Annenberg Constitution Project: The Modern Gun Control Movement is a Really a Prohibition Movement

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In the 1960s, more violence brought a call for more federal gun laws. 

“So the 60s is a time of incredible turmoil in America. You have assassinations.” … “We have the assassination of President Kennedy, Senator Bobby Kennedy when he’s running for President…of Martin Luther King. All of this contributes to a greater sense of desire for control of firearms.” 

Assassinations and riots in major American cities led some people to think that the best way to stop the violence was to put a limit on guns. 

“A modern gun control movement developed that, in many cases, is quite frankly a prohibition movement. Their ultimate goal is severe restrictions by the Federal government on firearms ownership.” …

But stronger federal gun control laws brought stronger resistance to gun laws. 

“This idea of banning weapons has a kind of simple model of, you know, take the guns away and the problem will go away. And that was met on the other side with this kind of great bumpers sticker, ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.'”

— Annenberg Constitution Project, Second Amendment: D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago

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    • The problem with that statement is that many murders are not done by “violent criminals”, since many murderers have never been convicted if a violent crime. This give those gun grabbers an in by thinking that anyone could be a violent murderer, so……. The whole point is 99.99% of gun owners would only use a gun for defense, our right to defense trumps any reason the government can come up with.

      • Christianity 101-

        1). LOVE God (Infinitely Perfect with His own Self) with all ones Heart, mind, soul and strength.

        2). Love YOUR Neighbor as self. ( NOT very to difficult to understand)
        Does not imply being abused, being taken advantage of, BUT correcting in Fraternal Charity, in proportion
        to what is being done.

        Christ Jesus(God the Son) said those 2 is what the 10 Commandments are built upon.

  1. When the powers that be say “you don’t need a AR15”, then it is time to own an AR15.

    • That’s the trick to getting out of the matrix. Find what both parties tend to agree on and do the opposite. Generally speaking both parties like prohibition, don’t like individual liberty, like corporate influence, hate privacy, really don’t like gun ownership or personal property of any kind and they both really like pushing you around all while they exempt themselves.

      There’s like 4 decent republicans and there used to be 1 decent democrat but I’m pretty sure AOC ate him. The rest are all just working to screw you over and make themselves rich.

      • Speaking of which, the trailer for Matrix 4 just dropped this morning. Actually looks good. Like John Wick is about to follow the White Rabbit…

  2. It’s really painfully obvious, to stop the killings you simply have to take away the guns.
    …then the machetes, then the pocket knives, then the hammers, then the cricket bats, then the….

    • “This idea of banning weapons has a kind of simple model of, you know, take the guns away ”

      WAIT, do you want to ban guns or “weapons”?

      Really need to stop using the negative and inaccurate term “weapons” as a synonym with firearms, guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns…

      • Actually, the correct approach is to hammer ‘weapons’ as the correct term.

        And then point out that EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon, so attempting to prohibit weapons is a pointless slippery slope, and should therefore be abandoned as a strategy. It’s certainly a demonstrably huge failure as a strategy in the UK and Europe.

        But, then, the folks blaming inanimate objects are immune to all forms of logic, so…

    • One word. Jamaica.

      They banned guns completely and for a few months there was a drop in the murder rate. But after that came an increase in deaths from stabbing, beating, and being sliced by cane cutting tools. Six months after the gun ban the murders were more than ever before.

      Official response was ban even harder with children being summarily executed by police for possessing a single spent cartridge case. And still the murders increased.

      Ever see photos or videos of homes in Jamaica? Ever note the plastic buckets beside the doors? They contain acid which is a common self-defense method in the country.

      And hardcore criminals don’t seem to be affected.

  3. It seems to me that the events of the sixties were just excuses. Screaming about gun control is much easier than solving the problems that cause violence. Screaming is also a lot easier than admitting there will always be some level of violence in our society. Screaming gets attention. Demonizing guns and gun-owners bifurcates society, creating a silly and simplistic “us vs. them” approach. Divide and conquer.

    It is never really about current events, it is about power and control. An armed society preserves a check on the government’s ability to centralize all power and control.

  4. It’s not complicated when it’s untangled…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  5. “This idea of banning weapons has a kind of simple model of, you know, take the guns away and the problem will go away…..”

    Perfectly true. If nobody has a gun then nobody can be harmed by a bad guy using a gun.

    Now then all we need is a law that says the Ministry of Magic (Harry Potter Universe) and the Sorcerer Supreme (Marvel Super Hero Universe) are to be responsible for coming up with a magical spell to make all the guns in the world suddenly vanish.

    Optional: Turn all the guns into bunny rabbits and puppy dogs and possibly some rather lovely butterflies.

    See? All it takes is properly written legislation and all the evil in the world is contained, or eliminated entirely.

    Gellert Grindelwald and Thanos of Titan be damned!!!

  6. Most people know that it was the CIA who killed John Kennedy because he wanted to clamp down on the CIA and also get rid of the federal reserve. Since the CIA is a government agency, they should not have guns. Sure……..

  7. How well did earlier versions of Prohibition work? Not very, as history so clearly shows. Is there anything like a good reason to expect different results with the latest version of Prohibition? I don’t think so, but then perhaps one day, rain will rise rather than fall.

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