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The rabidly anti-gun Daily News discovers that the feds are tooling up: Non-military federal agencies are spending billions on guns, ammo and military gear, report finds – “’As the Obama administration and its allies are pushing hard for an assault weapons ban on private citizens, taxpayers are asking why IRS agents need AR-15s. After grabbing legal power, federal bureaucrats are amassing firepower. It’s time to scale back the federal arsenal,’ OpenTheBooks founder and CEO Adam Andrzejewski wrote in a Forbes magazine editorial about the report. Researchers found that the more than 200,000 federal officers with arrest and firearm responsibilities now outnumber the 188,000 members of the Marine Corps.”


From guns to pensions to sales tax cut: 7 things from a crazy day at the Statehouse – News from America’s armpit: “In their ongoing battle over New Jersey’s tight gun control laws, Democrats sent Christie a bill that would more strictly define the “justifiable need” residents must show to obtain a permit to carry a handgun in the state. The governor, though, is likely to veto the measure.” Oh, and smart-gun killer Loretta Weinberg also has a bill that would “create a state commission responsible for establishing performance standards for personalized handguns, and for maintaining a roster of the types of weapons when they are available for sale in New Jersey.” Some people never learn. Or choose not to.


Ronald McDonald shot outside Sonic – “A man named Ronald McDonald was shot outside of a Sonic restaurant in Lumberton, North Carolina last week. McDonald, 36, was shot with a non-life threatening injury, according to a statement released by the Lumberton Police Department.  He apparently got into an argument with another man outside the fast food joint and they exchanged gunfire.” Sonic’s apparently taking a much firmer stance against corporate espionage these days.

Looking for something to keep the kids busy now that they’re out of school? Democrats call for ‘family sit-ins’ on guns – “House Democrats on Wednesday plan to stage a “national day of action” against gun violence that will feature ‘family sit-ins,’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced. Pelosi said the action would “carry forward the momentum” from the Democrats’ takeover of the House floor last week. Democratic lawmakers staged a 25-hour sit-in which included attempts to disrupt the floor schedule and votes.”

Another Failure of Peer Review at JAMA – “You don’t have to be a trained statistician or criminologist to get published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) if you’re on message about guns, judging from this new anti-gun advocacy article. The editors at one of America’s leading medical journals have been clear for years on what they want readers to think about guns—private ownership of firearms should be banned.”


  1. … that will feature ‘family sit-ins’

    You mean welfare family sit-ins? Because everyone else will be at work or school on Wednesday.

    • I was invited by David Cicilline to this “sit in” after I wrote to him. Too bad I have to work, so it will just be the Democrats that are on welfare showing up. He didn’t answer my letter, just forwarded the blast email he sent out and said to come to the sit in.

      I wish I had the day off so I could show some civil disobedience and shout “liar” when that jerk continues to raise money on the backs of the dead in Orlando. He is also gay – but blames it on Republicans and the NRA instead of where the blame really belongs.

      He is also showing up with the other Rhode Island anti-constitutionlist Jim Langevin.

  2. 200,000 armed federal officers outnumber the Marine Corps. The Marines I know would wait for that number to triple to keep it a fair fight….

    • Because Marines, like most infantry units, are trained to fight as a team and have well-coordinated back-up, command, communications and control. Federal agents tend to work in pairs or small units with hit or miss command and control, much less coordinated back-up.

      Vegas odds go to the Marines, hands down.

  3. Conspiracy theory here. The feds are arming everybody they can because they either A: Can’t figure out a way around the posse comitatus act, or B: They can not trust the military to enforce unconstitutional orders that come down. Not the president doing this but the federal government.

    • The less conspiracy-minded just see a bunch of government employees with not enough work to do who think it would be cool if the taxpayers bought them some badass guns. I think it’s mostly “keeping up with the Joneses” – the IRS and NOAA guys see that the EPA guys are dressing up in camo costumes and playing Delta Force with rifles and body armor, and they want in on it, too. Especially when it’s someone else’s money buying the toys.

      • Yep, no different than all the local PDs who have no use for MARPs all of sudden need a MARP because the town next door has one of those toys and the only time they get used is during a parade. I always like to give the story how my town received a $1mm command center post 9/11 for absolutely no reason and they the one time they needed to activate it during Super Storm Sandy, it never ever worked. Good use of that money. Recently, it was rolled out for some kind of disaster reenactment training and once again, nope did not work.

        • MRAP – Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected

          That autoplya/popup of Harry Fing Reid’s whiney ass voice is must beyond the pale.

  4. Yeah. They’re sitting like those cops did while that muzzy in Orlando was mowing down innocent people.

    The cops should have just rushed in and popped him. This is all the more reason to carry, even in off-limits locations. The cops either take forever to get over there, or sit and wait for the opportune moment to rush in, while bodies pile up.

    I’m not accusing Orlando PD necessarily of being complicit, but between standing down during the slaughter, and Loretta Needs-to-be-lynched whitewashing Islam from the attack, it’s like the killing was deliberately allowed for the sake of politics, and to advance a preposterous gun control agenda.

    Keep the GOP accountable! Like them or not, they’re our best defense against the gungrabbers. Make sure they let no new bills pass! Don’t give another inch to the gungrabbing bastards!

  5. Rest assured 200k AR’s in various government agency’s doesn’t an army make. And it would only take 5,000 Marines to make short work of 200k constitutional infringing wayward rifle toting federal agents.

    • A grandma from Arkansas with AK in a wheelchair will give them hell if they advance on US citizens.

  6. Researchers found that the more than 200,000 federal officers with arrest and firearm responsibilities now outnumber the 188,000 members of the Marine Corps.”
    These high speed low drag operators could wear “Brownshirts” (Braunhemden) and be the Storm Department or The Sturmabteilung (SA).

    • thats like 200k publicly funded 30 years of retirement plans with health insurance for life…and we make fun of socialism. keep those unions rolling till nothing more to take.

  7. Looking for something to keep the kids busy now that they flunked out of school? Donkeycraps call for ‘family sit-ins’ on guns and getting free stuff – “ Out House Donkeycraps on Wednesday plan to stage a “national day of action” against gun owners that will feature ‘ welfare family flop-ins,’ Out House Minority Leader Nancy Peeosi, D-Mexi., announced. Peeosi said the action would “carry forward the momentum” from the Communist takeover of the Out House toilets last week and get their constiuents more free crap so that they can sleep, snooze, and screw more often.

    • Hmm, what if someone called 911 saying “there are bunch of angry unsavory types sitting here yelling. I think they may become violent.”

  8. “As the Obama administration and its allies are pushing hard for an assault weapons ban on private citizens, taxpayers are asking why IRS agents need AR-15s. After grabbing legal power, federal bureaucrats are amassing firepower.”

    F-ing DUH! Hail, kings of the freaking obvious! POTG have been pointing this out for the past 5 years. Where the f**k have you so-called ‘journalists’ been?

    Do us all a favor and put the stupid crack pipe down and pay some attention to what the adults are saying, mmkay?

  9. Our overlords in the PRK are also seeking to “more strictly define the “justifiable need”” – in light of some CA sheriffs saying (post-Peruta mini en banc) that they will continue to issue based on ” self defense” as “good cause” .

    • Doc, a serious question here –

      What if that is signed into law and the sheriffs give the legislature the middle finger and issue them the way they have been issuing them all along?

      I can see a business opportunity here in constructing ‘good cause’ for those wanting to carry…

  10. Any of you britches really think 99.9% of LEOs won’t follow orders to confiscate firearms? Way too much salary and pension to risk not following orders.

      • The percentage will rise after the first cops are shot in the attempt, then drop precipitously following the next round or two of well-armed civilian resistance. A pension don’t mean shit if you don’t survive to collect it.

        • Not just the LEOs, but anyone a LEO loves.

          Make them think long and hard about the possible personal consequences of their actions…

    • They will use insurance and mortgage companies to do the dirty work.
      Guns in the house or car ? Insurance cancelled.
      No Insurance ? Mortgage company forecloses or loan called.
      Guns in the house ? Fire department will let it burn.
      Burglar who finds guns gets reward and medal instead of jail.
      They will nibble away, won’t be all at once, just like Stalin during the USSR farm collectivization.

      • You might be right about their anti-gun tactics, but your USSR example is historically inaccurate. The USSR collectivized about 90% of its agricultural production in just half a decade, at great human cost. That’s not what I’d call “nibbling away”. Stalin was never a “nibbler” – he was more of a “full speed ahead and kill anyone who gets in the way” kind of a guy. They didn’t convert the kulaks and peasants to Soviet farm slaves gradually, they rounded them up by the millions in very short order…

    • Still hoping for the day for a Snowden like person to publish the names, job description, and addresses of all local/state/federal LEO from the county deputy up to the head of the FBI. I think the public deserves to know that.

  11. When I was a kid, my brother (a med student at the time) showed me a JAMA article about a man who had gotten an intact lightbulb stuck up his anal canal. Apparently it has now been replaced by the editor’s head.

  12. I went to school with a different Ronald McDonald, and his twin brother Donald, but they would be older than that. It would surprise me more if the Ronald McDonald I knew went into a Sonic than if he got shot, since the last time I saw him was when he road away from fifth grade recess on a stolen bicycle, after having run over a teacher with it. Needless to say he was expelled from school for that. Don’t remember seeing Donald after that either, so they may have put them both in another school.

    And you thought McDonalds food was dangerous!

    • RC, was this in North Carolina? My sister had arrested a Ronald and Donald multiple times. Could be the same ones.

      • Could be, the pair I recall lived in Chattanooga at the time, but could easily have ended up in NC. They were a pair that were likely to have drawn the attention of law enforcement, on a very regular basis.

  13. “McDonald, 36, was shot with a non-life threatening injury,” How the hell does a non-life threatening shoot anybody?

  14. ” After grabbing legal power, federal bureaucrats are amassing firepower. It’s time to scale back the federal arsenal,’ ”

    This ‘tooling up’ of Federal agencies worries the hell out of me.

    I think I might have a semi-solution to the problem.

    Abolish *all* guns for Federal agencies.

    Every. Last. One.

    Roll them all into the US Marshall’s overview. This will save massive amounts of money that they are currently spending on outfitting and training man-hours.

    At least this way we can get a handle on standardized training and rules for deployment on how they are to be used.

    If the damn FDA needs an armed raid, make them pick up the phone and call the Marshalls.

  15. Since we can’t make it to the range on a work day, I guess our family sit in will be dry fire practice with scary black rifles and pistols.

  16. For those that haven’t read it, a few points of clarification. The Weinberg bill is back on the smart gun train. Personalized is just another word for smart, so the commission would be creating performance standards and there would be a roster of smart guns available for sale, once they are sold. The article made passing mention of the offering for sale requirement, but wasn’t very clear, only stating that most store would need to sell them.

  17. You know, we could probably save a lot of money and the lives of countless dogs if we disarmed all of the Fed agents and forced them to use the Marines when (and if) they actually needed some firepower.


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