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Nicholas Kristof (courtesy

“If we’re trying to prevent carnage like that of Orlando, we need to be vigilant not only about infiltration by the Islamic State, and not only about American citizens poisoned into committing acts of terrorism. We also need to be vigilant about National Rifle Association-type extremism that allows guns to be sold without background checks.” – Nicholas Kristof, Some Extremists Fire Guns and Other Extremists Promote Guns [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Fox News' Gretchen Carlson Asks a Really Stupid Question">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Father of Orlando Victim: My Son Should Have Had a Gun">Next Post


  1. The fact that the terrorist’s guns were purchased with background checks, and the fact that no background check proposed to date would have interfered with his purchases, apparently mean nothing to this clown.

    • I believe you to be incorrect. This tragedy will reinforce the anti-gun belief that guns should not be in civilian hands. The terrorist had background checks, a psych eval, investigated by the FBI, and had a security license, He still bought guns legally and committed an atrocity.
      Anti-gun people absolutely believe the NRA, it’s members and gun owners in general are terrorists waiting to commit murder.

      • surlycmd,

        Oh my … you make an excellent point. This event supports the gun-grabber narrative that nothing can be done to prevent atrocities so the only remaining solution is to ban and remove ALL firearms … or at least all “dangerous” firearms (whatever that means).

        The irony: gun-rights supporters make the same initial argument that nothing can be done to prevent atrocities. So on that point, gun-rights supporters and gun grabbers would be in agreement. Where gun-rights supporters diverge from gun-grabbers is that gun-rights supporters’ response is to be armed and ready to respond to an atrocity … whereas gun-grabbers’ response is to ban most/all guns.

      • But is there any evidence whatsoever that this registered Democrat (Orlando shooter) ever belonged to the NRA?

        • Do you have any proof he was a democrat? Every time there is a mass shooter I hear this and I want to know how this information is obtained.

      • Every time they throw around a number the reply needs to start with the counter-number:

        – 49 dead, over a hundred maimed … Oh, so just another weekend in Chicago? And now you’re concerned.

        – 14 assaults with these “assault weapons” … Vs. 10,000 or so assaults, and 10s of millions modern sporting rifles out there already … Still don’t get why you care about this one and not all the others…

        – What peaceful person needs a killing machine spewing 100s of bullets a minute to defend themselves … Someone shooting back at a bad guy who’s already got one …

        The numbers need to be footnoted, as I have not, here. Surely some advocacy group can assemble a handy infographic with this stuff. That’s their role, after all.

        As for commander “They’re all terrorists!”, there’s a distinction here that’s actually pretty easy to make. The terrorists are the people who start shooting people up to make a point. The not terrorists are the people never shooting at anyone, or shooting back … when somebody shoots at them, and you let them.

        Back in my younger, hornier days, I did some silly things in pursuit of some booty or euphoria. But, it’s something else entirely to impose risks that don’t have to be on people; gay, straight, or ambisexual walnut lovers? Removing guns for security is like taking bumpers off go carts. Sure, you can do it, we just made it way more dangerous. Who’s prerogative is that?

    • The only thing that matters to him is demonizing and vilifying those with a different view than him.

      It is pure hate. Hatred for you, me, and any one else that would live our lives in a way other than what he would deem acceptable.

      The totalitarian mask is falling off.

  2. America, please disarm and create more gun free zones for your safety. You can live better than Israel.
    – Terrorists

  3. They wave background checks like a bag of magic beans. Reams of data show they can’t do anything, won’t do anything and don’t do anything but they’d save us all if only we would just believe.

    • Actually, it will do something. In order for gun confiscation to work, they have to know where all the guns are first. In Australia, the Liberal Fascists demanded gun registration, and immediately after they knew where all the guns were, they confiscated them.

        • Nope. Not this one. I’ve got lots of guns. Enough for me, friends, family, neighbors, random people I want to give a gun to, whoever. And I’m buying more. Lots more.
          And I’m not hiding.

        • @ Swarf, I have a leaky row boat with loose rivets you can borrow. Just make sure you are wearing a life Jacket!

        • jwtaylor,

          I know a great place to hole up if things get really ugly. Your arsenal, er, I mean YOU are welcome to join me.

        • Like JWT, I’m not hiding anything.

          When you need to bury your guns to hide them from your government, it’s actually time to dig them up and use them against your government.

  4. Because if you believe you must defend your rights in this country, instead of trusting some politicians to grant you privileges, you must be a terrorist.

  5. Mr. Kristof, and like minded politicians, are the reason a secret gov’t watch list should not be used to deny firearm purchases.

    • This. They talk a good talk about reasonable this and common sense that, and then go on to display a complete lack of reason and common sense.

      We are supposed to trust these people with our and our families very safety and protection to a bunch of clowns who cannot fathom the simple phrase ‘shall not be infringed’? I don’t think so. If they ignore the rule of law, if they betray our trust and abuse what power they do have, why should we agree to give them even more power?

      Look what they did with the IRS. Weaponizing an arm of the federal government to shut up the voices of people they didn’t agree with. They do this all the time and they will continue to do so with whatever power they are given.

      You cheer them on now because they are aimed at your own perceived enemy, but what you don’t know is that everyone in this country is a target of the state.

      The constitution either stands in whole, or eventually it falls completely.

      If you feel so strongly about the second amendment, fine, work within the constitution and pass an amendment. If you attack it as you are, the entire structure will collapse, and you won’t like that at all.

      • “They do this all the time and they will continue to do so with whatever power they are given assert.”

        There. Fixed that for you.

        Although a person could easily argue that we are, in effect, giving over such power if we fail to push back.

        • This power is given over. If we all stopped paying taxes at the same time the state would be powerless to do anything about it. It’s the same with firearms rights, if we all decided to go out into our cities open carrying at the same time, they would be powerless to stop it.

          Sure they would arrest some number of people, but on the macro level the state would lose.

          Of course, it’s essentially impossible to organize and motivate so many people to act in concert in such a way, but in the end the state really only has the power that is given to it by the people.

        • Take the guns from all federal regulatory agencies.

          ALL OF THEM.

          If they feel they need they need armed back-up, they can call the U.S. Marshals.

  6. These kind of scared people need to have a bogeyman. For them, it’s the NRA. If the NRA had 10% of the power and influence that these people think they have, then I’d be able to open carry a machine gun in all 50 states.

    • It is a standard tactic of tyrannical political ideologies. They pick a group of people to blame all lives ailments upon, and then they push it until the weak minded in society believe it to the point that they will do horrible things to innocent people under the guise of righteousness. The Democrat Party is obviously no longer bound by any sense of decency or humanity, so expect the injustices against us to get much worse.

  7. We also need to be vigilant about ACLU-type extremism that allows articles to be written without rational thought.

    • You said “type.”
      The ACLU joined with the NRA two days ago on the very issue that riles us all. The Terrorist Watch List. Specifically no due process.

      • Link? I don’t believe it. It’s possible, and it should happen. But the ACLU is so deeply in bed with the statist I just can’t believe that they would be allowed to do this.

    • The pic probably wouldn’t have looked so bad had the photographer not said, “gimme your best constipated raise the roof pose…”

  8. It’s interesting to note these savages are actually choosing to undergo backgrounds checks…

    Maybe, because everyone knows BGC’s are a joke – just a thought.

  9. So this “reporter” misleads his readers with this about the Orlando shooter-
    “He couldn’t have purchased a black water gun without an orange tip — because that would have been too dangerous.”
    Then his next sentence,

    “But it’s not too dangerous to allow the sale of an assault rifle without even a background check?”

    When we all know, he did pass a background check.
    This is a clear violation of the first amendment. Put this guy on a secret no-fly/no-write list.

  10. For your safety, comfort, and convenience, your government will now be collecting your firearms, since we the wise and benevolent masters have decided that you aren’t to be trusted with your own protection. If you want more protection than is provided by your local police force, you can hire your own bodyguards or perhaps a security detail. After all it works for Zuckerberg, Gates, Feinstein, and Schumer, so stop complaining and turn them in!

  11. It is inevitable that a future liberal administration will actually brand the NRA, a group that none of these jihadis belonged to, as a terrorist organization and the real problem.

    The press doing so today is just the warm-up act.

    None of the currently proposed feel good gun laws being proposed would have stopped Mr. Jihadi who bought his weapons legally.

    Anyone who thinks lack of access to an “assault rifle” would have stopped him has forgotten columbine.

    The end game remains the same, tell us you don’t want to take our guns away when that is EXACTLY what you want.

    Make sure you guys stay home on election day so you can later complain when Hillary gets her mandatory gun buyback put into place.

    • “Anyone who thinks lack of access to an “assault rifle” would have stopped him has forgotten columbine.”

      … and Paris, France.

  12. Why does this get play here? This just got more exposure than it’s whole previous lifetime.

    We need to treat gun-grabbers like anti-Constitutional facists and prosecute a systemic war on them. If they can hide until JESUS comes back, then we haven’t been diligent enough.

    • “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” — Sun Tzu

      • There are things one must not contemplate…There is an obscenity of evil which contaminates the observer. There is a limit to what it is proper for a man to see. He must not think of this, or look within it, or try to learn the nature of its roots.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, pg. 215, Plume Publishing, Penguin Group, NY, 1999.

        “And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to
        bring to nought things that are:” 1 Corinthians 1:28.

        “Once harm has been done, even a fool understands it.” – Homer

  13. We’ve traded a lot of American lives to beat back feces like this around the globe. Kinda strange to see it rear it’s ugly head without it being running for it’s life and on fire. Hm.

  14. Action: terrorist attack against defenseless citizens.

    Reaction: further restrict gun rights from law abiding citizens.

    Liberal logic.

    • “Action: terrorist attack against defenseless citizens. Reaction: further restrict gun rights from law abiding citizens.”
      Liberal logic. Not logic, It’s denial of reality
      Islam is not a religion of peace, never has been, never will be. It is a combination of religion and political power. Read the history of Islam. It has always had the goal of world domination. Allah demanded Jihad, convert or perish.
      Muslims do not assimilate to the degree other cultures have. Omar Mateen did not just wake up one day and decide to go shoot up a gay bar. Do search on his school days, he’s been a piece of work for a long time. Violent anti-western culture terrorists are going to become common as kittens.

  15. Nicholas has not gotten the memo that it is ok for a homosexual man like himself to have a gun, and use it in self defense.

    After over 100 people are killed and injured at a gay nightclub I would think he would change his thinking.
    I don’t believe this proud gay white man will change.

    • Anyone with half a brain knows that the best way to inflict mass casualties is with explosives. They are particularly appropriate if you don’t care who you kill, just that lots of people die. Ask the IRA, they were quite the bomb makers in their day.

      I understand that explosives are actually pretty loosely regulated, so it is probably easier to build a b*mb than a gun. Worst case you find out where blasting is being done and steal some dynamite and detonators. My neighbor had a whole box obtained legally – stump removal.

  16. Just screw all this pussying around you statist POSs. Just man up and do it. Put the entire membership of the NRA, GOA, whatever on your damn lists. Might as well add all C&R license holders, all those approved for NFA items, hell anyone at all associated with firearms.

    Just do it. And then how about you big, brave, ever so much wiser pussy-men come knocking on our doors to get take them.

    Hell, I’m a bit bored with work right now so let’s just do this thing and get past this IDIOTIC assault on the principles this nation was founded on.

    Just do it soon, because the rest of us out here in the Real America got shit to do.

    Damn but I’m tired of their shit.

  17. When one considers that d-bag “journalists” like Kristof benefit greatly from an “extremist” interpretation of the First Amendment (NY Times v. Sullivan) you’d think he might exercise a little discretion. The 2nd Amendment is a uniquely American institution that the MSM would like to see torn down. Free Speech absolutism is also a uniquely American institution, especially the rather privileged status of the media (again, NY Times v Sullivan). No other western nation, including the Anglosphere countries, provide the near-absolute protection from defamation lawsuits that the US gives to journalists. He should think on that.

  18. Last time I checked, it wasn’t the POTG committing these acts of terror. So, get off our a** and go after the real terrorists for a change!

  19. NYT, WaPo and other liberal media outlets are domestic terrorist organizations. That also includes Bloomberg’s demanding mommies, everytown for gun control and the rest.
    They’ve killed more people with their lies and absurd rhetoric than any mass shooting in the U.S. The FBI needs to close all these bastards down for good.

  20. Ok, so he’s “vigilant” about the NRA.

    But what’s he going to DO?

    To borrow a line from my favorite western, “I’m your huckleberry”.

  21. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” – Barry Goldwater

  22. Liberal logic:

    1). Silence freedom loving pro-gun people

    2). Government is the solution to all problems

    3). Pass legislation banning and regulating things, even though laws already exist regulating the illegal actions they are trying to address.

    4). Fill already overcrowded prisons with gun owners and other crimes against the bureaucracy with no clear victims. Let the violent rapists and murderers out. Keep gun owners in.

    5). Arbitrarily put anyone (except politicians, celebrities, and billionaires) on anti-freedom lists. That way they can’t fly on a commercial plane, own guns for any reason, board subways, trains, or attend large public gatherings.

    6). Support the elitist authoritarian regime in the name of public safety. Billionaires, celebrities, and politicians get armed guards but the people do not. Watch tv, consume products, and pay your taxes, and support what the elitists want you to support.

  23. If WE were 1/100 as dangerous as this unattractive boy “believes”…oh wait getting threatened by unarmed twinks vs 100million gun owners makes sense…

  24. So anyone with a different point of view is an “extremist” now.

    As always happens with a minority group that is pressed with a depricating label…at some point they say fuck it, and start wearing it with pride, and perhaps even acting on it. This guy needs to think long and hard about the implications of painting any group into that corner (particularly a well-armed one) – he may not like the results.

  25. No comments allowed on his rant. If I had an emoji, I’d show you my surprised face. Why are black water pistols without orange tips “too dangerous”? Because a cop could mistake one for a real gun and kill a kid. Duh. Strawman argument. Why is resistance to background checks “extremism”? This country did just fine for all of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries without them for private transfers, yet suddenly it is extremist to stand on a long, and legal, tradition? And why is this relevant? Because he wants them, even though this murderer passed one. Another strawman. And why is it outrageous to oppose “no fly no buy? Last time I checked, we have what is called the First Amendment in this country, and this murderer was free to believe, and to talk about, whatever extremist beliefs he professed; certainly a JOURNALIST is aware of the First Amendment (one would think). Which is why he was not arrested or charged with a crime (which would have prevented him from buying firearms) because he had not committed any. So what this numbnut is suggesting is that exercising one’s first amendment rights and expressing ideas which other people find objectionable is grounds for suspension of one’s second amendment rights. No THAT is truly radical and extremist.

  26. The background check is only as good as the information in the database and is only good for the moment the dealer hangs up the phone. Whatever the purchaser does after that point is anybody’s guess.


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