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Sheriff Warren’s thinking about bailing on California thanks to the Golden State’s ongoing anti-gun jihad. TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are split on this issue: stay and fight for firearms freedom or run to a free state? Personally, I think it’s a personal decision. I’ve got nothing against Californians who consider their safety and the safety of their loved ones paramount, deciding to make like a tree and leaf. And I’ve got nothing but respect for those who stay and fight the good fight.

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Investigation Underway Into Alleged Threat By US Marines Against Gay Bars – “Two California-based U.S. Marines are reportedly under investigation for an apparent social media threat to attack gay bars in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando.” The photo initially surfaced on the Facebook page for “Camp MENdleton resale” and showed a Marine pointing a rifle at the camera with his finger on the trigger and a caption which read, ‘Coming to a gay bar near you!'” I’m thinking it was a joke.

Chicago Man Shot Dead While Live Streaming on Facebook – Situational awareness people.

Store Owner: Undercover CBS Purchase of AR-15 Broke Federal Law – “The store, SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria, Virginia, said that when CBS News’ Paula Reid purchased the rifle she told the store’s general manager the gun was for her own use. However, when CBS reported on the story they revealed the gun was purchased for the story and transferred to a third party a few hours later. ‘The rifle we purchased was legally transferred to a federally licensed firearms dealer and weapons instructor in Virginia, just hours after we bought it,’ the report said.” The ATF says nothing.

I Am An AR-15 Owner And I’ve Had Enough – And yet he’s OK with limiting magazines to ten rounds. Go figure.

Is It Reckless To ‘Entrust’ The Public With Guns? Sandy Hook Lawsuit Says Yes – “Can negligent entrustment be extended to the case of a federally licensed gun manufacturer who sold weapons to Camfour, an equally licensed Massachusetts wholesale distributor?” If there’s any justice in the world no. But we are talking about Connecticut.

Are the NRA and Trump moderating on guns? Not on your life. – “In practice, how often is the government going to be able to conduct an investigation, assemble an ironclad case, get in front of a judge, and get the judge to rule that the buyer has already committed terrorist acts or is about to, all within 72 hours? Basically never.” Without due process. Sheesh.

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  1. I think the whole run from CA thing is retarded. Run if you want. But CA is coming to all the states. POTG keep running and there won’t be any free states left. We’re under federal attack now. We either stand as a group and fight or we might as well get used to CA style insanity nationwide.

    • As Cali goes, so goes the country.

      Not 100% true, but it’s a rather accurate portend of coming evil. People who don’t even conceptualize that the government exists to serve us, not rule us.

    • People are running away from California for other reasons. Unless you are a tech mogul or on welfare you can’t afford to live there.

      • Correct, TD.

        Unfortunately, they tend to take their California attitude with them when they leave.

        Remember that TTAG article a number of month back where an Austin resident who was a Cali transplant wrote a blistering letter to the editor complaining about the tax increases in her new Texas home?

        • That was such a hoot– “I have voted for every bond issue and park project and library improvement that has been put out. But now I won’t be able to enjoy them because you’re driving me out with high taxes!!” The liberal mind at work…

      • I was going to say the same thing. It’s not 1965 anymore, and today there are probably more reasons to leave California than there are to stay. California’s heyday is over, and the real problem now is figuring out how to keep the rats fleeing that sinking ship from bringing the infectious disease of California liberalism to their new homes.

        • CA just overtook France as the 6th largest economy in the world – AKA, life is pretty darned good if you’re a techie or Hollyweird type. It truly is the Golden State. I could have bought a new construction condo Top of Market right before I left in the late 90s – $140K. Last I heard, they sell for $400K…

          For the average person making under $100K per year, the Bay and even LA are really rough. I was based out of SF/SJ in the middish 90s, and I can’t image trying to live under $70K a year. 20 years ago. Now that a crap 2B/1Ba is like $3K a month in Diamond Heights, how many room mates do you have to pay the rent working at Safeway?

    • I think staying in ca is retarted. I’m young and I want to live in a state that I can enjoy freedom in. Spending my days pointlessly writing my representatives isn’t that fun anymore. (But I will still write and fight the good fight in a free state). Guns aside, AZ is still a way better place to live.

      • Fuck California. Californians decide where to wake up every morning. Every location has it’s pluses and minuses. I live in a free state. I also have overwhelming humidity and mosquitos. Deal with it. It’s called free will.

        • I am a 4th generation Californian (my daughter is 5th generation). My parents are in their late 80s early 90s. Dad still lives on the last of the original land grant. My kid brother has already passed. That leaves me to look to my father while my sister looks after my mother. My parents will never leave here. So, here I stay. Meanwhile, I will continue to fight the socialist state. Just as happened many years ago, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s father destroyed the state economy with his socialist policies. Eventually, We the People; conservatives, liberals, independents, etc; got fed up with losing homes because the property taxes got bigger than the mortgage payments, and worse. The result was Ronald Reagan who fixed the economy without anyone losing a job. Regulations were lightened greatly. Taxes were reduced. That resulted in the state having a surplus where it had been in the red. The Jarvis Act was passed which fixed the property tax situation and people stopped losing their homes.

          Today, Brown and his ilk have pushed the envelope and people are pushing back. The left wants to go back to the days of Pat Brown by overturning the Jarvis Act. They want to ban guns. Taxes are being raised. Taxes which were supposed to expire are being extended. Three Dem legislators have been charged; one with conspiracy to run guns plead to a lesser charge, and two for corruption.

          Today, law enforcement agencies and associations have come out against the gun controls. Naturally conservatives have as well. Surprisingly, members of LGBT are standing up for a right which belongs to all of us. Sheriffs in most of the counties have openly stated that they will defy any attempt to confiscate firearms. My Sheriff has even posted a letter to that effect on the SO web page. Hispanics and Latinos are recognizing that the illegals/undocumented (a rose by any other name) are raping the economic system of funds which were to support programs created for Americans (like Medicare/MediCal and education). And shock of shocks… the most liberal court in the federal system, the 9th Circuit, ruled that jurisdictions like San Francisco, may NOT regulate gun shops out of business, as SF did, because We the People have a right to keep and bear under the 2nd Amendment, and such over regulation would deprive us of places to purchase guns and ammo by which to avail ourselves of the 2nd amendment right. In the last election, we did the unthinkable… we broke the super majority the left held in the state legislature.

          The tide is rising. Who knows how this will all play out, but I will be here to deal with it. We won’t run and hide, yet we hold nothing against those who leave. We all must follow our consciences.

    • From a strategic standpoint (not a realistic perspective, obviously);
      -How many senators can the large number of gun owning Californians constituting the present superminority influence in CA, versus scattered across several swing states?
      -How much tax revenue do gun owning Californians contribute to anti-gun government efforts? How much profit towards anti-gun corporate efforts? How does this compare to the amounts raised in opposition to gun control?
      -How much representative apportionment do the 30% or so of Californian gun owners confer onto representatives who do not respect their freedoms?
      -How much legitimacy does the sustained residence of gun owners confer onto the Californian gun control apparatus? So long as people endure the restrictions, it can be argued that ‘a little more’ won’t break the camel’s back.
      -How much would a mass-exodus by gun owner Californians reduce out-of-state opportunities for anti-gun Californians? Only so many jobs and houses to go around in Austin, after all (assuming anti-gunners and gun owners generally possess the same skill sets, here)

      Sometimes it’s more effective to fight the zombie hordes from outside their ranks, than from within. Again, these are all theoretical concepts, there’d be no way to herd all the gun owning cats out West into something remotely resembling a strategy, in practice.

    • Mexifornia blows on several fronts. I have read that if it were not for all the illegal immigrants replacing the productive skilled workers, the population would be shrinking.
      Move away as the place sucks on several fronts.
      Indiana always has such beautiful weather; such a place to romp and play.

  2. Only about 2 billion magazines out there. Maybe even three billion. It would be comical if he didn’t realize how dumb he looks.


  3. The “I am an AR owner and I have had enough” is not the article you probably think it is. It is arguing to limit magazines to ten rounds.

    • Yeah, it’s another failed argument. The ONLY thing that can guarantee safety at the highest percentage is to never leave one’s house. Everything else has a good deal of risk. I refuse to live like that.

      Also, for someone who seems to proudly write for a publication called the Thought Catalog, he doesn’t allow any comments on his Facebook page, the one he asks us to follow him on. Imagine that!

  4. We live in NY and are planning to exit, to WY, at least is the plan now.

    Do I feel conflicted? Yes of course. However we are leaving NY for more reasons than just firearms, there’s taxes. cost of living, density of people, a number of issues.

    Yes, the “right” thing to do would be to stand and fight. I do have a wife and a child who is 100% disabled and seeing to their well being in the future is frankly my highest priority in all of this. Taking a stand against these tyrants would be nice and all, but I wouldn’t know how to do it, I wouldn’t know how to get people to listen to me…

    So yea, we are taking the easy way out, and I regret this at some level. But I have to take the safety of my wife and child first.

    • I was on Long Island for the last four years getting my bachelor’s. Aaaaaaaall guns, of course, were kept at my Dad’s house in PA. As soon as I finished my last final this past December, I freakin bee lined out of there. Just crossing the Verazzano and getting onto 95 felt like 10 tons had just lifted off my shoulders. I never truly appreciated how horrible gun control was until I lived there.

      Also, I don’t think there’s any shame in leaving a state like that even if it were just for their gun laws. NY is already way too far gone to be salvaged. Anti-gun liberals have a strangle hold on the legislature there.

      • I know that feeling. Felt that way when I finally moved (back) up to PA from MD. Terrible state. A lost cause of gun control. My life’s too short to fight that fight in a state so far gone from the Bill of Rights.

  5. jwm ,I believe you’re right . When I was a teen in early eighties I would often hear a phrase from the older people including my parents . “As California goes ,so goes the nation “. Not sure how true that was then ,but I tend to think it is that way

  6. I am staying in California at this point only because I cannot leave. I think those who rule here are certifiably insane and hate us gun owners vehemently. There is no viable fight to be fought here any longer. So, if you can leave, by all means do so and Go with God! I wish you all the best!

  7. Oh look, another FUDD that bought an AR for hunting and never shoots it that wants to limit magazines. Because he owns an AR 15 we should listen to him and give up all of our mags even though that will completely ruin the purpose of owning the damn things. Right.

    I am an AR15 owner, and I have had enough. I have had enough of being blamed every time a nut job or terrorist slips through the cracks and kills people as if I was the one that gave him the damn guns. I have had enough of people telling me what I have to do to stop people shooting each other like I have any freaking control over people I have never met. I have had enough of assholes who think they have the right to tell me what to do with my own damn property even though I have broken no laws.

  8. Whether you leave or stay in California, be armed and be trained. Clearly, the next few years are going to be a rocky ride for our nation.

  9. As much as I’d like it to be true I’m fairly certain CBS didn’t break any FEDERAL laws. State laws, maybe, depending on where the purchase/sale went down. More than a few of us on this site have purchased firearms and later sold them. So long as both parties are legal most states don’t care.

        • Just a general comment related to this, but directed to no one in particular. I can go in and purchase a firearm today and GIFT it to my nephew this evening and it be totally legal. What I cannot do is buy it today with the intention of SELLING it to my nephew or even “worse” using funds my nephew gave me to purchase the gun and then transfer it to him after I purchased it.

          I mention this to clarify the matter about later selling a gun we might have purchased … as long as it was not bought with the INTENT of selling it to someone else, you are NOT effecting a straw man purchase.

          That said, juries and judges are fairly idiotic and your mileage may vary regardless of the law.

      • Very true. It’s hard to sell the idea that you bought it for personal use and transfer it later the same day. I suppose they could have said it was for their job and then transfer it, what they said was a lie and it’s very similar in spirit to Mr Abramski’s situation.

      • Abramski’s problem was that he did not use his own money, but the money his father-in-law had given to him to buy the gun. As such, he was buying the gun for someone else. If he had used his own money, and then sold it to his father-in-law with a cash exchange then, there would have been no issue.

        • BUT… the libtard in question here used a CORPORATE CREDIT CARD(another entities money!) for the strawman transaction that she then further proved was a strawman deal by transferring said firearm in a matter of hours. So…. guilty as sin. An open and shut case. Only lacking in an official with the cajones to do their job. But the media knows full well that such officials no longer exist in the US. It’s whys they are so comfortable committing this same crime, over and over again. Because they know full well THEY(but not US, OFC!) will get away with it.

        • Are you suggesting this gun wasn’t bought with the studio’s company card? Dollars to donuts the buyer was comped.

    • @ peirsonb
      We have universal background checks here in Washington State…which are universally ignored. Why just the other day I…..oh never mind.

    • It sounds like it was given to the final recipient free of charge, which would be just fine.

      The store owner is quoted as saying, “The law is very clear. When you knowingly attempt to purchase a firearm with the intent of giving it to another person, you are trying to bypass the legal pathway to firearms ownership.”

      The quote from the 4473 is, “You are also the actual transferee/buyer if you are legitimately purchasing the firearm as a gift for a third party.”

      • Which makes the original dealer an idiot. I’d call him ignorant, but there isn’t any excuse for not knowing something so basic when it’s your business.

        Still doesn’t necessarily mean any federal law was necessarily broken.

        It’s really a toss up, even with the SCOTUS decision hanging out there.

        On one hand, there’s the decision cited above. On the other they could argue they bought it for a purpose, finished with that purpose, and sold/gifted it.

        I’m just saying it’s more than likely not the hanging offense it’s been made out to be.

        • I’m not aware of anyone here saying this was a hanging offense. Only a federal felony, which it certainly is.

        • I’m with piersonb. Seems like an argument could be made that the purchaser’s purpose in buying the gun was to make a video about the purchase. Once that’s done, she would no longer need the gun, so she transferred it to someone else. So there’s not necessarily any lying going on about her buying the gun for her “own use” – her “use” was to make her little video. There’s nothing in the law that specifies a minimum amount of time you have to own it before you can transfer it, or that you have to shoot it or whatever.

          There might be some case to make, depending on where the money came from to buy it, though.

  10. The link to the article titled “I am a AR15 owner etc” is an article about the need to ban AR15 mags to only 10 rounds. The writer is obviously a long time AR owner and knows his stuff. But to say that the Orlando terrorist was only able to accomplish his murder for so long was because no one could rush him because he used the 30 round mags to give himself enough space to change them out unimpeded.
    I find this line of reasoning flawed. I know how fast I can change a magazine and I’m thinking that if instead of 30 rounders I had say a battle belt and vest loaded up with twenty 10 rounders. And I was counting down each shot 10-1 so I know when to change, I am pretty sure I could have done the same damage. All I’d need is to keep a space around me say of 15-17 feet clear to do a quick may change?.
    Now I know I am using myself in this example and that is reprehensible to me to even think about hypothetically. But it’s the only real life example I have, I know how fast I am on mag changes.
    So to boil it all down I don’t agree with the authors article. I personally believe it’s not the tool that needs to be banned or any piece of it, but the reason for this act in the first place, Radical Islamic terrorism.

      • Yes! I’ve used that video to help anti-gun people who want to limit mag capacity understand that is really will not change anything. Thanks!

    • The guy texted his wife. He went on Facebook. He did Google searches to see whether his massacre was trending yet. I really don’t think reloading was much of a problem for him.

  11. Sorry I don’t agree about Commiefornia leading the nation. LOTS of new freedoms in LOTS of other states. Leave-it won’t be saved. Like Illinois-I live a scant mile from the relative paradise of Indiana. I’m not saving Illinois-and I’m old.. Living way cheap right now and am prepared to move a mile east.

    • Exactly. Michigan and Illinois were hotbeds of anti-gun activity and advocacy. Economic depression, leading to uanbated crime, then depopulation…suddenly, they stopped being quite as influential with all those lawful gunowners (and their votes, and their money, and their productivity) gone, and actually became susceptible to both domestic and external pro-gun efforts. Letting CA collapse like Detroit will be rough on the whole country, since it will herald a full-on Depression, but will probably straighten out their priorities in the long run.

      • Illinois leads America with unfunded debt. Already bankrupt with a junk bond credit rating. I ain’t payin’ some azzwholes pension. BREAKING NEWS! HEY-on NIGHTLINE I’m watchingPINK PISTOLS right now and a relative neutral report on ABC!!! Strange bedfellows indeed…somewhat pro-gun and self-defense!!!

      • THANKS! It’d be near Hammond/Munster or maybe Dyer area. Heck I already spend most of my $ in Indiana(ALL my gun $)…

  12. Yeah, ban all mags above ten rounds, until another terrorist commits a massacre using them. Then it’s time to go to five round mags. Well, until another terrorist uses a standard capacity mag, and then it’s ban all the STANAG compatible rifles. After that it’s ban all the rifles that can take detachable box mags.

  13. Bravo Sheriff Warren. It is heartwarming to see an ember of glowing hope behind enemy lines. Your constituents should be truly proud. If only we had an elected official such as you on a national level. On to a separate issue, sort of, how many are as disappointed in the NRA? How quick the populace is to forget that laws we pass to disarm our enemies, only serve to disarm ourselves. The NRA called me yesterday for more money. I told them simply, “I am quite disappointed in your organization at the moment. Please do not call me for a while.” Considering joining GOA also. A famous quote is that, ” Those that would trade Liberty for Security, deserve neither.” Our own organizations and politicians seem to be against us on this one.

  14. Delaware is being invaded by MD, PA, and NJ for low taxes and cheaper houses. Already they are complaining about lack of services and the schools not being fabulous enough. Gun laws and gay marriage are big issues and soon our state will reflect where they left.
    15 years ago I saw myself retiring here. 15 from now I hope that’s true. The problem is we are running out of havens and it because the courts and fed are on the side of the locusts.

  15. showed a Marine pointing a rifle at the camera with his finger on the trigger and a caption which read, ‘Coming to a gay bar near you!’” I’m thinking it was a joke.

    I’m thinking it was a prediction more than a threat. Like “wake up and smell the gunsmoke, it can happen here too”.

  16. FYI all my Ohio brethren; Senator Rob Portman has issued a statement concerning the “no fly, no buy”. In short, he too has been “Couric’d”. What he said was that he supports the Coryn amendment.

  17. With all the people leaving Calif. they came to Texas and they can’t seam to mind their own business. Brought their politics with them and now they wonder what happened when the areas they moved to went to shits.

  18. They get a mechanism to deny without due process in secret and just imagine how they are going to expand that program. And who they will protect from it.

  19. Thinking most of the totalitarian bills passing through CA would go unchecked regardless, but whatever chance of veto we had for any of them went out the window after the gay jihadi attacked. Not in a position to move but AZ has been talked about. For now I’m left with the question: Buy more guns while I can or buy more ammo while I can? Right now I’m leaning towards another rifle first, before all the fun ones get completely shitcanned. Surprised, and glad to see bulk 5.56 hasn’t gone the way of 2013 quite yet.

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