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boxer-logo color smallThat’s the Chicago Way: Drug Suspect Violently Resists Arrest, Released from Jail Without Charges – “What happened next followed the same tiresome script we have come to expect: Neighborhood thug gets caught breaking the law, resists arrest, gets roughed up on video, then is hoisted onto the martyr’s pedestal to be hailed as a hero and a symbol of the continuing black struggle against institutional racism and on and on and on.” I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that Chicago has had 59 people shot to death…so far this month.

Mayor carjacked at gunpoint in city where Trayvon Martin was killed – Mayor Jeff Triplett was outside around 2:15 a.m. Saturday when three men approached, pointed a gun at him and stole his car keys, police said. They told reporters the suspects also stole Triplett’s wallet before driving off in his Mercedes. Triplett gave a detailed description of the suspects to police and 18-year-old Jermine Jacques Horne and a 17-year-old were arrested a short time later.


That’s Jon Wayne Taylor holding the weapon he used to down that feral hog. A GLOCK 43. No really.

Law Professor Demands Repeal Of ‘Outdated’ Second Amendment, Makes Very Weak Case – “But what about the rights of all the innocent people who are killed by the likes of Omar Mateen, Syed Farook, Dylann Roof, Aaron Alexis, Nidal Hasan, the several Bataclan Theater killers in Paris and others? The sad truth is that it’s impossible for government to prevent evil people from carrying out murderous plots. Even France’s far-reaching gun laws didn’t prevent the Paris massacre last year. The trouble is that impossibility doesn’t keep politicians from trying to do things.” Those who can’t….

PROOF Research ( released a new video today showcasing carbon fiber firearms technology and the company’s barrel and custom rifle manufacturing processes. Those unfamiliar with PROOF Research will find the 8-minute film an intriguing introduction into a company leading the industry in new technologies, and those who are already fans will find it a fascinating window into how the company operates and manufactures its unique products.

Another bite at the Peruta apple? UPDATE: 9th Circuit Orders Briefing on Peruta / Richards “Super En Banc” Request for Rehearing – “On June 23, 2016, the Richards and Peruta plaintiffs/appellants requested that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals re-hear their respective cases with a full en banc court rather than the limited en banc panel of eleven judges (ten plus Chief Judge Sidney Thomas) that recently overturned the original three-judge panel decision.”

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: Kuntzman Returns! Crowder Pwns and Open Carry Baseball">Previous Post
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    • I sent this news to Robert three days ago. The following is the summary of the argument in the petition (a good read):

      For the better part of a decade, this case has been litigated by the parties and understood by the courts as a dispute over the exceptionally important question of whether and to what extent the Second Amendment extends beyond the home. The basic question is, and always has been, whether prohibiting
      both open and concealed carry to ordinary, law-abiding citizens violates the fundamental right to “bear arms.” The complaint, district court decision, three-judge panel opinion, and en banc submissions all recognized as much. And the State of California was permitted to intervene on the understanding that resolution of the constitutional claim pressed in this case implicated
      the entirety of the State’s statutory scheme for regulating outside-the-home carry, whether open or concealed. Yet after all that, the en banc panel dodged the real issue in this case and instead answered a question that no one asked—indeed, a question that Appellants expressly disclaimed any interest in resolving—holding only that there is no free-standing Second Amendment right to carry
      concealed firearms. The en banc majority’s misreading of Appellants’ challenge is no mere technicality. By conflating the
      remedy Appellants seek (a concealed carry license) with the right they invoke (to “bear arms” for self-defense), the majority diminished the scope of the Second Amendment itself. Moreover, the reasoning that the majority employed in artificially constraining Appellants’ constitutional challenge conflicts with decisions from the Supreme Court, this Court, and other courts of appeals, including District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), McDonald v. City of Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010), Jackson v. City and County of San Francisco, 746 F.3d 953 (9th Cir. 2014), and Kachalsky v. County of Weschester, 701 F.3d 81 (2d Cir. 2012). It is unimaginable that courts would deconstruct the First Amendment or another fundamental constitutional right as the majority did with the Second Amendment here. And the majority’s approach does not avoid any constitutional question, but instead sets up an unnecessary constitutional confrontation over California’s open carry laws. In short, the majority has taken a dispute that could have been resolved by local officials through an administrative regulation that would be consistent with state law—–i.e., identical to how state law functions in other California counties—and turned it into a dispute that likely will require a federal court to strike down a state statute—all at the expense of constitutional avoidance, federalism, and separation of powers. By any measure, this case is “of the utmost constitutional importance.”Compassion in Dying v. Washington, 85 F.3d 1440, 1441 (9th Cir. 1996) (O’Scannlain, J., dissenting from denial of reh’g by full court),rev’d sub nom. Washington v. Glucksberg, 521 U.S. 702 (1997). And the en banc panel’s decision, which was supported only by a bare majority of the 12 judges from this Court who have had the opportunity to consider this case, “was wrongly decided.”Id.
      Rehearing by the full court is warranted.

  1. In CA if I hunt with a handgun it has to have at least a 4 inch barrel and unleaded ammo. So I carry my m10 with copper buffalo bores and my hunting license every time I hit the boonies.

    • I’m sure there are rules for hunting in Texas as well, but this was not hunting. This is “eradication” and has a whole different set of rules, which amount to “shoot the pig, stab the pig, trap the pig, burn the pig, just kill the pig.”

      • You forgot to mention, any time, any where, any how (except from aircraft–and even that can be got around).

        Oh, I imagine on private land you need to ask permission first, but I doubt many refuse it.

        • Trespassing is still an executable offense in Texas, but you are right, I’ve asked a few people if I could hunt pigs when I’ve seen them on their place, and I can’t remember anyone ever saying no.

      • Here in CA they say to eradicate the pigs also. But the state wants a 22 dollar tag for every pig killed. No night hunting for pigs and the ranchers will gladly let you hunt the pigs that are destroying their ranches. For 600 dollars a pig.

        I”m trying to figure out how to get millions more pigs to migrate to CA. If ever there was a place that deserved to be overrun by the pigs……

      • Careful what you ask for with JWT…. this is getting danger close to Chuck Norris territory. I ‘m pretty sure all that Mr. Norris would need is a single round from the mythical .9mm to harvest a herd of charging elephants.

        Yeah, go ahead, try to divide by zero while you’re at it.

        Just give me a running start.

    • Many years ago some cable channel used to run a show where celebrities would go on hunting trips – I forget many of the details. But I do remember a particular episode (the celebrity’s name escapes me) where they were in Alaska hunting black bear with a bow.

      The camera (behind) shows the celebrity drawing and letting go his arrow. the bear, surprised, stands tall, then runs away. The camera pulls back and about 15 feet behind the celebrity you see his guide standing with a Remington 700 shouldered. Cut to tracking and finding the bear dead in the trees.

      If I were out among the hogs with a Glock 43 I suspect that is the picture you would see when the camera pulled back.

      And by the way, what happened on June 6 in Chicago? Bad rain storm, or some gang-related holiday we’re not aware of?

      • That was June 7 (it’s the one between the one labled the 6th and the one labeled the 8th), but yes, that’s a bit of an anomaly, isn’t it?

        You’d think Chicago would run out thugs, eventually…especially since they form a small percentage of the population. Unless all those deaths are bystanders.

        • There is a reported 150000 gang members. That ain’t small Steve…and plenty of old people and small children being shot.

        • Chicago is also a pretty large place, and the majority of the thug murders are in specific neighborhoods where the inhabitants are either gang members, buy from or sell to gang members, or cannot afford to move and are not interested in violence against others for any reason.

    • Ok, but it’s not much of a story, and further reminds me that I can’t send RF a pic without it getting online somewhere. I was hunting with my brother Omar out on a friend of a friends’ golf course that has been absolutely demolished by pigs. There has to be half a million dollars in damage there. Every green, every fairway looks like it has been tilled with a tractor. Anyway, while hunting at night with NV scopes, we saw a sounder about 150 yards away, near a tree line. One of the guys shot quick with a suppressed 556 through an ANPVS 14 with a PEQ4, and scored at least one hit from the sound of it, but nothing dropped. All of the pigs ran, and I took a shot at a big black pig running pig running away from about 120 yards. We knew I connected when he started screaming, but he didn’t stop by any means. The rifle I was using has a fixed 6X NVG lens, which is worthless for the brush, so I grabbed Omar’s fancied up G43 and ran, and I do mean ran, into the brush line. I thought I would find at least some blood or one of those pigs dead. I found neither. But standing quiet, I could hear some movement deeper in the brush. So I picked up a flashlight and ran to it. It was really thick juniper brush, so I was really just crashing through the woods, and pretty quickly I had another view that boar’s ass as it was running. After less than 20 yards, it came to the edge of an embankment and instead of climbing down, he turned to face me, which has been the end of many a pig and more than a few men. In this case, that action put his head roughly 5 feet from the muzzle of that baby Glock, which then barked quite loudly, reminding me that I wasn’t wearing ear pro since we had all been hunting with suppressed rifles. The round clearly struck the pig in the face, just over it’s left eye. It turned and ran along the embankment. It did not run slowly. But it was having a pretty rough time of things, as it ran smack dab into a cedar tree, which allowed me to catch up to it and put another round, at maybe 2 feet, behind it’s ear. And that gave me the Death Elvis I was hoping for.
      I drug the fat ass half way through the woods when the rest of our party found me, and gave me some much appreciated help bringing the pig back in. I found that my first round had struck him high in the rump, entering and exiting just to the side of his spine. We took the picture, and then I used my pocket knife to cut out the loins, leaving the rest for coyote bait.

    • Interesting to hear, I’ve shot one, matter of fact this one, first time it was taken to the range to sight in the scope and do a functional check on it. From a front bag he did a 5 shot group under an inch.


      I could see a competitor telling others to stay away if they were giving them an advantage, something like in F-T/R where weight is a factor. Drop a few pounds could be a huge advantage by being able to use other heavier equipment and still make the weight limit.

      They have a few major competition champions using their barrels.

      Maybe the guy didn’t want anyone with a heart condition to check out the barrel then have sticker shock, retail is $940 I think for CF versions. Also making barrels for Ruger Perciscion Rifles.

  2. “Chicago has had 59 people shot to death…so far this month.”

    If they were all thugs, I’d call that a small triumph. Next month, I expect them to do better.

    if thug baby mamas didn’t reproduce like rodents, the gang problem would have rectified itself already.

  3. If he really did shoot that hog with a glock… Can we get a write up about it??? Im interested. Share the story!

  4. Now, imagine you were one of Shaq’s victims; he has robbed, beaten and intimitated you every day since you were in grade school. You literally can’t walk down the street because he and his gang will injure you so you can’t walk… this whole time, you’ve been telling yourself “it’s okay, I’m not gonna be like him. I’m gonna study hard, and get good grades, and I will make it out of here!” And then Shaq punches a cop and gets a million bucks. Now he and his gang are throwing block parties every week, “making it rain” on strippers, etc… but wait, (deep breath) no, ruester, this is your bias… this is your priviledge showing… I’m sure Shaq and the gang will enroll in community college and pursue their engineering degrees any day, now….

    • Now Shaq drives a caddy that runs on Budweiser and stripper glitter. Tossin dime bags out the window like parade candy.

    • I do not care what Shaq has done in the past. Government employees should not be curb stomping citizens, PERIOD. The cop who did the stomp should be spending the rest of his days in a maximum security prison.

      • And what if ‘the past’ includes having tried, not 30 seconds prior, to murder the individual trying to arrest you?

    • “I carry a gun because George Zimmerman is too heavy to carry around.”

      The Z would have solved that problem. He’s the master of the one-shot stop.


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