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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden faces a decision point when the U.S. Senate returns to Washington, D.C. next week. He would be well advised to withdraw his nomination of David Chipman for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Chipman has proven to be an unworthy nominee to lead the 5,000-person bureau that regulates the firearm industry and enforces federal gun laws. His history as a lobbyist for two major gun control groups should have been enough. The Biden administration, though, was determined to install an idealogue over a practical and qualified nominee. President Biden owes it to the American people to end this nomination.

The ATF needs and deserves a qualified nominee to fulfill this role. Chipman is not that person. The time has come to end this gun control appeasement.

Political Football

President Biden nominated Chipman to become the ATF director in April, leaning on Chipman’s 25 years as an ATF agent. Questions of his qualifications were immediately raised. Chipman never served in an executive leadership position, or even as a Special Agent-In-Charge of a field division. In reality, those weren’t the qualifications in which the Biden administration was most interested.

Instead, President Biden was intent on delivering someone who would usher in his gun control wish list. At the same time President Biden announced Chipman’s nomination, he also expounded on his prayerful desire to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), the legislation that stops baseless lawsuits, usually filed by lawyers from gun control groups, against firearm manufacturers for the criminal misuse of lawfully sold firearms.

Chipman was supposed to be President Biden’s inside man to punish the firearm industry and throttle Second Amendment rights. It was Chipman’s post-ATF employment that captivated the Biden administration. Chipman was a lobbyist for anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, and later a lobbyist for the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

He had numerous appearances on Capitol Hill, testifying for everything from banning the most-popular selling centerfire rifle in America – the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) – or punishing those who own them by forcing a reclassification of the firearm under the National Firearms Act, which would require owners to submit photos, fingerprints, a $200 tax stamp fee and the owner would be on a national registry.

He is a proponent of universal background checks, age-based gun bans and a national mandatory delay period for firearm transfers.

David Chipman ATF

That wasn’t all, though. Chipman has a record of running fast-and-loose with the facts too. He claimed that .50-caliber rifles were used to down helicopters during the ATF’s siege at Waco, Texas. That never happened, though.

He also disparaged first-time gun buyers as “zombie-apocalypse” preppers and compared them to Tiger King. He admonished law-abiding Americans concerned for their safety to, “Secure that gun, locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky that you have stored in a cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear,” in a Cheddar news appearance.

Not Aging Well

Chipman’s troubles didn’t end there. He couldn’t – or rather, wouldn’t – define what he believes is a so-called “assault weapon” to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing, yet said he would ban them. More troubles came to light after the hearing.

Chipman has been accused of making denigrating remarks of fellow African-American ATF agents on two separate occasions when those agents scored well on advancement exams. Chipman testified that complaints were lodged against him but were resolved. It turns out that at least one of the incidents was investigated by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General. Fellow ATF agents sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee telling them that Chipman is unfit to lead the ATF.

That report is now being sought by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The White House, or Chipman himself, could put these allegations to rest by voluntarily releasing his personnel file from his time with the ATF, yet neither has done so. Sen. Grassley is demanding more hearings to put Chipman back under oath and answer these allegations.

So far, The White House and Chipman have remained silent. That silence is now deafening.

President Biden has two choices when the Senate returns to Washington, D.C. next week. He must either send Chipman to Capitol Hill to answer the allegations or withdraw the nomination altogether. The men and women of the ATF have a difficult job already. They deserve a director with the required experience to administer the laws and regulations as they are written.

Chipman has proven he cannot be that person.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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    • So true, Mr Dog… I imagine he spends most of his time when he is awake, roaming the halls, lost, in the White House….

    • Slojoe was quoted as saying he would consult with Pina Colada Hairless before making a decision on how to proceed. 🤪
      Not sure if that means a discussion with the VP, or drinks followed by diddling some children. 🤔

      • I laughed at seeing Biden and reality used in the same sentence… maybe a future header can use ” Senate Intelligence ” in it.

      • Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s precludes the ability to perceive Reality. Seen it’s symptoms in Friends and Family. Biden is showing all the noted medical symptoms. Unfortunately many times especially close family members refuse to admit what is obvious to others. Sadly I believe this is not the case with Jill Biden. For her it’s more about giving Joe his Dream with what little time and perception he has left. Along with the wizards behind the curtain. They believed they could easily control him in his increased state of confusion. Which at times doesn’t seem to be the case. It is imperative for them to do so until after the 2022. So as to not show weakness of party and hopefully continue to hold power. Their biggest problem is now their own media supporters are beginning to see blood in the water and like all sharks. The urge to feed on it is insurmountable. Along with an unwillingness to go down with the ship one more time. They are beginning to fear the chance that the Democrats may loose power in 2022 more than they fear those attempting to control Biden. So be ready to pop the corn because Corn Pop is going to crash and burn taking to whole boat load down with him unless they Get Rid of him first.

  1. So… What if he does? He’ll just nominate another left libtard wing nut that is hell bent on the destruction of the 2nd Amendment…

    • Maybe the plan is to drag out this nomination for so long the committee will get so tired of it they’ll even accept Gabby Giffords and her husband adviser.

  2. Biden won’t do it. He is arrogant, stupid, and pig headed – a dangerous mix. The man is dedicated to taking away your personal freedom and rights.

  3. “The ATF needs and deserves a qualified nominee to fulfill this role.”
    No, the BATF needs and deserves to be abolished forever and dumped on the ash heap of history!

    Keane is a fudd. Just like Wayne LaPierre, but without the career-long grifting habit. What is it with gun org leaders slouching toward compromise & surrender??

    The only way we should keep the ATF is to turn it into a convenience store franchise and put Brandon Herrera in charge…

    • “The ATF needs and deserves a qualified nominee to fulfill this role”

      I came down here to comment on this BS too but you said it better than I would have.

    • That was the chant in at least 4 college games on Sat.

      “Eff Joe Biden” you can hear it at Virginia Tech game and MsM is talking about it. And..Much butt-hurt on Sunday after the Clemson game!

  4. Biden will neither withdraw Chipman, nor send him back for more hearings. Either choice makes him look even more senile and weak, so what he will do is let Chipman stew in the hope that he will pull himself from consideration.

    With the Afghan failure on top of the failure to get enough people vaccinated, the economic mess with inflation, and China spitting in his face, Biden can not afford any more failures. Yet there are dozens more failures breathing down his neck, the border is still a mess, he couldn’t get the federal election takeover passed, his fake infrastructure bills are floundering and the Democrats may not even get the continuing resolution passed before the government runs out of money. Lots of Democrats that aren’t in completely safe blue districts are pushing back on stuff that might get them kicked to the curb next November.

    All in all it is a bad time to be a Democrat, especially a senile one!

    • “…so what he will do is let Chipman stew in the hope that he will pull himself from consideration.”

      And quite frankly, I have no problem with Biden doing just that.

      Let them think they will gain seats in the midterms…

    • Chipman won’t withdraw, and Dementia Joe’s handlers wont let Joe submit another nominee.

      What they will do is let this nomination gather moss, and when finally no one is watching and pressuring senators to vote no, the Commiecrat Party will jam Waco Dave through at 1am.

      Our only recourse is to not go to sleep, and never let up on the pressure.

  5. I’d rather see Chipman be defeated by a vote in the Senate. Another embarrassing loss for a (p)resident that turns everything he touches into shit.

    • It’s better for us if he just lets the nomination dangle.

      The devil you know kinda thing…

    • …yeah, me too. Defeated puts emphasis on direction of cause. Then maybe a harder core push-back on all this illegal ATF impersonation of a U.S. Congress and maybe some direct indictments under 18-USCC 241-242!

  6. “executive leadership” is not a requirement for a Presidential appointment. Look at the Starwars barscene that is the OBiden cabinet. NONE of those SOBs is qualified to run a lemonaid stand.

    Plenty of REAL reasons that Chumpman should be in jail not ATF head thug.

  7. Disregarding gunms, can a president be impeached for destroying the country they preside over?
    Because that’s definitely what’s happening.

  8. I’d rather see the office left vacant with an uncomfortable nominee. I want every hindrance put in place as BATFE arbitrarily and capriciously redefines what is a machine gun, short barrel, frame, and receiver. If Biden makes a new nomination, he might accidentally pick someone who is a great manager who can efficiently and efficiently run an organization, but will be a Leftist ideologue that dedicates the bureau to limiting gun rights and attacking lawful owners.

    • BATFE.
      perhaps they should focus more on alchohol and tobacco, err no wait , it’s the AFT, right mister president.
      And sing me the national anthem one more time, for real.

      • Not sure how true it is but I heard somewhere the resources allocated to the F section is many times that of the A and T sections combined.

  9. My perfect scenario for this is while this drags on, Gavin Newsome is successfully recalled and replaced with Larry Elder. Dianne Feinstein is revealed to be incapacitated, and can no longer continue in office. Larry appoints a replacement, making the Senate 51-49 for the Republicans. Chipman is brought in to testify by Grassley, the new chair of the committee.

    Who knows, could happen.

    • There was talk of this. The problem is the amount of money that is being funneled into Gavin Newsomes “Don’t recall me” fund. Larry Elder being called a white supremacist takes the cake.
      These people come across as completely stupid but are sly as foxes.
      They act scared that Larry Elder will be the next governor but Caitlyn Jenner has thrown his/her hat in the ring. If Newsome gets recalled there will be another primary, so Larry Elder isn’t a shoe in.

      As for Fauci, if there was any fairness in the new system he would be charged with lying to Congress.
      Rand Paul nailed him on that one and the evidence is on video.
      Fauci should be fleeing the country but instead he still talks and talks w/o being correct once.
      Why or how people still listen to this buffoon I have no idea.
      I picked the wrong decade to stop sniffing glue.

  10. I’d like to see Chipman nominated. If he does half the job at tanking Biden approval ratings that Sec STate Blinken has done, he will be the perfect GOP foil for 2022.

  11. Where’s the resident troll, ANTIFA member, and future Special Commissar to offer support to his new Supreme Commander?

    Probably noting down and filing all the sedition and treason on this thread into his little black book.

  12. After the solid curb stomping lil d received from Lamp of D in the Disarmament Fallicy story, I think his mom might find him under the front porch licking his wounds. 🤪
    Lil d is like a dog that got hit by a car right now.

  13. “The men and women of the ATF have a difficult job already. They deserve a director with the required experience to administer the laws and regulations as they are written.”

    Yes, infringing on rights that shall not be infringed is such hard work. Curious that there was no mention in this article of him happily posing in front of the charred remains of children at Waco in 93′. Say what you will about his qualifications (or lackthereof) but that picture says everything about this piece of sh*t.


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