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 Nebraska Gun (courtesy

Press release:

The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA), in conjunction with 39 other national, state, and local organization members of the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban [ED: members list at the end of this presser], released an Open Letter to the U.S. Senate and the American people stating that their position remains unchanged: We will accept no new gun control legislation from Congress, we will deliver coordinated action to politically target any legislator who supports such gun control, and we will not compromise on this issue . . .

“Having backed off from attempting to ban semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines, the last hope President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and Senator Feinstein have at imposing more gun control on law-abiding Americans is their so-called ‘Universal Background Check’ scheme,” NFOA President Wesley Dickinson stated. Carefully examining the language of the ‘background check’ bills considered by the Senate, despite disingenuously benign claims, reveals that politicians aim to make it a 5-year felony to:

Leave town for more than 7 days, and leave your wife, partner, or roommate at home with your guns;

Lend a gun to a friend to take shooting or to go hunting;

Loan a gun to your mother if she lives at a different residence;

Hand a gun to someone at a gun club which is not a shooting range;

Teach someone to shoot on your own land, if you hand them the gun; or

Fail to report a gun as lost or stolen within 24 hours, even if you are on a hunting trip deep in the woods and are unable to do so.

As President Lyndon Johnson said, “You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered.” We look at all firearms-related legislation from this perspective, and nothing currently being proposed or discussed overcomes our concerns for the potential harm from improper administration.

Coalition will track votes & expects support for a filibuster

The Coalition will consider any vote for a “motion to proceed” to be a vote against the Second Amendment, and fully expects any freedom-loving member of the Senate to support a filibuster by Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee or others.

Politicians have a habit of forgetting that they are not masters of the American people, but rather their servants. In 2014, millions of Second Amendment voters will endeavor to deliver that message to any Congressional representative who supports gun control.

Coalition Member List:


The Firearms Coalition
Gun Owners of America
Rights Watch International
Second Amendment Sisters


Arizona Citizens Defense League
Arkansas Carry
Florida Carry, Inc.
Grass Roots North Carolina
Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance of Minnesota
Gun Owners of California
Gun Owners of Maine
Gun Owners of Utah
Gun Owners of Vermont
Michigan Gun Owners
Montana Shooting Sports Association
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society
Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
Oregon Firearms Federation
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Virginia Citizens Defense League
West Virginia Citizens Defense League
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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  1. Good; I’m glad to see an organized response that highlights the disingenuous nature of this proposed legislation.

  2. Excellent! Now, if all the gun owners would just get off the couch and let the elected royalty know their days of fat paychecks at our expense may be in jeopardy. We may survive this crisis.

    • I’m going to copy and paste that quote to all of my emails to my elected officials!

  3. I am calling my Senators daily all week. This after numerous letters and e mails in the last few months. I am polite and to the point.

    • Make SURE that they get this part: “we will deliver coordinated action to politically target any legislator who supports such gun control”.

      Tell them IN ALL CAPS. EVERY WEEK.

      • I’m also not above lying at this point. What ever party they are I say I’m that party too. I say i voted for them. If they want my continued support etc. then don’t support this bill and here is why….It’s the only thing they really care about.

        • Oddly enough, they are not above lying to you, either, so turn about is certainly fair play.

  4. You had me at opposing Senator Feinstein!

    Now, to join Gun Owners of California, and send me support…

    • There are lots of groups out here. Amazingly we are starting to communicate, although sometimes I feel like a referee. I think people finally figured out working together to make our voices heard makes far more sense than everyone doing their own thing.

  5. Hey, I know a couple of those groups!

    I had a friend ask me what happens the day after this (unlikely) bill passes, expecting me to no-doubt go into some armed resistance speech or something.
    I told him I was going to grab some lunch, find me a nice table across the street from the police station, so I could point and laugh at the 4 people who showed up to register their firearms.

  6. Makes me proud to be a Nebraskan and member of NFOA.
    Also I love Nebraska gun. Shop there all the time great little place

  7. If you look at the electoral map from 2012, Nebraska is the reddest state in the lower 48. Can’t wait for November 2014.

  8. I love this ! I want this win badly. I sincerely hope we are not betrayed by weak knee Republicans at the last moment.

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