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Chicago violence

Welcome to the Chicago, Murder City USA. Where the effects of decades of strict gun control are still being felt (endured?) today by the good citizens. So far this month, according to, the Windy City is averaging nearly 18 people shot and three homicides per day. Cops in Chicago solve fewer than one in five homicides, not because they are lazy or inept, but because they’re battling cultural attitudes towards police.  They struggle against the “no snitch” creed enforced by thugs upon the decent people. It’s a place that just isn’t safe.

Yes, Illinois gained limited pre-emption with passage of the Firearms Concealed Carry Act in 2012.  But generations of gun control and attitudes about gun ownership don’t change overnight. For far too long – at least fifty years – only criminals possessed handguns in Chicago. Long guns were heavily regulated there, too. Most law abiding residents decided that the local gun registration schemes were far more hassle than they were worth, so precious few good citizens had the means to meaningfully fight back against violent bad guys.

Attitudes are changing, but change is slow. Just yesterday, an 18-year-old aspiring bad guy nearly got himself killed. When it came to the victim selection process, he chose poorly. Tragic, I know.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the man attempted to rob a store in the Gresham neighborhood of Chicago just shy of 8pm Wednesday. The clerk produced his own pistola and rapidly and thoroughly perforated the perp. Modern medical technology managed to save the unsavory suspect and he’s currently in critical condition at Christ Medical Center.

The problem is that once he’s released from the hospital, should he make it that far, it’s entirely possible that he’ll be released with an ankle bracelet and placed on home confinement while he recovers. He wouldn’t be the first armed robbery suspect released on his own recognizance who promised to be a good boy.

And so the circle of violence shall continue until meaningful changes are made in Chicago’s criminal justice system. Bad guys need to be locked up for meaningful prison terms, and residents must stand up to bad guys and gals. Same as it ever was.

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    • I disagree. The 3 dead will continue to vote (D) in perpetuity with absolute certainty. If they remain alive them may see the light and change their ways.

  1. They are Making America Great Again, one dead gang banger at a time.

    I appreciate them being proactive for the last few years.

    • Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Every time one gang banger kills another, there has to be retribution by the surviving members of the dead guy’s gang, and there is an endless circle of violence and retribution, much like the Hatfields and the McCoys, which went on for decades. IN places like Chicago, it is generational. New kids are always being recruited, so there are always plenty of bodies to fill the thinned ranks.

      • The Hatfields and McCoys went on for decades, true. But the total number killed in that feud never reached the toll of one WEEK in Chicago currently.

  2. I’d be shocked if that store owner wasn’t being threatened by the badguys “boys”. I doubt his store will last a month.

  3. Permanently prone perforated predators provide public peace.

    Surviving sociopaths subsequently strain society.

  4. Gangsters killing other gangsters is a feature, not a bug.

    Defenders shooting thugs is yet another feature.

    Chicago will remain a pile of crap until the people there wake up and fight for good government. Since that has never happened, I’m not expecting it now.

      • While the street punks are stealing hundreds, the Democrat machine is stealing millions. I wonder how much of a cut goes to Tiny Dancer.

        For extra credit, who’s taller — Emanuel or Bloomberg? I’m talking without heels.

  5. “He wouldn’t be the first armed robbery suspect released on his own recognizance who promised to be a good boy.”

    And Progressives have the audacity to tell us that “lax firearm laws” are the problem? How about Chicago’s “lax criminal justice system”, er, I mean their catch-and-release criminal justice system … no, I mean their almost non-existent criminal justice system? Could that be a significant causal factor in Chicago’s out-of-control violent crime problem?

    And how about the near total disintegration of socially, mentally, and spiritually healthy families in the most crime-addled neighborhoods of Chicago? Could that be a causal factor in Chicago’s out-of-control violent crime problem?

  6. Attempting to give a damn about Chiraq… and, nope. Can’t give a damn about that place.

    Hey, maybe Obama can do something about his hometown, right?!?

    Eh? Eh?! Nudge nudge, wink wink?!


  7. Twenty years ago Wayne Lapierre said President Bill Clinton wanted a certain level of Violence in the United States. He said the president would use this fear of Violence to get rid of the second amendment.
    Tyrants have always used fear to control a population. Democrat party controlled cities have this down to a science.

  8. somebody really has to post signs or spread leaflets as to the address of o’bama and bill ayers there.

  9. An ingrained culture of violence, lawlessness and bastardy where life means nothing, combined with a police force which won’t lift a finger, or even patrol these neighborhoods, is the problem. Why should they when the natives hate them and they’re certain to be prosecuted if they have to defend themselves?

    Thank you Marilyn Mosby and others of her ilk! Thank you Great Society!

    I think gun control in Chicago is the least relevant factor here. They are a basket of irredeemables.

    The only real solution is to declare marshal law, strip them of all constitutional rights, and hold summary execution of any one who steps out of line. Dusk to dawn curfews, armed military patrol, and a gallows standing tall in every neighborhood will certainly get people’s attention. Three of four generations of this sort of regime will have a beneficial effect.

    It’s also high time we reinstated the Draft.

    That isn’t America you say? You are correct, Sir!

    • Ahhhh…just the opposite of what the election losers and other professional malcontents are doing in the streets right now…the flipside of the batshit crazy coin. While your proposal is a great movie plot, it has no place in the real world. This should not be about the immediate gratification of a few fed up individuals (left wing or right wing).

      • In other words, more of the same, while this social gangrene spreads throughout our society.

        Electing Trump only buys us time. It’s only a temporary victory even if he keeps all his promises.

        Don’t you understand what we’re facing? I know it’s horrible to think about it, but we must accept the truth. America has bought two hundred million guns for a reason, even if most people didn’t comprehend it on a full sociological level, but we decided en masse to arm ourselves over the last two decades because deep in our hearts we knew that we would have to fight in the streets to win back our nation from the forces of anarchy and barbarism.

        There isn’t much time left, and none at all for the modes of thought and policies that brought these conditions about.

        We’re this close to all-out civil war and we must all understand that and react accordingly. How much more plainly do people need to hear it?

        • Hell yes I’m pissed that we have a Chiraq in our country. I’m ashamed we have a city like that in our great land. But what you called for, suspension of rights, is NOT the solution. Sounds cool when we’re sitting around downing a few beers…a good laugh about a fantasyland scenario. But in no way is it a practical, functional, or legal solution. Your plan does not in any way further the cause of the 2nd Amendment and tramples on other rights. In other words a right is a right. Period. We support and defend ALL of them. We don’t get to pick and choose 2 or 3 that suits us at the moment. There is no easy path. Sometimes we have to be the adult in the room and just do the right thing.

  10. There won’t be any meaningful changes to Chicago’s criminal justice system until there is meaningful changes to Chicago’s massively corrupt political machine and it’s collusion with Chicago’s gangs. Alas, the brainwashed black population in urban centers around the country are determined to strive for the definition of insanity.

  11. Chicago is not broken, it is not a pile of crap, and Marilyn Mosby is the DA in baltimore not chicago. There is a thriving economy, beautiful city with walkable and safe neighborhoods, world class cultural institutions, and of course the World Series Champions.

    There are very serious problems on the south and west sides of the city and they are not easily solved. There is no single cause but rather pervasive, existential conditions that plague these neighborhoods and too often guns are cited as the sole reason for the violence. Economic desperation and poverty, gang and drug crimes, poor k-12 schools, horrendous political and cultural leadership, and possibly worst low expectations. Solving these sorts of problems does not happen by restricting grips on a rifle or the capacity of a magazine. Unfortunately neither does increasing prison sentences as these sorts of offenders do not fear prison. They actually expect to do some time and know that at least they will get 3 meals a day.

    I am a strong supporter of the second amendment. In making the political argument that gun control doesn’t work, citing chicago’s laws as evidence has some logic gaps. Firearms are easily purchased outside the county and then returned to the south and west sides and thus negating the local law. Stick with the obvious arguments of the fact that the police are impossibility outnumbered, do not have community support in these areas, and the law abiding people must be allowed to defend themselves.

    One final note. You would do well to show some respect for the chicago police. Personally i do not know why any of them tolerate the conditions in which they work but i thank them every chance i get. The stand between us and complete chaos. They put their lives on the line and see unspeakable atrocities for low pay and even less respect. They are not lazy and not in collusion with the gangs. They operate with the knowledge that politicians will serve them up for persecution at the drop of a hat. They just care. We should too.

      • and that is why we must take back the rainbow.

        if you curl 90lb dumbells you have little to worry about in the city of chicago. read a map, don’t get lost.
        now, if you can’t afford it, that’s different.

        guns in the home never went away. not even handguns. i disagree with boch on that.

  12. This is because the local pols and judges get funded by the gangs.

    Need to make gang bangin’ a federal crime, send in a company like Blackwater to secure the ‘hood, and ship all the gang banger trials out of Chicago.

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