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What has happened to Britain? Sticks and stones can break my bones, but pointing your finger at me and saying ‘bang bang’ will send you to prison? Roger that. “A woman has admitted saying ‘bang, bang’ to the policeman blinded by killer gunman Raoul Moat. Kelsey Donkin, 22, made the comment in March when Pc David Rathband arrived at Newcastle Crown Court for the trial of two men accused of helping Moat. Donkin, of Goschen Street, Sunderland, had originally denied the public order offence, but changed her plea . . .

She was arrested after making the comment and a gun gesture with two fingers behind the officer’s back on 2 March.

She admitted using threatening words and behaviour to cause distress at Monday’s hearing at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court.

Chairman of the bench Brian O’Dwyer warned her that 12 weeks in custody was being considered as a sentence.

He said: “The aggravating features are there were a large number of people in the vicinity, and your actions had a serious impact on a victim who was extremely vulnerable following a shooting.”

Making a crime victim a figure of fun may be reprehensible, but there’s something called free speech. Or not, as the case may be. Here in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, there are obvious limits. You can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theatre—unless there’s a fire. Or a terrorist. Or something that seriously threatens the general public (other than wooden dialogue and pretentious acting).

But short of creating a riot, and maybe even then (especially if it’s art), you have the right to express your feelings in public. Ah feelings. In modern Britain is there anything more important than feelings? Apparently not.

In a statement to the hearing, Mr Rathband said: “I felt sick at the thought of someone saying ‘bang bang’ behind my back.

“It is the first time I have encountered animosity or hostility towards me.

“This has caused me great distress. I’m deeply hurt by the actions of the female. I still feel sick to my stomach.

Pc Rathband was shot in the face twice by Raoul Moat

“I have had to sit in court concentrating on the events that left me blind, knowing this female thinks it’s funny.”

He added: “Hopefully she will realise one day her little joke had a devastating effect not only on me, but my wife and family.

If the Battle of Britain were being fought today, the Luftwaffe wouldn’t need a single bomb to break the British spirit. They’d only need loudspeakers and harsh language. After a few horrible weeks of hearing “Scheisshunde!” and “Mutterficker!” bellowing from the empty bomb bays of unarmed Heinkel insult-bombers, the poor Brits would strike their colors and sue for terms.

“We’ll give you anything you want; how about France?” they would plead, “But leave us alone!”

In fact, it’s miraculous that some notoriously rude nation doesn’t just conquer Britain tomorrow with a blitz of insensitive emails such as “Wuss!” and “Brittania doesn’t rule the waves, but it can sure cry me a river.” Or perhaps the neutron bomb of international cyber-bullying, the now infamous “Bang Bang.”

I doubt we could, or can, save Britain from itself.

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  1. want to see how free speech works in the US? just point your fingers simulating a gun,and then point it at the president and say bang bang!!.See you at Guantanamo.

  2. This doesn’t seem to be the normal UK Holophobia. She was threatening a plaintiff/witness with death which is witness tampering.

    If this happened in an American court, I would hope the Judge would send her up the river for a long time. But alas, Liberal judges heart violent jihadis and radicals.

    My favorite UK Holophobia story was the bomb squad being called out for a 22lr bullet found on the sidewalk.

  3. She didn’t say “snitches get stitches.” If it was a threat why wasn’t that the charge? Why all the crap about feelings?

  4. Maybe her sentence will be to hug the victim. Tacky, tasteless and begging for retribution by karma, but a crime?

  5. Maybe Putin will attack. Then they can say “Britain doesn’t rule the waves, but they can (wait for it) sure Crimea River.”

    Thank you. I’ll be here through Thursday. Try the veal.

    • Hmm, interesting trick – to prevent Russia football team and England football team play in one group, like in case between Russian and Georgian teams?

    • Brad, Britain is yours for the taking; you don’t even need a Heinkel Schimpfbomber.

  6. If England is so restrictive, where did the weapon used on the constable come from? And if the woman’s threat was so serious, surely it wasn’t because they thought she had a banned item also. Do you mean to say total gun control doesn’t work? Mike B and Magoo, say it isn’t so!

    • Why it was stolen from some evil gun owner who carelessly didn’t keep it in a vault buried in concrete to which only the police had the combination. I am sure he/she/it (The legal gun owner) has had all their remaining firearms confiscated, their permits revoked, and had an ASBO entered against them.

  7. Saying “bang bang” is illegal in the US, too. If you don’t believe me, ask a hooker.

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