Kerch Crimea School Shooting
courtesy and AFP
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Thanks to the continual bleating of anti-gun politicians, some people think mass shootings only happen in America. Nothing could be further from the truth. And it’s horrible no matter where it happens.

This report comes from a polytechnic college in Russian-occupied Kerch, Crimea:

At least 17 people were killed and 40 more injured in an explosion and shooting on Oct. 17 at a polytechnic college in Kerch, a city of 146,000 people in Crimea, the Ukrainian territory Russia occupied in 2014.

An unknown explosive device caused a large blast at approximately 12 p.m., the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of Russia reported on its website.

“All of the victims were taken to nearby hospitals. The Federal Security Service of Russia is investigating at the crime scene, searching for more explosive devices,” Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee said, revealing no more details.

However, Olga Grebennikova, the college principal, told the Kerch.Net news website that the tragedy had been a school shooting and a terror attack. links to this photo of an alleged shooter posted by “Telegram Channel Mash, which is linked to the Russian Police.” So take that for what it’s worth.

The Telegram channel 112 identified the man as Vladislav Roslyakov, an 18-year-old fourth year student of the polytechnic college.

He entered the college in 2015 and got a gun permit and bought a rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition several days before the shooting, 112 reported.

The Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that on its website on Oct. 17 that Roslyakov’s body had been found in one of the classrooms of the college.

The investigators said that “after shooting other students and staff workers of the college, Roslyakov committed suicide,” the Investigative Committee message reads.

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    • James W Crawford (below) noted :

      “Either Crimean Tartar (Muslim) or Ukrainian terrorists.”

      Eh, *no*.

      We have an update on motive –

      “Crimean Columbine: Mass Shooter In Russia Was Imitating Columbine Killer Eric Harris”

      “Social media images first published by Mash showing what purports to be the shooter, Vladislav Roslyakov, walking through the school are being compared to Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris — who in 1999 killed 13 and wounded over 20 more alongside Dylan Klebold in Boulder, Colorado.”

      “Crimean shooter Rolyakov was apparently imitating Eric Harris with his white shirt and shotgun as shown in the unconfirmed social media photos of Wednesday’s attack.”

      “Clearer photo of the alleged Crimea shooter. As I said, he’s literally come dressed as the stereotypical pop culture vision of a school shooter, even down to the Klebold combat boots. Can anyone tell what it says on his shirt?
      — Jake Hanrahan (@Jake_Hanrahan) October 17, 2018”

      Yep, give a mass-murderer extensive media publicity, and it invites copycat-murderers, potentially even *decades* after the fact…

      • If I have pieced the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics together properly, his t-shirt says “nenavist”, which means “hatred”.

  1. News blurb says he bought a “rifle” but picture shows a pistol grip shotgun. I guess the media ignorance about guns is universal. Tragic story.

    • 12 gauge shotgun? That’s small caliber, isn’t it?.
      If you try to fire slugs through a shotgun with a choke, the barrel will explode just like what happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot in the muzzle.

      Just FYI, I am rediculing the arguments made by a scum sucking whore of an attorney who was defending the marijuana bootlegger who shot at my son with a 12 gauge shotgun. Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles, husband of Amanda Marshall of Hammond family persecution infamy swallowed this BS hook line and sinker.

      • A 12 gauge barrel is nearly 3/4 in internal diameter (.73 caliber) not small. I have never heard of a chocked shotgun barrel blowing up when firing slugs. I have never see a warning to that effect. You killers attorney was probably just doing his job. We learn to defend the innocent by practicing on the guilty. Prosecutors practice on both.

    • I maybe wrong but I don’t think there is an equivalent of a “shotgun “ in Russian, that is the translation. By the way, will someone bother to find out how Cremia became part of Ukraine? Just saying about the media, since some people are arguing for the truth here….

  2. Fake news. Shannon and Michael told me that this only happens in my back yard. And Shannon and Mike would never lie to benefit their own self-serving interests.

    • Obviously fake, never forget that Messiah Obama informed the unwashed masses that this doesn’t happen in other developed nations.

  3. Where are all the screeching, clawing, women wearing vagina hats in Crimea to demand gun confiscation?

    • Femen isn’t allowed in Russia. Instead they have old bald ex-KGB guys pounding shoes on desks demanding (and passing) gun confiscation. Things might get (slightly) worse for Russian gun owners now.

  4. Terrible no matter where it happens.

    Be cautious about throwing around accusations.

    “this kind of thing only happens here huh? what bout this….!!!”

    Oh, school shootings are everywhere? well, more of a reason to ban guns, we should set an example for other countries…..

    see where I’m going….

    • James…..They commit suicide thinking this will keep them from having to face justice and pay for their crimes. They get a surprise don’t they !

      • Ed, we already have studies on these type of mass murders, almost all of them intend to commit suicide already.
        They also tend to have deep feelings of narcissism combined with deep- felling of insignificance.

        Recipe: Combine a) narcissism with feelings of b) insignificance. Add c) the fact that they know for a fact the media will give them huge coverage and everyone will know their name as a result. Finally add d) conflation of infamy with fame (think of how many people ware willing to make public fools of themselves on reality shows or Instagram to make themselves “famous.”

        So these type of killers are NOT in for a surprise at all since they get from the media exactly what they want — lang lasting wide fame.

        These occur with shotgun, pistol (the biggest US school shooting was with pistol, not ‘assault rifle”), semi auto rifle, bombs, whatever. So addressing the tool is not the solution. Mental health diagnosis and addressing the fact that, since Steven king first glorified school ,mass murderers with Carrie and another short story, the media and entertainment business have made them famous and lionized them.

    • I hope he enjoys the experiences he will receive from Satan and his minions for all eternity. And no lube either.

  5. Either Crimean Tartar (Muslim) or Ukrainian terrorists.

    I stand with Putin on this one. Crimea had been part of Russia before Stalin gifted it to Ukraine. Most of the people are Russian and speak Russian. There was no problems with Ukraine being neutral until Obama and Hillary incited a coup. Victory Nuland of the US State Department got herself videoed passing out cookies to the rebels. Putin even tapped her cellphone ​when she was dictating who should be in the provisional government.
    This is our fault.

    • You get your talking points (BS) direct from Vlad?

      Tell us about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, resettlement of Baltic states, Kaliningrad, Katyn Forest, The Holodomor and other Russian activities.

      • “Tell us about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, resettlement of Baltic states, Kaliningrad, Katyn Forest, The Holodomor and other BOLSHEVIK activities.”

      • Tell us about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, resettlement of Baltic states, Kaliningrad, Katyn Forest, The Holodomor and other Russian activities.

        Get a refund on your education.

        Firstly the Crimean Tarters famously committed mass genocide when invading the place themselves.

        Secondly the Baltics were also fought over contested with huge population resettlement for millennia. What do you think the Vikings were doing over there to their east long before and after going south west? And the Teutons after the vikings?

        Thirdly the Holdomor and Katyn massacre were not “Russian” activities but a communist ones.

        The fact is current Russia, with all its problems and its deplorable leadership is not anything like the genocidal Soviet communists of all ethnicities (Stalin and Beria, the two biggest mass murderers of the last century were not Russian but from the Caucasus) under Communism.

        This mass murder is just large mass murder by a nut. The biggest mass shooting of students in Europe, by far, is the nut Breivik’s mass murder in Norway.

        What we really need to know is this killer in Crimea appear to have had a tube fed pump shotgun. In the surveillance still from the video on the stairs, he can be seen holding it upside down and feeding shells in the tube. ie a gun no one is even talking about banning, which shows the idiocy of the gun ban organizations here in the US

    • Whatever Obama or Hillary did, it isn’t “our” fault. That’s communist talk. Seriously. Leftists love to use that crap to make you feel bad about being an American. This is no more “our” fault then slavery was. Or Indian removal. Or bubonic plague. None of that was “our” fault.

  6. “Crimea had been part of Russia before Stalin gifted it to Ukraine.”

    It was Khruschev, and legend has it that he was drunk at the time. Since he was almost always drunk, it’s probably true.

    Crimea was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire for over 300 years until 1783, when Russia took over.

    • And Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California were all part of Mexico before Americans kicked Mexico’s ass. We would not appreciate La Raza committing terrorists attacks any more than the Russians appreciate this attack.

    • Crimea was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire for over 300 years until 1783, when Russia took over.

      Why start there? And Rumania was a vassal state as well as were plenty of non Turkic places within the Ottoman Empire. The Crimea has been contested by 20 widely different ethnic and religious groups for two millennia. The ancient Greeks colonized its coasts, the Byzantines and Rus had it after, Mongols took it over, then the Rus again, then Huns, Avars, Goths, Bulgars, slavs etc.

      For the vast majority of modern times it has been Russian. One does not have to agree with the way the Russians took it over this time, or the way Obama bent over when they did, to know the Ukrainians had it for only a relative blink of an eye, and that for most of modern history it has been Russian.

  7. “Why does this only happen in America?” Oh, wait.

    “America leads the first world in school shootings!” Hey, did you just call Crimea a shit-hole? That’s offensive!

  8. I just looked in my mail box, junk mail. I set fire to it,the mail box and the whole shitereee. Because by God I live in America

  9. Back again….. Ukraine the world’s 1/4 th largest wheat producer in the world. Dominoes fall and let’s play chess. I suppose my grandson will be over there fighting for that. Lordy when’s it stop.

  10. President Obama, “I mean, I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings; this just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

    (He said this after an American mass shooting which occurred not long after the big one in Paris)

  11. I just hope we don’t further prop up Ukraine…or sanction over a dambazz Turk who foolishly traipses into a Saudi embassy. Sigh…

    • The Saudis took 7 minutes to butcher him alive. Audio captured by his Apple Watch and forwarded to his cell phone.
      Great Public Relations Stunt

      • I don’t care about one reporter. But I know the press cares more about “their guy” than some unarmed old woman with three home invaders, in a “gun free” zone housing project.
        Also they don’t seem to care about the 19 hijackers, from Saudi, who killed nearly 3,000 Americans. Its always been about getting oil from OUTSIDE the USA.

        No one wants to drill off the California coast or the Massachusetts coast or Florida. Except me.

        • he was not a reporter or journalist, he is the wealthy scion of a wealthy arms merchant Saudi family. He is nephew of Adnan Kashoggi.

          The press did care during Obama about the Saudis killing tens of thousands of Yemenis. Literally hundred of Yemeni children killed by Saudi Arabia during Obama, with Obama pumping arms sales all along, yet somehoe this is about Trump supporting Saudi?

          Notice the Washington Post owner, jeff Bezos, hasn’t said anything about this Washington post “journalist.’

          How is a guy who has worked in the arms business a “colleague” of Washington Post “journalists”?

          This is all to spin the narrative that their is unusual violence against the press, when the objective facts show this is a profession SAFER than the vast majority of professions. And to spin against Trump, when it is the elite LEFT who has worshiped and palled with the Saudi Prince responsible. Notice the hudnred of instance of the press picturing Trump with bin Salman but few to none of Hillary, Obama, Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Bll Gates,etc. From the New Yorker (hardly right wing):
          last spring, Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and the richest man in modern history, hosted the young Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in Seattle. The Saudi press posted photos of Bezos in an open-necked shirt and the prince, having shed his Saudi robes, in a Western suit and dark-red tie. Both men beamed as they talked business and investment opportunities. Bezos was among the prosperous and powerful Americans who met the crown prince during a three-week road show, which took him from Harvard to Hollywood and Houston. Along the way, the crown prince also schmoozed with Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, both former Presidents Bush, former President Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Michael Bloomberg, Morgan Freeman, Henry Kissinger, Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, and Richard Branson, among others. He wooed Google, Apple, Disney, Lockheed, Snapchat, and AMC.

        • “No one wants to drill off the California coast or the Massachusetts coast or Florida. Except me.”

          Oh no. You are not alone in that. I have a great desire to see rigs off the coast. If there’s a good pocket there, tap it.

  12. Prayers to the families. It seems he had to load his shotgun one shell at a time. Just like the shotgun murderer in the Utah shopping mall, did many years ago. I think he used a mossberg 88. Sadly no good guy with a gun allowed in Crimea.

  13. This is an obvious case of “fork violence”. We must never look to any possible sociological, psychological or physiological issues as causes, and we must never “normalize” the idea of any theocratic / spiritual / religious teachings as having any possible connection with why, for example, followers of radical Islam feel the need to kill people and so forth. None of that could possibly be relevant.

    No, ALL blame must be placed squarely onto the tools used by those who do violence, and we must never, ever, under any circumstances, allow ourselves to be sidetracked into the folly of investigating the HOW and WHY of those who do violence ever getting to that murderous point in the first place.

    And so it is with obesity as well. Forks, spoons and table knives. Plates, platters, and water glasses. There is a deadly epidemic of obesity sweeping the country, and surely it is those eating utensils that are entirely to blame.

    If you are one of those deplorables who insist on owning tableware, you have fat on your hands. The shame.

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