Give Your Dad Something Special This Fathers Day

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  1. Dad always said that if something was worth saying someone else would say it, so you don’t have to. He was a quiet man who spoke his mind. He made his own peanut butter yogurt and put it over cucumbers. He said “Guns don’t make you brave and they don’t make you afraid. You do that, because ultimately, we do what we want, even when we don’t want to.”

    He kept a pair-of-ducks in the yard because he said they symbolized the juxtapositioning of mutually exclusive truths. Like the truth that shooting a bad guy to save a good guy is morally justifiable, but letting the bad guy kill the good guy is not, even though the same number of people die. He maintained the cat was always in the box and that Schroedinger had imaginary friends who would not play with him.

    He kept his guns in an old dirty pot on a broken stove because nobody would look there.

  2. Hey, TTAG!!!!!!!

    Two posts moderated in two days with absolutely no offensive or controversial language. It was a Father’s Day post for crying out loud!!

    Why the heck don’t you talk with WordPress about their algorithms??

    • Mustn’t upset the ‘Borg’…Resistance is futile. They don’t care. They have no mercy, no feelings toward you. They have their own imperative, their own agenda …

    • There’s also an rng portion of the algorithm that randomly picks posts to zap for no reason other than pure negative energy.

    • I’ve had a couple posts get hoovered too these past few days, but they all eventually trickled back in. And, for some reason, I can now post while using my home DSL (all from here lost, not moderated, for the past several months).

  3. I miss my dad. He passed a few years ago. He was never big on guns, but he wasn’t opposed to them, either. It was my mother who didn’t like guns, but she also didn’t know that at least half of us were carrying anytime we came/stayed over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Their house was never safer than during the holidays when it was full of their adult children. Mom didn’t know and dad wasn’t saying a word. Way to go, Dad…Happy Father’s Day!

  4. That old German tank destroyer is impressive, but I would rather have an M-18 Hellcat with an actual turret.

  5. Went fishing with some of my spawn and grand spawn this morning. Bootiful day on the coast.

  6. Daughter picked up the tab for a nice steak dinner today, good family time. One more year of college, so we’re still covering most of her expenses, but she’s getting life sorted. Most of her cousins are getting it too. Encouraging to see that, these days, as common sense is not so common.

    Salutations, Dads.

  7. I lit a candle and recited incantations in front of the shrine I built to memorialize Joseph Robinett Biden.
    The Father of our country

  8. One of my kids gave me a liter of very good Scotch Whisky. But, the best gift was from my youngest grandkid. “I Love You, Pa Pa.” and a big hug.
    As I mentioned before, we had a nice gather here with the family. Good food, a few small gifts and a lot of hugs and love. What more could an old man ask for?
    I did pour out a drink for my father as well. He passed in 2001. Still mis him. He lived the life he wanted to and taught us well. Respect for others. Work and save for the future. Take care of your family. Pay your bills and take nothing that isn’t yours. Stand up for what you believe and fight if you must to protect that. And find the joy in life in the small things.

  9. I placed flowers on my father’s grave yesterday. my children took me to lunch. Katherine gave me a gift bag stuffed with my favorite goodies. John gave me a vintage Ruger Standard Model he tripped over. A little earlier this month I gave myself a new Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies 870 Standard Model, a nib Sig P226/MK25 and a vintage Colt Detective Special. 72 mfg I believe. Plus accessories. That was an expensive 48 hours. Except for the shotgun the other stuff was accidental. I like buying gifts for myself, I know best what I want, but my checkbook is sucking wind.

  10. text from boy, hug from girl.
    poured pops’ ashes in cold ass lake michigan while sailing forty two years ago. whenever i go for a dip i ~warm~ him up a bit.

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