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Guns in America: A history of violence – “The main difficulty for academics studying the link between guns and gun crime, however, is the lack of a true counterfactual. A researcher cannot hold all other things constant while varying the stringency of gun laws in order to isolate the effect of those laws on the incidence of violence. That leaves open the possibility that any reductions in crime following a tightening of gun laws may be rooted in other, unrelated causes. Crime rates have tumbled in many rich countries in recent decades, complicating any analysis of the role of guns.” Why is it that articles like this never seem to mention all the lives saved and assaults prevented every year by those who own guns? Must be an oversight.

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Why I Changed On Guns And Why Congress Should, Too – “There are a substantial number of steps our nation needs to take to keep America safe. Some of those steps involve funding for law enforcement; upgrades to homeland security; and an intensification of efforts to identify, target and eliminate terrorists and the groups like ISIS that support them. Despite considerable efforts by law enforcement, we can’t always identify a would-be terrorist before he or she acts. But we can make it significantly more difficult for someone committed to violence to unleash the weapons of war on our streets.” Q: What do you call an attorney with an IQ of 100? A: Your honor Q: What do you call an attorney with an IQ of 50? A: Senator

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CMMG has announced the release of the MkW ANVIL, an all-new mid-sized AR rifle platform, chambered in .458 SOCOM.  The MkW ANVIL is uniquely engineered to easily handle calibers with large casing diameters such as .458 SOCOM. The most defining feature of the new MkW ANVIL is that the rifle utilizes CMMG’s unique POWERBOLT design, which allows the rifle to utilize a modified AR10-sized bolt for increased durability.

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How old guns are turned into beautiful new jewelry – “I had started and sold a company to Starbucks called Ethos water, which took American bottled water consumers’ money and invested it in water projects around the world. I was visiting our water projects in Africa and met young kids with guns. Many of them were smaller than the guns that they were carrying, and that was the inspiration for me to try to take the AK-47, which is the most famous symbol of conflict in Africa, and turn it into something that was beautiful and positive.” Fonderie 47’s only making 20 of these watches. Somehow PRI neglects to mention the price: $195,000. Each. Virtue signaling for the 1%.

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Handi-Racker has proven to tens of thousands of users across the country that it’s one effortless way for anyone to rack the slide on almost any semi-auto pistol, and makes slide operation extra handy (pun intended) for those with arthritis, weak or small hands, or disabilities to include missing appendages (or even congenital laziness!). Available now for gun ranges: The Range-Racker is a truly novel device that expands the regular Handi-Racker capabilities into a device that is ideal for ranges or individuals with lots of guns. The Range-Racker will work with essentially all semi-automatics that function the slide from the front like 1911s and Glocks, etc. The Range Racker even works with the exposed-barrel Beretta M-9 family.

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What happens after a mass shooting? Americans buy more guns. – “On the left, you have Hillary Clinton talking about tighter gun restriction, which scares the gun people,” says Hardiman. “And on the right, you’ve got Donald Trump, who is contributing to the fear of Muslims and ISIS. Gun sales are being bolstered by rhetoric on both sides.”

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 6.10.16: Open Carry in Cali, Too Much Awesomeness for NJ and the Unstoppable Signal">Previous Post
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    • Yup, the panic is on now that Trump and the NRA have sold us down the river with this “terrorist watch list” nonsense. Better buy anything you ever wanted to buy now, because we’ll all be on the list sooner or later.

      • Given how you seem to hate the NRA, I’m sure you didn’t respond to their call for action this morning to fight the Democrats who are pushing for an outright ban on “assault” weapons . . . read that anything with a detachable magazine. Anytime we have divisions in the ranks of gun owners, the Democrats win.

  1. Can we submit comments again for this article? I tried last night and all I would get was a blank white screen (within the field of Google Chrome).

  2. U.S. Senator Bob Casey’s words in the source article, “How many lives might have been saved if the shooters in Newtown and Orlando weren’t able to fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of seconds?”

    If Senator Casey’s “matter of seconds” means 10,800 seconds (which is three hours — the approximate time it took Orlando SWAT to breach the nightclub after the terrorist started his attack), then sure, you can fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of 10,800 seconds. However, if Senator Casey’s “matter of seconds” means something like 5 seconds, then it is utterly and totally impossible for anyone to fire hundreds of bullets in 5 seconds, whether or not you have a semi-automatic rifle or full automatic machine gun.

    Caveat: ultra-high rate of fire mechanized Gatling guns like the Minigun and Phalanx are not something that a person can carry around with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and no one, to date, has used such a machine gun in a killing spree.

    • These people are not only in positions of power, but they are also held up by the media as authorities and they are listened to by the public who often take their words as truth because they do not know any better.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some mechanism of some kind that we could use to hold these people accountable for lies and misdirection? “hundreds of bullets in a matter of seconds” is demonstrably false. Lying to the people in order to grow the power of the state and take away the inherent rights of the people is a truly evil thing on it’s own.

      Why cannot these people be sued or fined if it can be proven in court that they lied?

      Yes, I know this kind of thing is impossible, but it’s just infuriating that these people can get away with so much – lying that is, in order to deceive the people into giving more and more power to the state.

      ‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.’

      ‘We won’t spy on the American people.’

      ‘This guy can get a gun mail ordered from the internet in just hours.’

      ‘10,000 bullets a second!’

      How much more BS are we going to see today?

      • “Why cannot these people be sued or fined if it can be proven in court that they lied?”

        You are not the first person to ask this question. Something about the fox guarding the hen house comes to mind.

    • From a sampling of the comments on Huffpo, those people seem to be much more frightened or firearms than they are of Muslims or ISIS. Unfortunately, those Huffpo folks are all allowed to vote and drive automobiles, and that scares the living crap out of me.

  3. The site is falling apart. I don’t know if it’s the new design or not. It’s just not working well at all. The inconvenience of it is quite annoying. It should be fixed because these problems seem rather amateurish in comparison to the way the old site ran. Over all quality of experience is down.

    • Omer,

      Other than two articles that would not accept comments for a time, I have not had any troubles with the new layout.

    • RF, Nick, et al, you still have not addressed the navigation problem. There is no way to move from page to page other than rebooting to the home page and starting over. Extremely annoying.

  4. Well it only took 14 hours for our leaders to screw us over. If we ever have to go to war to protect our borders we will know who is abdicating for us before they fly out of the country. Nothing like strong leadership, bunch of piss ants.

  5. Regarding the racking device – it looks like the backing is made of metal and the thing is mounted on a wall or under a shooting platform. What happens in the event of a negligent discharge while racking? Errant round into the metal backing does not seem like a great idea.

  6. “Q: What do you call an attorney with an IQ of 100? A: Your honor Q: What do you call an attorney with an IQ of 50? A: Senator”

    That’s pretty funny and reminds me of something. There’s an idea out there in neurology, which I learned from a speech given by a British neuroscientist, which holds that the fundamental purpose of our (human) brains, is to perform adaptable and complex movements. Not only is everything else derivative of that, but there really are no other reasons to have a brain. The reasoning is that movement, ultimately, is the only means we have of manipulating the physical world surrounding us, and thats what matters to our survival.

    Even something like communication, in all its human forms, still happens by way of muscle movements; very difficult movements that even the best computers cannot quite replicate. If you’re never going to move, then thinking or learning more about your environment is useless, as is conveying that information to subsequent generations.

    The proof? Plants don’t move, and they don’t have brains, either.

    More proof? There is also a very basic animal, a sea squirt, which does have a nervous system and brain. As a juvenile, it swims around searching for a suitable rock upon which to take permanent lifetime residence. Once it finds such rock and takes root on it, the sea squirt promptly DEVOURS AND DIGESTS its own brain and nervous system.

    After all, once you’ve settled into a permanent position from which you have no desire to leave, nor expectation of ever being dislodged, you can dispense with your brain.

    Irrefutable proof? Judges and politicians.


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