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It doesn’t take the brain-bending paranormal powers of a 70’s era mentalist to divine where The Amazing Kreskin is going in this video on the topic of guns. Despite the somnambulistic delivery, he hasn’t forgotten all the principles of showmanship, teasing his next installment and leaving his audience wanting more. Peering into our Magic Eight Ball we see an anti-gun jeremiad in our future (especially since the PR agency that sent this one out did so under the title “The Amazing Kreskin on Gun Control and what he REALLY thinks about the NRA”). Are we likely be less than impressed with Kreskin’s deep thoughts on firearms freedom? It is decidedly so.



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Facebook claims another one. We got a call from Scott James who owns an established brick and mortar gun store and training operation in Visalia, California. It seems he’s fallen into the same Facebook black hole that swallowed up our friends at Kentucky Gun Company earlier this year. No explanation, no response to his appeal, no satisfaction from Zuckerberg’s hoplophobic high command. And so it goes.

KHSD voted to allow guns on campus: What happens now? – “Kern High School District leaders approved a controversial policy Monday allowing some to carry concealed firearms on campus, however the implementation of that policy remains murky with board members differing on their interpretations. The decision was sparked by Senate Bill 707, which bars guns on public school district property, except for those Concealed Carry Weapon permit holders who receive written exemptions from local superintendents or their representatives.” California really is different when you move a few miles in from the coast.

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Of Germany, Orange County, Guns, Gun Safety and Still More Guns – “I recently returned to the United States from Germany. I lived in southern Germany for three years. One of the starkest contrasts between German and American society is the attitude toward firearms. This contract (sic) is especially apparent in light of the fact that before living in Germany I lived in Dallas, Texas, for four years.” A US expat returns and experiences…Walmart.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.30.51 PM

American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years – “The percent of American households owning guns is at a near-40 year low in the latest CBS News poll released this month. According to the survey, which was conducted among 1,001 Americans in the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub shooting, 36 percent of U.S. adults either own a firearm personally, or live with someone who does. That’s the lowest rate of gun ownership in the CBS poll going back to 1978. It’s down 17 points from the highest recorded rate in 1994, and nearly 10 percentage points from 2012.” The American firearms industry is running at near capacity and has been setting new sales records for the last 7+ years. Was this the same polling firm that said Brexit would fail?

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.59.58 PM

7 Experts Share Why They Carry A Gun – “Many CCW supporters carry concealed weapons after heartbreak. Others look at the reality of the world around them, having been hardened by years spent exposed to environments where danger is not just a statistic on a fact sheet, but a facet of daily life. The reasons are endless. However, one thing is certain: experts in the firearms industry carry concealed handguns for the same reasons everyday, law-abiding citizens do.” You’re almost sure to recognize at least one of these magnificent seven.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: Feds Tooling Up, Jersey Clamping Down, and Ronald McDonald Ventilated">Previous Post
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  1. If the government keeps going on about gun control, how many people do you think will honestly answer when a complete stranger asks “do you own a gun?”.

    • I always enjoyed Seinfeld’s response to such calls (surveys or sales): Sorry, I jast sat down to dinner. Give me your home phone number and I’ll call you back later to discuss this.

      Another possible response, “Do you?”

      As for myself, I would never respond in the affirmative to such a question from a stranger. It is obvious that gun owners are becoming ever more aware of the tactics of the anti-gun/Bloomberg financed establishment and the stats drop because they are onto the game, not because fewer “households” own guns.

      It also comes to mind that burglars, if they can match your phone # and your address, will often call ahead to see if anyone is at home. Why not call with a phony survey to see if there is anything in the home worth stealing?

      • Possible responses:
        Thanks for reminding me, there is a sale on AR-15s
        Nope, but I need to go buy a few thousand rounds of ammo.
        Are you with the government?
        Are you with the aliens?
        So what are you selling?
        I will tell you if you can tell me the air speed velocity of a fully laden swallow.
        Is this Mike? Are you sure?
        You’ve reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

      • I find it interesting that the sharp “declines” in gun ownership recently coincide with pushes for stricter gun control. It’s almost like people who own guns (like all the new gun owners after Newtown) don’t admit it to strangers calling on the phone.

  2. Wow. The Amazing Kreskin! I was sort of shocked that he’s still alive. I remember going with my mom and dad to see him in Spokane the early the early 70s. I’m going to make a prediction. I predict his prediction is predictable.

    • I remember seeing him on Mike Douglas or something, and thinking “he’s a great magician, he’s got these idiots fooled!”

      Why would anyone give two good flyin’s about what an illusionist (who doesn’t admit to it, unlike say, Penn&Teller) has to say is beyond comprehension. This is a man who lies for his very existence…

  3. I thought that Kreskin pulled his greatest and most popular trick when he disappeared himself. And now, he’s back from the dead. And voting Democrat! And he isn’t from Chicago!


    • I messed up thinking it was Kreskin I saw, it wasn’t. It was another “amazing” mentalist type guy named Peter Reveen, “The Amazing Reveen” who was a stage hypnotist and illusionist and died in 2013. That’s who I saw decades ago, not Kreskin. It’s probably that I saw Kreskin on the late night talk shows so many times way back when.

      I was out mowing the yard and it came to me. Thought I better make a correction before some smarty pants caught me.

  4. Kreskin, why would anyone insult you? You might be packing? Wouldn’t it be better that the aggressor never aggress than you have to go outside to duke it out?

  5. Look at that chart. I wonder if there’s anything special about the year 1994 regarding people’s willingness to tell a stranger on the phone that they own guns? Hmmm… Can you guys think of anything that happened in 1994 that might have made gun owners more reticent to offer up that information? Anything at all?

    Likewise, was there anything that happened in 2012 that might have had a similar chilling effect on the willingness of people to tell random telephone callers about their firearms?

    • You know, I’d just bet you could flip the inflection of that chart after ’94 on its head, meaning that 20% drop with steep collapse in the last couple years actually reflects a current ownership rate of some 65%.

  6. Gun ownership isn’t falling. The number of people honestly saying they have a gun in the home is decreasing. You’re going to tell me gun ownership after newtown decreased 5%?

    How many of them were “assault weapons” owners in CT, NY, CA, etc? Yeah I wouldn’t admit to owning any guns either.

    • While I understand there’s a difference between correlation and causation, we all know there is a correlation between mass shootings and Democrats calling for gun control. Looking at that chart, there also seems to be a correlation between Democrats calling for gun control and pollsters finding a sudden dramatic decrease in gun ownership. All while gun sales surge to record rates every time.

      If they were honest they’d study this irony. But they won’t because they’re not.

      BTW, they’re showing a 20% reduction in gun ownership since Sandy Hook (36 / 45).

  7. Gee I thought Kreskin was dead too…or should be after being “revealed” as a charlatan by the Amazing Randi. No one called ME about my guns(‘course I got caller ID)…

    • We keep voicemail box full so no new messages can be left, so don’t know if we’ve ever been called. Answer would be the same “No”

    • FWW, You are old enough to remember him in his ‘heyday’. Did you seriously know anyone who didn’t know he was fraud back them?

        • Gellar bent the spoons, car keys, etc. In fact, any time I get a fork with bent tines in a restaurant, I always say, “Hey! Uri Gellar eats here!”

        • Geller was the flatware twister – he didn’t show up until the ’80s, Kreskin was early ’70s (though both are still around and active.) Who knew?

          I think Kreskin finally admitted that he didn’t have “powers”, not sure about Geller.

  8. Even if the WaPo numbers were true, what are they implying? That fewer gun owners means they can stomp on their rights? The left cater to the <1% of the population who are transgenger, so 39% of the population should be monumental in political power.

  9. Has anyone else considered that with the slump in the economy that hit, the great recession, could be a big factor in people not having excessive amounts of disposable income? That could be a reason gun ownership is down.
    If we wanted to start looking at every conceivable item that is down, hell, so is dog and cat ownership. Also down are the big three network news agencies. Let’s talk about how newspaper subscriptions are down and going out of business. Let’s talk about that!!! WAPO can KMA.

    • Sorry, slump in the economy doesn’t work – that would not explain the record numbers of firearms sold in the same period.

      And I’m pretty sure that when this question comes up in a phone interview survey and the respondent says FOAD and slams the phone down, THAT response does not go into the survey as a household with a gun.

    • Ignoring a couple million ARs and a similar # of handguns sold each of the last 10 years of so.

  10. In Re: the CBS poll. Bollicks. Who in their right mind in this day and age is going to answer “yes” to that question?

      • Well, I suppose “Bollocks” *could* be “Bollicked” 🙂

        (London calling, London calling…)

        • EDIT –

          The Clash are downright tame compared to The Macc Lads.

          “Boddington’s or Willy’s lads?”
          “Willy’s tastes like piss!”
          I got ten pints down me neck the night- he hasn’t supped the froth off his
          I’ve got to leave room for my chips, so twenty pints is fine
          “-Hey you, you poof! You fucking c*nt! Get off that pint, its mine!”

          Twenty pints of Boddington’s every Friday night
          Twenty pints of Boddington’s, then we’re outside for a fight
          Think you’re one of the Macc Lads? You’re as soft as shite,
          I’ve spilt more ale down my waistcoat than you’ve supped the night!

  11. “American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years”

    What a freaking joke. These Progressives must live in a fantasy world of unicorn farts and lollipops.

    I occasionally teach firearm courses. The number of first time gun owners requesting training is downright staggering. You should hear what they say. It is not too different than what I read in this blog. This is not some small group of gas bags. These people are good people who are serious about their devotion to this country and the Bill-of-Rights. These people are pissed. I have to wonder if these Progressives have any idea that a powder keg of We The People is about to blow up in their face?

    This election cannot come soon enough for me.

    • I teach a variety of classes, mostly CCW and basic safety and I can’t fill classrooms fast enough with NEW gun owners. I can’t cunt how many people didn’t know anything about guns, like how to load a magazine.

  12. So they polled 1001 people out of 318 million, so they can, what, say they’re winning the culture battle? How delusional do you have to be to believe this stuff?
    I guess if it helps pacify them so they can sleep at night…

    • Omer, I’m not gonna bother to look up your numbers, you source decent data.

      That said, if one looks at percentages, it went from around 45% of households (off the top of head) to about 33%. Which is kind of their point.

      That said, we both know people lie in surveys. Especially when it comes to things they believe can be used against them at some later date. We all know the record NICS numbers. We all know guns are selling like hotcakes, and there’s a new range everywhere you look in suburbia. Ergo, those numbers don’t really jibe.

      • Agreed. It was late and I was tired so I didn’t feel like commenting on the lying aspect. I do believe that people will not be truthful in those circumstances. But my point was that the article gave a false premise. It did pay lip service that may be buying their first gun, but I dismisses this idea quickly. I’m saying that the number of gun owners has gone up. Period. Even with their poll. People not being truthful, especially after the 1994 ban, is easy to believe. That would make their poll suspect and they should be admitting that fact.

  13. So, that’s the people in 71% of households in need of a reality check before they get to have an opinion on gun ownership.

    No wonder the anti- proposals are so flawed. They literally don’t know what they are talking about.

  14. Maybe CBS asked Kreskin to make the inconvenient fact of ever-increasing, record-setting gun sales for the past eight years…disappear!

  15. So millions of people suddenly lost their guns in boating accidents in just a few years? Looks like I need to learn to scuba dive.

  16. Kreskin; you should know that the gun grabbers are the most shameless group of “spoon benders” ever. Don’t fall for it.

  17. Gun ownership at 40 year low….NICS show record number of checks each month for the past 8 years. So exactly how does this math work?

  18. As for the ex-pat returning from Germany, I will admit that I didn’t read the article so I’m just going under an assumption here. She’s upset at the availability of guns here compared to Germany? She also mentions living in Not Texas… oops, I mean dallas, before going to Germany. I like to say that dallas wants to be “New York Junior” but can only pull off “Chicago Lite.”

  19. Kreskin: Because we all need a pick pocket con artist magician to school us on the realities of gun control.

  20. The Amazing Kreskin is one of the only guests to be banned for life from Coast to Coast AM.

  21. In Germany the regressive illiberals hold all the power, and they are forcing their country and their people to commit cultural suicide to atone for the actions of Nazism. The best part is that they are importing hundreds of thousands of worthless illiterate rapists who hold anti-Jewish sentiments, in order to “atone” for anti-Jewish actions of the older generations, but since these migrants are “brown” it’s totally okay with the left-wingnuts. This kind of crap wouldn’t happen in East Germany. The commies hated Islam as much as they hated Nazism, because the two are intimately linked.

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