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“The pose striking got more ludicrous as Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim gathered his police chief, state legislators, City Council members, and other gullibles while he signed a city ordinance purporting to outlaw homemade plastic guns and guns without serial numbers, ‘ghost guns.'”

“‘As a city, we are taking a stand against gun violence,’ Mayor Ganim said, as if state and federal laws haven’t done that for centuries already and as if a piddling city ordinance will deter anyone who isn’t deterred by those laws.” – Chris Powell, Despite Ganim’s Posturing, Urban Problem Isn’t Guns

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  1. a) They’re ‘ghost guns’. That means you can’t find them.

    b) So all you have to do to circumvent the ordinance is to etch a 1 on your 80% lower.

    • Sounds like he’s mad he can’t possess due to being a felon.

      “if I can’t, you can’t either!”

  2. “Joseph Peter Ganim (born October 21, 1959) is an American politician and the mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and was a Candidate for Governor of the State of Connecticut. He was elected mayor of the city six times serving from 1991 to 2003, when he resigned as after being convicted on federal felony corruption charges. Ganim was released after serving six years in a Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix. In 2015, Ganim mounted a successful political comeback after being elected Bridgeport mayor again. Ganim was sworn in as mayor on December 1, 2015. Ganim has twice unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for governor of Connecticut, running in 1994 and 2018.”

    • The good Mayor is just angry that his prior conviction for a felony precludes him from lawfully owning a firearm…and is taking it out (in right proper Democrat fashion) on the non-felonious people of Bridgeport. I’d bet that a lawfully executed search warrant of his person and home would turn up a prohibited weapon…or two.

    • A felony conviction for public corruption isn’t a bar to running to fill the governor’s chair in Connecticut?
      Wow. Just wow.

      • Doesn’t surprise me since I used to “exist” there back in the early 80’s. If the U.S. needed an enema, that’s where the hose would be put.

        • Actually more than one enema or a multi-output enema would be necessary these days due to the rise in relief ports/rectums across the land.

      • It is probably a requirement in CT.
        All politicians should have a criminal background check, credit check and be drug tested.

    • Bridgeport citizens voted in a felon convicted on federal corruption charges as their mayor? (Shakes head in disbelief) They shouldn’t be surprised now.

    • CT does not have firearm preemption except for registration and concealed carry permits.
      Local Governments can do whatever they want on firearms otherwise.

  3. Fuck you big time, do not disdisgrace the name Joe you stupid peanut sht eater

  4. If you’re disgusted by the knowledge that felons are in positions of power , you should be !! How are these scumbags even able to be a mayor , or hold any public office is beyond my comprehension. WTF am I missing something ? I’m no genius , but even I know there is something very wrong with this. Tar & feather these Assholes , run them out of town on a rail.

    • The problem is my man, getting the feathers.

  5. Hand him a box with a firearm then have him arrested for felon in possession.

    Sounds like the constitution state needs a few rewrites of its laws.

    • How does this make any sense?

      “You have a felony conviction? Even for non-violent crime? Sorry, you are too dangerous, no guns for you for the rest of your life! But hey, you can still become a mayor and even candidate for governor!”

  6. As a city, we are taking a stand against gun violence…

    A ban on untraceable guns is useless. You don’t know that they have them. By definition, they are untraceable and uncontrollable. The only thing this law hurts is hobbyists who don’t want to hurt anyone anyways.

    At some point fellas, you have to put the blame where it is due. Hint – it’s not the gun, it’s not the gun owner, it’s the perpetrator and creator of victims.

  7. IF anyone in the media has the balls to do it, ask the good mayor how many murders or other crimes of violence have been solved in his city through the tracing of a firearm serial number. I would wager it would be NONE!

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