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Yeah. Yeah that’s actually exactly correct.


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  1. Laws only work against the law abiding.

    Criminals are called Outlaws because they are outside of the law.

    Shame they can’t be banished to an extra territorial location such as Syria, Afghanistan, or Ethiopia.

    • Or just outlawed in the traditional sense – which sounds to me like a rapid, effective, no-cost solution to illegal immigration as well.

  2. The seagull in San Fran will get $300 per month each if they promise to obey the rules. 🤪
    This is what effective leadership looks like.

    • … and what they don’t eat gets dropped in front of business doors that haven’t closed up and left the demtard run state yet.
      This is the future business model for CA. Thanks to G Newsome and his partner in crime, SanFranGranNan Nancy P.

      • A looting based economy.

        But they’ll blame racism for all the small businesses who pack up and leave. Progtards will protest that the shops can just claim on their insurance while completely failing to realize insurance has a cost that goes up with each claim.

  3. It’s just 1 seagull, wait until they finally let the airplane open that’s now just sitting on the tarmac open and Tojan Horse opens up

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