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We recently noted that White House press secretary Josh Earnest beclowned himself by proclaimed that, “You don’t need an assault weapon to go hunting, it certainly is not part of anybody’s family heritage or family tradition.” Not that Josh has probably ever fired a gun, let alone a scary “assault rifle.” Against all odds, you, the People of the Gun, took him to task for that ill-informed assertion. And reader AB sent these snaps to demonstrate his family tradition of modern sporting rifle hunting . . .

In reply to your “nobody has a tradition of using, ‘assault weapons’ for hunting” post, I took my first deer with a Colt SP1 at the age of 12. My mother has been hunting with an MAK-90 since 92′. My grandfather had hunted deer with his M1 ever since he bought one after serving in WWII. I will continue to hunt with an AR, AK or FAL-pattern rifle, and will teach my children to do the same.






So show us your photos of four-legged creatures you and your kin have put on the table using a scary black rifle. Send them to us at [email protected] and we’ll post them on our Facebook page.

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  1. The M1 Garand isn’t an assault weapon, because it’s made out of brown wood. You’d have to put a black plastic or aluminum stock on it to make it an assault weapon.

        • Yes! It’s only …18.5 lbs! Even when fired off-hand, it’s nice seeing your impact through the sights, repeatedly hitting that 10″ boulder’s flat face behind the 300 yd targets.

        • Yes, as a matter of Fact, i have taken Deer, with my B.A.R.!… [Browning, Automatic Rifle, chambering 30-06, cartridges!…]. 1 Shot kill!… [it didn’t go anywhere but, “Down”!…]. No “Tracking”, Necessary!…

      • It still makes me laugh when I remember some anti who matter-of-factly told me that pistol grips make shooting from the hip more accurate.

      • At the now-closed Ardsley Range, I did some hip-shooting with a bolt-action .22 at 25 yards.
        Best I did was 3 downed soda cans out of ten shots.

        • Nice, seriously. I can’t imagine it was easy, but I can imagine it was fun and challenging.

      • Isn’t the word “hip” un-hip ?

        Seems like this whole affair needs an organized hashtag thingy-me-bob?
        Do I got that right?

        Something like #HuntingWithAR15 and swamping Josh Earnest somehow?

        I’ll have to leave that up to someone who has a twitter account or Instagram or whatever is en vogue with the hipsters.

        • On second thought…maybe I agree with the idea that it reinforces the mistaken belief that the 2A is about hunting.

    • One guy 3 weeks ago at Blue Mt. range had a NYS legal AR. The damned thing looks like a trombone.

  2. Funny I remember our governent telling me in Iraq that each family could own one full auto AK for “hunting” and “self defense”.

      • “Iraq is not America. So does this mean Iraq has 2A without a Constitution?”

        No, but just because there isnt (or is) 2A doesn’t necessarily mean that is no right to arms.

      • It means that our government recognizes the right of people other than Americans to keep and bear arms.

        • The United States has historically treated foreigners better than its citizens. Just look at Iraq for example, they had better 4th amendment protections from soldiers than we do from civilian police. We give illegal immigrants free food, healthcare, and college. WW2 the Japanese internment camps for American citizens. Civil War the raping of the south and suspension of habeus corpus.

      • No. It verifies what I’ve be harping on. The U.S. Government acknowledged, to the indigenous people of Iraq, that they NO LONGER HAD A GOVERNMENT, further, THAT NO ONE WOULD COME TO HELP THEM to protect them in the immediacy of need AND AT THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL. And, THAT THEY WERE ENTITLED TO A DEFENSE (OR THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DID NOT RATE A HIGHER POSITION [one in which the Federal Government rated a rank that could prevent them from defending themselves]).

        The U.S. Government, (and a few blue state a-holes) should make the same admonition HERE.


        “The question is hereby asked, and answer demanded: How long will America last? [10].
        This is an unknown, and assertions can be guaranteed by no one. However the existence of America requires not only the desire by its incorporated societies, to defend it but by THE VERY MEANS. Therefore, possession and retention of arms (as a right) IS HEREBY GUARANTEED to outlive even the idea of America.” [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012, Pg. 39]


          Got to log that into the memory bank.
          My internet jewel for the day.

    • Now how does one hunt with a full auto AK? “Ok, son, the trick is to aim anywhere EXCEPT at the animal you’re trying to hit!”

      • Real akm’s and the variants are all select fire. slide the lever all the way down against the trigger guard and it is semi-auto. Flick it up to the middle is auto and move it all the way up to the dust cover for safe.

        • Screen pop-up…
          “You are posting comments too fast. Slow down.”

          If I wanted a site of slow nit-wits I’d be at HuffPo.

        • I recall one Vietnam veteran saying that a Viet Cong firing at him only fired once, and kept pulling the trigger to no effect. When this veteran examined the VC body, he saw his AK had the safety all the way down, giving only semi auto fire. Not fully trained.

  3. Two problems with this A: the 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting. B. Bolt and lever action guns, and probably most advances and firearms were driven by military technology. Hell GPS is military technology. So why should hunters be stuck with technology from 1890?

    • You’re asking this of people who think the Second Amendment applies only to muskets?

  4. My first hunting rifle was a Winchester Model 94 – the original “assault” rifle of the Old West.

  5. Didn’t all Americans hunt with their military rifles during the 1700s? Speaking of tradition…

  6. I hunt with a Winchester Model 70 which is a Mauser 98 patterned rifle. Who needs a magazine fed military rifle design to shoot a deer?

      • Amen to that.

        My photos are enrt – 300 BLK AR, POF Armory .308, and “sniper” Rem 700 LTR .308 from the Nov 2014 WI gun / deer season. Three hunters, four deer. But I’ve taken a bunch of deer with other “military” guns like my Win 70 .30-06 and lever action .45-70 Government.

      • err. you do know that a Mauser 98 is a magazine fed military rifle, right? Irony is lost on most of you . My point was tha thist very popular “approved” hunting rifle is a military patterned weapon. After WWII hunters snapped up military surplus ’03 Springfields, which are also Mauser 98 pattern military weapons, for use as hunting rifles.

        • My reclama was not directed at you. It is clear that irony was lost on my other respondents.

        • Yes, hunters did buy military rifles but the first thing they did was make them look less military. Now we have a bunch of so called hunters that came to guns and hunting through being gamer boys. They shoot an elk in a fenced ranch in Texas with an AR-15 and call it hunting. They haven’t a clue and it is impossible to explain it to them. That is because they have no hunting tradition. Their only traditions are video games.

          I always am amused when the same people will say that the 2nd Amendment is about hunting but then will say an AR-15 is useful because it is a hunting weapon! Yeah, that make sense.

          An AR-15 is not a hunting rifle except to little gamer boys that want to play army.

      • Afterthought: I also have done some hunting with a Remington 750 semiautomatic rifle which has absolutely no military heritage. I own 10 and 20 round magazines for the rifle which makes it far more powerful weapon than a puny 5.56 AR patterned rifle.

        • Off topic, but how do you like that 750?

          I am interested, because I’d like a large caliber autoloader, but I dislike pistol grips and black plastic (for aesthetic reasons, not political).

          I like the look, but I’ve read that they are 500 round guns that wear out quickly. And other people say that’s bull. What’s your take?

          Also, what brand mags are you using?

        • Like all current Remington products they are hit and miss. Mine seems to be holding up just fine although I am not a high volume shooter with it. I just zero it and do a little hunting with it. It’s a good closed terrain elk rifle. The 10 and 20 rounders are Triple K. They do not lock back on the last round.

    • One of the dudes on “Swamp People” uses an AR pattern for those alligators. Plenty use theirs for groundhogs, feral hogs, etc. Yup, they’re used.

    • Nobody needs one for hunting deer. But those deer look exactly as dead as one shot with your Winchester would be. So what’s the problem?

      • Well, as any anti knows, the problem is that they are MORE dead when you shoot them with an AR. They are sooo dead you can’t eat the meat, use the hide, or mount the head on the wall. In fact, it probably endangers the whole species if you shoot one with an AR. Because ARs cause global warming. Or something.

        • Yeah, when person kills a deer with an “assault rifle”, not only is the deer dead, but God kills a kitten too. /sarc

          Amazing how the gun manufacturers can cram so much evil into steel and plastic. They are clearly quenching the barrels in the blood of innocents. /sarc

  7. A couple of centuries ago my flintlock hunting rifle was a state-of-the-art assault rifle… does that still count?

  8. The longer we continue to use the term “assault weapon” the further away serious discussion remains. “AW” is a government/media/anti term designed to instill terror into the hearts of the uninformed.
    The firearms under discussion are nominally referred to as “battle rifles”, former iterations in use with or once in use with the military.
    Just like the jeep, which was a former “battle vehicle” not “assault vehicle”, now civilianized & used by the general public for work or play.
    If the anti’s control the language, they control the issue.

    • Exactly. He said you don’t NEED one to hunt, to which I reply “You don’t NEED a car to get to work. SO, why don’t you ride a bike to work Josh DisEarnest?”

  9. As many people pointed out on that other article, this is not the right response. When we give in to the natural impulse to say, “Nuh-uh” and show how “assault weapons” can be used for hunting, we’re playing into their implication that the 2A is about hunting.

    It is not.

    The right answer is, “Yep, most people don’t own semi-auto rifles for hunting. They own them for defense, for fun, and just because they have a right to. If they can be used for hunting, that’s just a bonus.”

    • We’re not wrong. The guy saying “assault rifle / weapon / shotgun” is wrong. Same team Farva. Same team.

      • Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “right answer”. Didn’t mean to imply that you’re wrong, just that you’re playing on their field when you accept the premise that 2A is, or ever was, in any way about hunting. To me, that’s giving up ground.

        Hunting is just a nice byproduct of the Second Amendment. Even if they banned all hunting, it wouldn’t change the rights guaranteed by the 2A.

        • I’ll fight scheming gun control advocates on all fronts. Their terms such as “hi capacity,” “assault,” “military-style weapons of war,” etc. are all crafted to fool useful idiots into agreement. I reject their terms as soundly as their flawed logic.

  10. VEPR in 308 or 7.62x54R both make good hunting weapons, so do 308 ARs. A regular old 5.56 AR makes a fine hunting weapon for smaller game.

  11. RE: “… anybody’s family heritage …”

    I still get a paycheck from, so I’d better be as good as my Marine Cpl son with an AR-pattern rifle. That’s two generations of Marine riflemen right there.

    Gy G sends

  12. I am glad that there were one or two photos of larger deer. The deer in that first photo looks like it couldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds.

    • I find the laying of firearms on the deer carcass and the camera posing weird. Most probably don’t. Lack of respect to the animal. Whatever.

  13. My son is thirty-something years old, and from birth to adulthood, he never lived in a household that didn’t have at least one AR-style rifle in it (usually, more than one). After a brief introduction to firearms with a single-shot rifle, the rest of his rifle experience was based on AR-style and other centerfire MSRs, along with high-capacity handguns and .22 rifles. Seeing me go hunting with an AR was a common thing as far back as the mid-to-late 90’s. These firearms are certainly a part of HIS heritage, and I’m sure many other folks fall into this category as well.

    No matter HOW much the lefty elites would like to believe otherwise, and spread propaganda/lies to say so.

  14. What a surprise, a fascist elitist who believes he knows what every single person’s family tradition is. Because everyone in the US is pretty much the same as a New Yorker, right?

    Of course, totalitarian fascism isn’t a part of America’s heritage or tradition, but that doesn’t stop this fool’s administration from partaking.

  15. This is all a fun topic to distract ourselves from what they’re trying to say. After they say, “you only need x to go hunting” and then get everyone into Fudland they’ll say “you don’t need to go hunting at all”. To pull from a small German company “No Comprimise”. How about we do some work limiting government and maybe get a balanced budget and skip the extravagant destination conferences on budgetary policy with private jets.

    • RE: “..After they say, “you only need x to go hunting” and then get everyone into Fudland they’ll say “you don’t need to go hunting at all”. ..”

      Even easier than that: Passively aggressively make everything an endangered species, close the seasons, stop issuing licenses, and/or convert hunting areas into parks.

  16. Anyone know what gun the guy is holding in the 2nd picture? The one with the FAL on the deer.

    • It’s a holstered stainless steel semiauto pistol, with a compensated muzzle, probably a 1911 pattern from what I can see of the slide’s profile below the bottom edge of the black holster.

  17. I used to hunt with a SKK (SKS factory modified to take 30-round AK magazines). It was very effective when you encountered a herd of pigs (10+) in one event.

    I have hunted with a stock No4 Lee-Enfield, with No9 bayonet on the end. Iron sights are surprisingly effective up to 200 metres. And spare 10 round magazines in the pockets.

  18. My little girl, started at 10, all 70 pounds of her and a 300 black, that buffer tube is an amazing thing for recoil absorption!

  19. The point is irrelevant. Last I checked, the 2A aint got shit to do with hunting, and I have no effing idea what an ‘assault weapon’ is anyway. I aint playing their frigging Orwellian doublespeak game. Let one of these jokers define ‘assault weapon’ and see how foolish they make themselves look (“well, you know… one of them there scary black guns with the thing that goes up”)

  20. Josh Earnest is gonna flip when he sees that fully automatic clipazine and that pistol grip thingy..and what about all that wood?.. is that just wood color covering up the scary black parts?

  21. In NY and other states semi-auto rifles for deer hunting are limited to 5 in the mag. If you pin an AK or AR mag to hold 5 what is the diff between a 7.62×39 Russian and a .30-30? None. A .308 in an AR-10 and in a Remington 742? Equally nothing.

  22. In Ohio, while we can use our black rifles (or any rifles in any caliber) for varmints, when deer season comes around, we’re restricted to straight-walled cartridges and shotguns with slugs or sabots. The straight-walled restriction leaves out most common big game rounds. 45-70 and a couple other of those big, fat long cartridges are OK, plus rifles chambered in pistol cartridges: .44 mag, .454 Casull, .45 colt, .45 acp, .357 magnum, even 9mm, I think.

    I presume the rationale is that Ohio’s a reasonably populous state and that too many weekend hunters with .30-30 .270 and .308, etc. out there in deer season is a recipe for trouble. But 45-70’s not exactly a short-range cartridge.

  23. A pretty outlandish statement considering that I used an SKS from the SE Asia War Games for about 15 years as my main hunting rifle, Took quite a few Steaks with it! Granted I never put more than five rounds in it but never needed more except once!
    Would never us an AR 15 as it resembles the Junk M16A1 that was a piece of Shit! My best friend and buddy transitioned from a M14 to this piece of Garbage two weeks later it Jammed in a serious fight, unfortunately for him he raised up to clear the weapon and an RPD caught him in the chest {DRT} Semper Fi
    In all fairness the AR 10 family are good rifles in the woods, a bit noisy and heavy!

  24. Well, contradicting the factual claim with, you know, facts, is a start.

    The next move is to ding the legitimacy of whoever made that baseless claim. Their acting like a hack. Make sure to point that out. Hey Alinsky’s handbook ain’t just for one agenda. It’s a menu of tactics. To paraphrase, Alinsky’s prescriptions don’t kill people. People using Alinsky’s prescriptions for example, to disarm citizens, kill people. Or keep people alive, by winning the argument to allow people to look out for themselves.

  25. I’ve been using an HK91 for better than 30+ years for deer and elk in AZ. It’s also taken its fair share of coyotes being called in over several seasons, not exactly your grandparents farm rifle. The season for elk is always late in the year and we always have snow, sleet or freezing rain (or all 3 at once). It’s never failed me and before these new stainless steel rifles it was perfect for bad weather and is rugged enough that it goes bang when needed. Never had an elk or deer come over and complain it was not a proper rifle, all have been one shot kills and very little tracking was necessary.

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