. Obama. Or suburban citizens like the parents of the children gunned down in Newtown. A city that now has armed guards at its schools.

President Obama is yet another urbanized statist who believes that Americans don’t need guns for self-defense, really. Certainly not “weapons of war.” This from a man surrounded by automatic weapons. Whose family is and always will be protected by guns. I digress. Here’s the key passage from the speech.

If you’re an American who wants to do something to prevent more families from knowing the immeasurable anguish that these families here have known then we have to act.

Here’s the thing: millions of Americans have acted. They’ve bought guns and ammunition to protect themselves and their families from terrorists, criminals and crazies. So far this year, the FBI has processed 17,014,240 NICS checks. What does that tell you?

The vast majority of Americans understand that a gun in the hands of a good man or woman is a good thing. Their perspective is not paranoia or macho posturing. It’s common sense.

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  1. I’m less and less concerned with what gun control freaks regard as acceptable behavior, and I didn’t care much about their opinion to start with. Alas, I have to pay attention to them to work to keep them out of power.

  2. They want a level playing field. Their mantra does not work when half the country can defend themselves. Religion is the same way, it does not work when your next door neighbor does not play by the rules, hence community standards laws to force compliance. Max Hardcore got 4 years in federal prison because pastors & churchgoers didn’t think his stuff met community standards. We talk about rights, what about the right to be an individual, what about the right to the pursuit of happiness. Max was a pig, I have no right to live his life though, Randy

  3. I guess all our military, law enforcement, and CCW holders are wusses when they carry guns. Wouldn’t that make anyone in control of the really big guns like nuclear subs and reaper drones “super” wusses by extension? I wish I could be more like the “Man of Steel”that Hemenway is. Imagine how manly it would be to stride up to the next mass shooter with your bare knuckles. This guy may really have something here, guys. Maybe we all should just melt our guns into scrap and hit the gym? Once I get my bench press up to 315 I can donate all my hardware to Ryan Seacrest!


    • I’m sure being a police officer you have spent some time learning hand to hand techniques and combat and potentially had to fight with big fat drunks or crack heads. Being a soldier I have gone through a the modern army combatives program and passed the level 2 training. I’ve had my ass kicked by people smaller than me, but even if they were a little better, my size and weight wore them out. More often than not, no matter how good my technique was, someone who outweighed me by 50-75lbs cleaned house and I am not a small person. Once the fight went to the ground, their weight made it so I couldn’t breathe and I actually saw stars as I was passing out during one fight. This was without any strikes. You can also be knocked out in one punch even if you had been in fights before and punched multiple times in the head. If you are knocked out, you can’t fight back!

      So yes, we want to carry guns in our professions or as individuals who CC so we don’t have to fight in hand to hand with a much higher chance of losing. That does not make us wusses, just smarter.

      • Not to mention the potential long-term effects of blows to the head. I had an uncle that was assaulted, suffering blows to the head. He seemed alright for several years but then deteriorated mentally with Alzhiemer’s like symptoms. He eventually died not knowing much of anything. Were his health problems a result of the beating? Maybe. Do I wish to risk the same fate? Definitely not. Therefore I CC.

  4. “I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to.” – Hemenway

    I guess according to this Hemenway idiot, John Wayne is a wuss and can’t be looked up to. This fu*cktard needs to STFU and go watch The Shootist in order to learn some moral values and how to act like a man. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

    “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”
    – John Wayne

    John Wayne is a real man. Even at the end of the movie (as he lay dying) he smiles when Ron Howard throws his gun aside. This is significant because through out the movie Howard idolized cowboys and shootouts, but in the end he finally throws those mislead ideas aside and realizes the values John Wayne had been teaching him all along. John Wayne, Charlton Heston and many others gave us real role models to look up to, something that is absent in this current generation. Seriously, who are the role models now? Snoopy Dog and all those other d-bag gangster wanna-be’s that promote some sort of “thug life/culture”? Hemenway, FOAD, your man card has been revoked.

  5. bullshit. I am a man because I never draw my weapon until its absolutely necessary. I didn’t go looking for evil. Evil has been thrust upon me.


  6. Unlike smoking, which is an affectation (meaning a personal choice), as is drinking and driving, violence is a genetically ingrained survival trait–fight or flight. I don’t think that there has ever been discovered a human society on this planet that does not have a warrior class or tradition. It is not simply a “social norm” that can be changed by approval or disapproval. Can a leopard change his spots? Methinks not. If that makes me a wuss, so be it; I’d rather be a wuss than be dead, since at my age I will never outrun a punk who wants to use me as a punching bag piggy bank.

  7. I wonder where in the Second Amendment it says that the RKBA is subject to modifications if you live in an urban area. . .

    (Crickets. . .)

  8. This “gun owners aren’t manly” crap is the lamest attempt thrown out there by gun grabbers yet. Next thing they’ll be telling us that testosterone is for wusses.

    Every archetypal male from almost every major culture throughout history was linked to weapons proficiency. I guess this guy also considers medieval knights to be total pansies for wearing armor and fighting with swords. And those Vikings dudes? Pshhh…Even that Odysseus guy, a real man never would’ve wielded a bow so powerful that no other man could string and fire it!

    I bet Mrs. Hemenway could totally beat Chuck Liddell’s ass.

  9. Dr. Hemenway probably thinks that the Jews who passively submitted to the gas chamber are morally superior to those who rose up in revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto or joined partisan bands and fought the Nazis.

    Just remember every person who is violated by crime suffers his or her personal holocaust.

  10. Hemenway says, “I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss…”

    I used to think that exact same way. Anyone who carried a gun was a wuss and a coward at heart, and probably a criminal at heart too.

    Then two things happened:
    — First, I got married and started a family. Suddenly I had a family to protect, and I realized that (wusses, cowards, or otherwise) criminals *do* have and use guns. I realized that I’d be both stupid and cowardly if I didn’t plan to protect my family in the most effective way possible.
    — Second, after a long interval, I finally bought a gun. And then my wife did. And then it all clicked into place for both of us: gun ownership is part and parcel of our basic human right to self-defense. They’re the best tools for one of our most important jobs, which is being prepared to protect our kids and each other. (And aside from that, guns are just dang FUN.)

    Basically, I grew up and faced reality. Something most gun prohibitionists and wishful-thinking pacifists are apparently unable to achieve.

  11. “They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.”

    This man has never had his ass kicked! I am convinced that anyone who advocates gun control has never had there ass kicked – if they had they would never spout such drivel.

    • I wouldn’t mind spending a few rounds with him UFC style in a cage. No guns, just hands and feet. That way, we’ll both feel better.

  12. This gun culture stuff is utter nonsense. If my choice is 10 years in jail for a bag of weed, or death, which is better? In many ways, 10 years in jail is worse because i come out a career criminal with zero hope of a “normal” life. If I already have a couple of busts and I am facing a three-strikes law, why do I care if I shoot someone?

    The war on drugs has given people perverse incentives where they no longer fear dying, maybe even welcome it. banning stuff is really the only social policy progressives seem to know. And that extends to 32 oz sodas.

  13. The man is simply psychotic. Would he call a 100 pound woman defending herself against a 200 pound man a wuss if she used a gun? Or does he require she spend 20 years learning martial arts so she’d have a fighting chance in such a situation.

    They are getting more and more desperate.

  14. > The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as
    > people who really have skill and bravery

    The European feudal lords who worried about peasants being able to kill their noble knights thought the same thing.

    Perhaps Dr. Hemenway wants to return to Medieval Feudalism, when so-called “wimps” were not as dangerous as those with real “skill and bravery”?

    > so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss.

    I’d like to have this notion that anyone who wants to ban guns ( whether explicitly or just making them impossible to get )is a wuss, because their fears are irrational.

    So are many of the fears of gun owners re crime, since crime has been decreasing for decades. But at least we’re not trying to impose our beliefs on other people, or legislate our morality, by force of government arms.

    > I was in Colorado I told the story about Michelle

    Why is everything a story about him and/or his family with the Narcissist-In-Chief?

  15. Funniest part of all this gum flapping…When they are in trouble or wish to quell trouble,…..they call the men with guns !

  16. Instead of it being the mark of a real man that you can shoot somebody at 50 feet and kill them with a gun, the mark of a real man is that you would never do anything like that. You’d show that you were stronger than they were and smarter and not just that you had some weapon.

    Spoken like a man who’s never been in a fight for his life. Heck, I’ve never been in a fight for my life and it still sounds stupid to me. Go ahead and show the 250-lb dude on PCP that you’re smarter than him; it’ll just make him want to eat your lips first.

  17. What a brilliant self-defense approach! “I don’t NEED a weapon, because I’m a manly man!” Apparently in Dr. “Candide” Hemenway’s optimistic worldview, criminals are too proud to attack the weak or helpless, eschew ambushes, and fight fairly.

    These people build their worldview around ideas of combat that only work in comic books and B-movies.

    • These people need to learn this isn’t the grand area, this isn’t some idealized world. In a real life or death situation, you don’t fight fair. There is no honor, respect, or mercy. It is just you and the guy(s) trying to kill you. The winner lives, the looser dies.

      To quote Jayne from Serenity: “Heck, I’ll kill man in a fair fight, or if I think he is going to start a fair fight…”

  18. Well then, I guess Im a wuss. Ill remember that next time Im trying to perform CPR on a 400+ lb human being while removing them from the horder environment they live in and carry them down a flight of stairs. Ill stop compressions and say nope, cant do this Im a wuss.

  19. It would have been fun to see this fellow walk up to Chris Kyle (RIP) or Michael Monsoor (RIP) and explain to them that they were effeminate for using firearms.

  20. “The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as people who really have skill and bravery and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to. They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.”

    So we should look down on women, the elderly and the disabled because they didn’t have “the skill the and bravery” to protect themselves without using a gun. That’s completely ridiculous. I am sure calling these people wusses will convince them the don’t need a gun.

  21. So i guess if manny Pacquiao fought Muhammed Ali in his prime and lost, heʻd be a coward how lacked the skills and smarts to beat him? of course not, that is jsut what happenes when someone has 100 pounds on you. thre is a reason why they have weight classes. it doesnt matter how skilled you are, someone with that much size and strength on you will destroy you unless heʻs out of shape or retarded. and in the real world, there are no weight classes, and criminals are often armed.

    iʻd like Hemmenway up there to get mugged and beat by multiple assailants. then to get up and announce to the world that heʻs a coward because he couldnt fend off three attackers who had kinves.

  22. ‘Dafuq?

    I used to work in Antarctica. On 23rd october 1996 I was literally run over by an F250 dual-cab truck loaded with gear and heavy guys. The tyre started at my right foot, went up my tum tum and both sides of my sternum and we parted company at my my right shoulder, with it clipping my ear. This was on hard ice, and my shoulder blade rubbed right through my shirt and fleece jacket.

    I got up and walked away. Well, ’til I was stopped and ordered to await an ambulance and Jodi the EMT. Yes, I’m that physically durable.

    I’ve also taken lead. A neighbor was cleaning his 30.06 rifle and it went bang. Two walls later the bullet found my left leg, and I wasn’t walking to the doc – I needed a crutch.

    Show that you’re brave and tough by taking on a gun-wielding yoot bare-handed?

    The grabber just admitted to being a crack-head. Someone, please arrest him! Please?

    • Unfortunately, his words CAN hurt, or even kill through convincing a fence-sitter to jump the wrong way.

      He’s as bad and wrong as were he to shout “Fire!” in a crowded cinema.

      Come to think of it, Mr. Batman Shooter could’ve done that and perhaps gotten as many trampled to death as he shot.

      Ban all speech!

  23. That was an awful video. It was way too much ADD awkward cutscenes. Never had a video make me sea sick before.

  24. “You’d show that you were stronger than they were and smarter and not just that you had some weapon.”

    This is literally the dumbest thing that I’ve ever read. Maybe in their pseudo-academic progressive la la land that they think we can live in it makes sense. But in the real world, where we apply things like logic, common sense, and our knowledge of past experiences, it doesn’t.

    • I personally think having a weapon and knowing how to use it makes you “smarter,” or at least better prepared. And we all know that cliche about chance and what it favors.

  25. No offense Robert, but where are you getting the 17 million NICS checks number from?

    Latest data I could find from the FBI has it at 7,014,240. Looks like you transposed a 1 there.

    The chart makes for a good graphic, though. It’s a full 2,159,155 more checks through March 31st than there were in 2012. If this keeps up (which it likely won’t perfectly), we’re on track for roughly 30 million background checks in 2013. 30 million new firearms purchases, and still they claim that all of America has “demanded a plan.” (And that doesn’t even include purchases by CCW holders in states which allow them to skip NICS)

  26. So, my years of martial arts training, which includes hand to hand, sword, staff, knife etc. means i’m still a “wuss” because I am willing to use a firearm as well? The only cowards and wusses with guns are the criminals. I’d love for the only weapons tthat exist be melee weapons, I’d love to carry my sword on my hip and not worry about some thug with no training killing me from 20 feet. Only way for that to happen is to find a genie, wish all guns away, wish all gun factories and shops away and wish for the knowledge of how to build firearms disappear. But since that won’t happen, as long as my enemies have guns, so will I.

    • Its because their guns have 12 pound, double-action only triggers, thanks to ignorant fools in the bureaucracy who were afraid cops with 15-round semi-autos would have too much fire-power.

  27. I guess I am a huge wimp considering I suffered from a traumatic leg injury which required 5 surgeries to get me walking again. I can’t run, and I can’t fight but I would gladly be labeled a wimp if I could defend mine and my wife’s lives. This guy should be hung. How many other disabled people should be cast aside and demonized for wanting to defend themselves against the scum of our society.

  28. I just sent the yoot-lover e-mail about me v. F250 and me v. 30.06.

    Send him e-mail at [email protected] and teach him a thing or three.

    May I suggest politely worded, informative missives? Who knows…?

  29. When they start saying things this inane, it is a sign that they are on the ropes and know it. That there is blood in the water.

  30. This is exactly the kind of cultural engineering I was talking about in re: “What next?” We need to do it. They certainly are. Fortunately, there’s a rejoinder built into wuss-doc’s position.

    “Indeed, making drunk driving unacceptable has been a wonderful exercise in building a culture of responsibility, one addressing the reality that driving drunk you can kill people, most often yourself.

    Owning a gun you can use effectively is a similar responsible choice, this time addressing the reality that you may otherwise be over-matched by a threat to your own life, or someone else’s. Dr-wuss is wrong, however that strength or training are substitutes. *Responsible* defense with a gun is only when the need is dire & your strength & other skills aren’t enough.

    They’re both about stepping up to the responsibility of keeping good people alive. One’s about declining to add to the problem. The other’s about being able to solve a problem you didn’t create, kind of like learning CPR.”

  31. By his logic I’d rather be alive and a “wuss” then brave and dead. There is no shame in protecting your life and the life of others by any means necessary. The funny thing is that the individuals who are demanding civilian disarmament are the ones who like to call out people for ad hominem attacks, yet sure like to throw them out themselves. We’ve been called paranoid, nuts, small dicked, wussies and cowards just to name a few. My old man always told there are three class of people in this world, Wolves, Sheep and Sheep dogs. I’m no wolf and I refuse to be a sheep.

  32. It’s not that they are that stupid. Otherwise they would forget to breath. Nor do they suffer from this magical worldview that they portray. “Oh, if we just put up signs that designate “GUN FREE ZONES” the little children will all be safe as bunnies,”

    They are EVIeeeeL LIARS!

    anonymous said,

    “The European feudal lords who worried about peasants being able to kill their noble knights thought the same thing.

    Perhaps Dr. Hemenway wants to return to Medieval Feudalism, when so-called “wimps” were not as dangerous as those with real “skill and bravery”?”

    …and nailed it.

    This whole fight is about disarming the American people so Bloomberg can tell us how large a soda we may drink and we will give the PROPER response. Which is of course, “Thank you, ma’ Lord.” From bended knee.

    We continue to be frustrated by their facile and ridiculous “logic” or lack thereof. And we ask, “Can they really be that stupid?” Well, no. Not if they managed to master that walking upright thing. It is smoke and mirrors so we will not react with horror at their plans for our future.

    This fat boy has gotten wise. I will not be distracted by the jokers they keep sending out to distract us from the man behind the curtain. And I will NOT kneel.

  33. Answer me this riddle gun-grabbers:

    49 states allow some form of concealed carry. That means there are tens of millions of law-abiding citizens in the US right now allowed to carry guns on their person for self-defense. Let’s just call this group of people the Militia of America, aka armed citizens.

    Now, every year a percentage of this Militia along with the rest of unarmed Americans, find themselves in situations where they have to face violent criminals. The difference now being the Militia is able to protect themselves from criminals with their self-defense tools. By and large, the Militia is very capable in protecting itself against violence.

    Unfortunately, the unarmed citizens are at a disadvantage, being unarmed and all, and have a much higher chance of not surviving these violent encounters. But it should be noted that the Militia also happens to save tens of thousands of unarmed citizens every year by sheer luck or fortune by being in the right place at the right time. It is a well-documented fact that the Militia prevents tens of thousands of crimes (including mass shootings) from happening every year and saves the lives of many citizens.

    With me so far? Good. Now, we also have the Police. Sworn citizens whose job it is to protect unarmed citizens within our borders. The only difference between the Police and the Militia is the Police are paid to protect citizens and have legal protection via the state or federal government in the event of making mistakes. The Militia only has access to their own individual means of funds in the event of a mistake. So it should be noted that all the lives saved by the Militia are done for the sole purpose of self-preservation and well-being towards their fellow citizen at great personal and legal risk to the individual Militia member.

    The Police also operate with well-being toward their fellow citizen, but because they are burdened by the corrupt forces of bureaucracy they are vulnerable to abuse of power and corruption. Whereas the Militia is not obligated to save people on a daily basis, therefore they are not subject to the same bureaucracy or corruption that comes with state-sanctioned authority and power over other citizens. The Militia considers themselves equals with the average citizen and thus has no reason to exercise any kind of authority over them.

    With that distinction made, what you have are two good forces that are both combating criminals (evil) in America in the best way both know how. For one organization it’s a job. For the other, it is a natural right.

    So answer me this:

    How on Earth does disarming the Militia, a body of citizens with no leader, agenda, or single governing organization, operating purely on the laws of Nature and God-given right of life and the ability to defend themselves against those that would do them harm, help lessen crime in America?

    We’ve already established that the armed Militia prevents tens of thousands of crimes every year. If the Militia is summarily disarmed, that means tens of thousands more crimes will occur every year as as direct result.

    And as Gun Free Zones have proved over and over, in the areas where you prevent the Militia from treading, more crimes happen. So let’s call Gun Free Zones what they really are. They are Militia Free Zones.

    How is that any different if you suddenly established Police Free Zones? Do you think crime would increase in those zones? Of course it would, in the same way criminals choose Militia Free Zones to commit crimes.

    Let’s define what Newtown really was. It was both a Police Free Zone and a Militia Free Zone.

    There is your answer America. When you openly declare any public area to be free of the Police and the Militia, you are inviting criminals to strike with open arms.

    The fact remains, crimes are deterred, prevented, and stopped when criminals are confronted by the Police or the Militia.

    What is there to understand? If you are going to disarm the Militia, it only makes sense to disarm the Police, because it’s the same damn logic of “guns are evil”.

    • Oh, but you have it wrong.

      There’s the folks in charge & their agents. Free citizens & the bad guys are on the other side.

  34. Just found this. Student of the Gun says what I’m trying to say. Short essay. Includes in part,

    “When you actively seek to disarm me you are deliberately attempting to subjugate me and put my family in mortal jeopardy. That fact makes you my enemy. …When you seek to nullify or circumvent the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitutions of each individual State, you are my enemy.

    Pretending that you enemy does not exist does make it so. Ignoring your enemy only gives them the time and opportunity to strengthen their position and deliver their final blow. Attempting to argue logic with a man ruled by emotion is no more productive than attempting to teach Latin to a hog.It wastes your time and annoys the hog. “

  35. I’m still waiting for all the politicians that agreed and allowed Gun Free Zones to exist to be held accountable for offering up unarmed teachers and children to be targeted by violence like in Newtown. Consider the fact, school shootings have happened multiple times before Newtown and therefore it was foreseeable and preventable by adding security. But instead no action was taken because it was a rare occurrence. Well, what now politicians. I guess 20+ lives proved you wrong.

    And I’m still waiting for Cinemark to be held liable for not providing armed security for all of it’s theaters post Aurora. Because if it can happen once, it can happen again…

    Still waiting.

  36. This Dude lives in the Cambridge bubble. I doubt he even knows the Freedom Trail runs close by his posh Brookline Brownstone. If he lived in the North End or South Boston he might appreciate what it was like to be among normal working Americans.

  37. A 19 year old and a 21 year old (both males) approach a 62 year old man with less than honorable intent then I guess I am a wuss. I would rather be a live wuss than a dead heman.

  38. “But a big thing is to change social norms. We’ve already had some of those successes. When I was a kid drinking and driving was fine……”

    Here we go again, sigh…..

    No, it was not “fine” you imbecile. Drinking and driving was as illegal then as it is now, as early as 1910 in New York, BTW. It was just that the laws were not enforced as much before the 1970’s and penalties were not as severe.

    And guess what? it still goes on today in spades because even with excellent enforcement people still break the law. Get off your utopian cloud, take off your rose colored glasses and go out to some bars on a Friday night and take a LOOK AROUND.

    “…..and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss…..”

    Tell that to the criminal pointing a gun at your face and see what happens. The stupidity of that statement is not only laughable, it will get you dead.

    “….They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun…..”

    So screw women then? Tell that to your 120 pound wife when she is confronted by a 250 pound rapist or two you fool.

    Lying to yourself by dreaming such impotent, utopian dreams of “manly” non-resistance vanquishing criminal violence is the sweetest form of mental masturbation. Writing about them so that intelligent people can see how you tick makes you a fool. Who is the real “wuss” dreamer?

  39. I don’t think that Hemenway understands that without the RKBA society would devolve into a hell that would have no qualms about assassinating his butt simply for saying or writing something objectionable.

  40. Dr. Semenway can FOAD. Try telling the guy holding a gun that he’s a wuss when he’s pointing it at you, sheesh, the nerve of some ppl!

  41. The last time I checked, drinking, smoking, and driving, in any combination, are not protected rights in the Constitution, but the right to keep and bear arms, is.

  42. Brains, firearms, and money over Water Buffalo size and strength. Why does that make one a wussy? Nice libtard tactic, though.

  43. Well, he is right. I’m too much of a wuss to get into a fistfight with half a dozen dudes for being in the wrong neighborhood/bus/bar/swimming pool. I’m too much of a wuss to wrestle with the guy in a drug induced rage who’s convinced that I summoned the demon who stole his house. I’m too much of a wuss to bust up the bones in my hands, to roll around in a puddle of God-knows-what, or to get someone else’s sweat, saliva, and blood all over me and in the cuts on my knuckles. I’m too much of a wuss to do any or all of that simply because shrivel d!ck up there doesn’t like guns.

    This guy strikes me as someone who’s never a real fight for his life. Not just a fight, a serious lethal threat. He’s never had that light bulb moment when you realize “Oh sh!t! There’s no one around to help me. If I don’t do something, this mother fvcker’s gonna kill me.”, and then your brain stem starts growling, biting fingers, and gouging eyes.

    Somehow, I suspect his only experience with violence is from video games and movies. Defending yourself during a fight isn’t as simple as a couple of cool looking roundhouse kicks, an impressive hay-maker punch, or some elegant kung-fu dance. It. Is. Ugly. It is close, personal, and brutal. There’s a reason it’s called “bad breath distance”. You’re simultaneously pissed off and terrified. You’re exhausted, panting, and sweating. Dying to get away because you can feel yourself running out of steam and the bad guys are still on you.

    No matter how bad ass you are, it will go to the ground, you will get someone else’s bodily fluids on you, and either you or the other guy are getting seriously injured. Not knocked out or “hurt”; broken bones, brain damage, internal bleeding. Somehow I doubt this manly man is prepared to do that to someone with his bare hands.


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