Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, acknowledges out-going Mayor Lori Lightfoot, during his inauguration as the city's 57th mayor Monday, May 15, 2023, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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“Let’s go Brandon” became a common chant mocking Joe Biden early in his term.  However, it’s gaining a whole new meaning in the Windy City. Violent crime under Murder City USA’s new and even more woke mayor Brandon Johnson rose 38% in his first 30 days in office.

Right off the bat, ahead of the always precarious Memorial Day holiday, Hizzoner elected to spend precious city money on “violence prevention” programs instead of paying cops overtime to try to keep a lid on the violence. The result: the Memorial Day weekend was the most violent Chicago has seen in over ten years.

Since then he’s doubled down on his progressive plans…and he has exactly results you’d expect to show for it. It’s so bad now that even the mainstream media are reporting it – at the national level. is reporting on the mayhem in excruciating detail . . .

Readers can decide if it’s too early to tie Mayor Brandon Johnson’s words and actions with the increase in crimes taking place under his watch, but the numbers during his first month weren’t good. The negative trend that’s been in place over the last three years has continued unabated since Johnson took office.

The latest police CompStat data shows almost all major crimes grew during the mayor’s first month (May 15, 2023 – June 11, 2023), with the total crime count growing 38% vs. the same month last year. 

Aggravated batteries were up 17% and burglaries increased 12%. Criminal sexual assaults were up 5%. Car thefts continued their out-of-control spiral, up 153%. Even shootings were up 12%.

Only homicides fell over the period, declining 5%. That’s three less people murdered in that one month period, but unfortunately, still a rounding error in a city that has led the country in homicides for eleven straight years (see Wirepoints’ survey of America’s 75-largest cities for more). 

Johnson set a tone of lawlessness even before he became mayor. He has a long record of defund-the-police and soft-on-crime statements that he continued to build on as Chicago’s mayor elect. 

His “silly kids” comment in late April after a teen takeover of Chicago’s downtown in late April only enabled even more youth crime. 

“They’re young. Sometimes they make silly decisions,” Johnson said as he doubled down on his previous calls for the public to not “demonize” hundreds of teens who took over Chicago’s streets.

Those “silly kids” making “silly decisions” are making life in America’s largest open air shooting gallery increasingly difficult and dangerous, even for people who like to pretend there isn’t a problem.

What’s life like in Chicago? Take this shots-fired incident that police responded to:

And here’s how the community greets the police when they respond . . .


Is it any wonder that productive people who can afford it are fleeing Chicago and indeed all of Cook County?

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    • I’m going to steal that.

      Meanwhile, in Florida under the leadership of Ron DeSantis, violent crime is at a 50-year low.

      • And in 2 weeks, it will drop further, when Con. carry becomes *law*… 🙂

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  1. Give it time…it can go much higher. Summer is just starting to heat up…that’s when it starts to get interesting in Chicago.

  2. When God created the world it had to have been summer time because Adam and Eve had no clothes. There were no guns and no clothes. So, no concealed carry. That’s why the snake was so bold; he knew no one would shoot him because he could see no one was armed. If Adam had had a snake gun, this whole thing might have turned out differently.

    • Don’t forget what Senator John Kennedy said a few weeks ago about the Snake in the Garden.
      If the Garden of Eden been in Louisiana, it would have been Marie and Boudro instead of Adam and Eve. And they would have thrown away the apple and eaten the damn snake.

      • OMIAL,

        I had not heard that, but I am glad that I have. That is going to get some re-use.

        Than you, my friend!

    • “…Adam and Eve had no clothes. There were no guns and no clothes. So, no concealed carry.”

      Well, *technically*, both Adam and Eve had ‘prison wallets’, and Eve had an additional place to conceal, as proven by Miss Dallas Archer a number of years back… 🙂

    • A snake gun would not have made a mossie’s’ eyelash of difference.
      The issue was not a lack of means, but a lack of desire. Adam and Eve preferred todo ubt God’s Word and promise. It was a matter of software not hardware. Still is.

  3. Regarding that main picture- has there ever been a picture with two more worthless people in it? The only possibility is a picture of Dementia Joe and Veepthroat.

    • I think Fetterman and Biden together might have ya beat. Kamala Harris does have a certain skill set apparently. It’s taken her far in her career.

      • Another one, John –

        “20 shot, one dead at parking lot party in suburban Chicago”

    • Of course. It was his fault we had hurricanes because he didn’t pledge a sacrifice to the climate cult.

  4. “silly kids”

    A glotifying promotion term for ‘street thugs’.

    kinda like the people at Subway don’t make sandwiches, instead they are ‘sandwich artists’

    • Like Papua New Guinea calling street gangs “little rascals”. The rascal gangs in addition to street crime are also into home invasion, robbery, rape, and murder.

  5. Man Wearing Defund Gun Control Shirt Confronted By Leftist Media & Exposes Their Ignorance.

    • .40,

      That is the first time I listened to Colon Noir. Now, I have bookmarked his site.

      Thank you!

    • Yep. The men of the founding era did indeed know about “more advanced” weapons than their Brown Bess. Because of the way the English trained their footsoldiers, ther rate of fire was between two and three MINUTES per round. Our “well regulated” militia couind and did reliably fire about one round per minute… two to three times as many rounds downrange in the same time period.
      Most in that era also were well aware of a :new type” of rifle… known as the Girandoni. It fired a prety standard lead ball, had a magazine capacity o FORTY ROUNDS (yes, in 1775…) and its user could fire each round in succession by merely pressing that trigger once more. Yes it was semiautomatic. Forty rounds in the mag, and its rate of fire was very close to one round PER SECOND. That means, i the time a Brit foot could reload and fire his second round, the guy with the Girandoni has fired FORTY rounds and was just about done reloading for another forty.
      The men drafting and sinigg our Constitution KNEW of this new weapon.
      So much for the baldfaced lie that ALL guns back then were single shot muzzleloading smoothbore muskets.

  6. Unfortunately, unless and until the citizens/voters in Chicago, and Illinois in general decide to change who they support and vote for, things will not get better or change. Only continue down the same lawless path of self destruction.
    We could tell them what and how to do things to make the changes, or how to put a stop to the crime in the city, but we will get called some sort of ist or phobe for telling the truth.
    And, of course actually doing anything effective just has to be somehow racist.
    The Dinndoo and Nohnuffin tribes will continue to kill each other with impunity.

    • Given how Chicago Public Schools aren’t teaching the kids how to read or do math, I’d say it’s not going to happen for a generation or two AT BEST! Stupid people elect grifters and commies (BIRM).

      • Nothing will begin to happen without a massive change in culture. They basically celebrate Ebonics at this point. In the movie Creed II, I noticed they had well-educated characters intentionally using the wrong verb tense, or leaving the verb out altogether. They obviously think that appeals to black people. Did Apollo talk like that in Rocky? We’re regressing. It’s intentional.

        Also, my kids took me to a movie yesterday. They inserted a gay person for a tiny role that had nothing to do with the movie. It served no purpose other than the “not so secret gay agenda.”

    • If what happened in Detroit didn’t change the leadership nothing will. Detroit is such a hellhole not even criminals & welfare recipients want to live there. Yet they still keep electing far left democrats. Dilbert is right there’s no fixing this just get away from it.

    • Good luck with electoral districts that are gerrymandered to hell and back.

      Dems probably only need a 20% turnout to win.

  7. I told ya Brandon(the communist)was worse than Groot🙄 Elected by the freaking teachers union.

    • its not that he is worse, both are just as bad…both are just licking different sides of the same all-day sucker…with the sucker being the idiots that voted for them

      • That only works by dumbing-down the population. It’s no secret why their education is terrible.

  8. I wouldn’t be cheering for Lightfoots’ departure too soon. There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them. Chicago residents did not put anyone better in office. They just put someone else in.

  9. You see that shit on OP Live all the time. The cops respond some crime that puts the whole neighborhood in danger and without a fail a “community organizer” and entourage show up to obstruct the cops and shout “hedindu” over and over.

    Cops should stop responding to these neighborhoods. They have no-go zones all over European cities. We need them here. At least until the residents get with the program or they all die from the nonsense they’re defending.

    • Yep.If’n the locals won’t regulate the situation it will regulate its own self. And they will NOT like it one bit. But sometimes the kid NEEDS to ride his bike barefoot and crash to learn why Dad has been telling him not to. Kid’s fault not Dad’s.

  10. LOLOLOL! This stuff is pure comedy. Absolute gold. The best use of the internet is spreading videos of these shootings. Someone should make a weekly composition; the clicks would be in the millions.

    “Be advised, there’s a rifle in that jeep.”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Comedy at its finest.

    • What’s the difference between Chicago and Kinshasa??

      Nothing worth mentioning.

  11. We should all be thankful fro places like Chiraq, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York and San Fransisco with their Liberal/Progressive Ideologies. They all give criminals, drug addicts, illegal aliens and the homeless who partake in these activities. A place to set up without the risk of being held accountable for their behavior. Thus keeping them from infesting other parts of the country. As long as these cities keep the lights turned off in the face of the chaos they propagate. The Cockroaches won’t tend to scatter.

  12. “Since then he’s doubled down on his progressive plans…and he has exactly results you’d expect to show for it.”

    It’s rare in today’s political world that a recently elected mayor can have his policies achieve results in such a short time period. Mayor Brandon Johnson is a politician who fulfills his campaign promises to his key constituents.

    I can only imagine what four years from now Chicongo will be like.

  13. After the Juneteenth weekend, I’ll be curious to see the casualty count. Any takers on the over/under from last year?

    • Hey Kammie Babe….. on the matter of teachers carrying firearms at schools.
      First, they must take extremely intensive and specifically relevant training and orove their skills with their fireram. Second, they carr CONCEALED. Concealed means NO ONE SSES IT. So Little Miss Second Grader will neer see her teacher’s gun.. UNLESS a dirtbag invades the classroom and starts threatening or shooting Little Miss Second Grader and/or her peers. And then, and ONLY then, will Little iss Secnd Grader discover that her beloved teacher has been carrying a gun to protect HER all year long, and she never knew it. At that point in time Little iss Secind Grader will have a heart full of joy and hope BECAUSE her beloved teacher has taken the time and expense to prepare, and train, and be ready.. to defend HER life.

      Suck it up Kammie. You are dead wrong.

      I have only one question for this wretch of a politician: WHO wrote that speech? This aint YOUR handiwork.

  14. for Illinois and elsewhere… UPDATE: Legal Playbook AGAINST 2nd Amendment; What the Government is Using in Court to Attack.

  15. quote———Right off the bat, ahead of the always precarious Memorial Day holiday, Hizzoner elected to spend precious city money on “violence prevention” programs instead of paying cops overtime to try to keep a lid on the violence.——–quote

    Translation: Instead of using science we send in the murderous untrained, unvetted jackbooted killer cops ala WWII Nazi’s to gun people down in a hail of automatic fire for spitting on the sidewalk. Afterall Blacks should not have the same rights as whites according to the jackbooted White Far Right Hitlerite Storm troopers.

    quote: Aggravated batteries were up 17% and burglaries increased 12%. Criminal sexual assaults were up 5%. Car thefts continued their out-of-control spiral, up 153%. Even shootings were up 12%.——–quote

    Thank the Republicans for refusing to pass Universal Background Checks.

    Safe Storage Laws.

    Red Flag laws.

    Waiting periods.

    Gun registration.

    Refusal to fund Federal after school programs.

    Higher pay for teachers.

    More money for classroom tools and programs.

    College and vocational school financial grants.

    In depth vetting of cops to prevent the hiring of sadists, bullies, murderers, racists, bigots, and ex-military jackbooted lunatics.

    quote———-Only homicides fell over the period, declining 5%.——–quote

    T Tag conveniently ignores exploring why the leaders of Chicago were able to accomplish this. Let us give credit where credit is due! Nahh that would not be good Far Right propaganda.

    Addendum. The silly term “lets go Brandon” is not known by the majority of U.S. normal people and those few who have heard it laugh at its silliness. The term’s use is befitting for the overall ignorance and midget mentality of the Far Right Neanderthals.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, you could not translate English into English. I thank the Republicans and anyone else who opposes or opposed your stupid proposals. The fact is that a) a gun which is to be used for self defense is not able to be locked up and be viable. b0 No criminal is going to go to a gun store and submit to one of your “universal background checks” which are useless to begin with as has been problem time and again. After school programs should be “funded” by the people who use those programs. My parents :after school program” was holding us responsible for our actions. And trust me they knew what was going on. Red Flag Laws are UNCONSTITUTION as these “laws” deny a defendant/respondent with something the Constitution calls DUE PROCESS before property (a gun is property) is seized. I am all for “higher pay for teachers, just as soon as they start to teach reading, writing and math so that our kids can read a book, write a complete sentence and balance a checkbook. If you want to go to college, you should pay for it yourself with loans if need be.

    • MASSIVE LIE! Everyone Is Getting it WRONG! Number One Cause of Death in Children NOT Firearms!

  16. Question for any (ex-)Chicago people here: Why don’t the big companies and the more mobile workers move across the border to Indiana?

  17. Chicago; just another dead city destroyed by progressive Democrats. Good riddance you filthy rat-hole. And if any of you plan to move to FL, you will be ratted out and made very unwelcome, so be forewarned. Progressives have created this toxic environment, and we are going to respond in kind.

  18. Pretty ironic that a black holiday happens to be on the same weekend as Father’s Day, when the majority of black fathers aren’t.

  19. Can anyone name me a city, county, state or country ran by blacks that isn’t a violent economic basket case?
    Every single thing that they touch turns to crap at warp speed, there are no exceptions.

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