toni mcbride body cam hernandez shooting
Courtesy LAPD
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[The bodycam video of the shooting starts at 5:23. Bystander videos start at 9:16.]

[Officer Toni] McBride’s decision-making will be broken down and analyzed, shot by shot. The LAPD’s use-of-force policy says the officer’s judgment will be assessed “from the perspective of a reasonable Los Angeles police officer with similar training and experience, in the same situation.”

An officer must reasonably believe he or she needed to use deadly force “to defend against an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to the officer or to another person.”

[Daniel] Hernandez’s parents and 14-year-old daughter argue, through their attorneys, that McBride could have done more to deescalate the confrontation. She might, for example, have stepped behind a bystander’s car to buy time, they say. They contend that she responded like the competitive shooter seen on video, racing to get off shots.

“She loves to shoot all these things as fast as she can,” said Casillas, the lawyer for Hernandez’s family. “That certainly is in stark contrast to the measured, cautious police officer, exhibiting a reverence for life. This isn’t a movie.”

But Hanna, McBride’s lawyer, counters that the officer had little choice, faced off against an oncoming man with a weapon, who posed an imminent threat. He added that McBride worked hard to master all aspects of her training, including deescalation techniques, threat assessment and shooting skills.

“She had fear at all times and was shooting at somebody she felt was coming at her and … toward the other citizens who were out there,” Hanna said, calling arguments to the contrary “playing politics.”

– James Rainey and Andrew J. Campa in She was known as a ‘top shot.’ Now an L.A. cop is at the center of a deadly shooting


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  1. “[Daniel] Hernandez’s parents and 14-year-old daughter argue, through their attorneys, that McBride could have done more to deescalate the confrontation.”

    The Derp. It *hurts*…

    • Daniel Hernandez’s parents and 14-year-old daughter argue, through their attorneys, that McBride could have done more to deescalate the confrontation.”

      Not only are the above nitwits completely ignoring the terrifying actions of their beloved daniel hernandez they are trying to make the officer look like she was in some kind of 3-Gun Competitor mode, etc.
      Amounts to nothing more than another sleazy headline to inflame a mob of cop hating shtheads.

      • The dumbass could have turned around and gone home, he would be home doing whatever anarchists’ do at home, no pity here.

        • Too bad more cops don’t shoot like that, we’d have far less criminals to feed in the can!

          That dreamer is dreamin’ now!

      • At least she hit her target looked like with every shot and didn’t throw rounds all over the countryside. I say well done.

        • OK with me if she comes to the Houston Area and joins HCSD.

          Firearms are only effective IF you hit your target.

        • I say, “Good shooting, Officer.” Glad the training was effective. The alternative for this officer would have been a knife wound caused by the perp. Glad that her accuracy training was beneficial.

      • The family wants revenge, and sees and opportunity to do it through the legal system in the current environment. Or maybe get a jackpot. Or both. Messed up thing is, especially in LA right now, it might work.

      • Daniel hernandez made 1 life ending decision. approach a police officer with a deadly weapon and a presumptive attitude that he had planned on utilizing it in its aforementioned weapon mode. they say the officer could have hidden behind a bystanders car. if there are bystanders, its her job to be between them and the threat. not cower behind them and hope the ‘bad man’ gets bored and gives up. hiding from an assailant with malice if not purely evil intentions does not calm him down. it only embolden him. if it were me, being a cop or not? don’t wait to return fire. the threat was real. eliminate the threat…

      • where were all the batons & gas those LAPD chicken shits like to use … after the second shot, what threat was Hernandez … yet the dumb cunt fired additional times with no consideration for the safety & well being of the public that had gathered … that dumb bitch is a physical and monetary threat to public and she & LAPD are to be held accountable for their abuse of authority.

        • that dumb bitch is a physical and monetary threat to public

          It is SO EASY to be THAT badass on a computer keyboard in your mommy’s basement safe in the knowledge that you have never (and probably never will) had to face a life or death situation where decisions must be made in fractions of seconds.. That being said, YOU have identified yourself as one of the millions of individuals in this country who are a physical threat to real Americans by wasting the air that WE will need to breathe… Don’t worry your boyfriend will eventually show up and fill that mouth of yours and you will forget all about the pretty lady that threatens you so badly… There is a lot of stupid shit posted on these forums by otherwise mostly intelligent and honorable people (excluding trolls), but you have presented YOURSELF as one of those rare creatures, a bona-fide idiot that is capable of constructing a coherent thought stream (no matter how ignorant it might be) and presenting it to the public and that makes YOU far more dangerous than any badge with a gun, so my guess is you are Don Lemon (or a Don Lemon wanna be?), No? Then Brian Stelter? Chris Cuomo? Chris Wallace? BLM leadership? (nah they’re females with bigger balls than you), Bubba?

    • That was a great feel good production to keep the natives from having a uprising over a clearly good shooting.
      Lapd has to do this now because low life politicians dont have their back ever.
      On another note, i wish she was my patrol partner, easy on the eyes.

    • Yeah, like, the officer should have let themselves get shot in the arm or leg, give the perp a chance to think about what they did and repent or run out of ammo…
      /s off

      • Yeah, his KNIFE could of been loaded with magic cop killer bullets. His KNIFE…
        This was not the shooting in Michigan, where the knife wielder was actually charging. She should have waited, but that has more to do with crappy LAPD training and total misunderstanding of the 7 yard/meter “rule”. It’s a zone of heightened awareness, not a shoot first zone.
        She was already in a better position, the 7m was based on a holstered weapon. But she followed LAPD guidelines and idiots understanding.

        • There is no such thing as the 7 meter rule. That was one poor trainer’s opinion that has become internet “truth”. There are thousands of stories of people being shot many, many times without stopping. If I had felt the need to fire, then so should she.

        • The Tueller drill established 7 yds as the distance the AVERAGE person could run from a standstill in the time it took the AVERAGE cop to unholster and fire ONE shot. The misunderstanding is generally on the other foot. A man can be a threat much farther away than 7 yds. As we saw in the Michigan case, it often takes numerous shots to bring a man down. Once it became clear he intended to continue approaching the officer with a knife, the shooting was justified. Do bear in mind, the video is wide angle, so the guy was closer than he might appearp. She actually waited longer than I would advise most people, but as an officer of the law she does have the responsibility to accept additional risk to herself in order to protect the innocent. She did well.

        • You’re an idiot! If an individual wielding a weapon, is stupid enough to advance on ANYONE holding a gun, he deserves a Darwin Award! This is a guy that just trashed 4 other vehicles, with possible injuries involved and he’s going to come out wielding a knife and advance on a cop? SHOOT THE THREAT — That’s a no brainer!!!!!!!

          So I guess now we’ll hear from the mexican lives matter morons, we already heard from his dumb ignorant relatives!

        • To C Mac And John. I cleared that 21 ft. in 1.2X seconds when I did my Tueller Drill. And I was fat then. And as to that claim by the family’s lawyer. Time the shots. That was a shooter making deliberate shots in order to minimize collateral injuries and death to bystanders.

        • Wow a total idiot and he can string words together. I’m so impressed NOT. YOU SIR ARE A FOOL AND AT BEST A MDIOCRE CLOWN.

        • There were others in the area, also. How close were they? If he’d charged someone else at full speed, could a safe shot be taken before he got to them? Dipshit should’ve dropped the knife.

        • You have not one minutiae of knowledge regarding the subject. In other words you’re talking out your ass.

        • I trained to throw knives 21 feet is an easy toss my targets were 30 to 50 feet away and I could get center mass !! Which could be a deadly hit in a human body !!!

        • Maybe you should study and learn the TUELLER DRILL a bit better. First of all, it was NEVER a “RULE!” Secondly, if you ever saw other videos with knife-wielders, you might just have second thoughts about your comments.
          Personally, you have to remember this was in Californication. If I were a cop there, with the lack of support cops get these days, I might just turn and walk away.
          “Defund the police.”
          “Ban all guns.”
          Then just let EVERYBODY go kill each other; the “bad guys” would just love it.
          [Personally, with the LACK of good marksmanship with most police, I commend her. Well-placed accurate shots are much more likely NOT to hit INNOCENT BY-STANDERS.]

          • Only thing on that drill the gun is holstered…she already had it out and ready. I’m in commiefornia and no defunding has happened here…

        • Yeah, shoulda waited cause after the first two double taps when he rolled and was on the way back up it would have been more ideal if he was close. Please don’t reproduce.

        • “As to the 21-foot “rule,” the majority stated, it provides that a person at that distance or less “may pose a threat to the safety of an officer. It does not follow from this rule, or any other, that armed suspects never pose [an immediate] threat beyond 21 feet. Notably, the dissent does not cite any case holding that an officer must wait until an armed suspect is within 21 feet, or capable of actually inflicting death or serious harm, before being justified in using deadly force….”

          SO… no it is not a “RULE” or CASE LAW to assume you are “safe” and THEREFOR cannot/do not reasonably have the right to defend yourself to threats beyond 21 feet.

          Read s%^& you post to support your argument.

        • “Mythbusters” explored this concept. One take away was that there is an emotional response to having someone coming at you.

    • Maybe the criminals and rioters aught to do some de-escalation if they don’t want to be shot.

  2. ““She loves to shoot all these things as fast as she can,” said Casillas, the lawyer for Hernandez’s family. “That certainly is in stark contrast to the measured, cautious police officer, exhibiting a reverence for life.”

    Where was the perpetrator’s reverence for life? The LEO asked him nicely to stop and drop the knife, she didn’t run into the situation with guns blazing. She was professional, calm and collected, shot only when she had to.
    I call this one a suicide by a cop.

      • “I like to shoot dirtbags as fast as I can also…..”

        I’m sure you meant to type “sandbags”.

        • I dunno, vacuum cleaner filter bags blow up better than burlap when you shoot them. Much better as a reactive target. 😉

          • “I dunno, vacuum cleaner filter bags blow up better than burlap when you shoot them. Much better as a reactive target. 😉”

            Now there’s an idea. Need to find an outdoor range that will let me set my own targets.

    • So what about airsoft, paintball, or laser tag? Why is competitive shooting the only hobby that matters here? *shh it doesn’t*

      • Sigh, I keep forgetting to add – The annoying one to my name, why can’t TTAG just save the info!?

    • His failure to obey a simple command is what cost him his life which the relatives attorney has ignored.

      • next they will come out that he was hearing impaired. then we’ll have the ‘DEAF LIVES MATTER’ crowd yelling. they won’t really be pissed, just unable to hear each other..

        • next they will come out that he was hearing impaired.

          Hearing impaired, didn’t understand English, didn’t understand Spanish, didn’t know the meaning of “stop” or “drop it/the knife” did not feel the first two rounds, did not feel the second two rounds, (definitely did not feel the last two rounds), was just trying to hand the box knife to the pretty lady, didn’t believe she was really a cop, did NOT believe she would shoot him, looked like his meth dealers ol’ lady, looked like his meth dealer… We will hear it all before it’s through unless the city caves and buys the family off…

    • I say she ended the threat to herself and others!!! I’m not surprised that you jumped on the bandwagon of No cop has the right to defend their life! If it was my son that was advancing on a cop with a weapon like that, he would deserve it! I have talked to my grown children about this! My child’s life is NOT the only life that matters!!!

      • Where did you get the idea that I don’t think cops should defend themselves? From the citation of the original article?

      • I agree! I tell my kids, “I spank them when they are doing something to hurt themselves or others. That way the cops aren’t forced to do it on the eleven o’clock news after they are 18 or grown…

    • I would of stopped after the first 2 shots and waited a bit longer to see what he did. Of course it’s easy for me to look back as I was not in that situation.

      Of course I also don’t have qualified immunity so if I shoot him that many times especially in California they are going to charge me with something.

      Really don’t see that box cutter being a huge threat either. Would be more worried if he got back in a vehicle again and started going Grand Theft Auto real world as previously had happened.

      Still officer did her job and did not injure or kill anyone else. Its reassuring to see at least one officer in LAPD can use lethal force without collateral damage.

      • I have been a paramedic for over 40 years. Your opinion of what damage a box cutter can do is so full of bovine excrement! I have had to work my ass of keeping people alive after being slashed with box cutters. They will inflict life threatening wounds that are moderate in depth but cut across blood vessels therefore causing horrific bleeding. On a few calls we were not successful in keeping the victim alive. Stop trying to make out like this guy was not a viable threat. You obviously speak from no knowledge, in other words you are ignorant on this subject! I am glad that this officer survived this encounter and had enough practical shooting experience to take those shots with all of the public around. Very skillful application of lethal force.

        • boxcutters were used to hijack 4 jet planes on 911. anyone that down plays their ability to do harm are ignorant to bladed weapons..

          • Yes…but is a completely different scenario…pilots were in an enclosed space with no guns aimed at perp…

      • Did you miss the part where terrorists hijacked two airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center buildings using box cutters as their weapons? Only killed 3K+ on that day. Maybe see what a box cutter can do to your carotid artery and get back to us?

      • Cuts across the upper arm (as an example) can produce quite a lot of arterial bleeding.

        Most people haven’t seen arterial bleeding on a person. I have. It is truly alarming how fast someone can bleed out from an arterial cut. Every heartbeat results in a good-sized puddle of blood.

        There are several easily-accessible arteries that are can be accessed with a blade like a utility knife.

      • “Really don’t see that box cutter being a huge threat either.”

        The 9-11 hijackers used those to murder the pilots…

      • “Really don’t see that box cutter being a huge threat either.”
        I know a guy who got slashed just once with a box cutter. He did not die, thanks to quick medical help, but he was very close to losing his arm. These things are not harmless.

        • cops use the rule often that you eliminate the threat. he’s still up? he’s still a threat.
          thats almost like saying ‘shoot him in the legs’

      • That shoot twice then see if more shots are needed is range training that got officers and citizens killed. A good book to read on that subject is In The Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob. The modern teaching now for officers and citizens alike is to shoot until the threat stops being a threat. If the assailant is still moving towards you or is making efforts to reach a weapon, that assailant is still a threat.

        On a personal note, during my ACT 235 range qualification and re-qualification, I committed acts which got called out by the range instructor. Although each act was innocuous, the instructor correctly identified them as things that a competitive shooter would do on a range, and that “habits” need to be carefully weaned out in order to not endanger someone on the field.

  3. He was a good boy – he only wanted to see if the officer needed some boxes open. That is why he was coming at her with the box cutter.
    Another one bites the dust! Hey. Hey. 😁

  4. I still have to giggle at internet pressure. hey did anybody see that… well, we’ll just call them hired mercs, kick that antifa ass!!. It’s on donut operators YouTube channel, funny as hell. That’s how you make a hundred people scatter

  5. They say we need training.
    They also say there’s too much training.
    How much training is just right?
    It’s not how much it’s whats being taught.
    What they want is effectively abstinence training.
    If you can be taught to hate guns, never use guns and never look at guns positively then you can have a gun.

    • Shire-man,

      This is another glaring example of the psychological dynamic that is gripping our nation:

      By default anything that a “good” person does to a “bad” person is “good”. Likewise, by default anything that a “bad” person does to a “good” person is “bad”.

      Under that system, the minority man was “good” by default and the police woman was “bad” by default — thus it was “good” that the “good” man with the knife was going toward the “bad” police woman and it was “bad” that the “bad” police woman defended herself from the “good” man with the knife.

      As everyone can plainly see, there are no objective standards under such a system. This is “moral relativism” and this incident illustrates how destructive it is to a society.

      • There are objective standards; you just stated them.

        Good n bad don’t go with situation or behavior, but identity. It’s of a piece with the culture-level training: OrangeManBad did a bad thing because OrangeManBad can only do bad things. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        Who are the good n bad, Manichean? Groups n categories, anchored in things u can’t choose or change. Which categories? Fluid coalitions of advantage, grasping control of others’ power. Policing reformers, n people of a community make common cause with anarchists, socialist revolutionaries, and apparatchiks in place, all auditioning for a bigger role in the new order to come.

        Is this a way to live, or mechanism for a place worth living in? Different question.

        • There are several answers to that different question.
          – France, 1789-1899
          – Russia, 1908-1917
          – Germany, 1918-1933
          – Cambodia, 1963-1978
          – China, 1938-present
          – Balkan states, 1912-2001
          – USA, This time will somehow magically be different

      • this is not as clear cut as the Detroit shoot. where cops were arresting a guy over a felony warrant. nothing minor here. a guy nearby, they believe was a friend of his, pulls a gun, starts running away shooting at the officers. of course, he’s shot in the back. protests. his little brother’s crying on TV because the criminal cops killed his brother over nothing.. its pathetic.

  6. Loving the group of morons who thought it was a good idea to continue standing behind the crazy razor guy down range of the cops. Lucky for them and the officer they didn’t win a Darwin award that day. Also 5.11 clothes have never looked so good.

    • It’s good for them the officer trained for speed and accuracy under pressure, on her own dime, right? Most cops get minimal firearms training, usually just annual requalification.

  7. What BS the perp got what he deserved no questions asked. These idiots out here wont be happy until theres bo police all cops should strike simultaneously.

    • Need to Quintuple the Coroners Budget…. real soon. After all, once they defund the cops there won’t BE anyone to take the guns from ANYONE and the real battle for America will begin. Looks like the kick-off will be in Kalipornia….

  8. Anyone who wants to be a LEO in this environment has lost their mind.

    Every blue city cop should walk off the job immediately & indefinitely.

  9. “ shooting as fast a she can”. WTF. That was some of the most controlled shooting I’ve ever seen from a cop’s body cam. That was not a mag dump. That was not shooting for speed at all. Hell if anything, the officer looked like she was trying to minimize the number of shots fired.

    • ““ shooting as fast a she can”. WTF. That was some of the most controlled shooting I’ve ever seen from a cop’s body cam.”

      And every shot likely connected.

      She did just fine…

      • She did what the suspect forced her to do, she did it very well and went home safe at the end of her shift.

        Tough thing to have to do, but job well done just the same.

        Box Cutter Guy should have laid off the methamphetamine …. he’d of lived longer.

        • “…..and went home safe at the end of her shift.”
          Also disarmed, on “administrative leave”, and under investigation for criminal misconduct.

          • Common practice for all PD’s after lethal force action, I must have missed the “criminal misconduct” language, where did YOU read tthat?

        • “under investigation for criminal misconduct,” this is normal too at least for my agency. The Brass and lawyer will review the shooting to see if there was violation of local law or departments policy.

          We had a guy in my reserve unit vaporize a IED hole digger with the chain gun of his bradly and had a AR-15 investigation to see if he did something wrong. He was cleared , just because there is a investigation dose not necessarily mean something was done wrong.

          • “We had a guy in my reserve unit vaporize a IED hole digger with the chain gun of his bradly and had a AR-15 investigation to see if he did something wrong. ”

            Of course there would be an investigation. In war, you can kill the enemy, but humanely, gently, with deep regret and remorse, after which you need to check-in with the unit psychologist to explore your inner self in order to ensure you don’t lose your moral compass and start killing the enemy just because they are the enemy.

            Oh, and killing the enemy with armor-piercing bullets is just plain ol’ evil, wicked, mean, bad, and nasty. Or even using a MA Duce against personnel. Audie Murphy was the last American soldier allowed to do that.

    • Binder,

      My thoughts exactly.

      That is the problem with a culture that is ignorant on the subject of firearms: scumbag attorneys can portray that police woman’s actions as “cowboy Wild West super rapid fire” when in reality it was actually a rather slow rate of fire.

      Speaking of rate of fire, it appeared to me that she was trying to send about two shots at a time — a slow version of double-taps if you will — and waiting between each double-tap to see if the aggressor was incapacitated before sending another double-tap.

      • It’s called “controlled pair”. Two controlled, aimed, shots. At that range, at a moving target, with others potentially in the field of fire, exactly the right way to fire. Allows seeing what’s around and beyond the target, makes sure you hit the intended target. Nothing could be further from competitive shooting. Very calm and restrained action from the officer. Sorry for the family’s loss, but the man put himself and others in harm’s way.

      • Similar, I think, with Owen Wilson and his shooting of Big Mike Brown. Seven rounds expended – the original shot was when Brown had reached into his vehicle to take his gun away, then three pairs. First pair to the arm, second pair to the torso, and third pair to the head, with a pause between pairs of shots while Brown reassessed his condition, shook it off, then resumed his advance. All seven shots hit Brown. Last two were both considered fatal.

        • Owen Wilson is an actor, Justin Wilson is a Cajun Chef and Darren Wilson was a police officer in Missouri.

        • Rick O’Shea — And Mr. Wilson was Dennis’ neighbor! “HEYYYYY MR. WILSON”!

          And Brian Wilson was a Beach Boy!

          And Carnie Wilson was FAT!

        • or Tim ‘the tool man’ Taylor’s neighbor was simply Wilson, as was atom Hanks FedEx volleyball 🏐

    • IMO she did well. I saw a measured response. She shot to stop the threat, analyzed, he was getting up with weapon, fire another pair, pause. (I only watch once as Officer can’t rewatch situation, blow up to see, pause to consider…). But realize I’m safe behind computer…
      Imo in today’s world she should have let him advance closer. He might have ran into crowd and injured some spectators. Maybe then the family would understand he was a threat?
      I would love to have someone with her skills, training, calm with me if SHTF. But my wife would kill me if a gal that hot was with me daily.
      It was controlled pairs after each decision. “He is not stopped”

    • My thoughts exactly. Not surprising though, scumbags typically come from scumbag families and they clearly fit that description

  10. Clearly the guy decided he wanted to be shot. My sympathy goes first to the cop, she had no choice. It sucks that some ambulance chasing lawyer sucked the family into thinking they could get some huge payout when the guy who paid the family bills goes suicide by cop.

    • I don’t know that he wanted to get shot. More likely the meth had his brain malfunctioning. I figure it’s another drug death, indirectly.

      Doesn’t change anything. Whether he wanted to die, wanted to attack officer McBride or had some other notions in his head his actions could come to only one result.

          • “Bingo ! That’s what it will classified as .”

            Of course it will. Orangeman Bad brought this new virus to the US, and then forced everyone to stay indoors 24/7, thereby making people crazy from cabin fever caused by the virus, and the only way to relieve the stress was to act out in public. Orangeman Bad drove Hernandez literally crazy (who else would bring a razor blade to a gunfight?).

            Officer Goodbody should have recognized a mental breakdown in progress, and immediately called for social workers to handle the problem.

  11. This woman deserves a medal and a promotion….
    And she’s hot to boot! 😉

  12. Boy that video was in stark contrast to the sheriff’s deputy that let the attacker get right on top of her. And then proceeded to mag dump out of fear and realization she had lost control of the situation.

    Very well handled, good shoot.

    • “Boy that video was in stark contrast to the sheriff’s deputy that let the attacker get right on top of her.”

      I bet she made a conscious decision that wouldn’t happen to her.

      Looks like a range of about 30 feet…

      • Geoff PR,

        Looks like a range of about 30 feet…

        I watched the bystander video which provides a bit better side-view perspective. It looked like knife-man was about one car length in front of the car and the policewoman was at the rear of the car. In other words knife-man was about two car-lengths away and moving toward the policewoman when she started shooting. That puts the attacker at about 30 feet as you stated.

        In hindsight it seems like he was a bit far away to justify sending bullets downrange when the policewoman already had her handgun in hand at low ready.

        • Speaking to the point that policewoman may have started shooting a bit too soon:

          Knife-man was about 30 feet away and policewoman had her handgun in both hands at low-ready. If knife-man suddenly rushed her at full speed, I believe he would have been on her within two seconds at most. Allowing her an incredibly optimistic one-half seconds to raise her handgun and start putting shots into her attacker, that only allows 1.5 seconds (at most) for her to shoot before knife-man is able to slash/stab her. And if her rate of fire was three shots per second, that would only enable her to put about four or five bullets into her attacker before he was slashing her.

          Those four or five bullets would eventually incapacitate knife-man IF policewoman hit vital locations. Of course there are no guarantees that anyone would put any of those four or five shots into vital locations at a moving target that is rushing toward you. That means knife-man could easily have been slashing/stabbing policewoman for several seconds minimum — capable of imparting fatal injuries.

          Given the FACTS of this encounter (not who is “good” nor who is “bad”), I call this a righteous case of self-defense.

        • Way back when I was younger and a bit faster, I was the knife guy teaching Tueller drills to agencies around the metro area.
          No one ever “shot” me, and I always got at least one “cut” in. (That was the 21’ model)

          So yes, even 30’ is getting too close.
          She done good.

        • Looked like she was at middle of the car with him a car length in front at the first shot. About 20 feet give or take a few feet.

    • And thanks to this officer’s decisive (and reasonable) use of force, she’s being attacked for being trigger-happy.

  13. Due to prior defunding of training funds by elected officials, most LEOs undergo panic when confronted by a felon with a knife, and “freeze”. Also explains why most LEOs can’t hit the broad side of a barn, even if they were locked inside it. A felon with a knife can kill a LEO that “freezes” for that split second before they realize they have to respond to the threat. Appears McBride was smart enough to know that the poor level of training for “real world” conditions she got means she had to go out on her own to try and get some experience.

    I know of a LEO that emptied his gun shooting at a felon with a gun, and never hit him. Thankfully, the felon didn’t realize the LEO’s gun was empty, and dropped his shotgun. Like many LEOs, he didn’t even know how to reload his gun in “real world” conditions.

  14. ““She loves to shoot all these things as fast as she can,” said Casillas, the lawyer for Hernandez’s family. “That certainly is in stark contrast to the measured, cautious police officer, exhibiting a reverence for life.”

    with that logic if an officer ever drove in competition and had a car wreck……you know the rest!

    “He thought my client was a road cone!”

    “well he was wearing orange and is dumb!”

  15. Lawyers are a very big part of this problem,
    Only way to stop this B S is to have a loser pays law,
    Only then will the ambulance chasing go away.
    Problem is the people who make the laws are mostly lawyers, their not likely to shit in their own nest.

  16. That was a completely reasonable shooting on the officer’s part. Not only that, I’d bet that she hit him every time. She didn’t let him get within striking distance and she repeatedly called for him to drop the weapon.

    I’m amazed at the fluid chaos of the scene all around her. She should be commended for keeping her head clear during that encounter.

    I’m also amazed like others have said, at the sheer stupidity of the “crowd”. It makes me wonder how many times “innocent bystanders” have been injured during a police shooting that were doing what this crowd was doing.

    Oh, and the family of the deceased should be told they will get nothing in the way of compensation for their deceased family member by the city and or state.

  17. “That certainly is in stark contrast to the measured, cautious police officer, exhibiting a reverence for life. This isn’t a movie.”

    So which IS it? Are cops measured and cautious with a reverence for life? OR, are they cold blooded, “kill em all and let God sort em out, shoot first THEN ask questions” armed thugs? They can’t be both…

    • Why can’t they be both? It’s a free country isn’t it?

      This officer did the right thing, had no choice and acted with skill and professionalism.

      • This officer did the right thing, had no choice and acted with skill and professionalism..

        If you’re looking for an argument on THAT point you won’t find it here.. I was just pointing to the irony of the message.. The group of people who want to defund/disarm/disband the cops because they are ALL murderous thugs, can find them to be measured and cautious, exhibiting a reverence for life when some liberal lawyer convinces them here might be a buck in it for them.. I totally agree she did he right thing (and it has NOTHING to do with the way she filled out that 5.11 TAC gear)

    • OF COURSE they can BE BOTH! There’s more than one cop in America. One of the reasons for the animosity all across America TOWARDS cops is that so many PDs have ignored the ones who ABUSE their positions and their power. What we really need in America is about 10,000 cops like her, who can shoot straight AND make it a measured response instead of a mag-dump, while showing restraint and HONESTY in the performance of their duties. She done good!

      • We need cops like the one on you tube who strolled up briskly on a machete wielding perp and flipped him and took him down by Hand…pay that cop double and we only need 5000 like him…just saying.

    • Anyone discussing this without knowing the full circumstances that led up to the officer involved incedent is talking witless nonsense. Why was he driving in a manor that caused the truck he was driving to hit 4 other vehicles? Maybe he was acting out violently against anybody & everybody, and only grabbed the box knife because his first weapon of choice, the truck, was disabled. Without all of the facts, you have none of the truth!

  18. These folks gotta rethink their choice of weapons.. This is the second time this week that multiple shots were needed to take a guy down, six rounds and she didn’t miss…. 9 MM is not the answer.. I might empty a mag of 10 MM but one round is enough to take the want to out of someone, I just like to make sure I won’t have to do it again to the same person 6 months or a year later…

    • Right there with you….Love my Glock 19edc, but as you say I’ve seen multiple videos over the last couple of months of people being hit with 9mm and keep coming.

      It looks like in this video that she hit him twice and he stumbled down….then got up! Not sure what their duty ammo is..I carry 147g HST

      Not good IMO if during a possible trial the prosecutors keep bringing up the fact that you shot somebody 10 times.

      • Not good IMO if during a possible trial the prosecutors keep bringing up the fact that you shot somebody 10 times.

        Marine Corps put it my head to keep firing til I was SURE that my target could not return fire, old habits, adrenalin and all that, OBTW my G29 is loaded with extended 16 round G20 mags….

        • Not my intent to start a caliber war. To me it’s capacity vs power (power defined by me being faster/bigger, channeling Tim from Home improvement)

          30 rounds of 22lr vs 16 rounds of 9mm vs 5 of 44 mag vs 2 rounds of 12ga vs 1 round from a 16″ Navel gun.

          Then there is the ballistics and characteristics of each type/brand ammo…sigh

          We really need the 6.5 Creedmoor in a EDC config. One edc to steal everyone’s soul just from display in your waistband….

    • MadMaxx,

      All handgun caliber platforms have very poor ability to physically incapacitate a determined attacker immediately.

      The Physics, Physiology, and terminal ballistics are very simple: handgun caliber platforms send relatively small bullets at relatively low velocities into attackers and those small, slow bullets only disrupt a small amount of tissue in the bullet’s immediate path. That is why it almost always takes multiple shots to immediately stop a determined attacker.

      Note that there are multiple actual examples of defenders having to put a LOT of bullets out of full-size handguns chambered in .45 ACP into a determined attacker to finally stop the attacker. If .45 ACP isn’t a reliable one-shot “man-stopper”, what else could be?


      1) All handgun calibers will immediately incapacitate a determined attacker if you can significantly damage the attacker’s central nervous system — which is rare because the central nervous system presents a really small target area.

      2) Even .357 Magnum and 10mm Auto with optimum propellant/bullet combinations are not reliable one-shot “man-stoppers” when the attacker is determined.

      3) An optimum propellant/bullet combination in .44 Magnum out of a 4+ inch barrel might produce enough tissue damage with a single shot to the torso to immediately stop a determined attacker. I do not see that as being guaranteed.

      • 2) Even .357 Magnum and 10mm Auto with optimum propellant/bullet combinations are not reliable one-shot “man-stoppers” when the attacker is determined.

        You’ve obviously never fired a 10 MM or gone hog hunting with one… 220 grain hard cast lead (1200 fps & 700 ft/lbs @ the muzzle) will fuck up your day and Inside 30 feet I’m going to hit you and you’re going to stop, but then I’m going to hit you again and again and….. until the slide finally locks back… I’ve used my handguns for more than just killing paper targets and have every confidence in the world in the capabilities of my 10 MM… Maybe it’s your kind of thinking that gives these idiots the idea that they can rush a handgun and survive (hint: some do, most do not) So whatever your vast expertise may be it is certainly NOT in line with mine, I’ve been carrying a 10 MM (EDC and hunting) for over 10 years, won’t carry anything else…

        • 1200 FPS isn’t going to create a temporary wound cavity (flesh splash) large enough to tear most flesh. That means the bullet has to be touch the tissue it destroys. 220gr hard cast lead isn’t going to deform much, which should result will be a .40″ hole that’ll penetrate a couple feet of tissue and easily pass straight through bone and cartilidge. That seems like a great handgun cartridge for hogs. However, are you seeing hogs drop where they’re standing, or do they run a bit? Any tissue or organs in than line are going to be disrupted, but few are instantly incapacitating, such as a spinal or brain hit.

        • Oh yeah? How many determined attackers on drugs have you one-shot-stopped with a 10mm? And how many have you shot with a 9mm, for comparison?

          • Only a dozen or so but with a 45, Gooks used to get all doped up and tie off major arteries just before an assault.. they came through the wire at Liberty bridge I dropped a dozen or so with a 45, the rest of the night was hand to hand with an e-tool, bastards killed the C.O., the head cook and the Chaplain…. Never shot anybody or anything with a 9 MM but I’ve seen two incidents this week that took multiple rounds from a 9 MM to stop a doped up aggressor, and I know for a fact that 10 MM with a 180 grain hollow point will stop a person and 200/220/230 Hard Cast lead will one shot a hog and a deer and a hog is a hell of a lot harder to stop than a man.. If your inference is that I have never killed a man then you would be incorrect…

        • MaddMaxx,

          I have shot multiple white-tailed deer with .44 Magnum, 240 grain soft-point bullets with muzzle velocities on the order of 1,800 fps (coming out of a 22-inch rifle barrel) and impact velocities on the order of 1,500 fps. Guess what? Every single one of those white-tailed deer has run at least 35 yards after impact. And the big buck (about 210 pounds on the hoof before field dressing) that I shot ran about 130 yards even though that bullet destroyed both lungs.

          You do realize that 10mm Auto, 220 grain hardcast bullets with a muzzle velocity of 1,200 fps are no comparison to .43 caliber, 240 grain softpoint bullets with a muzzle velocity of 1,800 fps, right?

          Regardless, even the venerable .44 Magnum is anything but guaranteed to instantly drop a determined attacker. That is why you either have to wait several seconds for the attacker to go unconscious or put multiple bullets into the attacker if you want him/her to go unconscious sooner.

          Important note: you are a scoundrel if you carry 220 grain hardcast bullets for self-defense against human attackers — those can easily zip right through your attacker and have plenty of retained velocity to probably zip right through any bystander standing behind your attacker (meaning that a single bullet could easily hit and probably cause fatal wounds to three people).

        • The problem are most officers cannot hit squat unlike this brave officer , so large calibers are all good but more is generally better than less.

        • Unless the round you fire knocks you over, it can’t physically stop an attacker with impact force. That’s just Newton’s third law. If a round passes through an attacker might not even notice he’s been hit until it starts to hurt, which takes a bit under adrenaline. 10mm definitely has an advantage over 9mm in that you’ve got 1mm more diameter for hitting vital organs, but you’re still going to have to hit a vital organ or destroy a major leg tendon or bone to even slow down a charging attacker. Until you hit high mach numbers in the flesh-medium, bullets just poke holes, they don’t tear people up. Pistols just can’t reach those speeds, at least not without doing something weird like using a sub-caliber projectile in a discarding sabot (and then you’ve sacrificed bullet weight and probably reliability, so still a poor substitute for a rifle round.) Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a 10 than a 9 (as long as it’s a double stack) but either way if I need to stop someone in his tracks with one shot, it’s going to have to be a headshot. The best thing you can hope for when defending yourself with a pistol is that the attacker runs when you draw, the next best thing is that he goes FIBS when you fire and collapses regardless of where you hit (if you even hit him at all), and after that that you get a solid heart shot and he blacks out before he gets a chance to stab, bludgeon and/or shoot you. A brainstem hit is going to be pure luck under those circumstances, and no handgun is going to fling him against a wall like a Hollywood shotgun.

      • Some of you need to reexamine the Colt .45 ACP, and study it’s history. The Army was having a tough time with Maori tribesmen who stood 8 ft tall. The Army’s sidearms did NOT drop the tribesmen when they were shot. They put out a request for sidearms that could and would drop those big bastids when they were hit. The .45 ACP answered that requirement. Not even 8 ft tall 300+ pound tribesmen keep coming at you when they’ve absorbed the energy of a .45 ACP.

        My squad leader was the grandson of one of those Maori tribesmen. The man loved the government .45 just as I do.

        • I’m a huge fan of .45 Auto, but if it has any advantage in rapid incapacitation it can only lie in the diameter, not the total energy. Ballistics By The Inch (to name just one site doing these tests) has demonstrated that even peak energy +P .45 loads have less muzzle energy than a similarly formulated 9mm, 10mm or even .40SW. Note that I’m not saying that you’re necessarily wrong about it being better at bringing men down faster, but if it is it is most certainly not caused by the energy of the round as such.

        • 8 foot tall Moari’s? I’m calling bullshit. And when did the US army ever fight against New Zealanders?

    • Handguns do not do what you seem to think they do.

      No matter what you’ve learned in video games.

  19. Nice shooting Tex!!! She should be fine, the attorney is grasping at straws. They will always claim either under trained or over trained.

    • Or hand loaded ammo?

      All part of forgetting and excusing the really nasty behavior of the deceased.

      • All part of what the folks trying to jam you up for deceasing that guy will say.

        My guns are factory stock and the ammo is factory made.

        If you need a trigger job on your self defense weapon you need a new self defense weapon.

        • Second that. The rifles all made sense for trigger upgrades but at that point I’d also be hard pressed to explain self defense at 300 yards. Always a beater for edc, the way the police treated my dgu involved Glock made me so glad I didn’t carry the Sig that day. Pretty sure the evidence locker was a tumbler full of rocks.

    • If she wasn’t using department approved firearms or ammunition, she could be in trouble, but there is nothing indicating that to be true. I know a cop who got a lecture from an armorer for modifying his trigger. He didn’t modify his trigger — he takes firearms seriously and does enough dryfire practice with his duty gun that he polished the grittiness out of the factory action.

    • If it was against department policy to modify weapons that she is SOL. Look at that clown that had the dust cover with something stupid phrase in the South West. They tried to hand him out to dry for having that.

  20. I was about to ask “Wait, cops aren’t even allowed to defend themselves anymore?”
    But then I caught myself, realizing that this is just leftist subversion.

    • Look at the cops in the Pacific Northwest. Run out of their own precincts and hamstrung by politicians so badly that DHS enforcement has to be used for almost two solid months of unrest.
      It’s a different jurisdiction where the government doesn’t support them and expect police to give ground and tactical advantage to violent protestors. That mindset from the Left encourages violence when the consequence of deadly force is removed.

  21. If they win, the plaintiff’s attack dog gets a huge taxpayer-provided payday (1), takes down a cop (2), puts the stink on shooting sports (2), and gets tons of atta-boys from its circle of fellow douche nuggets for all the above (4). That’s win/win/win/win. And even if they lose, it still gets the aforementioned atta-boys from said douche nuggets for fighting the “good” fight.

    I realize the Tueller Drill/21 foot rule isn’t official police doctrine, but he was definitely closing distance on the officer, and she definitely gave ground while giving the command to stop approaching and before firing. You can’t wait until someone’s right on top of you before making the shot, particularly while armed. Even if he didn’t understand English (and if he didn’t that was his problem), he should have known to stop when a cop has a gun drawn on you and giving hand signals to stay back.

    I was impressed by how she handled herself, frankly. She was cool as a cucumber throughout, directing bystanders and traffic, going through the encounter, and taking care of business in the aftermath. It speaks to me of professionalism and strong police training. Her 3-Gun hobby is completely inapplicable…otherwise she’d have shot twice and gone looking for another target. After a painful investigation, courtroom drama, and hellish year I would hope this would be dropped. There’s no such thing as a good shoot; only justified ones, and I think this qualifies.

  22. Too much training? They would have said the exact opposite thing if she had not been a competition shooter. “She overreacted as she had the bare minimum of training provided by a documented racist, trigger happy police force. Had she had more training in use of her sidearm and trigger discipline this tragedy could have been averted and a little girl would still have a father.”

  23. “She loves to shoot all these things as fast as she can,”
    If they’d actually seen videos of her shooting at Taran Tactical they’d know that she could’ve shot much faster and that those shots were restrained and controlled.

    • It also shows she wasn’t firing indiscriminately. The white targets were fair, and the black targets were no-shoots. I didn’t notice any hits on her no-shoots.

  24. Why would you want a cop on the force who WASNT a great shot!? Oh that’s right, the cops are supposed to be the ones killed!!!!

  25. One of the most edifying things is the difference between the illusion of distance created by the officer’s body cam vs the 2nd Third Party Video. The suspect was, as I thought, much closer than the officer’s cam “showed”. Most laypersons will not understand and make judgements about the oficer’s actions which were completely appropriate.

    • You’ve made a very important observation. The body camera has a wide angle lens, makes the distances appear greater. The cell phone camera is a more normal aspect lens, shows the reality of how close the man with the knife was.

      The officer did the right thing.

  26. The last 2 shots were a little much…he was already down…especially for a box cutter…”That’s not a knife…this is a Gun…”

    • Unless he pulls a gun from his waist and shoots back. they don’t know hes not a threat until he stops moving and they have searched him.

      His fate was sealed when he refused to drop that knife and walk towards her.

      • And that’s the problem with the laws put in place by corrupt politicians…I as a civilian should be able to shoot someone coming at me with a box cutter until he completely stops moving without a hassle from the cops or the courts.

        • Yep, but if you do that, even if they are in your own home, its disarmament, assault, and murder charges.

      • Nope…there is a video on you tube where a cop walks right up to a perp that has a machete and flips him and takes him down with his Hands…look it up…pretty bad ass…

        • So one cop with more balls than brains got lucky. Now all cops need to go hands on with machete wielding suspects and get cut into ribbons?
          How hard it is to stop and drop any weapon when dealing with the police?

          • He is a cop with more skills in hand to hand combat than this cop…don’t hate. Cops should be better trained in hand to hand combat IF “protect and serve” is really what we’re after in policing…so there is that.

        • wtf. It ain’t hand to hand when the other guy has an edged weapon. That’s a whole other level of stupid right there.

          • It’s hand to boxcutter then…happy?…the cop stopping the perp with machete has better hand combative skills…happy? Would you rather have cops better trained in hand combative skills or not?

            • My HAND to HAND combat training consisted of basic martial arts and the use of and defending against knives and other HAND held (non firearm) implements of destruction.. I’m going with the folks that taught the stuff and the course was titled HAND to HAND combat…

        • WTF and maxx. Who in their right minds engages bare handed against an opponent armed with a machete when they have a force equalizer right there in their holster?

          I seriously question the judgement and motivations of anybody backing that course of action.

          • Like I said before…depends on what kind of police force you want…”protect and serve” or use deadly force as soon as possible…I believe she had another officer there…he or she could’ve brought up the “rubber bullet option”…it was still a good shoot, but would that other more qualified officer needed to shoot him? Of the 2 officers who would you want…one with more skills or less? as it deals with hand to hand…shooting skills being more or less even…as dealers of shooting death either one would suffice…but as a cop to protect and serve….not so much.

          • I was NOT commenting on any one’s judgement/thought processes, I did not rush to YouTube to watch a video about a fight I just stated an opinion that is shared by possibly millions of individuals about what is considered hand to hand combat having trained in the various levels and participated on more than one occasion in the act with at least one being a life and death situation…

            This definition is fairly standard in ALL dictionaries and encyclopedia…..
            Hand-to-hand combat (sometimes abbreviated as HTH or H2H) is a lethal or nonlethal physical confrontation between two or more persons at very short range (grappling distance) that does not involve the use of firearms or other distance weapons. While the phrase “hand-to-hand” appears to refer to unarmed combat, the term is generic and may include use of striking weapons used at grappling distance such as knives, sticks, batons, or improvised weapons such as entrenching tools. While the term hand-to-hand combat originally referred principally to engagements by military personnel on the battlefield, it can also refer to any personal physical engagement by two or more combatants, including police officers and civilians.

            Whether anyone agrees with THAT definition or not matters not to me, it is what it is…

  27. Intent, it was clear
    Capability, he had a knife, it was clear
    Opportunity, at that distance, it is not so clear

    Devils advocate: Im not getting into the 21 foot “rule”, but at near 40 feet or so the way it looks in the video the issue of opportunity being present for him to commit lethal injuries could legally raise questions for the officer at that point to use deadly force, with six rounds. The last two rounds IMO were not necessary, he was down and a limited threat at that point.

    All in all, a relatively good shoot, either way the guy brought a knife to a gun fight which is a losing proposition. Better judged by 12 than carried by six.

    The heck with 9mm, had he been in striking distance the time it took to incapacitate him could have lead to the officer sustaining serious injuries. When we fought the Moros in the Philippines we learned a valuable lesson, hence the use of the .45. Why do we need to relearn the same lessons?

    • One police shooting vid of another deranged individual (most likely a DemoCRAP) was shot 10 time from a glock 17…Got off the ground, screaming YOU Killed me !!! And charged!!!
      They finally has to brain him with a couple of headshots to put him down… permanently….
      It was rather hairy…

        • “The 6.5CM was created for those situations.”

          The really great thing about 6.5CM is there is no body left lying around. Who knows what made that pink stain on the grass?

    • Bullet design has come a long way since 1899-1913, great great grandpa. 9mm can do things today that .38 special couldn’t dream of back then. Hell, that was even way before St. Elmer invented the Holy .357 Magnum. The moros intentionally wrapped themselves in tight bandages to “self seal” when shot and doped up before attacking, so there were other factors besides caliber and bullet design. When your Blessed .45s also failed to impress the moros US soldiers went to ringed shotgun shells and buckshot in nylons or whatever small sack they could find to stop the enthusiastic attackers (open shell, dump buck into bag, stuff back in shell, re seal).

      9mm is just fine for shooting normal scumbags.

      • There were failures to stop on the Moros with .30-40 Krag, 12 ga. and .45 Colt. One incident I read of years ago a soldier shot a Moro 6 times with his SAA that he had bought to replace his issue .38 with. He wound up hand to hand with the Moro and used the Colt to beat him to death with.

        Some attackers simply will not accept that they are dead. Caliber wars and stopping power arguments are simply a waste of time.

    • Maybe .45 cap, or 10mm…
      Both have some power…
      Or go back to revolvers…But with the defund the police movement orchestrated by ANTIFA/BLM mobs…I think they’ll be relegated to the status of Bobby’s very soon…So hold on to your 2nd amendment right!

    • The mythology of small arms selection based on anecdotes could (and probably has) filled a book.

  28. So the officer is a bad person because they excelled at their job? Good is bad, right is left, up is down.

  29. Anti-gun activists: “Only the police should have guns, they are trained.”

    Anti-gun activists: “That officer had too much training.”

  30. Daniel Hernandez is the only person responsible for leaving his wife a widow and his daughter to grow up without a father. He’s the one who used methamphetamine. He’s the one who caused a five vehicle wreck, brought the police and then advanced on the officer with a deadly weapon.

    He did all that, that’s on him, his fault. Sad thing, but that’s the way it works when people do illegal acts. Whatever other victims there may be it is routine for the criminal actor’s family to be among his victims.

    The distances will be found to be closer than the body camera wide angle view makes it appear. Officer McBride was already backing away, trying to keep distance to avoid having to shoot. Hernandez kept coming, getting closer as shown in the cell phone camera video (more of a normal aspect lens, not wide angle). Every step closer with that box cutter took options to save his life away from officer McBride.

    One more thing, about McBride being a competitive shooter (hot babe too!), the people downrange of the shooting are damned lucky to have someone as skilled and practiced as Officer McBride on the scene. She’s a much better shot than the typical officer, so an innocent bystander catching a bullet from her gun was far less likely.

    • I wasn’t the fact that he used drugs, or caused a 5 car wreck. It was the fact that he was advancing on a LEO with a knife in a threatening manner. That is why the police shot him. If he had given up earlier, when told to do so, he would not be dead by cop. He would probably be sitting on his butt in jail, awaiting trial, or even out on the street.

      Stupid actions could be youe last.

      • You are right, it was his last wrong decision in long chain of wrong decisions that day that killed him.

  31. The surviving parents and daughter are members of the jury pool of your “peers”. For whatever reasons, “the public” views the use of firearms by police as a reluctant, desperate, there are no other options, event. “The public” is not looking to end a confrontation with bullets, and believe running away (even police) is better than shooting another human.

    You gotta do what you gotta do, but “the public” will be on your jury, not POTG.

  32. Every officer involved a a critical incident like this should retain an attorney, take time off work and file a suit against the estate of the perp. Claim emotional stress and possible PTSD. Payday, easy retirement. Now I know some of you think this isn’t right, but so what. It is us against them. The public does not care for Police. No matter what you do, People hate police. it’s always prudent to have an exit plan.

    • And when they file that suit they get what? The wrecked truck? A few pairs of knock off Jordan’s? Maybe a couple grams of weed? Criminals are filthy, wasteful, and tend to have poor impulse control, thus no money.

      You’d be better off wandering in a parking lot of a washateria looking for quarters.

    • Not a shooting but I once sustained an injury due to a fight. Someone suggested suing the suspect. No lawyer will take it… unless you pay for the case up-front. And they’ll warn you that you may win a judgement but you’ll almost certainly never collect a dime.

      Drugged up idiots who fight the police rarely have recoverable assets.

  33. From the onlooker’s video notice the perp’s length of stride. He was upright and covering a lot of ground with each step and closing in fast on the officer. The type of knife the perp had can do a lot of OJ damage fast. The correct decision, correct response and good shooting ended the terror. Drop-the-Weapon means Drop-the-Weapon.

  34. Dont stab people, dont try to stab someone with a gun or you will get shot. The cop’s proficiency with her weapon has nothing to do with that man’s choice to try to harm her. He is responsible for his own bad decision. Additionaly targets are not people. You can enjoy shooting targets and hope you never have to shoot a person.

    • “…dont try to stab someone with a gun”

      Why would you stab someone with your gun when you can shoot him?


      • Yeah i saw that after i posted it. I should’ve said, “someone who has a gun”. Good thing the officers marksmanship was more accurate than my english.

  35. Even in PC Canada and anti gun UK, policy is “shoot until the threat is prostrate on the ground”. Once shooting becomes justified, so long as the threat is not prone, he/she remains a threat. Justified action. Calm and restrained shooting on the part of the officer.

  36. What really impressed me about the body camera footage is how she remained courteous while dealing with the bystanders. As for the video of her completive shooting, three words come to mind.


  37. The perp got exactly what he asked for. The shooting was justified, the pos racist scumbag family is just trying to cash in on the country’s current turmoil. They should be ashamed of their gross incompetence and horrible parenting/family skills. You reap what you sow. Excellent job officer, you should be praised for taking another pos scumbag off the streets

    • “If this wasn’t a good shoot, then there has never been a good shoot.”

      Here are the rules:
      – if you have a really big gun, you are just looking for a reason to kill someone with it
      – if you use really big bullets, you are just looking for a reason to kill someone with them
      – if you use really small bullets, you are just looking for a reason to shoot someone with a lot of really small bullets so you can kill them more dead
      – if you train regularly with your gun, you are just looking for a reason to kill someone so you can show how trained you are
      – if you have a really fancy gun, all the above apply
      – if you have extra ammunition on you when you carry your gun, you are just looking for a reason to kill someone with them
      – if you hide your gun while you are out in public, you are just looking to blend in so that you can surprise a crowd and start shooting them without warning
      – the fact that you even want to own a gun indicates you definitely should not be allowed to have a gun
      – – and you are a really bad person to begin with

      And, like, uuuhhhmmm, you know, stuff like that.

  38. The people of California are a little bit safer now that Little Daniel Hernandez is off the streets permanently.. Have fun in hell Daniel.

  39. The new normal. Break the law. Get caught. Resist arrest. Start filming after you have threatened law enforcement. Get killed and get paid.

  40. This is why removing QI will be a disincentive to proactively police. You babble all you want about changing the tort system but it’s not going to happen. Faux Libertarians have the same goal as the left. Get rid of the police and let the gangs take over.

    • The immunity rules should apply to civilians, police, officials, etc. There should be no civil suits allowed without a criminal conviction in cases of self defense. McBride shouldn’t be bothered with the time and expense to respond to this BS lawsuit. Someone who shoots a home invader shouldn’t be bothered by lawsuits from the invader or his heirs. On the other hand, after Derek Chauvin is convicted, Floyd’s family should be able to sue him for every last penny.

      • That is a fantasy. The Tort system is not going to be reformed. It’s just a sop to neutralize the police.

        From a narrow perspective of the law Chauvin may be guilty of manslaughter but from a the perspective of higher justice Floyd got what deserved for living the thug life. When you are a thug you are going to spend a lot of time interacting with the police and eventually you are going to run into a bad cop, a good cop having a bad day or just have a situation spiral out of control.

        Is it too much to ask of people to obey the law and not invade someone’s home and shove a pistol into a pregnant woman’s belly?

        • I assume that you are aware that you are going to H*ck for saying that. The Truth no longer sets you free in today’s SJW world of BLM and other acronyms, it d*mns you forever.

          Apparently, you do not understand that no matter how awful a person might have been before (drug addiction, home invasion, guns shoved into pregnant women’s abdomens, eating of live babies, voting Republican, and so on), all of one’s sins are washed away when one becomes a BLM Martyr. Even if your past life was worthless in the extreme, and your family hadn’t received a dime from you in years, you instantly become a Paragon of Virtue with the future earning potential of Bill Gates if you get killed by a cop–even if your demise was completely justifiable.

          Of course, if you are a ‘teen’ or a ‘youth,’ you also promptly become an aspiring rapper turning your life around, much beloved as a community organizer that built Habitats For Humanity in your spare time away from serving at a soup kitchen, a dutiful son and beloved father.

          Clearly, you need sequestration, incarceration, and reeducation.

        • Very, very nice. I know that in particular is a TNG episode, but as a DS9 fan, I’ve been noticing a lot of parallels between the Cardassians and our own Maoists.

  41. What a load of crap! To find fault with the officer’s handling of the situation is the equivalent of the original publisher of GONE WITH THE WIND rejecting the original manuscript because the author’s penmanship was difficult to read, being written in longhand.

  42. The only “scrutiny” she should be under is normal investigation done on any officer who draws and fires their weapon in the course of their duties. She should get no additional attention for being particularly good at handling a firearm. I’d rather see more officers take their shooting skills that seriously than not. I want them to draw fire and hit their targets with the minimum risk to themselves and those they are sworn to protect. It’s called professionalism.

    • The people behind the target… :cringe: one over penetration skipping off the pavement, not fun for bystanders.

        • Well, yes, it is. Unlike the run-of-the-mill felon, who will spray bullets at his intended target with no concern for the backstop–whether it be children at a birthday party or innocents at a backyard BBQ–a police officer can’t just blaze away to save themselves without taking collateral damage into account. They have to wait, move, and change the trajectory as needed–or just keep moving back like a crab until the opportunity arises.

          And them’s the breaks.

        • Exactly John. The geometries of fire are pretty damn important and it should be something immediately on a persons mind when guns are involved. In training (grunts) I had one person decide that squatting directly across from my muzzle was the ideal position to detain someone, I took two steps to the side and the problem was solved.

          Not every situation will allow for it but it should flow with your situational awareness.

  43. What the loony left really wants is to disarm the police. If this gets any traction, sleazy lawyers, redundant I know, will use any type of firearms training to impugn police. They could argue that an officer who shoots Marksman or Expert are actually OVER trained in the use of firearms. Police firearms training officers will be accused of training other police personnel to purposefully commit anti-Constitutional crimes and human rights violations. These idiots will attempt to use the courts to achieve their goals. BTW, never put any shooting training, classes or competitions on the internet if you carry a badge.

    • Cops will just smudge their training records then, nothing new under the sun.

  44. If only all cops could shoot like that…..Excellent!
    Problem solved he won’t hurt another individual….Ever!
    Just love happy endings.

  45. The parents and kid’s lawyer say that now, but if the shoe was on the other foot, they would have messed their drawers and ran, leaving other to deal with a moron with a knife.

    I believe the officer did what she had to do. No doubt she will have to live with knowing she had no choice but ending a life. I’d like to buy her a drink, dinner and tell her she done good. Her actions could have easily saved the lives of others.

    Why six shots? Because six is what it took.

  46. The pedestrians and motorists in the background should be forever thankful that this officer cared enough to gain skill in the use of her firearm to deal with this situation properly. Whether that competency was gained through agency or personally obtained training or through familiarity gained by competitive shooting is irrelevant. She did an outstanding job.

  47. WTF was that Moron doing? Looks like he totaled out 3 cars how many people were injured or killed.. A person must be responsible for their actions. He must have been on Drugs ..
    The Police Officers Competent shooting saved the tax payers millions and and he will not be a danger to others..

  48. one of the best, most professional use of force shootings i’ve ever seen. Looks like all those shots connected. My hat’s off to the officer and the LAPD!

  49. She repeatedly asked for less lethal. He tried to get up while trying the keep hold of the knife. Frankly I’m more concerned about the officers not appearing to respond to the request for less lethal (which they may actually have and not been picked up by the camera) than I am about anything she did.

  50. It’s become a common attitude that, no matter how badly a relative behaves, they should not suffer any adverse consequences. Had Hernandez sliced and diced McBride or a bystander, because she held her fire, they would be complaining about his unfairly long prison sentence.

    Shots one and two were justified. Hernandez wasn’t going to stop voluntarily. So were shots three and four because he was in the process of regaining his feet. I might have waited slightly longer on five and six. He was rolling on his back and might or might not have gotten up again. Still, they were a judgement call. He had already demonstrated that he would continue as long as he was physically able. This wasn’t going to be a psychological stop.

    McBride did very well. No spray and pray; every shot was aimed. Although it didn’t say, I wouldn’t be surprised if every one was a center of mass hit that didn’t overpenetrate. The flesh and blood backstops should be grateful.

    By now, it’s been demonstrated that, with center of mass hits using modern ammunition, there is no significant difference between 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Greg Ellifritz’s survey hints that .357 Magnum, which probably includes .357 Sig, may slightly outperform them. .41 and .44 Magnum should do even better. Does anyone remember the movie, Alien Nation? After his department issue handgun fails to stop one of the giant aliens, James Caan’s character switches to a .454 Casull. The FBI tried 10 mm after the famous Miami gunfight but learned that many of its agents couldn’t handle the recoil.

  51. Fuck all that noise. I watched a video last night and he was asked if competitive shooter or some who had modified their gun would have a harder time in court.
    He said use as your defense that all those things make you a better shooter and less likely to hit bystanders. Now ain’t that the truth? Some cops and thugs who can’t hit shit.

  52. And that’s how this nonsense works. If the officer had NOT pursued all this (valuable) training, the argument would be that she wasn’t sufficiently trained. Since she DID get the extra training, NOW the argument is “she’s too good; our scumbag didn’t have a chance”. Yeah? Zat right?? Well, I guess he chose to f*** with the wrong cop, didn’t he?

    She did her job, well. She should get a commendation. The “family” of the scumbag can eat a bag of d***s. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Cry me a river.

    On another note, to all who mentioned it . . . yep, she’s hot. Hot, shoots well, apparently handles herself well under pressure, all of which implies smart. Hell, if I were younger, I’d marry her in a heartbeat.

    • “they” want training in how to not shoot, not training on how to shoot.

      Which is funny when you look at the rate of bystanders being hit by stray gunfire in officer involved shootings in NYC…

      • Gee, most of my shooting courses, and ALL of my ‘law of self-defense’ courses actually spent a lot of time analyzing when NOT to shoot, and I never had an instructor that didn’t emphasize “Don’t pull the trigger if you have another option”. Looking at the videos? She didn’t have another option. “She could have gotten behind a car” was the (scumbag) lawyers argument. OK, what about all the civilians around? Isn’t she supposed to “preserve and protect” them???

        The idiot charged her, with a deadly weapon, with obvious intent to injure/kill.

        Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.

        Thank God she made the taxpayer relief shot.

  53. “Israel Espinoza, 75, said he briefly talked to Hernandez just after his smashed car came to a stop. He saw the box cutter Hernandez was carrying and thought it was not dangerous…”

    Perhaps the 75 year old Espinoza should have tackled Hernandez and stopped this from happening, then. He can risk getting his throat slashed with a box cutter. Perhaps one of the other trailer dwellers should have done so. Isn’t that what we’re hearing? That people will take over the place of the police?

  54. This second-guessing and armchair critiquing is just going to get worse. Who, seriously, wants to be a cop? With the brass ordering you to suspend the constitutional liberties of law-abiding citizens on one end, to the crocodile-tearful relatives (looking for a big payday) of scumbags you just shot to stay alive and whole on the other, why would ANY sane citizen want to be a cop??

  55. What a way to ruin that pop-tart break.

    He was pretty far, still approached and his body language was basically saying “fuck you”. Only an idiot keeps approaching someone when they are staring down the barrel and told to drop the knife they brought to a gun fight. Sad to say, it’s LA, and she probably won’t have a job there anymore. Wanna bet he was a felon or had warrants? Drugs involved? But yea, the family will make him out to be a nice guy who never didnuffin.

  56. This is the same as the teen who kick the 2 years old in the head. “Not my baby, he was jumping over her” said mother.
    You know your family members are bad blood, but if you protest, you can get money from the city!

  57. The knife at a gunfight meme comes up often on forums like TTAG. We are all familiar with the proposition that if close enough, the knife wielder can still kill the defensive gun handler, even after the knife holder is shot. Below is a video that completely surprised me, and I truly had not thought to deal with a knife attack in the manner demonstrated on the video. Be honest, after watching the video, are you convinced that you would have done exactly the same thing in a real situation?

    • Have you seen the cop who takes care of a machete wielding perp…not sure what country…but just walks right up to him and flips him over by Hand and throws him on the ground. It’s on you tube…

      • “Have you seen the cop who takes care of a machete wielding perp…not sure what country…but just walks right up to him and flips him over by Hand and throws him on the ground. It’s on you tube…”

        Just the description makes me wonder which one of them attempted suicide by cop.

    • I remember seeing that a long time ago. The thing I took away from it, is do ANYTHING to create distance and do not grab or try to manipulate the persons arms. Too many ways to get stabbed or cut. We practiced this a lot in combatives with rubber knives and when I did riot training in the military. I wish I would have seen this while I was in, or had that kind of training.

      • “I wish I would have seen this while I was in, or had that kind of training.”

        I was amazed, when I saw the video, at my lack of imagination regarding what “get of the X” could mean. I was impressed with the knife expert admitting that someone falling to the ground presented an insurmountable response to a knife attack.

        But the timing must be precise.

    • The techniques shown could allow you to evade, maybe, and maybe get a couple shots into the attacker, but the problem remains: at a certain range a knife wielding aggressor can still be lethal before a person with a firearm can stop him.

      I’m sick of people claiming victim status for people who were obviously committing violent crimes. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t approach the police with a knife in your hand after causing a multiple car injury accident. Or assault an officer then charge him. Or various, other obviously unwise things.

  58. Once again all you people on here claim to be pro 2A! Bet your ass she would arrest anyone of you on here that didn’t have a carry permit or a registered full auto therefore she is not a friend of the 2A! So stop acting like these cops as good people they are our problem too they enforce these bullshit laws! With that said good on her for killing that d bag

    • Yea, we know. All laws are infringements. Not really the topic here. Can’t win em all.

    • You may be right about cops, maybe even this cop, being willing to enforce unconstitutional laws and grab our guns. But that has nothing to do with the case we are discussing here.

      We, unlike the Left, don’t stamp people as good and bad and then agree with everything “good person” did and say. We also don’t damn everything the “bad person” did and say.

  59. “Measure, cautious” shooting sounds like bullseye competition, which could be fatal to the officer.

  60. Instead of blaming Toni’s training, the people of L.A. should be thankful. She was able to stop a threat without harming any bystanders. The guy was obviously suicidal. The 911 caller said he was trying to cut himself. When she told him to drop the knife, he pulls his shoulders back and struts towards her. Even after he drops for the first time, he STILL tries to move towards her. His family just wants a payday. In this litigious society we have today, they probably filed the paperwork before his body was even cold.


  62. “She might, for example, have stepped behind a bystander’s car to buy time, they say”

    Oh, sure, just put citizen’s lives at stake to save a criminal. That makes sense…

  63. Anybody want to address the outstanding production quality of that video? There’s your tax dollars, California.

  64. I know one thing: You don’t second guess the man on the ground, doing a job that you lack the cojones to do yourself.

    That said, I kinda think she shot a bit early. Police have been trained on that silly dogma that 21 feet is some magical limit, and if the suspect gets inside of 21 feet, you die. Bullcrap.

    Also, I don’t think she had to shoot six times. Dumb bastid was on the ground, and not really going anywhere. He was definitely NOT going to run that remaining distance more quickly than she could get off another round. The first two shots put a real crimp in the suspect’s ability to do anything at all.

    So, I’m on her side – she did nothing “wrong”. But, I take issue with police training. There are a number of officers who have discredited that 21 foot rule about suspects with potential weapons.

    Good shoot, but it could have been better. The police academies need to clean their act up. When the perp is on the ground, and obviously injured, you don’t continue shooting just because there is a knife in reach. That’s wrong.

    • She shot just right. You don’t stop shooting until the threat is not a threat anymore. Knife still in hand when he fell. Milliseconds to act, and if it’s my life or some crazy knife wielder, I am going to act accordingly.

    • “There are a number of officers who have discredited that 21 foot rule about suspects with potential weapons….”

      Please elaborate. Are you saying that someone within the ‘guideline’ of 21′ (It’s not a rule) is not a danger?

    • Paul said, “There are a number of officers who have discredited that 21 foot rule about suspects with potential weapons”
      Is it possible that this “number of officers” simply got lucky, i.e., assuming they actually experienced facing a person yielding a weapon within the 21 ft.

  65. Any time a police officer kills someone, there should be a review. Hopefully, this one will be quick, and the officer will be found to have done the right thing. That guy was either crazy or on drugs – either way, he was a deadly threat to every single person in this world. Now, he’s dead. Good.

  66. Remember, Joe Biden recommends shooting the perp in the leg. Such laughable advice from some clueless, feeble candidate pandering for votes. Otherwise, that’s impressive shooting under stress. No mag dump. Second, why do 911 operators ask so many needless questions before getting critical info and dispatching units?

  67. If she is a gun person why is she working for these anti gun communists? Why is she helping them? She either agrees with them or is willing to take the 30 pieces of silver.

    • Why are you funding the evil gubmint with your income and sales taxes? Paying for license and registration?

  68. The actions of the Police Officer was typical of a good shot, who did not panic. I can see the front sight, and trigger control she exhibited. A 147g 9mm round is as good as it gets.
    After firing 6 rounds she had most likely ten rounds left if carrying a Glock 19.
    Even in CA, it would be hard to fault her actions.

    • According to the Blue Press article linked below her duty piece is a Gen 5 Glock 17.

      All I can tell from the video is it’s some sort of Glock though