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The Washington Post on Sunday penned a plaintive editorial blaming gun owners for David Chipman’s uphill confirmation process. In the opinion of the paper’s learned editors, Chipman’s past as an ATF agent and his work with the gun control group Giffords makes him the perfect candidate to lead the federal firearms regulatory agency into the future.

The editorial board then points the finger of blame at gun owners’ so-called “conspiracy theories” – not Chipman’s past – for throwing a wrench into the confirmation process.

The problem is the same one that has foiled ATF confirmations since the director’s job became Senate-confirmable in 2015: the gun lobby. After leaving the ATF, Mr. Chipman worked as a policy adviser for the gun violence group that former representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) founded after a crazed gunman shot her in the head. Gun zealots’ substantive opposition to Mr. Chipman has crystallized around his support for a ban on assault weapons — a policy that 6 in 10 Americans also favor. Mr. Chipman’s opponents also accuse him of lacking the expertise to lead the agency, a particularly absurd complaint about a lifelong civil servant who earned his stripes working terrorism cases in New York and Oklahoma City.

CORRECTION: After leaving the ATF, David Chipman worked as a lobbyist for two gun control advocacy operations, Everytown and Giffords. He isn’t just an ex-ATF agent looking to use his years of expertise to advise on crafting gun control legislation. He literally lobbied to disarm law-abiding gun owners. He also made millions in the process.

Yet media cheerleaders for civilian disarmament like the WaPo editorial board feign wonderment and incredulity that firearm owners across the nation are opposed to a gun control zealot leading the ATF, the agency that enforces firearms legislation, and, in some cases, creates stringent laws through the unaccountable regulatory process.

But, of course, this all stems from our “toxic obsession with firearms.” At least, that’s the view of the rest of America from inside the Beltway bubble.

This opposition says more about gun advocates’ toxic obsession with firearms, and the pervasive denial of reality that goes with it, than Mr. Chipman’s suitability for a job that should be filled by someone in touch with the facts. In truth, introducing guns into homes without proper precautions leads to large numbers of preventable firearm deaths every year. In fact, AR-15s are unnecessary for hunting, protection or any other legitimate civilian application, and their popularity reflects poorly on supposedly responsible gun owners.

FACT: AR-15s are used for hunting and home defense on a daily basis. Who is the government to tell us what is “necessary” and what isn’t? Just because the editors of the capital’s favorite newspaper can’t conceive of utilizing an AR-15 for any particular purpose doesn’t begin to justify making them off-limits for the rest of us.

Our Founding Fathers wanted average Americans to have access to the same firearms as the government. The reason? They wanted us to have the ability to defend ourselves should the government become tyrannical. If the military is utilizing these firearms — and they are — then civilians should have access as well. They’ve already limited that idea by making it almost financially impossible to own full autos.

… Gun zealots have targeted the ATF for years. Their cockamamie conspiracy theories and bizarre infatuation with the weapons of war should not continue to hobble this agency’s lifesaving mission.

“Conspiracy theories.” What are you worried about? No one is coming to take your guns.

That’s how they always start the conversation. If you believe those in charge want to disarm you, you’re a tinfoil-hat-wearing wacko. If you believe the government is infringing on your God-given right to armed self-defense, you’re just a paranoid extremist.

Whenever those who would limit our Second Amendment rights don’t get their way, it’s always due to gun owners concocting crazy conspiracy theories. It couldn’t possibly be that the anti-gunners prove to us – time and again – that their goal really is to disarm us.

Call us paranoid conspiracy theorists all you like, but we will continue to sound the alarm on David Chipman. He’s an anti-gun zealot – a registered gun control lobbyist – who has literally advocated for the disarmament of law-abiding Americans. Installing him as the head of the ATF would allow his gun-grabbing dreams to become reality.

Average Americans are increasingly seeing this and have taken a stand. The idiots at The Washington Post can portray Chipman’s struggle to get the votes he needs as the result of the big bad “gun lobby’s” “delusional oversensitivity” if they like, but 100 million gun owners who value their rights will continue to oppose him until his nomination is nothing but a smoking political ruin.

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  1. So let’s see.
    He is for instilling an assault rifle ban again, yet can not define one.
    That is fact on record.
    Bye bye now…

    • Well, wait a second, Daniel. They already can’t even define what actually constitutes certain firearms or not anymore but that doesn’t stop the AFTEB from fabricating their own capriciously subjective Fiat definitions into criminally enforceable ‘rules’ that somehow gives them ‘authority’ them to Swat Raid search and seize people’s private property for individual parts that can no way rise to the definition of any firearm by itself, even categorizing a single part as a ‘Machine Gun’ along with arbitrarily designating various firearms –or non firearms like suppressors–as NFA weapons…

      …so not being able to define anything for a congressional hearing doesn’t mean much at this point when it comes to arresting someone any time they feel like it?

      Since ALL gun laws are unconstitutional, and unconstitutional deprivation of your uninfringable, unqualified, no exceptions, exept incarceration, 2nd/A is a serious felony, a Better question would be why is Chipman not being charged for felony conspiracy of Deprivation of Rights under USCC 241-242, after being discharged for the position after a literal admission that upon appointment he would immediately violate his Oath to the protect the 2nd/A ?

      • Actually its all about making revenue and controlling us with FEAR!

        Jeff Bezos BS News Rag is Like his phony cowboy hat rant BS in Van Horn TX and a 11 minute rocket ride at 28 million a seat is a demon lying 2 bit wannabe cowboy from hell!

        Our Second is my right to carry open or concealed anywhere it’s legal to do so and no Trespass sign in NV has no force of law with our open door NV Law if you have public access without any means of security armed or maintained with surveillance, tho the democrat scum we have now in Carson city made waves of lies they will take out AR !5’s and do away with the NRA and Change NV to a Sanctuary State with Cheap labor drugs and Whoreistas.

    • “He is for instilling an assault rifle ban again, yet can not define one”

      oh nonsense, of course he can – it’s any gun YOU have. it’s not that he can’t define it, it’s that he can’t say it. yet.

    • It’s called “Operational Flexibility”. His official definition of an “assault weapon” depends on the direction of the political wind.

    • The courts called an AR-15 lower, “not a gun” yet the ATF treats them as a gun. It is a piece of metal until you turn it into a gun. It has no trigger, no hammer, no firing mechanism, nothing yet it is a gun according to the ATF. Personally I’ll stick to a bolt action to hunt, who wants to burn ammo “money” as fast as an AR can burn ammo. If they ever sell these like the one I used in the army people for sure will go broke, 30 rounds faster than you can say your name. Don’t tape the mags together and flip them to reload or you will turn your barrel red hot.

  2. More leftist media bull$hit. Most of them don’t know squat about guns, they should not comment on things they don’t understand.

    • “Most of them don’t know squat about guns”

      completely irrelevant. they know that YOU having guns is a Bad Thing. they also know that the police with THEIR guns and the bankers with THEIR money and the media with THEIR media and the servers with THEIR net will do what they’re told. what else do they need to know? knowledge is for the serfs – control and enjoyment of it all is for them. it’s their religion.

    • Heated Gun Debate Between Colion Noir & Co-Founder of Gun Control Organization

      Listen as John E Rosenthal, from Stop Handgun Violence, uses nothing but emotional arguments.

      • I couldn’t listen to anymore of this interview. This cad John kept talking over Colion, kept being condescending and was showing his elitism…So, he is one of the privileged who gets to discuss SCOTUS decisions with Justice Scalia. Big deal!

        John seems to forget his history about the mujahideen kicking the Soviets out of Afghanistan with sub-standard weapons. John, don’t think it couldn’t happen here. There are a lot of motivated patriots who would love to prove you wrong. Hell, you can’t even get your firearm nomenclature correct- clip in the handle. Give me a break, you’re just another whiny liberal who hates gun owners.

    • You know you are over the target when you’re taking flak.

      Do you think WaPo would be spending editorial space on Chipman if they weren’t worried that the nomination was in serious trouble?

      • Smells more to me like they are royally pissed-off they can’t steamroll their agenda into law.

        What was telling to me after the 2020 election was a ‘news’ article where the author was extolling how they now had a ‘mandate’ to enact their policies on us whether we like it or not.

        To them, the barest of majorities they now consider to be mandates.

        All I know is, thank God for Manchin and Sienna holding the line (for the time being). We truly would be fucked were it not for them, right now.

        A nice dose of re-districting and cleaning up of state election shenanigans should cut them off at the knees next November…

  3. SES positions pay well but not that well. He must really hate guns and their owners if he’s willing to take a pay cut.

  4. “Conspiracy theories” are becoming true on a daily basis.

    “… has crystallized around his support for a ban on assault weapons — a policy that 6 in 10 Americans also favor.”

    Lies, damn lies, and polls.

    • “a policy that 6 in 10 Americans also favor.’ Lies, damn lies, and polls.”

      no no no, not at all, you completely miscomprehend the situation. see, to them, “Americans” means themselves. not you. their poll does not include you, it includes only them. their poll is completely spot on.

      • ant7 is spot on about this. Not you, not me, and not anyone in ‘fly-Over’ country are Americans to them.

    • If women didn’t vote, we would never have a Democrat president in the last 101 years. It’s women that elect democrats. Maybe we should repeal the 19th amendment instead of the 2nd.

    • “How do we get the swing voters to stop believing the leftists’ lies”

      you can’t. fake ballots don’t believe or disbelieve anything.

  5. C’mon WaPo. Chapman’s a white male. I can’t believe you’re backing this privileged and inherently racist person to run a govt bureau. Oh the shame.

  6. In truth, introducing WAPO into homes without proper precautions leads to large numbers of preventable brain cell deaths every year. In fact, WAPO is unnecessary for reading, perusing or any other legitimate civilian application, and it’s alleged popularity reflects poorly on supposedly responsible readers.

  7. LOL. Most of the Left has still completely swallowed the propaganda dildo that a Capitol police officer was killed in Jan 6th “attack”, being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, then dragged out into the streets and beaten on the head by the “rioters” with an American flag — all the while Trump was supposedly dancing in the West Wing…

  8. blame the gunm owners. It’s not like David Chipman is going to be director for Bureau of French fries , hot dogs, and apple pie.

  9. The only thing ‘Cockamamie’ is WaPo.

    Washington is going to do what they want to do. There is nothing I can say that will stop his confirmation. Attributing that much power to me is ludicrous. Washington is what stands in his way. It’s them. NOT gun owners. If it were gun owners, the ATF would be abolished. Then Chipman would have no chance at all.

    There is no conspiracy theory here. This is the way it works. He has not convinced enough of the DC law givers that he is ‘the man’.

  10. “It’s ‘Cockamamie Conspiracy Theories’ That Are Derailing David Chipman’s Confirmation”

    whatever it takes.

  11. “Cockamamie Conspiracy Theories”

    this is misleading (that’s what they do). to them, it’s not the theories that are cockamamie, it’s the existence of any opposition to the left that is cockamamie. it’s not the theories that are illegitimate, it’s the refusal to submit that is illegitimate.

  12. 6 in 10 Americans also think the media is actively screwing them. If “6 in 10” is the standard to meet for caving in why isn’t WaPo working to clean up media? Seems like they could actually do something about it being the media and all.

  13. Quote: “It’s ‘Cockamamie Conspiracy Theories’ That Are Derailing David Chipman’s Confirmation”

    For once I agree with the Post, but the cockamamie stuff is coming from democrats (communist party USA). They don’t care what the peasants think or want, they think their time has come and are going all out to achieve their goal of a communist Utopian paradise controlled by them.

    And they are getting closer every day.

    Be Prepared !!!

  14. Would someone please tell me what the hell the WAPO even is? Is that like Mad Magazine or the Enquirer? After reading the article about it, it would seem it’s some half-ass nonsense publication that 6 out of 10 don’t give a flying bat shit about it.




  16. BATFE isnt a legislative/regulatory agency, they are an enforcement agency. You can be one or the other, but you cannot be both.

    Having the “authority” to regulate/legislate, AND enforce, is akin to police departments around the country making up laws as they go. That is asinine.

  17. When his former Co-Workers speak out against him, you know he schitty pick.
    WaPropaganda’s typical and expected disinformation and lies.

    Any person that refuses to release their previous work history to the Senate Committee, should automatically be rejected.

  18. On the contrary, Mr. Chipman’s confirmation problems arise from his past and his present. The hole that his confirmation fell into was dug by Mr. Chipman and nobody else.


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