Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, left, listens to Interim Police Superintendent Fred Waller, as they outline the city's public safety plan in advance of Memorial Day weekend Thursday, May 25, 2023, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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Chicago’s latest feckless Mayor “Let’s Go” Brandon Johnson formulated a new strategy to tamp down the city’s historically horrific violent crime that spikes over the Memorial Day weekend and carries through the summer each year. His plan: dispatch thirty unarmed, yellow-vested “peacekeepers” to high crime neighborhoods to try to, well, keep the peace. Mayor Johnson combined that with fewer overtime hours for actual cops (the ones with with guns) to be on patrol.

Hizzoner, through late last week, claimed his innovative new “safety plan” wouldn’t require any extra overtime from police.

Instead of bucking up for the extra overtime and putting more cops on the streets for what has traditionally been the start of Chicago’s long hot summer of shootings and mayhem, Big Brain Brandon decided to divert $2.5 million of the city’s hard-to-find cash on so-called violence prevention programs.

How did Mayor Brandon’s “public safety plan” work out? Windy City gangs celebrated the relative lack of law enforcement by killing a dozen people and wounding an additional 49. It marked the worst Memorial Day weekend violence in over a decade. Ten people were killed on Saturday alone, marking only the fourth day with 10 or more homicides in Chicago in the past ten years.

Having only to deal with more yellow-vested peacekeepers and fewer actual police officers, the city’s criminal population has taken up a rousing chant of Let’s go Brandon!

There were a number of highlights during the weekend’s crapshow, but one of the obvious standouts was the “peacekeeper” who helped carjack a man before savagely beating and then robbing him.

From story one at CWB Chicago . . .

A Chicago man wearing a neon yellow “peacekeepers” vest helped a group of people beat and rob a motorist in Little Village on Friday night, according to a Chicago Police Department report. The allegations come after city and state officials lauded the use of “peacekeepers” as a tool they would deploy over the Memorial Day weekend to tamp down violence across the city.

Oscar Montes, 31, was held without bail by Judge Maryam Ahmad on charges of robbery, aggravated battery, and unlawful vehicular invasion Sunday afternoon…

A 37-year-old man was pulled from his vehicle by “multiple offenders,” including one wearing a neon vest, a Chicago police spokesperson said Saturday. During Montes’ bail hearing, prosecutor Charles Golaszewski said six or seven men joined Montes in pulling the victim from the driver’s seat.

The group punched and kicked him on the ground. Montes took the victim’s phone and beat the man with it, Golaszewski alleged. Another man took the victim’s wallet before everyone scattered as Chicago cops returned to the scene.

A police surveillance camera recorded the entire attack, Golaszewski said, and officers who reviewed the footage identified a man wearing a yellow vest as one of the attackers.

Of course, the parolee peacekeeper blamed the his participation in the carjacking on the “stress of the job” even though he had been working exactly one day at keeping the peace. And supporters of hiring felons as peacekeepers were quick to excuse Montes’ actions.

Also from CWB Chicago . . .

After officials said a man wearing a yellow “peacekeeper” vest was among a group of offenders who severely beat and robbed a driver in Little Village on Friday, a proponent of the anti-violence programs argued that the accused man had simply “mishandled the stress” of working as a peacekeeper.

And Chicago’s holiday crime spike took place despite the police instituting unconstitutional bag searches for people entering and leaving Millenium Park and Chicago’s beaches.

In short, Windy City residents and visitors have another long, hot summer ahead of them. But then again, the voters in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods elected Brandon Johnson and Lori Lightfoot before him. Now they’re living with the consequences of those votes.


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    • Seems Chicago and other cities are overflowing with dumb asses.
      Sad news is these dumb asses vote!

    • Not low-information, these people knew exactly what they were voting for and they got exactly what they wanted… Only hope for Chicago comes in the form of a thermonuclear device…

  1. Everyone applauded for the ejection of ole mayor what-er-face…

    Well, while Florida is falling under a boycott by the black culture leaders no one on the left seems to care at all about the wholesale slaughter of the black community in Chicago. Democrats look to me like that’s exactly the way they like it.

    Chicago can keep voting D all they want. This is what they will get.

    • Florida is falling under a boycott by the black culture leaders

      The leader of THAT group actually lives in Tampa (a city in FLORIDA) and many of the board members have posted photos on their Fakebook pages of them cavorting in the glorious rays of the “sunshine” state… Anyway, it would appear that they are being ignored by a large number of black folks because when I rode through Daytona Beach over the weekend, I could not help but notice numbers of black people that rival those of Black Spring Break (yes, there is such a thing) and Disney, Orlando, Miami Beach and Key West are all gearing up for “Pride Month” so I’m guessing that the alphabet community is not paying much attention to warnings about them being danger either…

      • Yes, it’s all theater…like so much of our society anymore. The outrage and drama quickly melt away and everyone goes about doing the opposite of what they just protested. It’s tiresome. Reality has a way of wiping away such foolishness with legitimate issues.

      • well it was worth a try…anything to keep them from shooting-up a peaceful beach….

    • People like miner49er need this violence. They are praying for it. The more dead folks of color the more they like it.

      Bodies in the street bolsters their cause. The fact that it is black bodies is a bonus for miner and his handlers.

    • “Well, while Florida is falling under a boycott by the black culture leaders no one on the left in Florida seems to care at all …”

        • Even the loopiest moonbat up here still vacations in Florida and eventually becomes a snowbird unless they discover meth and become a Florida Man/Woman article.

  2. Chicago schools supposedly graduate 87% of students which I find it hard to believe. Only 11% of graduating blacks can read their diplomas. It ain’t just a black thing either. Latinos are but a few points higher and whites aren’t far ahead of either group.

    You graduate illiterates and they vote for commies and they like it.

    • No kidding, 87% of their students have an sub 87 IQ. Chitcago is well on it’s way to becoming Mogadishu.

  3. Appears to be a job opening for one of the resident finger pointing bigots on this forum…They insist the problem is the perps are Black so why not paint their faces white and that should solve the Chicago crime problem…As if armed white faced people never, ever marched around in Sheets terrorizing unarmed Black faced people, etc. Let’ see…it was demoCrap between the ears of the dumbbell kkk and it is demoCrap between the ears of dumbbells in Chicago…two peas in a pod.

    • It’s not the violence, or the ignorance, or the stupidity, or the gang banging, or the broken families, or the refusal to take responsibility. All of that is fine. We just hate the color of their skin.


      • johnny boy…Now that you made a bigger azzhat out of yourself your commits on the behavior of the kkk and third reich are? Perhaps those residing in your crime center of the universe “chicongo” are just acting somewhat white? Please advise.

    • Sorry, the problem in Chicago is not White-faced men running around killing Black people… When it is Black men killing other Blacks THAT is a black problem… No one is “insisting” that the problem in Chicago is that the perps are black, they are actually stating a FACT, the problem in Chicago IS that the perps are Black… Name a city where gangs of Whites are roaming the streets wounding and killing dozens of people (of ANY color) as a “thing to do” on any given weekend… I know you like to live in the late 1800s early 1900s but those days are past save for a few backwoods pockets in the South, the KKK is pretty much defunct and Jim Crow laws are no longer on the books… Black on Black crime FAR exceeds any damage ever done in the racist South and there have probably been more blacks killed by other blacks in the past ten years than in the entire history of slavery and Jim Crow… This has become a societal problem that exists no matter which party is in power… Time catch up…

      • I noted the kkk basically were gangs of torch carrying armed white as rice thugs roaming around America terrorizing unarmed Blacks. Once again…Their pointed heads were filled with demoCrap just like the heads of Black gangs in Chicago, etc. are filled with demoCrap.

        Add everything up and skin color is not the problem which leaves finger pointing bigots on this forum upset and without a podium.

        • So FBI crime statistics compiled for decades showing the same trend on a group identifiable by skin color is racist? Is math racist as well or is it just pattern recognition you hate? Either way your stubborn ignorance is profoundly myopic bordering on bigoted.

        • oh yes it is…it’s a whole different culture where violence and lack of impulse control is the norm…the evening news does not lie….

    • Most of the garbage just spouted was DNC, CIA and FBI propaganda…Just old and tired BS from the 1960s…CLEAN YOUR HOUSE AND SHUT UP ABOUT MINE!

    • she got agitated when she quit cutting in line.
      i remember my wife’s personal summer quite well…
      at this rate it would take about 1200 years, but that’s only at zpg.

        • Debbie — it’s culture, not color, that’s the problem. Can’t you grok that?

          Besides, aren’t you the one that’s endlessly repeating the mantra that Gun Control is historically racist?

  4. Let the dindus off each other. At some point we’ll reach max q and the violence will start to decrease b/c they’ll have killed so many through murder and abortion(murder lite) that the collapse in birth rate can no longer keep up with production of future dindus and hoodrats.

    He dindu nuffins! He wuz uh goot boy.

  5. As I was reading this article I found myself chuckling. At first I was expecting the “peacekeepers” to be among the victims but no!
    Yellow vested “peacekeepers” are felons??
    It’s the fox guarding the hen house!

    • Albany is probably 1 or 2 election cycles away from some of these concepts being tried. Thankfully it lacks the population to get too out of control but ………..yeah that is a certain kind of special.

    • sort of like hiring the Hell’s Angels to provide security…how’d that one work out for you Mick?

  6. What is abundantly clear in this article is the amount of “stress” that these unarmed community “peacekeepers” are facing. Just one day on the job caused this for a “peacekeeper”, clearly the program’s budget needs to be quadrupled and more former felons added to the “peacekeeper” rolls.

    With the support of the residents of Chiraq Mayor Brandon can exceed the numbers of his predecessor.

  7. “Windy City gangs celebrated the relative lack of law enforcement by killing a dozen people and wounding an additional 49.”


    So, why aren’t the victims of this violence giving descriptions of the ‘white supremacists’ committing this violence in their community to local law enforcement so that arrests can be made?

    Could it possibly be that will uncover an ‘inconvenient truth’ as to the actual source of that systemic violence?

  8. “After officials said a man wearing a yellow “peacekeeper” vest was among a group of offenders who severely beat and robbed a driver in Little Village on Friday, a proponent of the anti-violence programs argued that the accused man had simply “mishandled the stress” of working as a peacekeeper.”

    BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Whomever spoke that needs to die in a car fire. That I set. I’m sure it’ll just be explained away that I “mishandled the stress” of listening to their fucking bullshit.

  9. “a proponent of the anti-violence programs argued that the accused man had simply ‘mishandled the stress’ of working as a peacekeeper.”

    apparently the “proponent of the anti-violence program” can’t manage the stress of not having a brain.

    seriously, this is how left wing thinks. Everyone of them have this delusion mental illness in some aspect.

    if you put a fox in your hen house to guard the chickens and the fox kills the chickens is your excuse “the fox couldn’t manage the stress of guarding chickens” ?

    A sane person would think “hey, let’s not put the fox in the hen house ’cause it’s the nature of foxes to kill chickens.”

    hard core criminals are like that fox, its their nature to comit crimes when they are allowed to roam freely among the prey. But these idiots don’t recognize that and delusionally in their mental illness we get…’mishandled the stress’ of one day as a peace keeper.

    It would have been better if this ‘proponent’ had said nothing, because now they have beyond a shadow of a doubt shown the left wing delusion mental illness that’s facilitating the crime violence in Chicago.

  10. to paraphrase colnel Hannibal Smith, I hate it when a plan doesn’t come together.

  11. Roving bands of Norwegians are at it again in Chicago. Run for your life before they force you to eat Lute fish and pillage your your homes.

    • Thought I saw a couple of Swedes in a newsfeed beating on an elderly black woman, but she was pretty much holding her own…

    • Damn those Minnesota Norwegian Vikings out raiding and pillaging. Or was it a bunch of Swedes coming down the lake from Green Bay? Perhaps some French Voyager’s in canoes paddling down from Canada?
      Can’t be those good choir boys from the ‘Hood doing all these violent crimes. Just couldn’t be the Dindu Nuffins from around the block actually doing anything.
      I used to know some good folks in Chicago when I lived there back in the late ’80’s. Every one of them has left the city and most have moved out of state. Although a couple went from the frying pan into the fire by moving to the MSP area.
      As with most of our major cities under Dementiacrat/Marxist control. Wall them off and let them destroy themselves. Us country folks will survive long after the cities have fallen into ruin.

  12. Why is everyone talking like the people of Chicago are unhappy? They have democracy, and they got what they voted for. I, for one, am happy for them. As long as Chicago voters identify themselves with the criminals instead of the victims, they will keep voting to protect the criminals (themselves, their sons, fathers and husbands). It’s their city, and their right to choose how it’s run. Good for them for getting what they want.

    • Not that their deaths are an inconvenience to the “Chicago Machine”. They’ll be voting Democrat for decades at least afterwards.

  13. Regarding falling scores my ex was a child psychologist and she showed me papers that linked falling performance scores and gestational drug use. Even drug use (including alcohol) during first days after implantation causes measurable damage. There’s even a case for bad food and fetal damage and I notice even young women with severe obesity which implies eating all the corn syrup and white flour.

  14. “Even More Than the Old Boss: Chicago Has Worst Memorial Day Weekend Violence in Over a Decade”

    Well, he did promise during his campaign that he would do better than the old boss Lori Lightfoot. So its at least one campaign promise he kept.


  15. Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, San Fran, Denver, Minneapolis, Detroit, etc. All with rising levels of violent crime and Dementiacrat/Marxist politicians running the city for decades.
    Could there be a correlation?
    But it’s the conservative white guy that’s the problem.
    Reason, logic, common sense, basic morals and a sense of honor must have been removed when registering as a Democrat voter or politician.

  16. The people of Chicago are getting exactly what they voted for. Congratulations to them and may they continue to get more and more of what they voted for. Airlifted in by the ton. They’re still a sanctuary city, right? Get a bus convoy going. They asked for it. They even wagged their fingers and guilted everyone else who didn’t ask for it so Chicago should get it all.

  17. Nice thing about country bumpkins. We can elect a moron to any office we like. But, said moron can’t really screw up millions of people’s lives, like those big city idiots can do.

    Yeah, let’s go Brandon!!



  19. Crime statistics are not only racist they are sexist and ageist. Males do much more crime than females. Next, age. After age 50 or so, males become much less violent. So much so that some countries consider age in parole. I can easily imagine a law prohibiting the collection of gender and race data but it would be hard to not collect age data.

  20. In my life in America I’ve seen two black people.
    One was in a smashed up car and the other was in an overturned semi tractor trailer.
    If you like to hear people scream (and I do) fire works really good.

  21. In reality Chicago’s gun laws are rendered ineffective by the “Iron Pipeline” which funnels in thousands of second hand unvetted guns from Red States that lack tough gun laws. And this is made possible by Republicans who refuse to pass sane gun laws on the Federal Level.

    • But Illinois has laws that make it illegal to import guns from other states.

      Why aren’t those laws working?

    • Blah blah Chicago blah blah blah “iron pipeline” blah blah second hand guns blah blah blah blah Republicans, red states, unvetted… Same old tired ass BS from the same old tired ass BSr…

    • Just like ‘Ghost Gun‘ the Iron Pipeline is a term used to describe the fact that a demand for illicit firearms in the North Eastern United States receives a supply. The term is used to evoke some dark network of underground flow where guns are simply pumped into New York, Baltimore, and other locales of high demand.

      In reality, this is just the straw purchasing. And straw purchasing isn’t taken seriously by federal, state and local law enforcement. Suppliers are rarely held accountable in a meaningful way (oh, certainly there is one or another in the news here and there) and moreover buyers are not held accountable.

      If we want ill gotten arms to be dissuaded then we need to dissuade.

      • to the Man

        More Right Wing propaganda. Second hand guns sales “are not” like straw purchases of “new guns” because most “second hand” guns found in the two Chicago studies were 13 years old or older and had been on the market many years and passed through many hands over the years.

        When a person starts buying multiple “new guns” F.F.L. dealers are now required to contact the ATF. No such laws apply to the traffic in second hand guns.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Here we go with your vaulted “Chicago studies”. More Leftist doctored stats? Whee did you get the nonsense that the AFT has to be notified if “multiple new guns” are purchased? For your edification, a multiple gun purchase can be done on ONE AFT Form. You have more B/S than a Kansas City Cire truck has brass.

        • No amount of laws will ever regulate second hand gun sales. Some will comply but enough will laugh and do as they will with no discernable consequences. Now if we want to talk about going after gangs and drug trafficking we had a few busts up here where in addition to drugs and case we got dozens of firearms that were stolen and suspended straw purchases but that doesn’t fit your idea now does it?

        • To Asshole:

          ” …most “second hand” guns found in the two Chicago studies …”

          More left wing propaganda.

          ” … were 13 years old or older and had been on the market many years …”

          And where did they come from in the first place, jerkwad?
          Weren’t there laws against importing guns from others states into IL 13 year ago? Of course there were — and those laws are still not working. You want to pass some more laws in “lax” states? Those laws will work as well as the current ones that don’t prevent criminals from criminaling — but they will infringe on the Constitutional rights of the law-abiding.

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          quote————–Whee did you get the nonsense that the AFT has to be notified if “multiple new guns” are purchased?———-quote

          You really show your ignorance on this one. All F.F.L. dealers for years were required to report to the ATF if a person purchased more than 1 handgun in a week and now this has been extended to include many assault rifles as well. Your ignorant rant about putting two guns on one 4473 has zero to do with the reporting requirement which is separate paperwork altogether. Many times a person will buy a weapon on one day and then another on a succeeding day which amounts to more than 1 purchase per week.

          To the Man with no brains
          quote—————And where did they come from in the first place, jerkwad————quote

          I just told you numb scull they came from Hillbilly States that permit the trafficking of secondhand guns without going through an F.F.L. Dealer

        • if a person purchased more than 1 handgun in a week and now this has been extended to include many assault rifles as well.

          First of all EVERY purchase of any FFL sale is reported to the ATF (prove me wrong)… Define an ASSAULT rifle…. Funny story the HEAD of the ATF can’t define an assault rifle…

        • To dacien the flaming asshole:

          “… they came from Hillbilly States that permit the trafficking of secondhand guns without going through an F.F.L. Dealer”

          Name one state that allows legal “trafficking” in illegal firearms — cite that law.

          Illinois has laws that make it illegal to import guns from other states. Why aren’t those laws working?

          And just for fun, cite those “studies” so that we can analyze them and show you that they’re bunk.

        • To the Man with no brains

          Now pay attention junior boy and you will learn how the system actually works. Second hand guns in many states are allowed to be sold without paperwork and anyone can buy all they want and then run them into other states. A Federal Universal Background Check Law would cut this off almost overnight because when a person wanted to sell his gun to another individual he would have to transfer ownership through a dealer. No law is perfect but the majority of citizens would not risk imprisonment and huge fines and loss of their gun rights for life. Even a 5th grader can understand this why cannot you??????

          And since you scream about studies its not my fault you are too lazy, shiftless and frightened to simply google it as the studies are almost too numerous to even mention. If you are computer illiterate have a 5th grader look the info up for you.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. ROFLMAOBT! For your edification there is NO reporting to the ATF on multiple purchases. It seems that the ATF form is kept at the gun store’s location and is not reviewed by ATF except in a general audit of the dealer. when the gun store calls NICS (which is run by the FBI) there is NO MENTION of how many guns are being purchased. As usual, you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about.

        • there is NO reporting to the ATF on multiple purchases.. Unfortunately Walter you are incorrect on this one…

          Reporting Multiple Firearms Sales
          The Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 requires federal firearms licensees (FFLs) to send a report to ATF when there is a sale of multiple firearms to the same purchaser within a certain time period.

          ATF uses the information gathered from multiple sales transactions to investigate possible firearms trafficking cases. If one or more firearms recovered from a crime are part of a multiple purchase, this could be an indicator of potential firearms trafficking. Crime guns recovered shortly after a multiple sale is known as a short time-to-crime ratio.

          Sales of Handguns
          Licensees must report the sale of two or more handguns if they occur at the same time or within five consecutive business days of each other.

          Reporting Process for Pistols and Revolvers
          Fill out three copies of ATF Form 3310.4, Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers.
          Send the first copy to the ATF National Tracing Center no later than the close of business on the day that the multiple sale or other disposition occurs. Send by fax at 1-877-283-0288, email [email protected](link sends e-mail), or mail to:
          U.S. Department of Justice
          NTC – MS
          P.O. Box 0279
          Kearneysville, WV 25430–0279

          Send the second copy to the Chief Local Law Enforcement Official (CLEO). The CLEO is a local or state official designated to receive this form. If you do not know your CLEO, contact your local ATF office to find out.

          Attach the third copy to the corresponding Firearms Transaction Record ATF Form 4473, executed upon delivery of the pistols or revolvers [Regulation 478.126a]

          Sales of Rifles
          In 2011, ATF was authorized to enforce multiple firearms sales for certain types of rifles from FFLs in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

          FFLs in these states must report the following types of rifles:

          Semiautomatic rifles
          Rifles with a caliber greater than .22 (including .223 or 5.56 mm) Rifles with the ability to accept detachable magazines

          Reporting Process for Rifles
          Fill out two copies of the ATF Form 3310.12, Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles.

          Send the first copy to ATF’s National Tracing Center by fax at 1-877-283-0288, email [email protected](link sends e-mail), or mail to:

          U.S. Department of Justice
          P.O. Box 0279
          Kearneysville, WV 25430-0279

          ATF recommends that the licensee retains the second copy and attaches it to the back of the Firearms Transaction Record ATF Form 4473 that covers the transfer of the firearms.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, It seems you don’t seem to grasp the concept that it is PEOPLE who commit crimes, not guns?

      • But lil’d is completely on board with collective punishments for whole areas involved.

  22. Any “violence prevention plan” that doesn’t put prison terms for violent offenders at the center of it’s strategy is doomed to fail.

    Arrest violent offenders and put them in jail for a decade. That is a proven crime reduction strategy.

    If they re-offend – put them in jail for life.

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