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How the NRA Keeps Killer Guns on the Market – OMG! Killer guns! They’re out there! “In the past eight years, 11 states have passed NRA-backed laws encouraging or requiring police to resell confiscated guns. The legislation is consistent with the guns-everywhere strategy the lobbying arm of the NRA has advanced at every level of government since the late 1990s—more guns in the hands of more people in more places.” One of Politico’s solutions”: gun “buybacks”. “If we get one gun off the street, we’re winning….That one gun right there, potentially, can save a whole community.” Because they’re all killer guns . . .

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Should Your Doctor Ask If You Own Guns? – No. Next question.


Why I Don’t Own a Handgun – “Despite historically low crime rates and an improving national economy, more and more Texans are arming themselves.” Fox Butterfield, is that you? “To me, carrying a handgun is an acknowledgement of weakness, not strength. Its an admission that youre out of ideas for how to deal with people, even those especially those who mean you harm. Its a failure of imagination, a failure of wits and, in the case of open carry, a threat of violence to every passing person.” If you don’t want a gun, Forrest, don’t buy one. But please stop the ignorant whinging, mkay?

Gun used by Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin on block again – This time on The first attempt, at was hijacked by scammers and cancelled. “United Gun Group owner Todd Underwood told CNN on Monday that the website would continue to facilitate lawful sales despite the criticism it has faced for allowing Zimmerman to list his gun.”


New Jersey Adolf Hitler look-alike, ‘possible white supremacist’ found with stash of guns and ammo in the woods  – “Bruce Post III, a convicted felon, was found with an AK-47, a pistol, eight 30-round high capacity magazines, one 100-round drum magazine, and many other types of ammunition when police arrived at the off-road spot in the woods on Sunday.” Will he get more time for the gun or that ‘stache?

California Democrats dueling over gun control plans – Colt Navys at 20 paces?


Federal Premium Adds 9mm to Its Micro HST Personal Defense Loads Designed for Short-Barreled Pistols – “Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce its expansion of the Micro HST lineup to include a 150-grain 9mm Luger load. The new 9mm Luger load is specifically designed for short-barreled, concealed-carry pistols. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.”

Chuck Schumer unveils universal background checks bill after outside pressure – Pressure from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, not from his tax-paying constituents at Remington’s massive Ilion plant. Presumably.

There’s Nothing Stopping Doctors From Speaking With Their Patients About Guns. But They Rarely Do. – “Wintemute and his colleagues found that it isn’t just fear of legal repercussions that keep doctors from talking about guns. It is that many are simply uncomfortable with the subject, because they don’t know much about guns, or think that asking pointed questions about firearm ownership makes patients uncomfortable.” Since when did ignorance ever stop a gun control advocate?

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.16.16 - Magical Thinking, A Leaky Island and Rachel Maddow Bares Her Soul">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.19.16: GLOCK Bots and Agitprop">Next Post


  1. “Its an admission that youre out of ideas for how to deal with people, even those especially those who mean you harm.”

    I know someone who has lived a very sheltered life. Perhaps he should talk to an Israeli. Like the ones that have had Palestinians pull knives on them for no reason other than they are Israeli.

    But I understand he needs to feel good and morally superior. Hence why we cannot coexist with people like him. He doesn’t allow it.

    • Of course, he doesn’t even recognize that the gun provides ONE MORE OPTION in how to deal with people, especially people who mean to do you harm. He’s the type who just assumes that to a citizen bearing arms, every situation requires a ballistic solution – which is of course the opposite of just about every bit of training that a dedicated self-defense carrier would take.

      • Because without a gun, he can easily take on a 250# buff dude anytime. He’ll just talk him out of killing him. Because he’s never going to encounter an actual bad guy….

        The demasculinization continues. I’ve been warning about estrogen in the water from birth control pills for 20 years. We know it definitely screws with lower mammals, how do you think it affects us?

        • It’s not just estrogen, either. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of commonly-overused chemical compounds that act as endocrine disruptors, and we’re just dumping them into the air and water. Many pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are in this category, as well as additives or coatings used in plastics, like BPA and phthalates. Not to mention phytoestrogens found in soy, which is used as a food additive in a whole lot of things you wouldn’t expect… Couple those effects with the intense social pressure in certain circles to be a pussy, and it’s not a big surprise that a whole lot of young males are increasingly feminized.

        • Don’t forget that’s under the assumption they don’t have some other weapon, firearm or not. Even if the guy is your equal or slightly worse a knife, club and/or the element of surprise make a hell of a difference. It doesn’t even go into the assumption there is a 1:1 fight either.

        • Exactly. We’ve turned the Silent Spring into Jim Rose’s Sideshow Circus.

          People just don’t get that once we’re done with a drug it (generally) gets excreted. Not to mention ‘anti-bacterial’ everything (the big guys are finally admitting that mistake). If you kill 99.99% of all the bacteria, only the incredibly resilient .01% survives, without any competition….

          If we make it as a species another hundred years, I will be surprised (not that I’ll be here). A billion Chinese brought into the modern world – the oceans will be essentially empty in 40 years, if not sooner. They’ve almost killed off the sharks for soup, not to mention tigers for the ‘medicinal uses’ of their schlong. We coulda kept them a primitive backward mass, with an army only a threat to the Russkies, and occasional famines checking their nnumbers. But noooo, we wanted cheap labor.

      • I’m sure he also advocates for police and military to no longer carry guns or even clubs because they are professionals at dealing with people and should be able to use only their words and social graces to manage the population.

    • If he can come up with a legitimately good idea of how to fend off a lethal attack with words I’m all ears, but first he’s going to have to explain how the bad guys are going to hear those words over the sound of their own gunfire. Perhaps we should just ditch the NFA so the bad guys can hear our magic words over the sound of their suppressed firearms?

      • Maybe if he ever comes across a true bad guy who means him harm, he can do the good ol’ fashioned liberal number of writing and/or playing a song that will really make that bad guy stop and go “Aw gee, I never thought of it like that before durrr.”

      • Well, I believe he articulated his idea: scream like a girl. I’m not above doing that, perhaps as a diversion, but I’d rather have a gun to expand my list of options.

    • Liberal folks in Austin have a detached view of the world because they have segregated most of their poor Latinos and Blacks to their own communities south of the big river and east of the major interstate. Out of sight, out of mind.

    • He’s probably one of those guys who thinks the Israelis have it coming for all their “aggression” towards “Palestine.”

  2. I hope the 150gr HST is very conservatively rated at 900fps, because the standard pressure 147 is commonly chronographed above 950 from pocket pistols. Not that it matters, if they only package it in the $31.95, 20 round box, I’m not a buyer no matter how good it works.

    • I have found the HST one of the more conservatively priced HP’s in my area, as well as on sgammo. Coincidentally, also one of the more highly reviewed. Usually vendors sell their 50 round boxes for 30-35 bucks/box. Are you sure youre looking at a 20 round box?

      • HST is marketed to the masses in 20 round boxes, and that’s what you’ll find on Federal’s website. It’s marketed as LE ammo in the 50 round boxes that wise shoppers insist upon.

        All I can find the P9HST5S offered in are the 20 round boxes. I looked at several online vendors before I found it in stock at one for $26.xx. MSRP is said to be $31.95.

        BoneFrog is selling P9HST2 “Law Enforcement Ammunition” for $22.50 in the 50 round box. Until I see P9HST5S for under $25/50 I’m sticking with the P9HST2.

    • I will wait for the reviews. Most hollow points require a fair bit of velocity to expand properly, so the decision to go with a slower, 150 gr bullet instead of a 115 gr bullet is kind of surprising. Sure, it ought to have enough inertia to penetrate sufficiently, but expansion in a high quality SD round is more critical, as all on the market seem to penetrate at least to FBI standards as it is. Personally, I prefer the 124 over the 147 in a short barreled pistol: less recoil, higher velocity. I believe anyway that the 124 is a good compromise.

      • It’s not the 1970s any more, but like you, I remember when all hollow point and soft nose bullets failed to expand when going too slow, and shed mass like crazy when going too fast.

        HST (and any good modern self defense ammo like Ranger T) just plain opens upon impact. Bare gel, four sheets of denim in front of the gel, and my own water jug testing, P9HST2 opens up to 5/8″ and retains within 1/2gr of its advertised weight, even from a 3″ pocket pistol at 970 fps.

        147gr standard pressure factory loads have a 140 power factor from a 3″ pistol, 115gr do not meet the IDPA minimum of 125PF from a 3″.

        And IME, the 147s actually have less kick and muzzle flip from my P938. Others have said the same thing on SigTalk, but I don’t have a good explanation for why the high momentum ammo is also the low recoil ammo.

        • I’ve noticed the same thing with heavy bullets, especially from a .357 I loaded in defensive .38s for the lady. I believe the heavy the bullet the slower it exits the barrel. Maybe that lower velocity reduces recoil?

  3. Don’t take offense to my opinion, but I doth protest future posts or links to Yankee Marshall. Everytime one of his videos are viewed, a svelte bikini model retires (or something like that…).

  4. Wouldn’t the gun industry want those guns destroyed? They do not get a cut of used gun sales and everyone who buys a used gun is a plausible new gun not sold

    • Not exactly.

      It’s like any other market where the customer has the option to buy either used or a new product. Some may not buy the newest firearm because it is out of their price range, but somehow find a previous generation or used version of the one they are looking for and it becomes a stepping stone for them to enter the market they may have not otherwise been able to enter before. Plus you are not accounting for additional purchases that help the firearms industry as a whole, obviously ammunition but maybe a holster, lights, sights, etc. Maybe down the line the customer loves his used firearm so much, he or she will purchase the newest version as soon as they can afford it.

      It’s almost impossible to properly assess the cause and effect in it’s entirety within a free market system.

  5. I noticed the other day that ever increasing “salt” in my “salt and pepper” Van Dyke beard has made a little island of dark hair in the middle of my upper lip. Hopefully the baldness offsets it… What? That look has bad connotations too? Crap!

  6. “eight 30-round high capacity magazines, one 100-round drum magazine”

    We are left to assume that the lack of the “high capacity” scariness modifier makes the 100-round drums standard. Right?

  7. [Doctors] don’t know much about guns, or think that asking pointed questions about firearm ownership makes patients uncomfortable.

    Talking about guns with my docs wouldn’t make me uncomfortable — as long as the docs and I can also have a conversation about the 400,000 medical “mistake” killings committed by the medical profession every year. Gee, I wonder if that would make them uncomfortable.

    • Last time I went to my doc (which was also the first time) I oc’ed like I always do. He was checking me out, found the gun, stopped for a second, asked “is that a gun?” To which I responded yes. He then asked “ever shot anybody?” I responded “not yet…” he laughed and continued on. Good times.

    • Judging from a form that I was once required to sign, under the federal Health Information Privacy Protection Act (HIPPA), an Orwellian title if ever there was one, everybody and his dog is entitled to inspect my medical records. Well, everyone but me, it seems. Certainly anyone who claims to be some sort of LEO. So I wouldn’t want to be uncivil to my doctor, because that’ll definitely go into my record. Fortunately, no doctor has ever asked me about firearms. Of course, I have the good fortune to live in Texas rather than the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

  8. I love it when Democratic Party gun banners fall to infighting. Hopefully it will cause Newsome’s obnoxious ballot initiative to fail. DeLeon’s bill is bad, but not nearly as bad as Newsome’s. The latter will require everyone to obtain an ammo purchase license, with a background check, plus have a NICS instant check at the checkout counter. All purchases are then reported by the seller to the Ca DOJ. Interstate (internet) sales are essentially but not specifically banned. Cute. DeLeon’s bill does away with the expensive licensing scheme, but does preclude the purchase of ammunition unless you are the registered owner of a firearm in that caliber. Which also requires a government check at the checkout counter. Although 18-20 year olds are legally allowed to purchase rifle (but not”handgun”) ammo, this bill will basically bar them from buying any ammo, at least as I read it. It may also ban a bunch of hunters from buying ammo for their rifles and shotguns, since the law requiring “registration” of such arms by the CA DOJ has only been in effect wince January 2015, meaning potentially millions of people have “unregistered” long arms. Unless of course such people “voluntarily” report their long arms to the DOJ (or by a new one in the same caliber/gauge that is registered.)

  9. I talk to my doctor all the time about guns. Then again, he belongs to my gun club and we have even gone duck hunting together. More doc’s like that and we would all be happy to talk about guns.

  10. I don’t get Wintemute’s contention that people with firearms in their home are ‘three times more likely” to commit suicide. According to statistics available on the internet, approximately 22,000 out of 42,000 successful suicides use firearms. Half is a lot less than the 75% Wintemute espouses. Oh, and be warned: a bill is working its way through the California Legislature that will guaranteed Wintemute a job for life “researching” “gun violence” on the public dime. Personally, I’d prefer that Bloomberg pay for it, then the bias would be self-evident.

    • Only ‘gun suicides’ count. All other suicides don’t matter. Of course, if you own a gun it makes you more likely to commit suicide with a gun than if you don’t own one. Might not make you more likely to commit suicide by any means, but like I said, those other dead people don’t count. Gotta learn your lefty accounting.

      • Right. Three times more likely to commit suicide with a gun, not three times more likely to make a suicide attempt. Those little details make a big difference, don’t they.

        How does that saying go about different kinds of falsehood… Lies, damned lies, statistics, and any “fact” espoused by an anti-gun activist?

    • As long as your heart is in the right place, excuse me, left place, you can make up any statistics you want. As least that’s how lefties feel about it.

  11. If guns make us safe…Why is our murder and suicide rate higher than any 1st world nation in the world.

    If guns make us safe why is our murder and crime rate higher than any 3rd world country?

    1. Myth: Guns make us safe and protect us from crime
    FALSE: A gun in the home is 5X more like to be used in a murder or suicide against you or a loved one than stop a criminal attack
    2. Myth: Ever since the UK and Australia banned/restricted firearms crime rose up.
    FALSE: Ever since the numerous tragedies that plagued these two commonwealth nations, UK and the commonwealth
    of australia heavily restricted firearms requring licensing, registration, criminal and psycological background
    checks have watched thier crimes drop in years and these two countries have became the most two safest places in
    the world.
    3. Myth: Despite strict gun control, Japan, South Korea and the rest of asia have very high rates of suicides and have
    mass killings despite strict weapon laws.
    FALSE: Japan and South korea have the lowest rates of suicides and murders in the developed world while the united states has the
    highest rates of suicides and murders in the developed world due to easy access to firearms.
    4. Myth: Ever since Illinois, New york, California and other anti-gun states passed strict gun control, Murder/crimes rates rose.
    FALSE: Ever since these states passed laws, They’ve watched thier crime, murder and suicide rates drop over the past years while
    “pro-gun” states watched thier crime rates, murder rates and suicide rates skyrocket. The only reason IL,NY, CA have gun crime is
    due to criminals smuggling them into states with lax laws and said lax law states refusing to pass stringent laws.
    5. Myth: The NRA is a civil and consitiutional rights group.
    FALSE: The NRA is considered a terrorist organization by numerous foreign law enforcement agencies and talks with american law
    enforcement agnecies have considered overtime to have this organization branded as a threat to national security due to the NRA’s
    ties to white supermacy groups, right-wing extremists organization, mexican drug cartels.
    6. Myth: No matter how hard you restrict guns, Criminals will still get them.
    FALSE: Criminals would not have firearms if you did not. Countries with strict gun laws or outright gun bans have seen heavy drops
    in crime rates and watched as thier education, economies, healthcare, the quality of life and the freedom of personal liberties increase
    and imrpvoe overtime while countries with lax gun laws have seen the opposite.
    7. Myth: Countries such as switzerland, czech republic, austria, new zealand and serbia have lax and friendly gun culture laws and are the safest
    in the world.
    FALSE: These same countries have higher rates of crime, mass shootings, homicides and suicides due to the “friendly gun culture” and switzerland
    and the czech republic are considered the most dangerous areas of europe while the UK, France, germany, italy and the scandinavian areas of europe,
    asia, canada and ironically africa are considered the safest places in the world.
    8. Myth: These is no right to be safe.
    FALSE: It is said in the US constitution that americans have the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
    9. Myth: There had been reported to be fifty-thousand to one million DGU a year which proves that guns save lives.
    FALSE: There had been no cases of a DGU where a citizen had stopped a violent crime or mass shooting with a firearm versus the 40000 incidents of americans dying
    from firearms this is a propaganda tatic pulled by the NRA and other gun-extremist groups to sell more firearms.
    10.Myth: CCW Holders have stopped crimes and mass shootings.
    FALSE: Based on the myth that “only good guys with guns can stop a bad guy with a gun.”, Again there had been no cases of a tragedy being stopped by a “Law abiding
    gun owners.”, Those who legally own firearms are more like to commit violent crimes, mass shootins and murders than stop a crime.
    11.Myth: The police have no legal obligation to protect you or stop a crime.
    FALSE: Ever since numerous successful lawsuits, Police are now required to take training and steps to protect the people that call upon them
    to protect the safety and lives of persons and the community.
    12.Myth: There is no gun show “loophole”
    FALSE: There had been reported cases of criminals obtaining firearms due to the lax laws that can allow dealers to sell a weapon to an
    individual without a background check at these places.
    13.Myth: More guns equals less crime.
    FALSE: Countries with strong gun cultures have higher shootings deaths than nations with strict laws, Japan is considered a model for a safe free society.
    14.Myth: The recent incidents in paris, france & sydney, australia prove that criminals or dangerous individuals will still obtain firearms.
    FALSE: It was found by numerous investigations by various law enforcement agencies including foreign ones such as interpol have found out
    that the NRA and other “gun-rights” groups had provded weapons and training to the sydney cafe killer and the charlie hebdo attackers and the recent paris
    15.Myth: Most of the gun violence in the country is due to the war on drugs and gang violence.
    FALSE: Drug/Gang violence only represents only a mere-5-7% of the gun deaths, The rest of the violence is caused
    by individuals with ties to right wing extremists and right wing militia groups.

    • I see the lies, thanks. Oh, I thought you were providing the truth. Nice cut and paste, did you get most of that from Cosmo? I think you needed a tin foil hat before the brain monster convinced you the NRA had anything to do with Paris. Better luck next time troll.

    • ‘If guns make us safe why is our murder and crime rate higher than any 3rd world country?’

      If you really believe that you should emigrate to Honduras.

    • Remember those Bizarro World plots that used to run in the old D.C. comics back in the day, where everything was backwards? I think Mr. Debunker here must have escaped from one of them.

    • It’s Skippy the wonder troll!!

      Or is it Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo?

      All that anti-gun drivel is triggering me, I must find my safe space.

    • Your funny Debunking_The_Lies. You should call yourself Telling_More_Lies. Or if you can’t convince them with facts, drown them in B.S.

      If you Google “UK is the most violent country in Europe” England’s own news paper, the UK daily mail, prints a report from thier own government that says England is more violent than South Africa, which is acknowledged as one the the most violent countries in the world..

      Any of your other lies can be shown to be just that. If people just use the most powerful source of information in history for more than just porn and first person shooter games.

    • “If guns make us safe why is our murder and crime rate higher than any 3rd world country?”

      I’m glad you asked! The reason is that we have millions of 3rd world people mooching off our 1st world welfare system, and they commit the lion’s share of the common street crime.

  12. “To me, carrying a handgun is an acknowledgement of weakness, not strength”.
    Hey, at least he gets that part right.

  13. “3. Myth: Despite strict gun control, Japan, South Korea and the rest of asia have very high rates of suicides and have
    mass killings despite strict weapon laws.
    FALSE: Japan and South korea have the lowest rates of suicides and murders in the developed world while the united states has the
    highest rates of suicides and murders in the developed world due to easy access to firearms.”

    The suicide rate in the Republic of Korea is 28.9 per 100k
    The suicide rate in Japan is 18.5 per 100k

    The murder plus suicide rate in the United States 16.7

    I am not going to through each and every false claim you made.

    How stupid are you to make up numbers that can be easily checked on the internet?

  14. Gentlemen, if you continue to feed the troll it will just continue to hang around to bate you. Even if the master of this site should slay the troll, it will simply reform with a new name. The only way to rid yourself of a troll is to avoid feeding it and eventually the lack of attention will cause it to wander off and find a place where someone will feed it. Oh and by the way trolls are thick headed and do not care for education, it is tough enough for them to find someones work that they can appropriate. It is far beyond their meager abilities to verify the veracity of their sources, additionally when it is wrong information you are enticed to feed the troll.

  15. Why are we assuming he’s a Hitler wannabe? He could just as easily be a Charlie Chapline or Michael Jordan wannabe.

  16. According to Matt Valentine, “dem gats have bad ju-ju”. They have to be purged in fire to destroy the evil spirits they contain.

  17. Colt Navys at 20 yards for the CA legislature? I vote they substitute olde punt guns for the Colts. Or anything that can fire grapeshot. But they really don’t care what I’d vote for do they…

  18. There are not 400,000 deaths due to medical mistakes
    The media sure ran wild with that “study”
    For one thing, it was not a new study but a review of old studies.
    Second, they classified all complications as errors
    That goes against all accepted statistics.
    Certainly some complications are due to errors
    But the majority of complications are unavoidable
    It is impossible to differentiate between the two
    As for doctors discussing guns with patients did a great article on that and the comments were interesting
    The great majority of doctors have no special training in gun safety
    Even the ones who were gun owners had no special expertise
    The commenters all said they would refer a patient with questions about proper gun storage to an NRA certified instructor
    They also agreed that other objects in a house were far more dangerous and if they spent time talking about ladders and pools and household cleaner storage they would not have time to do a physical exam
    Only if a patient was suicidal or homicidal would they have any reason to discuss guns in the house


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