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Serbian AKs. What’s not to love? Oh wait. “Feeding issues.” That’s a bit like finding out that the beautiful woman you’re seeing is married. To a cop. Or, worse yet, an ex-cop. According to our dynamic duo, Century Arms has sorted that problem out. (The gun not the psycho husband thing.) They reckon the eight-pound rifle’s heft is a good thing not a bad thing. Depends on how reliable it is, really. Hey guys, torture test? And I don’t mean me, obvs.

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  1. Can’t knock the Old ’47. It’s proved itself millions of times over.

    • Actually, 7.62×39 ammo is fairly easy to find. It’s the pistol and 5.56×45 calibers that are scarce.

      • I wish I had bought more 5.45. Right before the panic and right before Century Sent me the N-PAP for review, I had thankfully purchased about 2k 7.62×39 for upcoming reviews.

        • +1 on the 5.45 between the ammo and magazines, i can find 7.62×39 no problem these days (thank god).

  2. 8 lbs for an AK? Wonder what everybodies favorite AR weighs with all the wanker rail goodies added in?

    • Dan is the wrong guy to cover anything AK-47. He’s an AR fanboy of the worst kind. I think he does these for the hits, as if TTAG wasn’t getting enough traffic :).

  3. I pay no attention to any review in which the reviewer says “Ka-lish-nee-koff”….
    Sorry. It’s an NPAP. It’s heavy. It’s a tank.
    Most importantly, it’s a Century.
    Get a Saiga (“SIGH-gah”, not “SAY-guh”) if you want an all-original tank of a gun. If you want a 1.5mm receiver, get a Type56.

    • True, I hate it too when people talking about guns (sadly it is in many cases Americans) say “F” instead of “V” in the name of a gun just because its manufactured in Europe. Good examples are people saying “Dragunof” or “Kalashnikof” etc. NPAP’s are good rifle, the weigh much, but that only increases durability. Me personally I dont have a problem with the weight, but I learnt on a Sauer STR 200 and after that nothing is heavy (exept LMG’s and AMR’s).

        • He’s a furriner, he gets a pass. Based on the law of averages, I’d say he speaks English a whole lot better than you speak whatever his native language is.

          Edit: I just realized this was a necro-post.

    • if you want a heavy receiver and barrel, go with a Vepr.

      They’re less expensive than the Chinese ones.

      and yes, century AKs have left a bad taste in my mouth. I generally tell people to stay away from Romy (except for Cugir non-centuries) and Yugoslav AKs because for the money, there are better ones out there.

      • It is a shame what century does to guns. WASR’s aren’t that bad before century screws them up.

        • The Romanian AKs made by Cugir are outstanding guns.

          Particularly the SAR series.

          Even a few centuries ive seen were very well put together. But the inconsistencies in quality have really left a bad taste in my mouth. Century is responsible for making me swear off Romy and Yugo AKs for good.

  4. Can anyone confirm that these rifles do or do not have a chrome lined barrel? They are not marketed as having a chrome lined barrel and my understanding is that they do not have one, though I haven’t handled the rifle in person. I would consider this a major short coming for a rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm, considering most of the ammunition available is manufactured abroad.

    • Manufactured abroad doesn’t mean corrosive. 7.62×39 commercial is non-corrosive. If you can find Yugo (milsurp), good on you and just flush with water. Even in 5.45×39 where corrosive rules (milsurp), flushing with water isn’t a problem. Now if this was an AR that needs tender loving care…flush with water and lube.

        • Not Windex. LOTS of Windex.

          The basic ‘K’ platform is robust enough that feed issues are certainly fixable. BUT HOW MUCH IS IT?

          Aaaah. Have to stop. Conjunctivitis. MISERY. Ick!

        • Do you know what ingredient in Windex does the work of flushing out the salts?

          It’s water.

        • Not windex. People used to use windex because it had ammonia in it to desolve the salts from corrosive ammo.

          Water with a small amount of ammonia in it works better than windex, and is cheaper.

        • Everybody has their own favorite way to deal with corrosive ammo. I’ve never had a problem with any of my non chrome lined mosins and I rarely use anything but spam can corrosive. In my range box I keep a small bottle of windex. Last thing I do at the range before casing my guns is pour a little into the barrel. Let it run off.

          It takes me about 30 minutes to get home from the range and then I just clean the rifle as per normal. Never had a problem with the corrosion.

        • NO, the water does a great job of dissolving salts.
          In fact, the best thing to use is hot water. I put on a tea kettle when I get back from the range and run hot water down the barrels of my commie rifles.
          Then I usually run a bore snake down with the usual cleaning solution and call it a day!

    • Just immerse the beast in a horse trough and let off a couple to flush the barrel. Won’t hurt an AK one bit. 😉

      • Bull shit its a damm good gun I have a Npap gen 3 and the gun runs 100% over 1000rd no issues I like it so much I went and bought a yugo m92 pistol same deal 500rd no issues 100% I dont no about urs but the yugo’s are beast!!! If I had the money I would buy 10 of them

  5. Wonder what the price tag is gonna be on that…? I sure do miss the days of the $500 AK…:(

    • I found an old copy of guns&ammo’s THE BOOK OF THE AK…

      i wanted to cry when i saw the ads for J&G sales.
      who am i kidding, i STILL want to cry!

      • But they should still be called Yugo if they were manufactured before the dissolution. If they are new production then they should be called Zastava which is the manufacturer.

      • The kits came from a unified Yugoslavia, therefore, they are “Yugo”.

        A true Serbian AK would be the M21. Sadly, they are not imported that i know of.

  6. Did I just hear “Century” and “quality” in the same sentence? Is it snowing in hell?

  7. You have to remember that ALL ammunition was corrosive until the 1950s, and military ammunition, depending on the source, was still using corrosive primers into the 1970s and 1980s. The US and NATO had mostly changed to non-corrosive primers by the 1960s. Using corrosive ammunition is not like pouring battery acid down your barrel. Anyone who uses old military ammunition in service rifles will be well versed in the proper cleaning processes.

    There is a reason why service shooters will have a thermos of hot water in their car and it is not to make a cup of tea or coffee. It is to pour down the barrel after the match. And then follow up with your cleaning solvents. Alternatively, Sweets 7.62 Solvent is very good for cleaning up after corrosive ammunition. Note that you should clean up at the range. Cleaning up at home afterwards will result in your partner screaming “What’s that smell?” and “Get it out of the house”. Sweets has a level of ammonia that makes windex almost drinkable.

    The problem is with gas operated firearms and where the gas is vented to. An example is the SKS. While the barrel was chrome lined, the gas tube and piston were not, so the the gas tube and piston required careful cleaning. And note you should NOT use Sweets solvent in chrome-lined barrels. Copper is used to bed the chrome layer to the steel and Sweets eats copper for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If there is a scratch in the chrome or a port in the barrel, the sweets can get under the chrome and remove the binding layer of copper causing the chrome to peel off the barrel.

    In civil use, a non-chromed barrel is fine. There were endless discussions on the surplus rifle forums about this.

    • You might have a GEN 1 version, those actually had single stack mag bolt’s in them which caused the gun to jam every time the ammo indexed on the “wrong” side of the magazine.

  8. I have a gen 1. I noticed hollow point will get stuck because of the small flat point where as fmj loads clearly. 20 rounds all black at 100 yds with tulo fmj 122 grain. I’m stuck here in NY. Any single stack 5 round mags made for this rifle? Thanks.

  9. Sent 200 rounds down range the other day…NO PROBLEMS. This is a great rifle nothing like the 1st generation PAP rifles. Like how you can hold the breach open too.

  10. Because you can find negative reviews of ANY firearm, and you tend to read ANYTHING you can find after you buy the gun.

    I Love my NPAP. It has eaten everything I feed it and asks for more. Only issue I have had was The buttstock had a bit of wobble, a little loose, so I researched and spent an hour at the Home Depot finding the right socket wrench and extenders for the “propriatary” Yugo buttstock bolt, only to find that it was a different round bolt and all I needed was a long flathead screwdriver.

    I installed a recoil buffer, and it works great, really softens the kick. With the buffer installed you can’t pull the charging handle all the way back to the hold open notch, but I can live with that.

  11. I got a N PAP yesterday. Put one 30 rd mag through it today(too much running, not time to really boom it) and it shot very nicely, recoil seemed less than my Romanian RPK. Just got to get a single point sling for it and I think it will fit in quite nicely, thank you very much. I’ll post more on it in forums.

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