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By Brandon via

Because of an act of defiance against Domino’s Pizza’s “No Guns” policy for it’s delivery drivers, one of their drivers is alive to tell his tale. According to police, the Hollywood, Florida delivery driver was returning to the store when he was approached by two armed men who attempted to rob him. That’s when the driver, identified as Slayde Henry, 24, drew his firearm and fired at both men. One of the men was killed and the other took off . . .

Henry was not injured.


It’s well known in our world that Domino’s is a designated “gun free zone,” meaning their employees aren’t allowed to carry firearms on the job.

Domino’s corporate spokesman Tim McIntyre released a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“As do all national pizza delivery companies, we do have a no-weapons policy at our company-owned stores,” he wrote in an email.

In an article covering this same story, recounts an earlier report that they put together, outlining the number of delivery drivers who have been injured or killed while on the job under their employer’s ‘gun free zone’.

On February 11, Breitbart News reported that at least eight Domino’s drivers had been shot–three of those killed–since the start of 2012. And these figures do not include the number of drivers who were beaten at gunpoint and locked in the trunks of their own carsduring this same time period.

Nor do they include the horrific February 8 armed attack on a female driver in California, who was forced to drive to another location before allegedly being raped and robbed.

Still, Domino’s refuses to change their policy that bans employees from carrying. We’ll be watching to see if Henry is able to keep his job, or if he is let go for not obeying their firearms policy.

Regardless, Henry is alive today thanks in part to his firearm, quick thinking, and his determination to keep himself safe. Even if it meant disobeying a bogus rule.

Your Life > Your Job.

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  1. Won’t make much of a difference but he should at least report them to OSHA over the unsafe working conditions.

    • 100% correct

      That said, carrying in violation of company policy is grounds for righteous termination. He entered into an employment contract knowing it could/would get him fired.

      Not at all agreeing with the policy, just saying he weighed the risks and knew what was at stake.

      • Could you just imagine: Uber driver by day, Domino’s driver by night? At the absolute minimum, wear a bullet resistant vest.

        • By the way…Uber has changed their policy concerning their drivers: it’s verboten to conceal carry or open carry while an Uber driver. Can’t remember where the source was. Just read it a few days ago.

        • I saw that too.

          Funny how it comes after the news of an Uber driver who saved lives with his CCW has died down.

      • Yes. Because any yahoo or libtard trumps the God given rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

        Blah blah blah.

        • No libtard or yahoo nonsense needed.

          A private business is private property. Employment contracts are agreements between an employer and an employye. If you don’t like the terms of the contract, gtfo.

          I think it’s bad policy, but it’s their f*cking business to operate as they please. Nobody can tell you what to do in your house, you shouldn’t expect to be able to tell anyone else what to do in theirs.

        • Matt, There are situations gtfo doesn’t work. Government mandates items like food safety, customer and employee safety, zoning, fair labor practices, minimum wage, etc. come to mind.

          If the press reports are correct, a 25 year old just reversed the policy of a company worth over $700 billion when she tweeted a message last Sunday. A few hours later Apple changed course and will be paying artists during the free music trial period.

          A lot of government policies and other private company positions have changed positions as a result of adverse publicity too.

          I don’t know what it would take to have Domino’s change it’s position. I just know it’s worth thinking about and using resources to try if it’s a strongly held belief. A good first step I’ve found is to give executives a reason to say Yes to a change. Without knowing what causes their position, it’s tough to change it.

          Also important are court cases. I believe that some of the open carry challenges were denied as a matter of free speech – not just on the 2nd Amendment. It’s tough to claim that guns in Domino’s delivery cars (i.e., not visible to customers) would affect their business if customers can’t see them.

          As others have said, if legal then I’d probably keep one handy in my car too.

        • Ah, but Uber drivers are supposed to be “independent contractors”, not employees. It’s an open question as to how far Uber can push these provisions before there’s not even the barest chance of holding on to that useful fiction.

      • No. Any contract to surrender your essential rights is invalid on the face of it.

        Unless you’re signing up for combat, a contract to offer your life to the whims of others is not only invalid but vile.

        • Exactly. You cannot sign a contract allowing another person to kill and eat you, even if that’s what you really want. It should not be legal to sign a contract agreeing to not use tools to save your own life if the need arose. The notion that a business has rights on par with a human seriously needs an update.

    • Better question for the post………..

      Does the guy put this event at the top of his next resume?

      One would think that the listing of such a non-PC qualification would be so outside the norm and that there would be x% of small business employers that would value such a person that can handle a very stressful scenario.

      What is that x%?

      If he gets canned, I would suggest that he try to find a news outlet that lets him plead his case to other potential emploers that values his talents.

      • He should try that.

        There have been TTAG articles on drivers being hired by an independent after being fired by ‘Big Pizza’…

    • Meh, better a lost job than a lost life. Maybe he can get a job at a gun store now… Pretty sure they would be happy to have someone on staff who can truthfully say that the firearm saved his life.

  2. Screw Domino’s.

    It’s better to lose your job than your life. Domino’s needs to learn from Dutch Brother’s Coffee. They changed their no carry policy after an incident like this.

  3. If he loses his job, he should keep in mind there are far more employment opportunities on this side of the ground.

  4. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather be alive than a pizza delivery guy.

    On another note, aren’t these folks supposed to have Deliverators by now?

  5. I think we should all do our part to ensure the safety of Dominos delivery drivers by keeping them safe at their stores and not ordering from Dominos.

    • I agree.
      That would also help protect our stomachs and our plumbing from the inevitable results of eating “food” from Domino’s.

  6. I have a somewhat similar job with a similar policy. It’s that or be unemployed since I got laid off.

    I also violate it.

    Concealed is concealed, and I’d rather be fired than dead.

    • Your handle is amusing, seeing as you violate your term of employment.

      Warlock is not “male Witch,” but rather comes from the Welsh for oath-breaker.

      Back when Christians were getting their jollies by going about burning one another, if they happened to catch and torture the occasional practitioner of any pre-Christian religion, the guys would be more likely to break and give up their buddies than were the gals.

      Something about the female nervous system being better suited to handle pain; fancy that.

      Anyway, the word and modern meaning conflated over time.

      Carry on, good sir.

  7. I can understand not carrying in the restaurant, but how does an employer get away with telling me what I carry inside my car?

    I think that’s what the company spokesman said – “No carrying policy AT our stores.”

    • Same way juries get away with holding employers liable for their employees’ crimes and negligence committed while in the field on company business.

      People want to blame the companies for these policies. Some or many companies’ leadership may actually be anti-gun, for all I know. Still, ultimately they’re worried about legal liability for what their employees do while on the clock.

      Even when the law is clear, juries can be fickle, vindictive, emotionally swayed or just plain stupid, and the company has to write a check. Hell, events as recent as TODAY remind us that we can’t even get more than three U.S. Supreme Court Justices to follow the damn black letter law, even when they themselves admit that that’s law.

      • Is it, then?

        The text refers to the State, always in the singular.

        Not the “various states,” “whichever state,” “any state” et cetera. The State.

        That could easily refer to the parent State. When one says “Enemy of the State,” Statist and so on, one is typically not referring to Kansas, Mississippi, Wyoming or any such, but the State – that thing that stands central to the other States, Commonwealths and Republics.”

        Anyway, substantive meaning matters.

    • True…if they drivers are in fact sub-contractors, like Ubers, would not one of the tests be corporate cannot dictate what a driver may legal practices one chooses to do in the course of fulfilling the contract? Driver may legally carry so long as job is completed properly, driver is covering own insurance, as employee test is usually one of control as well as special licenses required for job.

        • That may be true but they are treated like contractors. Provide their own car. Pay for their own gas, insurance and so on. Not sure how the pizza delivery services get away with that ? Must have some damn good lobbyists.

        • They get away with it because it’s a crap job, filled by people with no other options. If they said you now have to deliver pizzas by crawling to the destination on your knees, a few people would still do it because they need the money. This is why we need labor laws.

  8. I am sure he will get offered a better job at higher pay by more than one potential employer. Perhaps the police should consider hiring him as he did hit the intended target, and the other intended target did not further pursue the crime.

  9. It occurs to me that some good could be done (not to mention some solid PR) by setting up a gofundme or something for this guy if he loses his job. Perhaps with a headline, “TTAG believes no one should have to choose between their safety and their livelihood”. Just a thought.

  10. Obama did not say. If you like your job you can keep it.

    Federal, State, local and corporate conspire to remove lawful self defense from law abiding citizens.

  11. Domino’s corporate spokesman Tim McIntyre released a statement Wednesday afternoon.

    “As do all national pizza delivery companies, we do have a no-weapons policy at our company-owned stores,” he wrote in an email.

    Pheeewwww. I am so glad to hear that ALL national pizza delivery companies ban firearms. It must be righteous because all the other companies do it, no?

    • Domino’s corporate spokesman Tim McIntyre released a statement Wednesday afternoon:

      “In spite of the most blatant evidence of how our employees can save their own lives against violent criminals, we continue to advocate and enforce that they should be defenseless at the risk of grave injury and even death in situations like this.”

    • They just want to not feel like they are only putting targets on the backs of just their employees for robbers and crooks. This way they can rest assured that all delivery drivers face equal risk.

  12. It’s not just weapons, Domino’s prohibits self-defense.
    There was a lawsuit in the 1980s when a karate-expert driver successfully thwarted a robbery and was fired for it.
    I haven’t touched a Domino’s pizza since the 1980s for this reason and others regarding a total lack of respect for their employees.

  13. I agree with many other commenters: better alive and fired v. dead or injured.

    And while I don’t know Domino’s benefits, I strongly suspect their drivers don’t get salary plus full healthcare reimbursement and long-term disability should their injuries warrant it. Also, isn’t FL one of the states with very limited workman’s compensation (assuming Domino’s treats drivers as employee – not contractors like Uber)?

    It’s easy to get frothy about ‘no guns’ policies, but sometimes better to understand things from the employer’s position. I imagine Domino’s policy was crafted to help insulate them from liability claims. Perhaps they get a break on insurance too that affects their franchise operators – don’t know.

    Also important to keep in mind enforcement. Stealing is prohibited in many company policies, yet I’ve never seen anyone fired (or even reprimanded) for taking home office supplies. The matter becomes important only if the drivers are punished.

  14. The solution to this is simple. To protect disarmed dominoes delivery drivers. I will order from another company.

  15. It seems, Mr. McIntyre, that you have been presented with the golden opportunity to be the one and only National Pizza Delivery Company to not be unforgivable degenerates; by being the first to overturn this policy of knowingly trying to murder your own drivers…

    Until then, for me and everyone I know; It’s not Delivery, It’s DiGiorno.

  16. I drove tractor trailer for these people. Believe me, this is only one of their commie policies. And yes, the food actually does rot your guts out. I got it free of charge most days and I suffer even 10 years later.

    • They may be commie policies but they are owned by a sharp right wing gentleman I think

      And I hate to defend the policy but bank employees are instructed to comply with robbers for their own safety

      Dominos may figure that no one should get in a shootout for $20 or a car

      • Yup. As a former bank employee (10th largest bank in world at the time), bank guards carried unloaded pistols and no ammo. The risk to customers was viewed as too high v. potential loss.

        However our main Chicago data center building (no bank customers) had a sally-port entrance and armed guards at the entryway and behind bullet proof glass. They were instructed to open fire in case anyone tried to breech building security.

  17. A few years ago Cam Edwards coined the perfect term for these cases “Death By Human Resources”. They’d rather roll the dice on a driver’s life than face a potential lawsuit.

    • I get that that is where Domino’s is coming from, but why are they not held responsible and sued to pieces repeatedly by their own employees for causing an unsafe environment? Of course it is possible they want it both ways….we will fire any employee who damages a bad guy but when our soon to be ex-employee ballistically perforates a bad guy, it makes the rest of our employees safer.

  18. Maybe someone needs to start a pizza delivery company that does not relegate their drivers to the status of cannon fodder. Ironic that they make them drive their own cars, provide their own insurance, provide their own gas but are not allowed to carry a gun in their own cars. How stupid is that ? There should be a law (sarc). Really though, if you are driving your own car what right do they have to tell you that you cannot carry a gun in your own car ? I don’t get it. Let’s start a pizza company and call it “Armed Pizza Delivery”.

    • Might be tricky to handle the money, the pizza, and the gun all at once, so I propose each delivery car have a passenger armed with a shotgun just like a stagecoach.

  19. What? Do you not understand that if one does not resist, one can depend on the kindness of people who are making just a few bad choices in life to not harm you? If you think you can’t trust these wayward youth to understand you mean them no harm and that they will reciprocate than you are just another OFWG, racist, elitist pig who does not deserve to life in the same country as the rest of us.

    Corporations seem to get it, why don’t you?

  20. I applaud this guy’s ability to see that a company policy was stupid and dangerous, and thus chose to defy it like any decent American would. That’s real common sense, which is naturally why leftists hate it.

  21. Hope Dominos changes their policy. Really, it should be none of their business if their drivers carry. Heck, it makes me want to get a job there when I go back to college, just because I’d carry.

    Florida does have some good laws on the subject, so hopefully those laws will prevail (the ones about employees being able to carry and their stores not being able to fire them simply for certain things, etc).

    We’ll see.

  22. ” no-weapons policy at our company-owned stores,” . . . my answer would be “I was outside the store.” I work deliver for a chinese restaurant , they love that I carry.

  23. Wow! I bet if someone crunched the numbers, it would say that you are more likely to be shot as a Dominos delivery driver than a police officer. 2013, there were 33 police officers shot and killed in the line of duty, and there are more than 900,000 police officers. I am sure that the number of Dominos drivers in the US is a fraction of the number of police officers, but what that number is, I do not know.


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