Colion Noir Vs. Kim Kardashian

Viewing Colion Noir’s commentary on Kim Kardashian’s attempt to pull her sisters into the Everytown for Gun Safety cult, the expression “shooting fish in a barrel” comes to mind. Calling Kim Kardashian hopelessly vapid — which Colion Noir pretty much does — is like calling a Pagani Zonda mildly exotic. Still, Mr. Noir’s right to focus on KK’s anti-gun animus; she disseminates her agitprop to 86 million Instagram followers.

But I don’t think telling Ms. Kardashian to STFU on gun rights will do any good for gun rights on any level ever. Everytown’s got to her, but good — offering her a way to think about her on-camera pronouncements as something other than the puddle of consciousness rambling it is.

The better answer: let Kim Kardashian be Kim Kardashian (as defined by her script writers), find a pro-gun celebrity with tens of millions of followers and encourage them to promote the cause of firearm freedom with gun selfies, a liberal dissemination of Google’s true-to-life gun emoticon and lots ‘o range day fun. Now…whom should we call?


  1. avatar No one of consequence says:

    … Pagani Zonda …

    grumble mutter car mutter sounds like an Italian supermodel clickbait gumpf mutter…

    But to the point of the article, I’ve already had a couple of usually left-leaning friends ask me about firearms. Yes, we can go to the range. No, you can’t take it home afterwards. Yes, I know a good teacher. And so forth. I find it encouraging.

  2. avatar former water walker says:

    Ya’ know if some of thoseEIGHTYSIX MILLION(!) idiots had voted D instead of tweeting,snapchating and fakebooking the Hildebeast would have WON. So keep wasteing your life dumbazzes. “Do you fishsticks Kanye?!?”?

  3. As always Colion make great points.

  4. avatar Jp says:

    How are the Kardashians or jenners or west or whatever even still relevant? All of the are useless wastes of air.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      E! and tabloid rags.

  5. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    She doesn’t have 86 million histogram followers because people value her opinion. She has them because people like her fake tits.

  6. avatar MikeF says:

    Heck with KK. Where can I get one of those great CN logo hats?

  7. avatar VaqueroJustice says:

    I swear, Colion is the René Descartes of the progun set.

    Cuts right to the heart of the matter.

  8. avatar Hannibal says:

    Attacking Kardashian on issues is easier than attacking a strawman… but less effective. Nobody who follows her is going to be convinced by reason.

  9. avatar Henry says:

    She’s still using the term “gun control,” which I’m sure is like fingernails on the blackboard to the professional gun banners in Everytown.

  10. avatar strych9 says:

    On the plus side, out of 86 million followers only about a dozen take anything she says seriously.

    If you’re gonna follow someone on social media follow this guy:

    Warning, NSFW! Guns, hot chicks in thongs etc.

    And yes, apparently he does one hand an MG to slay pumpkins with a bunch of bikini clad girls watching him and then has them shoot as well.

  11. avatar Cliff H says:

    On a promising note, at least one of the sisters looked extremely dubious about the concept of going public against the 2A. “But, but, some people may not like me any more!”

  12. avatar gargoil says:

    we need to hit up Ben Stein. the man is inarguable extremely intelligent and very anti-gun control. how could he not be? he’s jewish. he knows FIRST HAND what gun control is meant for.

  13. avatar W says:

    Educated by Everytown.
    ‘Nuff said.

  14. avatar John Dennis says:

    You won’t find anyone. Only someone as dumb and shallow as kim kardashian can appeal to them.

  15. avatar D. in OR says:

    Call Mike Rowe.

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