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We’ve been saying that polls on gun ownership and gun control legislation are highly misleading—in the sense that the vast majority of Americans are “low information voters.” In other words, they don’t know jack about guns, gun laws or crime. Except what they “feel” to be true. So when they’re asked “Do you support universal background checks?” chances are they’re thinking about that alien immigration center in Men in Black. Or something. But not gun registration. Which they wouldn’t understand either. Anyway, it’s nice to see an illustration of this firearms-related ignorance. It’s even nicer to see it go viral. Not that it will change anyone’s mind, but it will remind The People of the Gun that they are the guardians of our natural or God-given right to keep and bear arms. Call your reps, dudes. [h/t to DrVino]

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    • Ask 10 random people that and at least 8 will say that it’s a democracy…sad. In a pure democracy the rights of minorities (think numbers, not ethnicity) can always be abused or taken away. Not here. Not as long as the Constitution is here.

      • And those 8 out of 10 would be correct; the US is indeed a democracy. Not a direct democracy, no; we are a representative democracy and constitutional republic.

        If you’re going to nitpick, at least be correct.

        • Wow way to look stupid, if you’re going to criticizing people about correctness, maybe you should make sure your facts are correct first. We are not a democracy, we are a democratic republic. Key word, republic. If you took a government class or payed attention you would know this. So sick of people putting in their two cents about politics, when they know nothing about it.

    • I’m horrified to even know how few voting-age Americans understand the difference.

    • And these lame brained stooge signators are voters?

      This could only have been done in California on April 1st.

      The signors of this petition perfectly illustrate the intelligence of the unthinking fashionably liberal democrat voters of this state.

    • Churchill also said “democracy is the worst form of governance ever attempted, except for all the others”.

  1. I can’t possibly stand to watch this while I’m trying to de-stress from work. All I know is that I see water in the background, and if I were there I would have zinged that clipboard off into the ocean.

  2. This reminds me of the Man Show episode where they had a petition to end Women’s Suffrage. Because you can’t have women suffering.

    • Or petitions against the horrors of “dihydrogen monoxide”. The Free X-Box is a nice touch, but Mark Dice is a t*rd.

      • Personally, I find the guy hilarious. A conservative who likes to point out the idiocy of the current administration. The totally stupid and slanted media. Plus, the brain dead majority of Americans who have no clue about ANYTHING! Watch his youtube where he does the “man on the street” asking peoples opinion of China dropping nuclear bombs on Russia last week. That pretty much sums up our level of intelligence in this country.

      • > Or petitions against the horrors of “dihydrogen monoxide”.

        “Dihydrogen Monoxide” Joke Gets DJs Suspended
        And They Might Face Felony Charges, Too.

        by John Timmer – Apr 5 2013, 11:30am MDT

        That doesn’t mean, however, that everybody’s in on the joke. That was ably demonstrated by two morning DJs who used it in their April Fools’ segment earlier this week. According to a local news report, the two have made foolery an annual event but have always managed to keep it family friendly. This year, the duo turned to dihydrogen monoxide, warning their listeners that the local water supply is full of the stuff. Naturally, worried phone calls to the local water authority ensued.

        • Yeah, saw this. One of my favorite old jokes. But felony? For what, telling the truth about water? “You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.”

    • you snatched the words right out of my mouth. that’s still a classic. end the sufferaging… ironically if you want to find the most clueless people on the planet, go to the pier in L.A.

    • That’s actually a darned good idea. If women could no longer vote there would be almost no Democrats elected and certainly no Obama.

  3. California schools have trained their citizens to sign petitions and to not think about their rights.

  4. I think this is great. It shows how some people are oblivious. It would have been funny for Mark Dice to go into detail about what a right is and that it would be stripped away and only leave gun permits from the govenemnt. It would be funny to watch people agree that rights are dangerous and bad and priviledges from the government are good.

    • Too funny. Did you see the one he did trying to use a 1oz. Gold American Eagle to buy a taco?

      He filmed at that same beach trying to get someone to buy it from him as he was walking around.

      Only one old guy recognized it but still didnt trust himself to even give $50 for what was at the time worth about $1500.

  5. Are we in trouble or what? To quote a great american “This country can probably survive four more years of Obama, but can we survive the morons who put him in office?”

  6. Can we start a petition to repeal the NFA? Because there should be no law allowing the registration of short barreled rifles. Right?

    • Absolutely! TOTAL repeal, I have used select fire and determined that semi is more fun and a whole lot cheaper. But, you want it? It should be simply a matter of pushing the lever another 90 degrees. The gun costs the same, maybe less since manufacturers don’t have to track several different “qualifications”, like LEO, NFA, whatever, just did your check clear? Current restrictions are STUPID! And by today, EVERY gun should be sold with a silencer.

  7. All too many people, all over the country but particularly up North and on the West Coast, do not grasp the stunningly simple fact that without freedom and liberty, democracy is pretty meaningless.


  8. So, I had the misfortune of responding to a Coalition to Stop Gun Violence posting yesterday on FB…..boy, are those people hateful, misinformed individuals! After I had responded to an article about Mitch McConnell and him joining the filibuster, they (TCSGV) deleted my response and started calling me names and spewed lies and false facts. And to top it off, after they had bad mouthed Mitch (and who can’t), they called me names, and ran the same 90% of Americans this and 88% of Americans that….they then removed anymore comments! Well I guess that’s one way of having your agenda all one sided!

    • The CSGV makes money by being anti-gun. “Let me give you a little advice so you know. In times of economic uncertainty, never ever f^ck with another man’s livelihood.” Guido to Joel in “Risky Business.”

      Words to remember.

  9. You could have told the one guy your repealing the right to have a left one & he would have said you don’t need to tell me twice, where do I stand in line. Good vid, Randy

    • Actually, it’s going to be called, “The New World Order”.
      Line up over there for your ID chip.

  10. Call my Reps! Thank is even a bigger joke than the guy in the video. My Reps are Feinstien and Boxer ! Two thieving liberal bitches!

  11. Love Mark Dice, that guy has brass balls!

    But for a blog that constantly demonizes “Conspiracy Theories”, y’all are aware that Mark Dice is all about exposing Bilderberg (hence the shirt he is wearing in the vid) as well as 9/11 being an inside job?

  12. omg, that guy’s good, he has a bright future in telemarketing [or sleight of hand…] 🙂

  13. At least SOME people refused to sign. I just wish they would have had the balls to call him out.

  14. I’m not surprised that so many of these morons signed, and I’d bet that most of them don’t know anything about the 2nd A. The dopes in R.I. introduced some silly gun bills today which will soon become law and take away what few rights we had.

  15. Props to pulling that off with a straight face, but we all realize we’re doomed within a generation, right?

  16. That was a truly beautiful object lesson to We the Minority who Pay Attention.

    Unfortunately, it was was also thoroughly nauseating.

    I guess I’ll have to go back to weeping for the future.

  17. The stupidity of the sheeple brings to mind the guy who jumped off the 40th floor of some high-rise: He was heard to remark, while free-falling past the third floor, “So far, so good!”

  18. I it is a sad day in this country that our great grandfathers and grandfathers and fathers and us and our sons and daughters who have fought and died to keep this country free and protect the constitution as a whole not just what these idiots in the white house feel the constitution should be , I hope their families past and present that have been or are still in the military see what kind people they are and realize that they are not fighting for freedom that they are fighting for our government’s personal gain and dominance by taking away our rights one by one . There is a reason why it is the second amendment TO PROTECT OUR FAMILY AND COUNTRY THAT IS WHAT A PATRIOT MEANS AND THAT IS WHY WE DIE TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY FREE AND KEEP OUR FAMILIES SAFE . If our government in these day can’t see what the constitution is all about then maybe they ought to move to another country where they think they may feel safer and leave alone what has worked since the revelution , maybe we can get people in there that won’t take our rights away and be so greedy and currupted and get back to taking care of our country and not all of the other countries out there with gold mines and oil wells and what ever else that they don’t share with their people we don’t need to be fighting every bodies wars .

  19. Not every one was an idiot. The two attractive young ladies in cutoffs basically told him to take a hike. There is hope.

    Wonder if either of them is dating anyone?

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