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Firearms Policy Coalition director of legal policy and TTAG contributor Matthew Larosiere had an op-ed published in the Washington Times yesterday.

Mr. Trump and the Republican Party at large haven’t done gun owners any favors. The administration has managed to ban possession of “bump stocks” by administrative fiat, making felons out of tens of thousands of gun owners overnight. It also supported state efforts to implement red flag laws, restrict the gun rights of young adults, and threatened gun owners with domestic surveillance and unconstitutional seizures. So much for that “crashing end” to the assault on the Second Amendment.

Mr. Obama’s administration, on the other hand, relaxed prohibitions on carrying firearms on federal land, and made it easier for people to acquire NFA items like suppressors and machine guns. Of course, it wasn’t all good. The administration also cracked down on homemade firearms and tightened some import restrictions.

But despite constant claims that Republicans are beholden to gun rights organizations, when the GOP held the entire government in 2017 and 2018, nothing changed — no concealed-carry reciprocity, no deregulation of firearm suppressors, no changes to any of the thousands of absurd regulations from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

In fact, during the time the Republicans controlled the entire government, all that passed was stiffer background checks. Mr. Trump could’ve taken action on many of these items anytime he wanted. This doesn’t sound like a party under the thumb of gun owners.

Clearly, the GOP has gotten lackadaisical on the concept of civil rights. Some Republicans are even throwing support to dangerous red flag laws and other worrisome proposals, such as the TAPS Act, which would see law enforcement combing social media for “threats” to “manage.”

Meanwhile, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear, Senate Republicans are waiting for Mr. Trump to hand them an agenda on gun control — entirely forgetting how our government is supposed to operate.

– Matthew Larosiere in No, your gun rights aren’t actually safe with Trump

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  1. Indeed he’s not esp going into his second term. That said the Democratic Field has offered us little to nothing as well. Them becoming the party of gun control is genius as it forces us to take what we can get from the Republicans at some level.

    Buy now while the going’s good is my advice.

    • What we need to contemplate is, how will gun rights stand under president Pence?

      The good news is, any SCOTUS pick of his will likely be interested in re-visiting ‘Roe-Wade’.

      The Leftists had better think twice about going after Trump, Pence may be harder for them to stomach… 🙂

      • Being a long-time Indiana resident, Pence will just as hard for the Demo-commies to deal with in different ways. Historically, though, Pence has been a strong 2A supporter.

  2. Ok, so now what? More money to pro 2A groups? More useless emails, phone calls to gray suited political (D/R) thugs? How about a couple hundred man (yeah, women too) march on DC and state capitols? New custom suits for Wayne? Hope (trusting Roberts) the SCOTUS will do the right thing?

    • “Breathe deep the gathering gloom…. ”

      Moody Blues. Never understood that song but it has that great line that fits so many occasions.

        • “Watchlights fade, in every room…”

          I have it on ‘Mobile Fidelity Gold’ CD, and the transcription quality is *excellent*…

        • mobile fidelity made some killer 1/ 2 speed master heavy vinyl discs. crime of the century comes to mind, probably dark side, others. they were twice as much as regular issue so i’ve only got a couple. didn’t know they were still at it. pvine digs up some obscure, and pretty much any box set by numero group will satisfy. norton records, too.
          “breathe deep the gathering gloom” was something said in the van after a fart emanated.

      • Fun fact: I was in the front row for the Moody Blues in 1984(Alpine Valley) with my crazy wife at the time. One of the band member’s(at that time)Patrick Moraz was in love(lust) with her. She yelled at them the whole concert. Partied with them afterwards…oh and as a 2 issue voter (guns & baby murder)I trust Drumph on one and not the other!

      • The only libertarian candidate running so far got fooled by Borat for gun control propaganda. The other two RINO’s running against trump Weld and Sanford both backed assault weapons bans in their states. Weld also tried to get one handgun a month limitations, amongst other things. He even endorsed Obama over McCain.

        If you are seriously considering any of these three over Trump, you deserve the Beto/Warren/or Bernie that comes with that choice. And no I’m not a huge trump fan, but given the alternatives there is literally no choice. Unless Dan Crenshaw or Colion Noir wants to run…

        • Every Libertarian I know is a heavy weed smoker and they don’t care about conservative values they simply want to use the Constitution to keep their drugs safe.

      • Libertarianism as a political movement is interesting. As a political party trying to elect candidates, it’s basically a comic opera operation which—at best—can act as a poison pill to derail conservative Republican candidates. I used to claim allegiance with libertarians. No more.

  3. the circuitous navigation will continue. faux pandering to remain less repulsive to the widest demographic might procure another term.
    where very little will be accomplished.
    could be rainin’.

  4. It really sucks to have to pick between “mediocre” and “down right ghastly” when it comes to political candidates. In theory, Trump should have the total support of POTG, now that ‘ol Robert Francis has let the cat out of the bag on what the dems actually want to do with guns. What’s that saying about staying out of the way when your opponent is hanging themselves?

  5. I’m looking forward to the end of Trump’s ruinous Presidency. Can only hope the next President will be less of a lying sack of shit, less of a narcissist, less of a con artist, less of a foreign dictator lover, less of a wannabe authoritarian ruler, less of a misogynist asswipe, less of a ill prepared ignorant fool on every topic but Cheeto Dust and comb-overs, less of a cheat at golf, less of a gold mine for fact checkers and those who keep lists of politician lies like a scorecard, less of a threat to freedom of the press, less of a threat to the Second Amendment.

    Not holding out any high hopes of course. Whatever we get next in that office it will be a politician at best, and a Trump for another four years at worst.

    You know, there are some Republican challengers for the 2020 nomination…..

    Maybe I’ll just write one of them in on the ballot.

    • Yes, yes, we get it: you hate Trump. But I had about the same list when Obama was President. The problem is that we have allowed the presidency specifically, and federal and state governments in general, to become too involved in our day to day lives, right down to stuff that should be none of their damn business at all. We’ve made it so that we MUST care if our guy wins and the other guy loses, and not just in some abstract, “oh, I prefer a different tax policy,” kind of way, but in a, “if the other candidate wins, I will literally be put in a camp,” kind of way.

      Enuf, I hate to break it to you, but you are part of that. The rage you direct at Trump and his supporters is why they direct rage back at you. The hyperbole only makes things crazier and worse. The insults you sling only harden people’s resolve and make them more stubborn in their support of a president who is not great, but also (face it) not the end of our republic.

      We’ve had far worse presidents than Trump, though few who were less articulate. Woodrow Wilson tops my list of complete disasters, followed closely by FDR. They harmed our country greatly, harm we are still contending with, but for all that, we survived and thrived. The same will be true post Trump.

    • Actually the corrupt Republican Party Machine has kept many Republican’s from challenging Trump in 2020 by shutting down the primaries in many States and allowing no democratic process. There are Republicans who could defeat Joe Biden in 2020 but not Trump. Of course if he gets impeached this just might actually save the Republicans in 2020 but most Republican Congressmen are not smart enough to see this.

      • There is no right to a primary. Right now, switching horses is just a great way to get a Demokkkommie elected. Your opportunity to replace Trump was back in 2016. You lost. Deal with it.

        Unlike positions with no term limits, primarrying an incumbent president is pants on head retarded. (Provided you’re not a commie sympathizer who wants Bernie or Pocahontas to get into the White House and start up the gulags.)

    • It was a simple choice: a corrupt, narcissistic businessman or another corrupt, narcissistic politician. Trump only cares about the deal. Nothing is ever off the table with him. This has been stated many times before.

  6. If you trust politicians (any politicians) with your rights, then you’re no better than that frog who trusted the scorpion not to sting him while crossing the river. “You said you wouldn’t sting me! Now we’re both going to die!” “I can’t help it, I’m a scorpion. You knew that when you let me on your back.”

    • Exactly.
      Politicians don’t work for the people, they work for themselves.
      All of them will betray you for their own best interests.

    • Sub-human commie vermin who want the Demokkkommies to start mass executions can sit down and shut the fuck up. Given what came down the past week, if you don’t support Trump, you’re either retarded or evil.

  7. Duh, gee Tennessee. Guess from now on I’ll back the party that every goddam day collectively and openly promises some kind of confiscation, bans, registration, or to abolish the 2nd. A-yup that’s just what I’m gonna do.

  8. If any expansion of gun rights were to occur, it would be during Trump’s second term. As Obama said, second term presidents start working on their list that rhymes with bucket. Those wish list items aren’t likely to ever occur during a first term republican. One thing we know for sure, in this climate, is that any democrat in office will work tirelessly to roll back our rights.

    “Meanwhile, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear, Senate Republicans are waiting for Mr. Trump to hand them an agenda on gun control…”
    Do you take that to mean that he’s eagerly awaiting gun control because I don’t.

    • The concern is that Trump’s *ucket list might look a lot less freedom-focused than some people expect. In his first term, he’s been beholden to his base. In a second, he’ll be beholden to whatever he feels like doing, and I don’t know that I trust his instincts. He spent most of his life on the left, don’t forget.

      His best work has been strongly constrained by his base, for example the judicial appointments he’s made. His list of supreme court favorites was put together specifically to appease conservative voters who were not enthusiastic about a Trump presidency. To his credit, he’s stuck to that list… will he continue that way once he answers to no one but himself? Maybe. Maybe not.

  9. TLDR: politicians are not your friends.

    There is a reason political discourse has been reduced to either being with Trump or against Trump by the talking heads. They need to split the people into black and white emotional camps to keep the charade of choice going. Trump will end up being the useful idiot the two parties merge over making him an Emmanuel Goldstein figure. You’re either with the swamp or against the swamp. You’re either with Ingsoc or with Eastasia. We’ll all get to find out if Eastasia even existed or if its just a series of death camps for deplorables soon enough.

    • Yeah… it’s split into retards who support people who want to kill you and take your shit and those that think maybe supporting a party of open socialists might be a bad idea given previous examples. At this point, we are long past “Trump said something mean” or “Trump did a setup to make it look like a plastic toy was going to stay banned”…

      We are down to…

      Do you want to be stood up against a wall and shot so that Demokkkommies can take your shit? Right now, a vote for any Democrat is a vote in support of genocide.

    • Well the globalists utterly despise him, so he isn’t too much of a useful idiot. China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are holding out for a democrat president if that tells you anything.

      • No, Russia actively worked to have Trump elected because they fear a Democrat president. Fearless leader in North Korea loves having Trump as president, he’s able to screw him anytime he wants.

        Trump is the globalist’s boy, his main handler is Rothchild veteran Lackey Wilbur Ross.

        • What a load of shit. There is exactly ZERO evidence that Russia supported Trump. In fact, given that they had evidence that Clinton committed treason, I don’t see how having her in the White House under their thumb would be against their interests

        • People like you are the reason there is nonstop propaganda; you actually believe it. Mineral fuels are Russia’s number one export. They would like nothing more than to remove us as a competitor. That’s what would happen with a democrat in the white house. They’ve promised not only to lessen it but to permanently end it within 15 years (I bet you believe that too). Trump has promised the opposite.

          As far as Russia helping Trump, that was the narrative that weak-minded followers gobbled up. The truth is that they sought to sow discord and weaken Hillary, who they (along with everyone else) thought would win. There were plenty of Russian linked fake accounts that pushed left wing viewpoints. There wasn’t much reporting on it because it didn’t fit the narrative. A couple that come to mind are the Blacktivist account that had more followers than Black Lives Matter. Then there was that anti Trump rally organized by Russians that fooled a horde of lefties including Michael Moore.

        • Here’s Trump’s supposed sworn American officer who sold out cheap to the Russians:

          “In December 2015, Michael Flynn was paid $45,000 by Russia Today, a Kremlin-supported television channel, for delivering a talk in Moscow, and Russia provided him a three-day, all-expenses-paid trip.[9] As a retired military intelligence officer, Flynn was required to obtain prior permission from the Defense Department and the State Department before receiving any money from foreign governments; Flynn apparently did not seek that approval before the RT speech.[47] Two months later, in February 2016 when he was applying for renewal of his security clearance, he stated he had received no income from foreign companies and had only “insubstantial contact” with foreign nationals.”

        • Surgi common help me to understand why all these Trump administration officials would lie about their meetings with Russian government officials? If there’s nothing to hide why did they lie about the meetings?:

          “In April 2017, it was reported that Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, on his application for top secret security clearance, failed to disclose numerous meetings with foreign officials, including Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Gorkov, the head of the Russian state-owned bank Vnesheconombank. Kushner’s lawyers called the omissions “an error”. Vnesheconombank said the meeting was business-related, in connection with Kushner’s management of Kushner Companies. However, the Trump administration provided a different explanation, saying it was a diplomatic meeting.”

        • Because it the witch hunt didn’t deserve any answer and their actual dealings were nobody’s business but their own.

          RT is not the Russian government any more than the BBC is a representative of the queen. The entire “muh’ Russia” story as a massive hoax and you know it. You had three years to illegally harass the Trump administration and you came up with jack shit.

        • Miner, you are seriously grasping at straw here. “In December 2015, Michael Flynn was paid $45,000 by Russia Today, a Kremlin-supported television channel, for delivering a talk in Moscow”

          You realize the presidential election wasn’t until November 2016, right? However, if you’re concerned with influential people giving speeches in Russia, why don’t you look into the Clinton’s? Doesn’t fit your narrative?

          “The State Department under Hillary Clinton denied requests to sanction Russia in 2010, and weeks later Bill Clinton went to Moscow to deliver his $500,000 speech. Bloomberg was set to report on this timeline five years later as Hillary Clinton was getting her campaign started, but her campaign intervened and prevented it from publishing the story.”
          “after the former president gave the speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin called him to say thanks.”

          What would be more influential? Paying someone not currently working for the government $45,000 or paying the former President who is married to the current Secretary of State and assumed future President half a million dollars?? Take off your partisan hat and look at all of the facts, not just what the left wing media wants you to see.

        • Bill Clinton was not president, he was 10 years out of the presidency when he spoke for the Renaissance capital group in 2010. And Bill Clinton has never lied about his payments as a speaker for any group.

          National security advisor Flynn lied about his payments and played guilty.

          And we see now today President trumps personal lawyer is a paid speaker for the Russians, he’ll be giving a paid ‘speech’ with Vladimir Putin shortly:

          “Rudolph W. Giuliani, whose actions as President Trump’s personal lawyer have helped set in motion an impeachment inquiry, is set to appear as a paid speaker at a Kremlin-backed conference in Armenia on Tuesday — an event expected to include the participation of Russian President Vladi­mir Putin and other top Russian officials.”

          That’s next week, we’ll see the President of the United States’ personal attorney being paid by the Russians directly.


        • Wow, it’s getting more stinky by the minute, this just in today:

          “Kurt Volker, US special envoy to Ukraine, has resigned one day after the release of a whistleblower report alleging a coverup by the White House of a call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s President, three sources familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN.
          Volker was named in the report. The State Department has not returned messages seeking comment.
          The State Press, the school paper of Arizona State University, first reported Volker’s resignation.”

          Wonder what promises Trump made to the Ukraine, and how that deal relates to his Bromance with Putin. Looks like the rats are leaving the ship already.

        • “Anonymous sources” are more code for “I’m making shit up.” Unlike Biden, who blackmailed Ukraine to the tune of about a Billion dollars to fire a man investigating his son,. Trump’s only “crime” is investigating criminal behavior by his predecessor’s administration.

        • And now there’s this:

          The full statement from Victor Shokin, the one fired by O’bomba and Biden in blatant interference with a foreign government’s internal criminal investigation. No they don’t just lie… all the time…. forever. Not much they don’t. Not little, nor much… but continuously. Despite what the paid trolls say.

        • “Bill Clinton was not president, he was 10 years out of the presidency when he spoke for the Renaissance capital group in 2010.”
          It’s like talking to a fence post. You’re going to ignore that his wife was Secretary of State and had just refused sanctions. Then he got half a million. You also go by white boy Vlad, right?

  10. The gun community has long been lackadaisical in defending the Second Amendment. They failed to defend public HS rifle teams or any 2A education in public schools. The gun community can’t even make use of recent history to support the public possession of machine guns, let alone bump stocks or anything that makes a gun fire faster.

    If you can’t articulate how the civil population might use ARMS to fight against a tyrannical government, then you have already lost.

    Robert Francis O’Rourke has already said you can’t fight the government.
    So there are no examples of righteous violence or the treat of righteous violence to stop the american government (local, state, federal) when it became tyrannical???

    Uneducated congressmen and senators will not help us. We have to do the work.

    • edit
      So there are no examples of righteous violence or the threat of righteous violence to stop the american government (local, state, federal) when it became tyrannical???

      Gun owners need to read some history and pass it on to the people they vote for.

      The Roof Koreans
      Deacons For Defense and Justice
      The Oregon mining standoff
      Athens Tennessee Revolt
      The Bundy Ranch
      The “great” New Orleans gun. Or I should say, when a military unit refused to follow orders and violent the civil rights of law abiding citizens.

        • Chris, here’s what the Nevada state judge said about Bundy:

          “In the case before a Nevada state judge this week, the elder Bundy, 72, had renewed his claims that the federal government does not, in fact, own the vast swaths of Nevada land it holds title to. Judge Jim Crockett was not impressed: “It is painfully obvious,” Crockett wrote, that the rancher’s claims “rest upon a fundamentally flawed notion advanced by Bundy since 1998.” The judge underscored that “three federal court decisions — Bundy I, Bundy II and Bundy Ill — have now considered and rejected Bundy’s repeated arguments.”
          Crockett concluded with gusto: “It is simply delusional to maintain that all public land within the boundaries of Nevada belongs to the State of Nevada.” Addressing another dubious Bundy claim, brought under a provision of state law that has been repudiated by Nevada, the judge wrote plainly: “The Nevada legislature lacks authority to unilaterally revoke federal ownership of public lands in Nevada.”
          Crockett concluded his eight-page ruling by tossing Bundy’s case — and ruling in favor of the Center for Biological Diversity, which had intervened in the matter. “The judge was being kind to call these claims delusional,” said the environmental group’s executive director, Kierán Suckling. “Hopefully this unequivocal ruling will encourage Bundy to finally pay his grazing fees and bring this nonsense to a close,” Suckling said, though he added: “I’m not holding my breath.”

        • Sorry commie vermin, but a judge can’t find you “guilty” of jack shit. In this country, you have an absolute right to a jury trial. A jury trial where Bundy was found not guilty.

      • “The Bundy Ranch”

        The Bundy ranch was only about 140 acres knot under threat by the government, old man Bundy had been stealing grazing rights for years and should be in jail right now. He is a racist who is a poor representative for gun rights.

        • Whatever you say commie. The point is that your Choco-Stalin’s thugs backed down and everybody at the ranch was acquitted on all charges when they got their day in court.

        • miner 49er
          “He is a racist who is a poor representative for gun rights.”

          As a good Liberal / Leftist you supported the KKK marching through black or jewish holocaust neighborhoods while carrying guns correct? I mean the ACLU supported them correct? The same ACLU that has never support the gun civil rights of law abiding black people?

          Since when does a law abiding racist not get civil rights?

          And Mr. Bundy is not a racist. But you are. In fact racist white Liberals like you embraced the Mulford Act in California and refused to repeal it.
          You sir are a racist pig.

        • Stating that African-Americans were better off as slaves is not racist, no surer, bub! Why, it’s just good sense!

          “Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.
          “And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

          Never forget, Cleven Bundy was a welfare queen, wanting free stuff from the government. A federal judge had found him guilty of failing to pay the rents and leases on the land owned by you and me that Cleven Bundy grazed his cattle on for profit.

          The federal judge was appointed under the rules of the United States Constitution, the supreme law of the land. When the Bundys failed to follow the judge’s orders they proved they were no patriots, just cheats.

        • As I said commie, you’re a worthless sub-human traitor who makes shit up and doesn’t bother to even pretend to cite sources.

          Again a jury found Bundy not guilty. That trumps any “opinion” by a tyrant in a black bathrobe.

  11. All you really need to do is to understand what drives a person. In Trump’s case, he needs to win. It does not matter what the game is, he will work 10x what others do to win anything. He can and will take risk or bend the rules to win. The win is the reason. The elections are a game for him, the trade war with China, the various investigations, etc.. The 2A is merely a plank in his election platform we share in common. I don’t like him as a person, but he is a heck of a lot better than the alternative so I will vote for him and likely support his re-election financially. Kinda like old age, it sucks but the other options are worse.

    The best long term strategy is to elect as many 2A supporters as possible in all levels of government.

  12. Some parts of me must be getting old since they hurt more than others, so I will agree with Grumpy above.

    This is the problem with politicians in general, Democrats will cowardly stick a knife in your back the moment your attention is elsewhere, and Republicans are so spineless that the Democrats have a problem figuring out where the knife goes.

    • This is the most important reason to keep Trump. Activist pro “living Constitution” (Constitution doesn’t matter) left wing judges are a threat to our freedom.

    • Judges are the only reason I will be voting for Trump. Feinstein is squealing like a stuck pig over Trump’s 9th circuit Judge nominations. The rest of the Liberals are terrified as well.

  13. Food for Contemplation. If Trump is re-elected in 2020 he will actually erode gun rights because he knows he is not up for re-election in 2024. So it matters not who gets elected in 2020, Democrat or Republican (Trump) because gun rights are in trouble after the 2020 election.

    • My thoughts too. After the election in 2020 it looks dark and foreboding for all gun owners no matter who is elected.

    • Bullshit. After 2020, Trump has zero reason to cooperate with the Demokkkommies on anything. Quit fear mongering and keeps the genocidal socialists out of power. No gun control is going to get passed if your reduce the DNC to a regional party.

      • Nor does he have reason to cooperate with 2A-defenders. And no, he’s no Constitutionalist. “Take the guns. Due process later.” are not the words of a 2A-, 4A-, 5A-, or 6A-defender, no matter how much loyalty you have towards Trump or how much kookery you spout about his opponents.

        Reducing the DNC to a regional party will require some serious state-level cultural change, and isn’t likely to be in any president’s power.

  14. So much bitching and moaning. You’d think the pro 2a groups liked losing with how little they do besides bitch and moan.

  15. JUST READ ABOUT IT THIS MORNING ON GUNS AMERICA DIGEST. Is Trump getting ready to stab us gun owners in the back????

    President Trump talked gun buybacks in a closed-door meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this week, CBS News reports.

    Ardern told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King that during the conversation, Trump was “interested” in how the country responded to the Christchurch tragedy in March with a sweeping ban on most semiautomatic firearms, all modern sporting rifles, and magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

    “We had a policy discussion. He was interested in how it all worked, how it had been received,” explained Ardern.

    • And he found out that even Kiwis, used to be good little subjects, refused to give up vast majority of their rifles and magazines.

  16. BFD, POTUS stood behind the ban of “bumpstocks” a POS gimmick that nobody wanted until they were “banned”, If you don’t like it the way DJT is running the show, feel free to vote for any one of the 22 or however many communist liberals that are left, and see where that gets you…

    This is an op-ed, by an obviously never-Trumper, and to me, his “opinion” doesn’t amount to a turd in the toilet bowl…

    Everyone has an agenda, what’s Matthew Larosiere’s agenda…???

    • Pretty much… All I read was “wah wah wah, Trump isn’t a perfect candidate, wah wah wah, we should pull support and allow Stalin to get elected instead.”

  17. So… politicians do self serving stuffs? Whodathunk?

    Also, Obama “…made it easier for people to acquire NFA items like suppressors and machine guns”.

    Wut? Getting fingerprints and photographs for everyone on your trust is easier than getting no fingerprints and no photographs in what universe exactly?

    Sounds like bullshit. Potentially some species of self-serving bullshit.

    • The trade-off was CLEO notification instead of approval. This made it easier for individuals, but notification now applies to trusts and businesses too. For individuals, a CLEO that wouldn’t sign for NFA now isn’t a block, but it’s definitely worse for trusts and businesses.

      • Which isn’t easier if you have kids or family that would have to take care of the NFA gear when you die (the general point of a trust) if you didn’t bother to hash out very specifically in your will & testament how to take care of that stuff because most estate lawyers don’t know the rules for NFA toys. They also didn’t make it easier to deal with having multiple people in the house since now you technically have to have a separate safe for all your mufflers/MGs/whatever so that the other people in your family don’t “have access” to them when you’re not present.

        So yeah, under no circumstances did they make it “easier” unless you’re single and plan to die alone. It’s more honest to say they made it “easier to get a Form 4 denied” or “easier to fuck your family when you die”.

    • Shut up… we should all pull our support for Trump to “teach them a lesson” and have fun in the Demokkkommie gulags… /sarc

      The expression “cut off your nose to spite your face” comes to mind.

  18. Great. Which candidate for president, or even Congress, is all about making sure we don’t have any infringements?

    Yup. Thats what I thought

    The only thing keeping the status quo is the logistics of gathering it all up. They don’t have enough resources to do it in one administration or even 2. The images are not going to be hidden from public view either. And how may cops are willing to risk their lives for a liberal wet dream?

  19. Politics and politicians being what they are, how safe are any of our rights, absent constant effort in defense thereof?

  20. No other alternative. You really think we will be better off with Warren in office? If so, you need to lay off the peace pipe.

  21. But despite constant claims that Republicans are beholden to gun rights organizations, when the GOP held the entire government in 2017 and 2018, nothing changed …

    Republicans most certainly did NOT control the United States Senate in 2017 and 2018. While republicans had at least 51 seats, they did not have the 60 seats required to bring legislation to the Senate floor for a vote to pass or defeat any legislation.

    • Pesky little detail that.

      I dare anybody to give me a single example of a pro-gun bill that landed on Trump’s desk that he didn’t sign.

      • pwrserge,

        I’ll one-up you: I dare anybody to give me a single example of a pro-gun bill that came up for a vote in the United States Senate and which Republicans failed to pass.

  22. Trump has not, and will not infringe the 2nd Amendment rights! He postures a lot playing the political game which went over your low IQ head! The negative article against Trump will only help the Dumbcrats elect a left progress nut job that will surely take our guns! Bitch when it happens, otherwise keep you gun insecurity to your self. As far as the bump stocks, I paid $350 when they first came out years ago and used it once. I had no problem throwing that junk away. It was a waste of money!

  23. Let me tell you when all this went sky-weat and crooked. Back way back at the time when horses were being traded for cars, the population allowed the governments to say driving was a priviledge and did not fall under life , liberty, and pusuit of happiness. So, you had to register the car, next you had to have a drivers license, all this made money for the government and was hard to track. Now, came the master stroke. Everyone who wanted to exercise their privilege to drive must now have insurance. That was a goldmine, even doctors got into the act and instead of making house calls and accepting a supply of eggs and chickens aand milk. It was make an appointment and bring cash and your insurance card. Next came head lights on motorcycles, for safety, then it was helmets, then seat belts. All of course for the safety of the public. So it doesn’t surprize me that now they want the guns for the safety of the public and if past performance of the public is any indicator, kiss your guns good-bye they will be gone, if not today, then tomorrow.

  24. This for all you “They’re gonna take out of my cold dead hands, and no cops gonna die to grab it for I am dead. “Well let me tell you how this is going to come down. They’re going to pass the law and you can obey it and you and your family will struggle on, OR, about a hundred cops in full armament will kick your door in while hiding behind some ballistic sheids, shoot you between the eyes wlk over and pick up your toy and go on to the next ones on the list. You know your neighbor better than I do. You think he gonna stick his nose into that business for you. Would you do it for him? Going out west and joining a posse might work, for a while, but time is on their side they don’t have to be in no hurry, and of course supplies will run out. Best we can hope for is that we are invaded by the Chineese.

  25. Trump isn’t a 2A guy. It’s on his list somewhere, but he seems a bit on the Fuddish side. If enough of his advisors push, he’ll do the right thing. Otherwise, he’ll trade something away in a negotiation, or he’ll do something bad like bump stock or Canterbury nomination. I ignore what he says since it may be a negotiating tactic (I’m willing to discuss X), or he may shoot off his mouth before someone lets him know the issue. Still, a billion times better than a Dem that’ll make it their mission to gut the 2A so America will be a gun and crime free utopia.

  26. You guys all seemed to have missed it, but 2 days ago, Trump tried to trade “gun control measures” for an escape from impeachment with Nancy Pelosi.

    He attempted to save his own skin, by throwing us out of the boat

    • Lol… yeah… bullshit.

      The current “impeachment” is a setup by Trump. The Denokkkommies got nothing and they know they got nothing.

        • Yeah… It’s just a coincidence that 30 minutes after Pelosi got on her high horse Trump dropped an add that mocked her for being a treasonous piece of shit.

    • Quote your knowledgeable and trustworthy source for that little nugget, there ‘Muhammad.’

      Or is this just another example of Taqqiya?

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