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David Cordrea (courtesy

When we heard that Gun Rights Examiner writer David Codrea had parted company with his home site we jumped at the chance to bring him to TTAG. After a bit of negotiation we’ve done just that. Mr. Codrea – the fearless investigative journalist who helped break the ATF Fast & Furious scandal – will now be writing for The Truth About Guns. We are honored. As TTAG’s publisher, I want to add this: this website will never shy away from its inherent promise to tell the truth about guns. Mr. Codrea is a perfect fit for our remit. I look forward to publishing his work, and extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to contribute here. Email [email protected]. Or simply continue to bless us with your attention, which pays the bills, supporting the fight to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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    • …however I would suggest a background update that looks more current than my Grandma’s parlor.

      …but jokes aside, welcome from the NC BBQ eating, PC hating, Prager-loving section of TTAG.

  1. Wow that’s cool. I’ve always enjoyed reading his work at Examiner. The man knows how to tell it like it is. Hell of an acquisition there.

  2. I was never able to understand why he spent his time hanging around at that cesspool… It was only a matter of time before they got rid of him. Oh no Brer Bear, not the Briar Patch…

  3. Don’t exactly know who you are, but I can’t wait to see what you have to write/say. Welcome.

  4. David Codrea at TTAG? Hell Yeah!!!

    Now, if I could just find copious amounts of ludicrously cheap priced .22, I will have part of my bucket list covered before I croak sometime in the faaaaaaaar future.

  5. Happy to hear!
    Welcome on board!
    Concerning writing for TTAG, would you be interested in a SPAS 12 (military version, with foldable steel stock and extended magazine) review?
    I’d love to contribute.
    Might take a while, since I just moved to a new region and still have to get “stable”, but maybe in autumn……..

  6. One big HUZZAH!

    Also, anyone that can appreciate an AK-47/MAK-90? enough to be seen in a stock photo holding one is definitely alright by me.

  7. Fantastic! “Truth” was the first loss as the forth estate declined into a gov’t driven propaganda machine. David is a true journalist …. I am happy for any and all oportunity to learn the truth. Good work, Robert.

  8. “When the bearded star shines over the city of minstrels, great fear, and trembling in the northeast…”


  9. When I grow up I want to be David Codrea.

    I had built up a WoG addiction over the years so this comes as a relief.

  10. Lucky for TTAG and all of us readers. David Codrea has done the hard work and covered firearms issues for years. He is the real deal. We can look forward to some great, no-nonsense, truth-based writing from this freedom-loving journalist.

  11. TTAG has hit the jackpot! This should be a good fit for both. So happy our prayers were answered, and that you landed on your feet David!

  12. I view most of what passes for contemporary reporting with a jaundiced eye, but regarding the term investigative journalist, there is this man at the top and a distinct decline thereafter. ” Let the shoosting begin.”

  13. This is excellent. I was reading David’s work on his blog, the War on Guns. I stopped looking for him at the old site after he tweeted a few months ago that the Examiner was refusing to publish another article of his. David often writes more than 300 words, which seems to be the maximum article length on TTAG. When he has the results of a juicy investigation to report, such as the NRA’s backroom deal in Congress earlier this year, his article length is often significantly longer than what is typical at TTAG. I hope Robert and the editors will give David all the space he needs to deliver original reports and not apply strict format rules.

  14. I’m happy to know that David Codrea is now part of your team. Mr. Codrea has been a front line trooper in the battle for the rights of not only firearm owners and aficionados but also all rights for all Americans. I’ve referred to Davis and Mike Vanderboegh as the Thomas Paines of our generations. Both are true American Patriots and I’m privileged to have been able to trade e-mails with the both of them over the years.

    One request: Please keep it simple for all of us to make our comments. Examiner just has too many hoops to jump through.

  15. Outstanding! The man who broke the fast and furious story with his partner vanderboegh is here! Instead of only visiting once a month, I will check his section every day and bookmark it!

  16. Great news!
    Now I can read David’s articles without closing one pop-up ad every 5 seconds. Examiner’s web advertising policies are extremely annoying.


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