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The title kinda says it all. I think he broke just about every one of the rules of the range. Just for fun, let’s tally up the mistakes:

1.  Poor muzzle control

It’s very hard to control the muzzle of an AK clone when you’ve got it slung over your shoulder. Especially when you’re trying to climb over something. I can’t really tell, but I think he muzzle swept the camera guy when he was trying to mount the roof there.

2. Unstable firing position

Roofs generally aren’t designed to hold people, especially roofs in the middle of nowhere that look to be about 50 years old. What if the roof had rotted away from under him, and he plunged to a grizzly fate? I sure as heck wouldn’t want that call…

3. Inappropriate attire

The shooting range isn’t exactly Morton’s Steakhouse, but it’s still a good idea to have on some basic clothing. Like a shirt and pants. Guns have a tendency to spout searing hot brass and gasses all over the place, and if you’re not covering up properly then you’re gunna get burned.

4. Breaking the 180 Rule

No one, and I mean NO ONE should be in front of the firing line. EVER! FOR ANY REASON! It’s just massively unsafe. Once you fire a bullet you can’t take it back, and bullets have a tendency to find soft, squishy flesh even when they’re not the intended targets. Limiting their supply of soft, squishy flesh (or just keeping it behind the muzzle) reduces the risk of someone going home with less blood than you came with.

5. Firing from the hip

Firign from the hip may be fun, but it’s extremely dangerous. ESPECIALLY when there’s someone downrange. How can he possibly be sure that he can control that gun when he can’t even see where it’s pointing?

6. Throwing a gun off a roof

YOU NEVER THROW A GUN. EVER. Unless you’re out of bullets and need to distract the bad guys while you run away. I especially like how the gun does a complete 360 in the air, lasering everyone and everything at the range.

Firearms rules broken: (1?), 2, 3, 4. Fashion rules broken: All of them.

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  1. The climb.

    Climbing an obstacle with a loaded rifle slung over your shoulder. Then, of all things, he doesn’t complete the climb … he un-slings the loaded rifle before negotiating the obstacle. Sure, why not make an inherently unsafe situation absolutely death-defying?

    • Ahem. *New Castle*, not Roanoke. And I think I’ve paid the Potts Slope range my last visit.
      — a (responsible, boxer-wearing) Roanoker

  2. Soooo, is that what the Village People do now-a-days? I’m just guessing, but had he been smoking something that didn’t come with a tax stamp? I really would like to think he wasn’t “natural stupid.”

  3. Jeez, that was disturbing. I’m pretty sure that any guy wearing a banana hammock at a gun range in New England would never be seen or heard from again. Ever.


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