Saturday Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

David Sproles, Personal Financial Advisor (age 49) from Murfreesboro, Tennessee (nice town) sends his Saturday carry.  Not sure why Saturday’s different than Monday through Friday, but that’s America.  Freedom to do what you want when you want.

Like me, he likes his GLOCK 19.  Not sure if he likes it because it’s the best he’s got, or if he comes back to it because he’s committed to it with gun, magazines, carry rigs, pouches, more magazines and other accessories.

David writes:

I have multiple pistols that I will go to and try (after training with it) but continually come back to my Glock 19. Hard to beat the size, (concealability) and feel of this fantastic pistol.  Couple this with a good holster and the BlueAlpha Low profile EDC belt…awesomeness!

I have to admit he sounds kind of new to carrying, but whatever.   He has a solid lineup, assuming he’s not Mexican carrying that GLOCK with the Olight PL-MINI 2 VALKYRIE 600.  Looks like he likes Olights.

Besides the light on the gun, he has Olight M1T plus light, a reload, and a Leatherman Skeletool multi-tool.

Unlike most, he includes his belt, a nice Blue Alpha Gear nylon 1.5″ belt.

Question:  Does anyone wear a leather gun belt anymore?   I know leather carry rigs are rare these days.  Are leather gunbelts equally as rare?


  1. avatar WI Patriot says:

    “I know leather carry rigs are rare these days.”

    I love my leather holsters…for my EDC, I use a Kirkpatrick Leather Compact Undercover – Model 2145…

    For my wheelgun(s) I use a Galco Combat Master…

  2. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

    A hearty YES!

    Leather gun belt(s) from Aker Leather in San Diego, CA. Their Concealed Carry Gun Belt (B21) is good looking, tough and has a stiffener that minimizes belt collapse and rolling. I have one in black and another in tan. My originals lasted for decades.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I wear a Ted Blocker leather belt. Fantastic.
    I also go to them for custom sheaths for knives, guns, etc…
    (I like supporting local businesses)

  4. avatar Hannibal says:

    Eh? Are leather gunbelts rare now? I have a nylon garrison belt I sometimes use but I spend a lot more time with leather ones. For one thing, they look a lot less tactical; but they’re also softer and have just enough give for a bit more comfort. I believe I have a Simply Rugged belt that I bought with a holster that will do a good job holding up even a weighty revolver.

  5. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Galco leather belt.

    1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Galco “Cop” belt for me too, it’s appropriate for all occasions.

  6. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    I wear belts by Kramer, Blocker, Wilson, El Paso Saddlery, Galco, and I forget. Holsters, mag pouches and belt loops too. Depends on what I”m doing. Even wear that Blade Tech plastic stuff once in in a while. Good leather is hard to beat. Smells good too.

  7. avatar Patrick H says:

    A Saturday night special!

  8. avatar jonndoe says:

    I love my leather holsters, I’ve found that a surplus three slot pancake for a Sig P5 when wet molded to my G19 worked great and only cost me $17, as for leather gun belts the one I had seemed to suffer the same fate as all leather belts eventually the rear belt loop cause’s It to sag.
    I’m currently using a synthetic bio belt and It’s holding up quite well.

  9. avatar B says:

    Cool looking setup. Black/gray. 👍

  10. avatar guest says:


  11. avatar "keep yur paws off my dead guy" possum says:

    I use a leather Gunm belt, it is hand made by me.i like it.ive found you can get more comfort out of a cheap holstered with a quality belt easier then getting comfortable with s high quality holstered and a cheap gunm belt.Glocks are good, but I do not care for plastic m

    1. avatar daveinwyo says:

      Agree Possum.
      Leather belt and leather holster made by daveinwyo.
      Nylon/plastic belts and holsters are useful but not good looking, like good leather.

  12. avatar Tim says:

    Please give my best to Hickok45!

  13. avatar Joatmon says:

    Awsome belt even if it’s from that state up North.
    Leather holsters from Milt Sparks.

  14. avatar SoCalJack says:

    Still wear a Daltech Force gun belt; just love dark brown leather.

    1. avatar Yitz says:


      Looks like a regular dress belt, without compromising on function. It has a steel core which prevents ANY sag.

      You can adjust your 3-4:30 oclock holster by lifting the buckle and rear of the belt (6 oclock), enabling you to surreptitiously adjust your rig without anyone being able to tell. Great for work or in gun-unfriendly company.

  15. avatar Gopjohnny says:

    I wear a leather gun belt daily, hard to make the others look good with the suits I have to wear for work.

  16. avatar Dan says:

    I use a Kore leather belt. Leather belts are more discreet imo.

  17. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

    “Leather carry rigs and gunbelts are rare now” … That is approaching a Democrat-level lack of awareness.

  18. avatar Guns and Roses says:

    Good edc setup, however I would recommend a stock Glock mag for the backup and primary. Magpul Glock mags are probably the most reliable next to stock Glock mags but non are as reliable as the ones made by Glock. Training and range shooting use magpul mags until your heart is content, but for when your life is on the line go stock mags every time. Just my opinion

  19. avatar Chuck says:

    DeSantis Holster, mag holder and Belt most of the time. Only wear my Alien Gear 4.0 when I have to wear a dressier shirt. During heavy coat weather I’ll use my Bianchi shoulder rig just for the convenience of it. Leather is just better IMO, especially if your shirt accidently rides up. The uneducated see leather and they assume LEO, when they see plastic they assume gangster😂
    Good set up he’s got going. Simple and practical.

  20. avatar strych9 says:

    Leather holsters yes, belts no. Just haven’t found a leather belt that works for me in terms of being adjustable enough. The holes are never quite right.

    1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

      “The holes are never quite right”

      Caitlyn Jenner’s boyfriend says the same thing.

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