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Century cinema Aurora, Colorado (courtesy

Non-law enforcement armed Americans are this country’s first responders — provided they’re on the scene when the sh*t goes down. Sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not. When it comes to spree killers or terrorists, same deal, only mostly not. Because armed Americans are law-abiding folks, the odds of them being on scene decrease dramatically in “gun free” zones. Such as Aurora, Colorado’s Cinemark Theater, where James Holmes committed his heinous attack, killing twelve and injuring 70. Cinemark not liable for Aurora theater shooting, civil jury says. Right answer? More news . . .

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Cover Your Floor with Mossy Oak Camo Carpet – Is camo the new zombies? Or the old zombies? And I can’t think of a better way to lose a spring.

Nighthawk Custom Korth revolver (courtesy

Nighthawk Custom and Korth: A New Level of Revolvers – Korth and Nighthawk? That’s got to be one pricey pistol. So much want.

Recovered Berettas (courtesy

EXCLUSIVE: Alleged cat burglar busted after stealing more than $26G in shotguns from Manhattan’s Beretta Gallery – “He wanted to steal all the weapons he saw, but could only carry a few, admitting that next time he’d ‘clean the place out,’ according to the complaint.” Nope. Busted. And speaking of high-end retail and guns . . .

Robbers armed with pump-action shotguns raid Paris Chanel store – “I saw some guys come out wearing masks,” one witness told AFP. “Without thinking, I put myself in front of their car. Then I saw one of them was carrying a gun so I left.” Exactement juste.


Tom Brokaw to Ole Miss Grads: More Guns Mean More Homegrown Terror – “I’m appalled by the determination of organizations and individuals to arm more people without any appreciation of the consequence of evermore lethal weapons in our midst. More guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror.” Hey Tom…how many acts of terror won’t happen (or be ended sooner) because more than 100 million Americans own guns?

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.19.16: GLOCK Bots and Agitprop">Previous Post
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    • That gun, is down right sexy. Not for $5k. I’m in cheap machine gun territory for that money. Or the best range day ever.

    • Yes

      An operationally operating yeager operator stomps on any and all guns

      No ego invested

  1. That looks like an awesome revolver.

    In other news, I bought a Winchester 94 yesterday for $250. (Post 1964).

    The previous owner clear coated the metal. I stripped it off, tore it down, and thoroughly cleaned every piece with a bronze brush. I don’t think it had been cleaned in decades.

    • 2 years ago I got a pre-64 for $300 chambered in .32 Winchester. I’m still working on cleaning out all the gunk.

      • Mine is made in 1971 (30-30). In my opinion – the difference in quality vs then and rifles today isn’t really that bad. There is a positive though – mine came with a brand new walnut stock and the bore after I cleaned it was in excellent condition.

        Mine does have the sintered receiver so I plan to rust blue it. (I don’t think there is any other way that will work)

        Fit and finish on a pre-64 is superior, but this was a decent deal for me.

    • Got my March of ’33 Mdl 94 a couple of years ago at a Cabela’s for $180 on sale and with a coupon. A previous owner had taken the buckhorns off and replaced it with a receiver mounted aperture sight. Took my first deer with it last fall.

      • $180 – that’s an amazing deal right there. Can’t imagine what price the previous seller sold it to Cabelas for. Nice find.

  2. They just honored that hack Brokaw today. You sure ain’t the “greatest generation”…

    • Well, wasn’t his chopper taking lots of enemy fir………er, oops, I forgot, he lied about that.

      • Try again, it wasn’t Brokaw. It was Brian Williams. One of the reasons he was canned.

        • No apology necessary. They’re both professional liars — the difference being that unlike Brokaw, Williams couldn’t stick to legitimizing other people’s lies.

  3. ‘The theater company spent more than $500,000 on five expert witnesses who testified in its defense during the trial, according to testimony. The plaintiffs called one expert witness in their case, who had been paid about $22,000.’ – I need to score a couple of these ‘expert witness’ gigs.

    Nighthawk Customs and Korth team up to make the most expensive Smith & Wesson clone EVER! But is it better than a Taurus?

    Yep, the good ole USA, homegrown terrorism capital of the world. Move over Iraq.

  4. I know that the Batman movie totally sucked, but it didn’t kill anyone. That was all on John Holmes. Personal responsibility — it’s a thing.

    Gun free movie theater? There’s no such thing AFAIK. If the usher isn’t patting me down, I’m carrying inside. And if the usher is patting me down, she’d better be damn cute.

    • As Betty White?

      victims’ attorney, Marc Bern is an incompetent idiot. His position is the theater failed to have rentacops on site because the buffoons at DHS said _______? He is lucky the jury didn’t laugh out loud. Sue the theater for requiring customers to disarm and he might have something.

    • “I know that the Batman movie totally sucked”

      The Dark Night batman movie? That was awesome, all the Nolan Batman movies have been great.

    • Or if it is a he, he better have skilled hands and soft touch. A soft touch which make you feel masculine, like the man you always wanted to be, but didn’t know you could be. A warm, supple touch which brings a quiet tenderness to your cold, lifeless heart. And brings out an ocean of deep, unsettled feelings from the base of your very soul, which takes you on an unrivaled adventure to…

      Wait… Where was I going with this…

        • It was pretty good though. If he keeps it up he might be able to get TTAG to publish it for him on Saturdays. I hear Friday’s are already taken.

  5. Tom Brokaw is proof that senile TV Anchors can still earn big dollars fleecing college students.

  6. Brokaw ain’t much of a critical thinker, is he? Guess what, Tom? In countries with much stricter laws, there’s still terror attacks. “Homegrown” ones, too, whatever that’s supposed to mean these days. Someone hell-bent on causing death and mayhem has a thousand options for how to go about it. But yeah, let’s curtail the constitutionally-protected natural rights of hundreds of millions of people so we can slightly inconvenience a tiny handful of terrorists for a day or two. Seems like a fair trade.

    How many guns did the hijackers use on 9/11 again? The Cinema Rex fire? The 7/7 London bombings? The Boston Marathon bombing? The Tokyo sarin gas attack?

    • Most journalists lack critical thinking these days. They just regurgitate the “double plus good” narrative of the leftists.

      • They are indoctrinated with all sorts of Loving Big Brother at The Ministry Of Truth.

    • Well, let’s see here. Seems you forgot the ARs in San Bernardino, one of whom was home grown, the AK in Chattanooga (a naturalized US citizen from Kuwait), and the two idiots involved in the shootings in Garland, Texas, Elton Simpson (born in Illinois) and Nadir Soofi, born in Garland.

      • I’m not saying that terrorists don’t use firearms. I’m saying, even if you could wave a magic wand and make it 100% impossible for terrorists to use guns, their ability to kill, maim, and destroy wouldn’t be hampered in the slightest. The problem is the people, not the tools they’re using.

      • The San Bernardino shooter wasn’t “home grown”. He was the child of an immigrant. His parents never should have been allowed into the country.

    • Golden handcuffs. He does as he’s told, and he gets paid waayyyyy more than he should for being a presenter.

      Hard to resist for average folk, and god knows he’s average.

    • Oklahoma city bombing? Anyone? Buehler? Far as I know, the guy that got the needle never fired a shot.

  7. I like the front racking serrations on that NightKorth’s slide. Oh wait. Gigantor Picatinny rail for outsized IR illuminator and latte machine? Just what in the heck *are* those for, besides wearing out your holster?

  8. Carry a gun if there are no metal detectors. The criminals don’t obey those stupid signs. Why should you? Following those stupid signs is just a good way to find yourself unarmed in an active shooter situation. What good is following the rules if it gets you killed?

  9. Was the Aurora jury correct? Absolutely. A business can provide only so much security before the business runs out of money or its building becomes a fortress. The issue is whether or not the business took all available options, but whether it used reasonable care. Given that this was a first attack, and was committed by e paranoid schizophrenic, foreseeablility of the attack was essentially zero.

    • Except it was foreseeable Mark N insofar as it was a GFZ and crazies/terrorists usually go out of their way to select a GFZ and avoid places where folks have guns that they can defend themselves with. As the crazy who shot up this theater did driving past several other theaters that weren’t GFZs. I am of the belief that if you are open to the public there should be no laws or policies that prevent citizens from carrying a gun into your establishment. No other right is curtailed beforehand in this manner.

      Cordially, David

      • And I am of the belief that a business owner has the right to set policy. In my business, for instance, you may carry open or concealed, but I will not bake a gay wedding cake and you need to use the restroom that it looks like you should be using.

  10. I carry regardless of what the signs say unless I am going into a courthouse or similar facility. This court decision just reaffirmed my decision to do so.

  11. “…we was camping and having a great time, watching brokaw on today,
    ’til a bee flew into the nesbitt’s lime soda, and we had to throw it away.”

  12. “I saw some guys come out wearing masks,” one witness told AFP. “Without thinking, I put myself in front of their car. Then I saw one of them was carrying a gun so I left.”
    Of course the bad guys could have just run him over with the car if they had been armed with bubble guns.

    • “Without thinking…” Dude was in Condition White and he immediately did the wrong thing. A good reminder to always practice SA.

      I got mugged when I was about 20. That taught me more about SA than any class can teach.

  13. Tom Brokaw is not The Greatest Generation which was not always so great; at least according to my Grandparents who were born in the very late 19th Century.

    Aurora Theater should be held liable for establishing a GFZ Kill Zone.
    Establish a GFZ for patrons and the owners should be liable for the safety of the patrons.

  14. Jury selection is designed to weed out the thinkers and impanel the gullible.
    And remember how many people in this country think GFZs increase their safety.

    • Are you saying the jury, gullibly and unthinkingly, found the theater not liable?

  15. “The greatest generation in American history is saddling our youth with the greatest debt in American history” – Dennis Prager

    Dennis continually honors the WW2 generation (i.e. his recent multi-day promotion of the New Orleans WW2 museum) but he also notes that the rise of the narcissistic Left occurred on their tenure.

    His call….“Acknowledge that we are in a non-violent civil war.”

    • Do you even know what makes America America?

      Can you give a 60 second sales pitch to your stupid Leftist Bernie-licking know-it-all college sophomore nephew?

      Let Dennis help you out.

  16. “I’m appalled by the determination of organizations and individuals to arm more people… More guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror.” Hey Tom…how many acts of terror won’t happen (or be ended sooner) because more than 100 million Americans own guns?

    Well, once again, he doesn’t think much of you, me, or us. You aren’t to be trusted with arms. You are a terrorist. Mr. Brokaw just said that the only thing stopping you from shooting people up to make a point, is you can’t, not you won’t.

    Any questions?

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