Situational Awareness: Avoid Being ‘Canalized’

“An important thing for us to remember is that Situational Awareness is of limited value once we have been canalized. ‘Canalize – to restrict operations to a narrow zone by use of existing or reinforcing obstacles.’ “At that point the military term is ‘decisively engaged’ meaning we have lost our ability to maneuver and must […]

I Prefer Dangerous Freedom

“Me? I think I’d prefer freedom. Yes, I definitely prefer freedom. And I think that if they want to take away my freedom, they should be ready to fight to the death. I’m not super butch warrior guy, but still I’d rather bleed out on a pile of hot brass than live as the slave […]

Your Carry Gun Causes School Shootings

“Most gun owners are very responsible and keep their guns locked up in a gun safe or something similar, but the exception to that is the one gun that they think they need for self-defense. That gun needs to be close at hand, and it’s that gun that is, unfortunately, causing so much damage, because your […]

Why We Train

“If (God forbid) you ever get into a situation where you have to use your firearm in self-defense, you need to know the issue you’re facing: one or more people of unknown skill level and undetermined will have placed you and your loved ones at deadly peril. They’re actively trying to kill you and they […]

The Second Amendment is a Fraud

[The claim of an individual’s right to own firearms] is “one of the greatest pieces of fraud — I repeat the word ‘fraud’ — on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime.” –  the late Warren Burger, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  

NBC News: Kavanaugh Will Give Guns to Abusive Husbands

“Newer laws that take guns away from abusive husbands or partners, and from distraught or mentally disturbed individuals, could be overturned. Laws that regulate access to assault-style weapons — far more lethal than anything our Founding Fathers could have imagined — are also at risk. “Kavanaugh’s extreme take on the Second Amendment would undermine other […]

When Seconds Count LE is One Mile Away

“I’m disturbed as much as I am anxious. So, too are my peers. A colleague here at the paper is sending his daughter to kindergarten next week, too. Her school will have two armed officers. Ours won’t, but friends have advised we feel confident because our community’s police station is less than a mile from the […]

Question Of The Day: What’s The Stupidest Range Rule You’ve Ever Seen?

After shooting at literally dozens of shooting quarries, designated shooting areas, public ranges and the occasional snooty private range, I thought I’d seen every stupid rule and regulation out there.  Bans on ‘rapid fire’ (‘rapid fire’ meaning firing faster than a speeding Brown Bess musket)?  Check. Bans on prone/kneeling/offhand firing?  Take your pick, I’ve been […]