New Jersey AG 5 Months Late on Microstamping Viability Study Because Its is a Non-Existent Technology

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microstamp microstamping technology bullet casing
(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)


The state Attorney General’s office is five months behind a statutory deadline in determining the “technological viability” of microstamping in guns, with results expected to come sometime this summer.

Gov. Phil Murphy last July signed a bill into law that created a roadmap to mandate gun retailers sell firearms with microstamping technology, as part of his third major gun safety package. The technology leaves unique identifiers on bullet casings to identify the make, model and serial number of a firearm. Both Murphy and Attorney General Matt Platkin, who have prioritized gun safety initiatives, support the technology.

The law requires the Attorney General to investigate the viability of microstamping technology in guns within 180 days. The findings of that investigation would guide what requirements the state has for mandating gun retailers sell firearms with the microstamping technology.
That investigation was due by January 2023; however, a public records request from POLITICO to the Attorney General’s Office found that there were no responsive findings to the investigation.

In a statement, the Attorney General’s office said that results are expected this summer.

— Daniel Han in New Jersey Attorney General’s office five months behind on gun microstamping law

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  1. Micro stamping.
    Net zero carbon.
    Curing cancer.
    Equity and equality.
    The Force.

    For a voting block that largely prides itself on science and atheism they sure do have a lot of faith in fantasy.

    Maybe they should get that witch coven that cursed Trump on the job.

    • “For a voting block that largely prides itself on science and atheism they sure do have a lot of faith in fantasy.”

      That’s all the Fascist Left has to sell, futile hope. “Elect us, the climate will cool, and ‘gun violence’ will end.

      Knowing full well what human nature is in reality.

      EDIT –

      YouTube free movies has a good one in its rotation, 1995’s ‘Heat’, with one of the best running gun battles of all time :

    • These people don’t know what science is anymore than they understand what a woman is. None of them seem to get the idea that they know nothing about what they are trying to do.

      • The ONLY science the Democrats follow is p0litical science. Everything is p0litics and p0litics is everything.

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    • 1: Micro stamping = LOL
      2: Net zero carbon = you’re the carbon they want to reduce
      3: Curing cancer = killing the patient, see #2
      4: Equity and equality = see #2 and #3
      5: The Force = more real then you think, just not like the movie, probably the basis for religions as we know them.

      • No, there is no “force” in a supernature sense, because there is no supernature, just the universe that we observe.

        • David , if you truly believe that, you have no idea of how the universe came to be. Nor does “science”.

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  2. Wow! A state dumber than ILLannoy! Breaking: At least 20 (yeah twenty)shot at a Juneteenth “celebration” in Willowbrook,Ill🙄 Happy Father’s Day TTAG.

  3. Micro-stamping is the wrong technology. We should be looking at quantum entanglement between the gun and the bullets it fires. Every bullet will be instantly and spookily tangled with the gun from which it emanated. The industry best positioned to develop this technology is the pasta industry. Have you ever tried to unravel a pot of cooked spaghetti? Those folk know how to entangle.

    Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day!

    • in case you think spaghetti is too big for quantum entanglement, remember string theory. That is the mathematical endeavor attempting to demonstrate that all matter is composed of eensy- weeny, tiny strings, similar to spaghetti. Even atoms! In other words, spaghetti may already be the build block upon which the entire universe is based.

      • “That is the mathematical endeavor attempting to demonstrate that all matter is composed of eensy- weeny, tiny strings, similar to spaghetti.”

        Really tiny. They estimated if an atom was blown up to be the size of our solar system, each vibrating ‘string’ would be the size of an average tree.

        A neat theory, pretty much discredited today by physicists, unfortunately… 🙁

        • Physicists huh? A buddy of mine, now long gone, tried explaining string to me and I absorbed nothing. But he had one of those stratospheric IQs.

          OTOH a couple years ago two professors in NC came up with a system that made Einstein’s Relativity Theory work –it fails at the extreme ends of very small and very large. Did physics accept it? Oh heck no, because it didn’t use their established models.

        • The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a pretty fearsome thing but I’m putting my faith in Godzilla. He don’t take no shit from nobody

  4. a few years ago I came across a firearm a guy wanted to sell. he told me the only thing wrong with it was it needed a new firing pin and had one but had not yet replaced it. so, he produced a ‘new’ firing pin for it and we proceeded to put it in and it worked fine and I bought the gun.

    bit there was something odd about the firing pin…he had made it himself with hand tools. Said it took him about 45 minutes to find in his junk box of random parts and things a suitable size piece of metal and shape it by file to match the actual size of the factory firing pin which it turns out had a metal fatigue defect which is why it broke.

    Although after buying the gun I replaced his DIY firing pin with one from the manufacturer (which to his credit he did a great job with his DIY pin, polished and all and looked like a manufacturer supplied firing pin).

    but the point is that even if microstamping existed, its easy to defeat with another piece of metal and a file in about 45 minutes by making one.

    • “…the point is that even if microstamping existed, its easy to defeat with another piece of metal and a file in about 45 minutes by making one.”

      The microstamping law includes provisions to criminalize modifying or replacing the firing pin with anything other than an official registered part. When the ‘gun police’ show up each year to inspect your gun, it had better be there…

      • so? big deal. the criminals don’t care. that’s what I was primarily meaning, the criminal element being able to do it just as easily as the guy I bought the gun from.

        think about their claimed purpose of the law… to supposedly prevent ‘gun violence’. if it takes a criminal by hand about 45 minutes to defeat it, who probably can already access experienced criminal underground machinists anyway that can turn out a new firing pin in a few minutes now think about them ‘mass producing’ them for the criminal element.

        So its a useless law even if such micristamping existed. Its only real purpose is further control of the law abiding. its not anything to do with preventing ‘gun violence’ because it can’t and it can’t because these events happen no matter what the law says and the law is reactive after the fact. do they seriously think a criminal intent upon shooting someone is going to go “wait, I can’t shoot them because the firing pin will microstamp” ?

        preventing ‘gun violence’ my butt.

        • .40,

          Keen analysis. Replacing g micro-stamping firing pins would become a cottage industry supported by gangs, cartels, thugs, and and investors.

    • First, what about all of the old guns without micro stamped firing pins? Many of these guns haven’t had any parts made in decades.

      And what about wear? How long before the micro stamp is either illegible or even worn away completely?

      Awkward questions.

  5. New firing pin: $60.
    New barrel: $175.
    Drop-in anonymity: priceless, for some at least.
    (or 10-20 minutes with a hand file and Dremel.)

    (prices from Glockstore dot com, for G10 factory parts.)

    • Gun barrels are all over the average gun show, pay your money and walk away with it…

      • òldsht…Never mind Gun Shows blowbag…Shouldn’t you be gearing up for a biden campaign? There you can consume more slander and libel against POTUS DJT and his voters and come back here and regurgitate it like the democRat lint licker you are.

        • Joe’s next semester will be ” the purge” I’m not saying nothing bad about Stal,,,,,,, Biden.
          President Biden is the greatest president America has ever had or ever will have.
          say it with me Deb, repeat it over and over, after awhile you’ll see the magic. A great burden lifted from our shoulders. Faith in Joe theBiden.
          Submit and you shall be rewarded.

        • “òldsht…”

          You’re not exactly a spring chicken, blowhard.

          Seriously, do you wanna go? Something tells me all those supposed ‘threats’ you get, you asked for.

          Now, just to trigger you, if Trump runs, we lose, and it will be because of low-IQ people like *you*… 🙂

      • Of course. If you were trying to get around a state’s law, you would likely not order online (nor, probably, would a store sell unmarked parts to someone with a delivery address in that state).

        I was (trying to) riff off the old MasterCard “Priceless” commercials… and just giving a little note saying where I pulled the prices from, as they struck me as a touch on the high side, even these days. Together that’s more than half the cost of a PSA Dagger, for instance.

    • …and of course that should be G19 parts; the G10s are updates to the old G7s, with Chobham barrels and transparent aluminum frames, and parts are considerably more expensive for them.

  6. To garner public support sneaky Gun Control showmen in high places hold firearms responsible for violence. That sht happens when those in low places fail to Define Gun Control as an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

    • Deb if you spent half the time sending emails to congress critters that you spend here preaching to the choir Maybe it would help. There’s over 500 of them and don’t forget just your own state and local pols. After that start on other state legislators.Dont forget governors, ag’s, , mayors. Get you a billboard in Times Square
      If you believe it will solve the gun control problem, get to it. Your help is appreciated.

  7. Why am I not surprised. These are the same people who can take 90 days to approve a purchase permit when the law states it should be done within 30 days. Thank God I escaped to

  8. Were talking bout a new Revolver
    Well yah no
    We dont leave our cases laying around
    Their talking about micro stamping
    Well when it comes down to it
    And the gunm goes bang bang bang
    We dont leave no evidence so we wont hang
    And you know it’s going to be
    Alright ,alright
    – – -ALRIGHT.

  9. IIRC wasn’t there a court ruling somewhere, possibly California, that found a law that is physically impossible to obey is still a legitimate law? Seems that will end up being the same thing in nj

  10. Children believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny.

    Leftists believe in much less logical things like Microstamping, Gun control, Men can give birth, DEI, Gender Identity, Renewable energy, Marxism, BLM, White privilege, Keynsian economics, The Handmaid’s Tale, The 1619 Project, COVID didn’t come from a Chinese lab, Governments are trustworthy, electric cars will save the planet, and nuclear power will kill us all.

    Children grow up, leftists never give up on their believe systems, they just move on to the next one that grabs hold of their limited attention span.

    • “they just move on to the next one that grabs hold of their limited attention span”

      They even use the same slogans from the previous fake civil rights fight. The regime drones are too dumb to notice or care. The current faux revolution is over the right to trans your kids.

      “My body, my choice” -taken from abortion activists
      “trans rights are human rights” -taken from feminists
      “trans kids matter” -taken from Buys Large Mansions

  11. Micro-stamping, sounds good on paper. Never works out in practice. Even if it worked, just as with serial numbers on firearms, what good will it do if the gun used has been stolen, or is an older model, or has not been registered?
    Like most of the crap being peddled by the Marxists/Leftists/Progressives/Dementiacrats for the last century, it looks great on paper as theory. In the real world it does not and can not function.

  12. If Murphy, being the good communist that he is, had his way, he’d go straight to liquidation of ALL gun owners. These people push absurd ridiculous laws, knowing that they are 100% BS, until the day they can go FULL Khmer Rouge on the population.

  13. I realize that these idiots are… idiots. But is anyone in this forum aware of the debated position or reasoning for this untenable law? Did the collected group of elected numbskulls contemplate revolvers? You know, the good ole non-ejecting firearms that are still legally sold in every state?

    Or black powder weapons which are not even considered firearms legally?

    Or that a few minutes with a Dremel would undo the entire system?

    This law is literally the answer to “tell me you don’t know anything about firearms with saying I don’t know anything about firearms.”

  14. I love that, ten years after Kamala Harris, now the Vice President of the United States, certified that microstamping technology was available and mandated its use, New Jersey is running a study on its viability. In the ten years since certification, I know of not one single production firearm that’s been offered with microstamping. And nobody in mainstream media will make a single peep about it.

  15. Mandates for microstamping, mandates for gun safes, mandates for “smart guns.”
    What we really need are mandates for smart politicians who at least know the difference between a firing pin and a “shoulder thing that goes up.”
    LOL, but good luck finding any smart politicians in Trenton (or Washington DC)!

  16. Make, model, and serial number of a gun on the striking part of a firing pin? Why not include the complete works of William Shakespeare while they’re at it?

  17. Enshrine it in law, and suddenly every single gun in the jurisdiction is illegal – and since microstamping technology does not exist, no one can get compliant. No legal guns for anyone except for police and get bad reviews in public. And if someone were to invent microstamping technology, especially as an aftermarket modification, you have essentially created a registry – good for nothing but the harassment of law-abiding gun owners.

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