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Already on our Christmas list: The Little Tank Robot That Carries a Glock “(T)he bot’s weapon is a Glock 26 ‘Baby Glock’ pistol, a popular lightweight version of the bestselling handgun. It’s not actually built into the Dogo. Instead it slots into a holder, sort of like loading a CD into a player, and locks securely. To aim it, the operator would use the company’s ‘Point & Shoot’ interface. He or she simply touches the aim point on the screen of the control unit. A laser dot shows the aim point; in the demonstration video a target wearing body armor is shot in the head, and the robot repeatedly hits the bullseye on a paper target. Given that it provides a stable firing platform, this seems plausible.”

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Documentaries, town hall expand PBS’s look at guns in America – “PBS continues to defy bullets with words, resuming a conversation that its programmers hope will gradually bring opposing sides of the gun debate closer together.” Uh huh. Your tax dollars at work.

Blocks From the NRA Convention, Louisville Residents Grapple with Bullets and Bloodshed – “When the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting opens in the city on the night of May 19, attendees will gather to celebrate firearms that connect them to their family heritage or serve as a means for camaraderie and release at the range after a hard day’s work. They will cheer their right to bear shotguns for hunting fowl and handguns for just-in-case. But for people in Louisville’s embattled neighborhoods, bloodshed is a reality to hope against, not a possibility to prepare for. Where they live, guns damage more than they comfort.” Criminals with guns. Not the guns themselves. In case you didn’t know.

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What’s your Benelli story?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Set for Clash on Gun Control – “In polls, a majority of voters align with Democrats’ positions on gun control, though political strategists often say that only opponents care passionately enough about the issue to guide their vote. A New York Times/CBS News poll in January found that 57 percent of respondents wanted stricter laws governing gun sales, and a whopping 88 percent favored background checks for all purchases. Mr. Trump goes against that grain. ‘What we don’t need to do is expand a broken system,’ he writes in his policy paper.” Who’s your money on?

Nick Saban: ‘Nothing good happens when you’re around guns unless you’re going hunting’ – Alabama’s football coach reveals that “I always tell players is that there are three bad things: nothing good happens after midnight, nothing good happens when you’re around guns unless you’re going hunting, and you don’t want to mess around with women that you don’t know because a lot of times bad things happen.” So much for personal responsibility, then.

Day two of jury selection in second trial involving Badger Guns ended with a surprise – Cops suing Badger Guns for selling weapons used in cop shooting. Judge suddenly dismisses the entire jury pool without explanation. What’s up with that?

NC congressman wants to strip IRS of ‘guns and badges’ – Wants to move enforcement division to the Treasury Department. “Rep. Holding’s bill is latest in Republican show of animosity toward IRS,” the New Observer observes, observantly.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.17.16 - Killer Guns, Dueling Dems and a Hitler Wannabe">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.20.16: Cinemark Skates, Camo Carpet and Brokaw Bloviates">Next Post


  1. Given who Saban was talking to he is probably right. Most SEC players are one step above gangbangers

  2. Meh. Any NFL player can afford a full time bodyguard. That advice, however fallacious, is about protecting their huge personnel investments. Many, if not most NFL teams are based in a large city. Many, if not most large cities have draconian firearms laws. Hence, players and guns combine to form a legal minefield which ultimately costs the team.

      • Damn. I forgot that the NFL was too hard for Nick Saban and he went back to college ball. Clearly my mind still struggles to comprehend such a decision; my mistake.

        • Sorry. My correction looks harsher than I intended. I only meant it to be a little dry.

    • Sounds like, he wanted to drop one juror for an illegitimate reason,
      and concealed that by dropping them all.

      • Highly unlikely. It is more likely that one juror being questioned about his knowledge of the case disclosed that Badger had been sued before and lost, and therefore it must be “guilty” here too, thus contaminating the entire pool. Next time around, given the amount of publicity involved in the prior case, I think the judge will conduct voir dire through written questionnaires and in chambers interviews

  3. Price if sold to private sector and built with that in mind: under 1000.00

    As it is being marketed to police and military….under 100,000

    • I’d guess that to be about $4k-$5k each in hardware plus $2.5k for the Toughpad and $100k+ in NRE. Double that if it was tested to international standards or mil specs.

      • I’d like to see the fmeca.

        Sure the trigger activation is safety, but no one wants to see a motor failure when aiming in a high stake situation either.

  4. Would you guys mind putting the source of the article in the narrative? I generally avoid giving The Trace the benefit of the visit count when I can help it. In fact, I avoid Bloomberg Business when I can just to give them one less hit for ad metrics.

  5. You know, it’s 2016.

    Technology has advanced, we have actual Hover Boards now, (albeit cooled with LN2), we have demonstrated we can land the booster stage of a geostationary transfer orbit class rocket on a tiny platform floating in the ocean (in the bloody dark, no less!) so we can launch it *again*, and *that* is the best we can do for an attack robot?

    Get it together, America!

    Nice toy, but I’m waiting for Enforcement Droid series 209 (ED-209)…

      • Sometimes my electronics get a little glitchy. I really wouldn’t want that in an armed robot. Cyberdyne Systems Inc. got a nasty glitch, too.

        • They had a problem with Unobtanium contamination in the Hyperalloy combat chassis in the T-800 series.

          Once they ditched their Chinese supplier and went with a New Zealand mine, the problem disappeared… 🙂

  6. Perhaps Nick Saban should be the proud recipient of TTAG’s inaugural ‘Fudd of the Day’ award.

  7. Funny thing, first picture in the article about Saban shows a guy with a gun right behind him. I guess nothing good is going to happen, cause he sure ain’t hunting.

  8. Welcome to my hometown. Louisville is not so bad. This article is not so inaccurate. The west end is tough. DO NOT go down there and attempt to sling dope or gangbang. Elsewise, enjoy your visit. I may just meet you Sat. at Knob Creek. Feel free to open carry. It’s completely legal here. California laws be damned

    • Yeah, I love it when the inner city thugs leave their warrens in mass and riot at the upscale suburban shopping malls.

  9. Finally, proof of what I always suspected: that Glocks were designed to be fired by cold, insensate robot claws, not human hands.

    • Even the rubber Houge’s on the
      GP-100 feel somewhat human. It’s almost as if it were shaped for a hand.

  10. No, no, no Glocks were designed to be fired by cold, insensate square teutonic hands.

  11. PBS continues to defy bullets with words

    Oh, FFS, could we please stop pretending the gun-rights side is actually firing on the anti-gun side? If that were how we were inclined to settle debates this one would have been over long ago.

    Come to think of it, could we stop pretending anti-gunners intend to use mere words? Those words are meant to become laws, those laws are meant to be implemented by naked force.

    • The thought of the Hildebeast naked enforcing laws just made my breakfast come back up.

  12. “PBS continues to defy bullets with words,
    PBS just loves gun control and needs more reasonable and sensible conversations about guns.
    Financed by the American Taxpayer.

  13. How does that robot manufacturer avoid prosecution for the firearm law which prohibits devices that mechanically/remotely actuate firearms?

  14. In some situations, the little robot might be a useful tool for the police, for example in the hostage situation shown in the video. With the r/c operator safely hidden in a bulletproof SWAT van, he might be less trigger happy and more likely to distinguish the criminal from the hostage’s dog. Unless the dog got curious and attempted to lift its leg on the robot. The police will not consider 10 rounds of 9mm enough firepower for one of these things. A larger model able to travel faster with an AK pistol or a Tavor mounted on top like a miniature Bradley would be more desirable, especially in an anti-terrorist operation in lets’ say, a shopping mall. Note that this comment is only partially sarcasm.

  15. Football coaches should stick to calling plays and managing the teams and leave the un solicited life advice at home for their own kids. That goes twice for entertainers.

  16. resuming a conversation that its programmers hope will gradually bring opposing sides of the gun debate closer together…

    First, a conversation requires at least two participants; the current “national conversation” consists of one side publicly screaming at opponents who have no access to the microphone.

    Second, why do I get the feeling that when NPR says “bring opposing sides…closer together” it’s only my side that’s expected to give ground?

  17. The scary thing is not that they exist, but how easy they can be made. The product made by this company can be made by a teenager with an internet connection.

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