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The gun the Orlando shooter used was a Sig Sauer MCX, not an AR-15. That doesn’t change much. Direct impingement vs. gas piston rifle tech for gun muggles, courtesy The Washington Post. Snarky headline and all. Which attempts to drive home a agitprop point the fact-based article somehow fails to mention: IT’S A SCARY BLACK RIFLE! BAN IT! BAN IT NOW! The WaPo just couldn’t bring itself to present the facts and leave it at that. Wait. What’s this? Stoutly anti-gun berating journalists for bum gun facts? Yup . . .

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“Considering that a quick online search should provide all the information journalists need to get this right, it’s amazing that journalists don’t know the differencebetween an assault rifle and an assault weapon. An assault rifle is a fully automatic weapon that can fire multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger, up to 950 rounds per minute. An assault weapon is a semi-automatic gun that can accept detachable magazines and has a pistol grip and foldable stock (to increase the gun’s length). The term assault weapon itself, of disputed origin, is a thorn in the side of gun enthusiasts, who point out that the differences between “assault weapons” and other semi-automatics are largely cosmetic and don’t increase the gun’s lethality.”

Age of miracles and all that.

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Due process doesn’t kill people. People kill people. Just sayin’ . . .

Today’s Filibuster Mentioned Instagram’s Guns for Sale. Then #Gunsforsale Disappeared – Because everyone knows hashtags kill people, too.

Mass. delegation frustrated about lack of action on guns – How’s this for irony? “‘If we fail to act, the next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us, a gun that we could have kept out of the hands of a terrorist, the members of this Congress will have blood on our hands,’ [Senator Elizabeth] Warren said.”

HOW DO WE TALK ABOUT GUNS AFTER A MASS SHOOTING? -Hey MTV, how about we start by taking off the caps lock? Still, I like this: “Wouldn’t background checks help? Not in this specific instance. One of the realities of only debating federal gun policy after a mass shooting is that the parameters of the discussion are limited by the specific details of the attack. The Orlando shooter passed a background check, a fact that will probably cut short any discussion about this realm of gun law.” From MTV’s lips to senator Murphy’s ears. As if. 

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson prevaricates on the “No Fly, No Buy” misegos. Bottom line: while he understands the dangers of Big Government, Mr. Johnson is no friend of ours. Not forgetting that he chose a Massachusetts gun grabber as a Vice Presidential running mate.

GOP won’t stop terror suspects from owning guns because right-wing nuts are a threat — and their base -“Right-wing conservatives like to imagine their trusty gun will protect them from a tyrannical threat that doesn’t really exist — and the firearms industry happily indulges them with grim fantasies. But the reality is, too many Americans are killed by someone who never should have owned a gun in the first place.” Be afraid. Be very afraid.

“Because you are a gun owner, a California State Senator called you ‘crazy, viscous and heartless.’ He blamed you for the terrorist attack in Orlando. He stated you don’t care about keeping people safe, and you are only more concerned about holding a weapon in your hand. Because you are a gun owner, he said you have ‘a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.'” Firearms Policy Coalition email blast.

After its own mass shootings, Germany beefed up gun control laws. The number of shootings dropped. – Disarmament uber alles.

Note: I’ve never seen so much anti-gun animus on the web. I could post 100 more articles like this. Suffice it to say, there’s a bad moon on the rise. Keep your powder dry. That said, there’s some good news out there . . .


After Orlando, Many in LBGT Community Rush To Buy Guns – “The Pink Pistols, an LBGT gun rights group, has seen it’s membership double since the Orlando attack.” You don’t have to be lesbian, bisexual, gay or transsexual to join. Just a right-thinking American.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: Unique Deadliness, A Senator Sees the Light, and Timepieces for Peace">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: CA FOAD? Another Media Straw Purchase and the Rest of the Anti-Gun Agitprop Parade">Next Post


  1. “The Pink Pistols, an LBGT gun rights group, has seen it’s membership double since the Orlando attack.”

    And about damn time.

    Welcome all law-abiding, no matter what your personal race, creed, color, or orientation…

    • Hell yeah! I don’t think many of us care who you are as long as you are a decent human being you deserve to defend yourself. I might make a joke here and there about gay people but I know they’re human and they have the same rights as me when it comes to rkba.

      • You want to know the dirty little secret about gay folks?

        They very often joke about themselves.

        Yep. They are not without humor, even self deprecating humor.

        I think we can welcome them with open arms (pun kinda intended) into the fold.

        Natural rights apply to all. Gonna go make a donation to Pink Pistols after posting this.


        Nasty ‘Conservative’

        • “I think we can welcome them with open arms (pun kinda intended) into the fold. ”

          And some may like to welcome them with open legs…

          *wink* 🙂

        • I tried to make a donation to the Pink Pistols on Sunday when TTAG posted their response to the incident. I could find nowhere on their site to do so and the “Not-Texas”… sorry, I mean dallas chapter seems to be a dead-end, internet presence wise. Now, I will admit that I am a) not the most tech savvy guy out there (closet Luddite to be honest), and 2) very lazy when it comes to doing research, so it is entirely possible I missed the links and/or didn’t look at the right pages. Basically, what I’m saying is, if someone out there can direct me to the right link, I’ll join, contribute, and even put a bumper sticker on my… gun cabinet. Sorry, won’t do bumper stickers on the car.

        • Seems like they don’t do donations. Much respect for that. Just meet them at the range, say hi, and perforate some paper.

        • Yeah, Timmy!, I found the same thing.

          So, since they don’t have a way to make donations, I am going to buy a membership for someone….give them no excuse to not be a member.

          Unfortunately, the folks I have in mind are also in a city with a defunct chapter; perhaps some of the dead chapters will get rolling again soon.

    • Exactly. Almost all of the restrictive gun laws – especially up till the late 1960s were driven by fear – the fear that blacks would defend themselves.

      It is good that at least one previously marginalized group is taking their 2A mojo back.

    • “Welcome all law-abiding, no matter what your personal race, creed, color, or orientation…”

      EDIT –

      I forgot to add:

      Boxers or briefs (or none at all, *wink*), Pat’s or Geno’s (Philadelphia reference), Democrat, Conservative or Libertarian, loves or *hates* mayonnaise, innie or outie (if your’e female, show me yours and I’ll show you mine), domestic or foreign vehicle, rap or country, urban or rural, vinyl or bitstream…

      Now, what did I forget?

  2. I like how the commenter Tython in the La times article about germany are ripping the gun-lover NRA sheeps apart.

    Facts trump emotions NRA slaves.

    • We had some bullshit “how to panic and/or cower in the event of an active shooter” all-staff meeting at my work and I asked “what about shooting back?”

      My suggestion was not met with much enthusiasm.

  3. This current storm should show us that while this a gun site, gun rights don’t exist in a vacuum. Sure the libs are the most vocal about stripping or right to keep and bear arms but while doing it they’re also stepping all over the first, fourth, fifth, ninth, and tenth amendments.

    • Excellent Point.

      They all go hand-in-hand, and reinforce each other. There’s not “one” that supplants the others.

      It is the entire BoR taken as a whole that gives them ALL power.

  4. The Orlando shooter passed a background check, a fact that will probably cut short any discussion about this realm of gun law.”

    The Orlando shooter also wasn’t on the no fly list. That doesn’t seem to have stopped them.

    • The Orlando Thug – Criminal – Islamic jihadi , also passed MANY other background checks as a Security guard for Wackenhut and DHS. gov. !! — I told my senators and the N.R.A this today and asked why WE must always give up OUR Rights when a bad guy the F B I knew about , goes Rogue. I told the NRA staffer they should NOT compromise and give an inch , …… blah…. blah …. blah…. ‘ you need us ‘ was the response. I JOINED – G.O.A. – Gun Owners Of America ….. just to piss off Harry Ried. LoL.

    • And strict gun laws in France didn’t stop the jihadis there. But we’ve got to do something…for the children. #neverletatragedygotowaste

      • UPDATE — Dozens of NEW gun laws & restrictions are ‘ Hidden ‘ as amendments to the Commerce + Justice Appropriations Bills — VOTE as soon as Friday June 17 or Monday June 20. Bill # …. SA-4685 and HR 2578 ..
        Page 38 ………..It’s NOT just 2 laws , it’s about 100 …. Diane FineSwine is LYING TO YOU … !!!

        Call your senators and SAY NO …. 202-225-3121

        • Unfortunately, my senator IS Dianne Feinstein. Or Babs Boxer, who will be replaced in the next election cycle by another foaming at the mouth gun banner, Kamala Harris.

  5. Gun nuts or any nuts really always refuse to face the music, even when it becomes overwhelming…

    Gun nuts are like the new drug addicts… Take away their excessive killing machines and they go into cold sweats, convulsions, and inaudible deliriums…

    Are these gun nuts against stopping terrorists from buying AR-15’s and other such weapons in our country?

    Cuz, the NRA ain’t…

    And, neither is the republican congress…

    I guess you all here equate a country’s sovereign rights and a terrorist’s rights within our borders as one and the same, uh.

    So, according to you, ‘how long is it gonna take’ to get rid of such armed insurgents within our own borders…?

    Is that what you’re peddling here…?

    Gun toters are always saying they need their 2nd amendment freedoms against somebody overthrowing their country by force…

    Well, couldn’t non gun tators say that the excessive caches of conservative and republican gun owners are also a threat to a legal and elected govt by and for the more peaceful, pacifistic, and intelligent citizens of the nation…?

    I mean, for example, what’s to stop angry gun totin right wingers from frustrated armed insurrection if a republican never wins the bully pulpit ever again…? We”ve already heard cat calls here and there of Cliven Bundy and the boys type action sparsely around the country… Why, with unemployed gun toting criminals aiming semi automatic weapons at the feds doing their jobs, who knows what’s lawless next for the fanatical and fantasizing gun crowd…

    Heck, we could probably take most of the excess semi and automatic weapons away just on mental health issues and criteria alone…


    • Government was the single largest cause of death in the 20th century, primarily to its own citizens. Nobody is fantasizing. We’re just not naive. We acknowledge the fact that it can happen here (and has, ever heard of the Indian Wars?)

      And the hypothetical situation you mentioned, a republican (or anyone other than a Democrat) never being elected again, would likely lead to that although not for the reasons you would think. When one group controls all of the power for so long they have the tendency to persecute the other group. A stacked Supreme Court, one sided congress, and a president that all agreed (one way or the other) could do despicable things to this country.

      An armed citizenry is the final check against all of that. When all other options have been exhausted.

      • Same reason Monica, Willy, and the others did the same thing… To appear in greater troll numbers…

        The admin folks know who is who.

        If I was Robert and them, and saw multiple trolls using the same IP, I would put them on blast.

        I wouldn’t ban them, I would call them out.

  6. Yeah, I make fun of gays sometimes and everybody else. Most of all I make fun of myself. The key word is “fun”. MLK said it best… All I care about is the content of someones character. MLK and JFK would be considered right wing tea partiers in this century.

    • Well, as I said above, many gay folks make fun of themselves. They are one of the most self deprecating groups there is.

      That alone, in today’s political climate, earns them some respect in my book.

      Either way…every human living has natural rights. Screw our corrupt politicians for trying to usurp them.

  7. Don’t worry about Bill Weld (Johnson’s VP). If Johnson were to win (long shot, I freely admit), it would be because nobody gets 270 votes in the electoral college (e.g. if Johnson wins 2-3 states). In that case the House decides the President from the top three candidates. The Senate, however, picks the VP from the top two. So, if Johnson wins, either Clinton’s or Trump’s running mate would get the vice presidency.

    Weld was chosen because he had the best fund raising ability. It was a tactical move to give Johnson the best chance. Weld also claims to have come see the pro-gun light, for what that’s worth.

  8. The so-called Libertarian candidate is anything but a true Libertarian by the old definition . . . he is essentially a recycled Liberal.

    Simple advice folks . . . support the NRA and vote for Trump before you waste your vote on some also-ran who doesn’t have a chance of winning. Voting for someone like that just gives Clinton another vote ahead.

    • So the Libertarians are recycled liberals but the up until this election liberal, new york, Hillary funder is not a liberal because he lies about it?….

      • Kasich is the ONLY republican who can beat Hillary.
        Before he dropped out, he was leading her in EVERY poll, double digits in most.
        Trump is trailing Hillary in every poll, by double digits in many of them – He Cannot Win.

        If Trump was a true conservative, he would step aside and let the more likely winner get the nomination.

  9. What do they mean that the tyranny which we want to protect against does not exist? All the Anti-Trump folks out there protesting and being violent are breaking the laws of the country and stepping on the rights of people who simply want to hold an election and put forth the candidate of their choice.

    The Left feels like it is their right to impose their points of view on all others. That is the beginning of the tyranny which others need to be able to fight off.

    • “The Left feels like it is their right to impose their points of view on all others.”

      In all fairness, both the Left and the Right are *equally* hypocritical on that score…

      • “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

  10. The gun control crowd at one point used the term assault gun until they were ridiculed for referencing “a tracked armoured vehicle mounting a cannon directly in the hull for the purpose of supporting infantry or destroying enemy tanks, typically of German of Russian origin…“. Since assault rifle has a formal definition, the most important is select fire capability, the deliberately vague and ambiguous term assault weapon was created, often with ludicrous and outlandish capabilities to “educate” the masses of the danger

  11. So some gay guy shoots a bunch of other gay guys, and we now must shred the constitution?

    And people wonder why I hold Americans, my own people with such disgust and contempt.

    • Not only mass rapes, but victims of sexual assault refusing to press charges because they don’t want their ATTACKERS! to be discriminated against.

      Germany is a lost cause…and that crap is coming here if we don’t wake up.

      • Not to mention, brutality and excessive force in Germany are just called “policing.”

        Do f*ck with German cops, they will mess you up and no one will care.

  12. “Because you are a gun owner, he said you have ‘a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.’”

    Wow, what big ears he has. He heard me thinking that he was a lying ****sucker and a walking pile of feces from 2000 miles away, before I even had a chance to think it.

  13. I just spent about 20 minutes perusing the comments of that (shockingly excellent) Slate article (because apparently I don’t value my healthy blood pressure). But, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s Slate, so yeah, there was plenty of “hur dur gunz r EBIL! #oogaboogaNRA”, but all in all, the vitriol was simply nowhere near the level I would have expected. Even the folks who were asking for “reasonable restrictions” for the most part sounded reasonable/intellectually honest enough to be persuaded to come over to our side.

    It looks bleak right now, but don’t give up hope. Even on the other side, and even with the current hysteria, there are reasonable people who could be persuaded to see the light.

  14. Freedom of speech and the press are giving me cancer. You don’t see me calling for abolition of 1st Amendment rights, though.

    So many sh*t arguments that are based on sh*t information in the media right now. It is amazing that slate did some actual research for one article. The downward trend in “journalistic” integrity seems to be furiously progressing, though.

    • The had Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America debate someone from Everytown on the radio. First they said they had “Eric Pratt” on the show, and they always asked him the question first and allowed the Everytown woman to cut him off to say things that are blatantly false or didn’t actually mean anything. They asked him one question first, “why does anyone need an assault weapon?”, while giving Everytown softball questions and even setting up her answer. She still sounded squirrely and unpolished, even when handed the conversation. The unbiased third party was a researcher that did not support more gun control, but wanted tons of government research money for the topic through the CDC, which sounded like he just wanted lots of grants from the CDC. I really wanted to hear Larry give a single complete answer before being cut off, but it didn’t happen, and he had to clarify multiple times since Everytown kept shifting the goalposts on every comment, like changing the classification of “mass shooting” to include domestic violence and all the “mass shootings” (including Airsoft gun scares where no firearms are even present) recorded (or more accurately made up) by the Trace.

      • I ALMOST hate to say it, but perhaps Larry should have been more of a d1ck and imposed his will on the conversation.

        Almost hate to say it.

        Milo has been teaching us how to engage these buttholes. And Trump, actually…I’m still laughing over both his “Pocahontas” and “Anchor Baby” bits.

  15. I kept hearing about some “AK-15” assault rifle on the radio, as well as the “assault gun” known as a Glock.

    Can you imagine the backlash if the media was as lax and absolutely ignorant about LGBTQ terminology and issues? How they talk about firearms is like saying “a bunch of queens want to get preferential tax status for free health insurance” when talking about marriage equality. They bend over backward and say a mouthful of extra words to make sure they don’t offend anyone with that set of topics and can’t even do a five second google search on a firearm.

    • I always use the example of confusing “miscarriage” and “abortion,” or “flirting” with “rape” –but I’m not sure some of these folks in favor of blurring all definitions into a perverted newspeak even differentiate these at this point.

  16. “it’s amazing that journalists don’t know the differencebetween an assault rifle and an assault weapon.”

    The whole reason the term ‘assault weapon’ was invented was to blur the line and confuse the low-information public.

    • “Assault weapons” are highly dangerous “military style” , “automatic” weapons that fire devastating rounds capable of massive destruction, that no one should allowed to own…

      Translation: semiautomatic ranch rifle.

  17. Nothing will change at all. Life goes on. Get some sleep and forget about all this bullcrap.
    Its all meaningless.

  18. The Left isn’t going batshit crazy because of guns. Well, not entirely. They’re going batshit crazy to elect the Crusty Old Crook. Guns are her wedge issue, and probably her only issue. So expect the drumbeat of hate to continue until the election, and forever after if she is elected.

    This is one time that I’m glad that I’m old. You young guys will bear the brunt of your country’s disintegration.

    • They’re actually going batshit crazy because the lightbulb over their collective tiny heads is beginning to illuminate that they don’t have this election locked up in a landslide like they expected.

      The other day when the usually calm, cool, and collected Obama began to angrily berate Trump for calling the terrorist a terrorist was when I believe Obama was starting to realize that Trump just might actually win the election.

      Obama is frightened witless that his precious Progressive ‘legacy’ will be destroyed and dismantled by ‘The Donald’ and tossed on the trash heap of history…

      • Saw that, too. I believe he is also annoyed that he has to stump so hard for “tired Hillary” (which should totally be Trump’s new nickname for her.) And that they have to answer for the antics of the playdough mafia, despite trying so hard to paint Trump supporters as the fanatics. He’s not used to “damage control.”

  19. Whenever there is another massacre, all the democrats start screaming about how we just need to do something about the “epidemic” of “gun violence” facing the country. And in the fifteen hours of monologue in the Senate today, the tear-jerking speechifying made multiple mentions of the fact that the Congress has failed to do anything about these crises. Yet the thing that is most striking of all of the bills they propose, not one would actually have done anything to prevent the most recent tragedy. After Sandy Hook, they were all over the place demanding universal background checks to “close the gun show (and now internet) loophole”, even though the killer stole his weapons. After San Bernardino, the California legislature proposed 12 anti-gun bills , only one of which did not make it out of committee, to restrict ammo sales, register “assault weapons” deny loan of guns between friends, ban bullet buttons, and ban 80% lowers so no one could build their own, not one of which had anything to do with either of the San Bernardino killers. (And before that, they passed a “gun violence restraining order” law, even though the killer in that case would not have been restrained because his family did not know that he had lawfully obtained a couple of handguns.) And now, they want to pass a “no fly—no buy” law, again with the universal background checks, even though the killer passed multiple background checks and an FBI inquiry and was not on a terrorist watch list. It is sooo true–never let a good crisis go to waste.

  20. I’m not thrilled about Johnson’s running mate in this election either but if he’s not our friend then he’s the closest thing we’ve got to one this election. Hell, he’s caved less on the issue than even the NRA. If not Johnson, then who? The two party system has to die.

    • “The two party system has to die.”

      With Trump looking like he’ll be the R candidate on the ballot, and the way the R establishment have acted toward him, I think it’s fair to say the two party system IS dying.

      You can look at that two ways:

      You can say Trump is a Proggie Dem in “R” clothing, and two parties have become one.


      You can see Trump as a third party candidate that managed to take ‘control’ over one of the established parties.

  21. Things are dark, and sadly as usual people of the gun had nothing at all to do with this tragedy. We all need to do our part. Perhaps I’m mistaken but the only reason the original awb sunsetted was that Bush carried Florida by a few hundred votes and tennessee, gores home state, by several thousand. We might not win the Oval Office but we all need to vote so we can maintain the house and senate

  22. While sitting at the airport with CNN on, Don Lemon was all about civilian disarmament. When they Trump supporter lady called him and the rsdt of the media out on thay, he nearly shouted her down trying to say that wasn’t true. If he spent five minutes viewing the media he might figure out that the main and almost entire focus is on what gun the terrorist used. Thanks Don, but you lack self awareness and critical thinking.

  23. “Due… process… is… killing… us…”

    Wow! OK, lets run with that…

    On that note, you can be taken out back and shot then, yes?

    • There is no end to government derp.

      Yet, the Statists continue to will more and more of life’s control to that very entity.

      r Selection at its finest example.

  24. I don’t think we should be bashing libertarian candidate Gary Johnson so much. If you watch the vid he did not outright support “no fly, no buy” and he did say these lists are flawed. He’s just playing politics by saying he’s “open to discussion”. I believe in NO gun laws but I’m open to discussion because I believe in a war of ideas and confident mine would win out.

    As far as him choosing Weld as his running mate; there was an episode in House of Cards where President Underwood choose a staunch opponent as his VP so he could “keep an eye on him.”

    Something to ponder.

  25. These daily digests are hard to read. It’s all just crammed together and at a glance, it’s hard to determine what you are quoting/referencing and which words are actually yours. There’s no breaks and the only differentiation on anything is if it is bold text or not.


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