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For decades now — but especially the last eight years — liberals, Democrats, and progressives have been telling us that anyone who even thinks about the possibility of government tyranny is a dangerous insurrectionist and a proto-terrorist. No one needs a so-called assault weapon (a.k.a., a “weapon of war on our streets”). No one needs an ammunition magazine that holds more than ten rounds. Everyone should register the firearms they own and clear all gun sales with the government. Ammo purchases, too!

It was all fun and games for the left, who worked tirelessly to disarm law-abiding Americans, dictating what firearms we “need” and don’t need. Fun and games, that is, until they saw the words “President-Elect Donald Trump” scroll across the bottom of their screens early Wednesday morning.


Suddenly Dems and other left-leaning Americans understand the concept of government tyranny. Suddenly, more than a few Democrats grok what the right to keep and bear arms is all about. This epiphany has them wanting honest-to-God protection from “the enemy inside the gates,” and they want it in ballistic form.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have it. Rather, I’m saying welcome to our world.

Those who see Donald Trump as a racist, misogynistic fascist now know what it’s like to feel their freedom threatened. They know how we felt every time President Obama took to the bully pulpit to promote gun control and rollbacks of the right to keep and bear arms. But it took the election of Donald Trump, possibly the most hated man to be CINC, for anti-gunners to cherish their gun rights.


Now will America’s left support firearms freedom? For you, no. For them, of course! If the [former] anti-gunners didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.

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    • It’s not exactly “winning” when people come to a conclusion and inhabit a position only when and for so long as it serves their sinister purpose.

      These people don’t suddenly believe that a well regulated militia means an effective fighting force comprised of all able bodied citizens. They aren’t struck with the epiphany that the freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right — subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility. They’re just mad that they lost the election.

      Now some of them are contemplating force, not to defend themselves from the lawless, but to defy the rule of constitutional law and to become the lawless. These are the people we’ve always needed protection from, whether they’re initiating violence themselves or corrupting our government into carrying out illegal hostilities on their behalf. Either way, they aren’t 2A converts. They’re just statist thugs.

      • If they really feel that way, let’s just split as peacefully as possible. Some in CA are talking succession. Go in peace, I say. [before anyone screams at me for being insensitive to those who would be stuck behind the iron curtain, I’m in that situation myself; to prevent civil war I’d happily suffer the hardships of relocation to the USA]

        • The problem is that CA without the rest of the country is a failed state overnight. They can’t even turn the lights on.

        • Of course. Think of satellite pictures of North Korea vs. South Korea. They’ll have the lights on in parts of silicon valley, parts of the bay area, parts of LA, and parts of San Diego. The rabble will be out of luck (and starving, before too long, even with all of the rich agricultural land in CA) while the elites drink fine wine and eat gourmet food prepared for them by starving proles. But if the poor idiots are bound and determined to have their collectivist authoritarian state, even at the cost of shedding innocent blood, let them. Just make sure the borders are closed (after an appropriately short grace period for US citizens who want to get out, and of course for Proggies who want to go help build their utopia).

        • Screw’em. Now they’re trying to “petition” Clinton in. It’s time to just round them all up and put up the wall and a blockade. Cut off California and New York City and drain the swamp in DC. They’ll starve to death and in a few years we’ll be able to take our land back. Also, we can just have the Marines and Navy move north and occupy Seattle.

        • Yeah, well, except that these secessionists want to take the North State (which starts just north of Sacramento and DOES NOT include the Bay Area) because up here we have all the water, but we do NOT want to go with them. Just as an example, California voters approved Prop 63 63% to 37%. But in my home county, the vote was 72% against. The democrats represent the coast, the rest of the state, not so much.

        • No secession. That land is America’s. If people in California don’t want to be part of the USA, they can leave that land and find a new home. That land belongs to us.

        • Respectfully…

          Nooooooo! Call me naive… but I am quite hopeful now. My entire (antigun) family lives in various parts of California, and I am so looking forward to the wonderful reality of National Reciprocity. As a motorcycle camper, I am also looking forward to enjoying so much of beautiful California that I have since been effectively dissuaded from traveling and visiting.

          For like many of you all, whereas I am a peaceful, freedom-loving law-abiding citizen in my home state, I instantly become an evil-childhating-unstable-violent-satanic felonious criminal the minute I ride over the border. And that ass-backwards insanity has a real chance to change now.

          Can you see it… With National Reciprocity, I could visit San Francisco and carry– whereas a resident Californian could not (re: the unobtainable permits for the average citizen). Surely this will lead to a SCOTUS challenge (…with the recent precedent of state-regulated gay marriage lending an ironic hand by forcing a baseline recognition of equality for all…). Coupled with the fact that a Californian can obtain an Arizona CCW, and then now effectively be permitted in his own state to carry (cue yet another, or the same, SCOTUS challenge)… and the whole sham just crumbles.

          And the best answer they’ll be able to muster in the meantime is to limit me to 10-round “clips,” or to save he children by not allowing me to carry within 500 feet of Toys R Us or an ice cream truck, or whatever somesuch pyrrhic “common sense safety” silliness nonsense….

          And when that happens… come forth the long guns, oh yeah. This is gonna happen. This “slippery slope” is like those plastic lawn waterslides we had as kids– so much fun!

          My point is: let’s don’t give up on California just yet! Because for too many years, the ridiculous California Feinsteinators have been confidentally knowing and declaring “what is best for us.” And those tables are about to be flipped over. We will get to explain to the 60+% who voted for the idiocy of Prop 63 “what is best for them” for a change. The hard way, their way. And man… they are gonna lovvvvve it.

          At least, how can we possibly want California to secede before seeing that? Maybe it will cause secession, or….

          When the sky doesn’t fall and the sun also rises, perhaps Californians will eventually see the wisdom of CCW and Constitutional carry, after all. (Okay, perhaps that is dreaming too far… but ya know, why not hope so? So much winning, believe me….)

          But, by god, there is a chance of things being *normal”* in California, for once in my lifetime.

          Say it, “YES WE CAN!”


        • “The problem is that CA without the rest of the country is a failed state overnight.”

          pwrserge, if it were an independent nation California would have the fifth largest economy in the world. They’d have to make adjustments, but they definitely have the wealth to go it alone.

          The real problem is that geographically, most of California wouldn’t want to go along — and that’s why secession wouldn’t work. For starters, early all the water for the coastal “blue” cities comes from “red” counties, so just how long would the cities survive with angry “red” counties opposing secession? Then there are the military bases….

          Let San Francisco and Los Angeles secede, and the rest of the state stay as — preferably — three new “red” states: Diego, Sierra, and Jefferson.

        • Huge problem with that. Millions of CA residents have sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Any attempt to succeed, as a blatantly unconstitutional act, should be met by those people. Yes, I know you’ll point out the absurd gun control laws and propositions that have recently passed. That doesn’t negate my point, as 39% of CA is more than the population of most states. We’re outnumbered here, but there’s still a shit ton of us.

    • California is completely bankrupt from all the aberrant welfare and democrat hand outs to all the free loaders that live and bred there thru the decades. What did the people in California think was going to happen? Idiots!!!!! all of them!

  1. yeah, it’s kind of funny that so many constitutionalists got guns because of o’bama and the commies decried them. So, what do the commies plan to use in their battle?

  2. I’m happy if they support 2A.

    Not so cool with their dive into assassination pr0n. I think I’m having an 8 year flashback.

    • But as Mrs. Tipton wrote, they don’t support the 2A for us, just for them. Just like they believe in free speech, but just for them.

      • Ms. Tipton also wrote that she wasn’t voting for a president. I think very little of what she has to say, but even a blind dog finds a bone every once in a while.

  3. F the me too crowd.

    If the (R) can’t do it without them, the swamp can be further drained.

    Either way, they’ve let too much go on for too long.

  4. More cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy.

    Once they get back in power they will continue their tirade against guns and the 2nd Amendment.

    They will never learn.

  5. @DeniseCrawford should take her happy ass on a stroll [armed or not] through one of her sh_t-ass fellow constituents’ districts some night this week and get Soros-paid gang-rapers to show her how the other side lives.

  6. Yes this election has been great, if nothing else to see the Left’s hypocrisy on full parade. How quickly they abandon their principles and their country. What? Now they don’t think writing a song or doing some limp d!ck art project will make a difference, like they always have?

    Who knows, maybe with Republican control for possibly the next 8 years, the fear of God will be put in them and they’ll come to appreciate an armed citizenry and not be so gung-ho for civilian disarmament next time they’re in control. But I dream…

  7. “Now will America’s left support firearms freedom? For you, no. For them, of course! If the [former] anti-gunners didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.”

    Agree 100%. They have specific outcome preferences. Don’t look for consistent principles or rules. Example: dissent is patriotic, when Bush is in office. It’s treason when Obama is in office.

  8. Some stereotypes would be fun to live up to, and they would garner serious STFU peace and quiet.

    Viva PAX ROMANA.

  9. The problem with them owning guns is they let emotion rule there life and would be a ticking time bomb waiting for something to set them off shooting innocent people because there safe space has been violated or the feel threatened by a trump shirt or something else stupid

  10. Trump Derangement Syndrome is contagious. Who knew.

    In any case, the best part of the Trump victory is watching the left go totally insane. Hollywood in shock. Special snowflakes on suicide watch. #BLM rioting in the streets. I’m loving it.

    And Cher, the poster girl for mental illness, says she’s going to Jupiter to get away from Trump. Hey, why not? She’s been buying her clothes there for years.

    Now, if we can get rid of that fatass Lena Dumbham, the world would be almost perfect, and there would be a food surplus.

    • NHL great and Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry tweeted out for American celebrities to stay home because Canada has enough home grown left wing crazies

    • Off Topic, but — my favorite Cher outfit was the outrageous huge black feathered thang that made her look like a chicken attending Colonel Sanders funeral.

    • So long as you have the good sense to understand that defending your ideology and/or feelings is NOT considered grounds to draw your weapon on someone, I don’t see the problem with this.

      • Opportunity, jeopardy, ability all need to be fulfilled when there’s a threat to life and limb. Violence is not the answer to hurt feelings or disagreement with someone politically (regardless of political affiliation).

    • The Hughes amendment should be lifted with a caveat of current machine gun legislation at the very least. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to go through the ridiculous process and not have something that wasn’t made in 1965.

      It amazes me the cost difference for a stripped lower receiver. That extra pin hole is a $10k difference. Damn, machining is expensive.

  11. Aw, that’s so great, guys! I’m so glad to see you extreme left-wing, tautological psychos could take a break from protesting democracy and the rule of law (when they don’t get you exactly what you want) long enough to come around to the many utilities of firearm ownership, and I’m hoping you’ll learn to put them to the best possible use right away!

    Just remember: The shoulder thing that goes up is called a “stock,” and the part you place inside your mouth is called the “muzzle.”

  12. The thin line between civilization and rebellion can be crossed fast. To think things that have happened over the course of human kind won’t happen again is delusional. Humans haven’t changed over the last 600 years only technology and government. Looking around the world and even our streets we can see how fast a government can start to unwind. No one should ever be complacent.

  13. They are not supporting the Second Amendment or liberty; they are proto-terrorists who didn’t get their way. We have already seen terrorist attacks on police officers by Black Lives Matters. We may soon see a revival of the Weather Underground.

    • A long as they’re suitably p’d off at any government attempting to restrict their access to arms, their particular motivation is pretty far down the latter of things to be concerned about.

    • Don’t confuse what are two different groups. There are a large number of people with serious concerns about how many minorities will be treated with Trump in the White House — not so much because of Trump but because of a lot of bigots who think his election is a license to act on their bigotry — and they are not terrorists, proto- or otherwise, they are concerned patriotic Americans who are waking up to a fact recognized here every day, namely that being armed for self-protection is a good idea.

      I’ve been telling liberals for years that gays and those who stand with/by them ought to form “Rainbow Rifle” militias, since they are concerned about the country becoming a theocracy or other sort of fascist state. If Trump’s election wakes them up to the real reason for the Second Amendment, it doesn’t matter whether their fears are real or fantasies, it only matters that they finally get it.

  14. Does somebody think that liberal douches getting their guns on is going to upset us? I think the US would be a better place, by far, if literally *every* adult were armed, all the time. Yes, there would be some problems, at first, caused by people without the correct temperament or self-control, but after those few people were buried, everything would smooth out nicely. And the world would *still* be overpopulated.

  15. There needs to be a “progtard/libtard” gun purchasing background check, a-la no-fly-no-buy list the left was applauding.
    Basically if you voted for “her,” no guns for you since it would be a trigger and a safe space violation. Wouldn’t want those lil’ precious snowflakes to go into pearl-clutching mode. ;-D

    Hey, what’s good for the goose…

  16. Except they want weapons I’m order to suppress the Democratic process.

    Even when they’re right they’re wrong.

  17. On the one hand I totally support their exercise of 2A rights.

    On the other hand I don’t. I’ve met A LOT of these people in Boulder and Santa Fe. They are, without sugar coating it, violent whack jobs disguised as peaceniks. These are the kind of people who preach peace and love right up until you don’t agree with them and then they turn into animals and physically assault you. They are not stable. These folks, if you get them in private and they think you’re one of them, talk about mass murder of their political opposition. They will freely talk about “purging” the US Mao or Stalin style if they’re comfortable with you. They will dehumanize their opposition by rationalizing that they’re racists, sexists, xenophobes, child killers or whatever and that gives the Left license to abuse those they don’t like.

    They have the right to own firearms under the 2A but I’m telling you flat out, a lot of these people are the LAST folks you want owning guns. They’ll either use it in blind anger when someone simply says something they don’t like or they’ll have an ND and kill some poor bystander. They’re not cool, calm and collected POTG. They’re irrational and driven by emotion. They have an air of superiority that strongly suggests that they will not seek any sort of training for their new gun because they believe themselves to be so intellectually superior that they don’t need it.

    Mark my words: these people tooling up is a complete fucking disaster waiting to happen.

    • Couldn’t have said it better.

      “Those who see Donald Trump as a racist, misogynistic fascist now know what it’s like to feel their freedom threatened. They know how we felt every time President Obama took to the bully pulpit to promote gun control and rollbacks of the right to keep and bear arms.”

      See the main difference here is that their freedom isn’t actually being threatened whatsoever. All the sound reverberations from their echo chambers and safe spaces have seriously damaged their brains, and they think that a guy saying “No, 600,000 people should not be allowed to casually stroll across our border” is the biggest threat to western democracy.

    • We’re better shots than pretty much any of them. Better survivalists, too.

      Everyone above 12, at least every male, should have a nice cache of guns. Or at least not have their natural born right to obtain them restricted in any way. Manson not excepted.

      Armed (as in properly, symmetrically, all men created equal…) societies are polite societies, because polite guys vastly outnumber impolite ones. And outperform them too, as the cooperation that spawns out performance, presupposes trust not bestowed upon strangers without prior vetting for reasonable politeness.

      So impolite guys get excluded. Discriminated against, to put it un-PC in celebration of Trump. As a result, they get desperate, and act out their impoliteness in ever more antisocial ways. Which then leads to them being culled. As is proper.

      • “We’re better shots”?

        Don’t count on it. Some of the best shots I know are Pink Pistols who follow liberal thinking right down the line except for the Second Amendment.

    • When they go off the rails, we shoot them! Problem over in a couple weeks. OTOH, if such crazy behavior turns out to not happen, everything is good, and a great part of what we want is an end to irrational assumptions and prohibitions based on *nothing*. As above.

  18. Umm, Sarah? Since you refused to vote for Trump and then felt your decision important enough to share with us here on TTAG, you now want to do a re-tread and present your current opinions on the 2nd amendment and gun ownership as worth our consideration? Sorry, darlin’, but your petulant foot-stomping refusal to vote for Donald Trump revealed a rather pathetic ignorance of 2016 realpolitik. This was not a routine election, by any means. By not voting for Trump, warts and all, you tacitly supported Hillary Clinton, a politician who’s utter opposition to the 2nd amendment and individual gun-rights was so obvious that even someone like you couldn’t have failed to notice.

    So, you decided that not voting for someone you didn’t like but who supported gun-rights was secondary to withholding your vote in an ego-snit and thereby supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidency? It’s one thing to do this privately, as many did, and not tell many people about it. It’s quite another thing to write an article for TTAG with the intent—I strongly suspect—of encouraging other People Of The Gun to follow your example and withhold their votes in a critical election as important to the 2nd amendment and to individual gun rights as anything in recent history.

    I thought then and think now that what you were doing was agitprop for Hillary Clinton. If you couldn’t see the importance of that vote, how can you now think that your subsequent commentary on gun-rights will have any relevance at all? I’m sorry to tell you this but as far as I’m concerned, once having rung that bell you can’t un-ring it. Please go away.

    • TTAG writers are really getting pathetic. This crap from Sarah, anti-gun crap from Nick Leghorn any time he writes about guns on airplanes, Dean Weingarten’s lack of basic knowledge of economics, “predicting” ammo price crash that never happened, Jon Wayne Taylor’s reviews that, for some strange reason, include a scantily clad female model who looks 15 years old… And yet they all get a pass, there are always some white knights coming to their defense. Either that or the editors quickly delete any and all critical comments.

    • Was thinking the same thing.

      Come the 2018 mid-terms I don’t want to see any articles from here written by Sarah (or anyone else for that matter) belly-aching about how awful it’ll be if a certain anti-2A politico is elected, but they’re not going to vote for the pro-2A incumbent or challenger because of some petty bullshit.

      Don’t try to fucking tell us how awful it is and “woe are we POTG” when you have the chance to change it.

      • Sara, stick to your tactical yoga pants reviews. Or post more photos of your children (Good Lord, I would never put pictures of my kids on the Internet). You have more than proven you are in way over your head on issues of substance. Hashtag Mommyfeelingsmatter.

    • I second this. I’m not normally that judgemental a person, but this was a referendum of how important the second amendment is.

      Trump is the ONLY presidential candidate, much less president-ELECT, who actually talked about ADVANCING the second amendment.

      And what do you know? Three days after he’s won the election, he’s already talking about reciprocity and striking down assault weapon bans.

      I’m actually half-convinced by liberal propaganda and virtually everyone I know that he’s going to tank the economy and destroy vast parts of this nation.

      I still voted for him.

  19. Uh yeah-don’t care if the losers get gats. I’m in the Joe R. camp. Especially coming from someone who didn’t vote Donnie…

  20. Let them buy all the guns they want. They’ll end up realizing all of the bullshit lies from the left on everything from UBC’s to assault weapon bans and we’ll end up stronger in the long run.

  21. Now these assholes know how we felt under Odumbo. Watching them come completely unhinged has been so much fun.

  22. I’m afraid “going pro-gun for one day” isn’t going to cut it, bub. Your allies just spent the last 3 days weeping and whining about how they were rendered unable to function by the psychological trauma of not getting their way. It’s a long road from that to a viable fighting force, I’m afraid.

  23. The ship is leaving the drowning rats. All kinds of shuffle-cut going on in governmental offices with upper-office people trying to position themselves to keep themselves in governmental jobs and on the kushwagon.

    Just one example:

    Here’s people questioning the State Dept. why Trump hasn’t already had someone sit in on the daily briefings [where the F was Ohole for 8 years????]

    Here’s a jump-the-gun globalist whoops from Treasury:

    Sudden Jerkoff toughness from DHS Secretary, that also offers the full range of programs offered by the U.S. to assimilate any MF trying to get in:
    Here’s how DHS planned to GLOBAL-F America if Hillary won:
    Guy to Watch at DHS:

    Yadda, yadda, yadda. . .

  24. I’ve been saying the same thing, tell em if they feel like they are going to be oppressed to buy an AR or an AK. Welcome to the gateway drug of conservatism.

  25. Ok I’m actually going to defend some snowflakes. They have been getting forced fed the line that Trump is an anti gay anti minority Hitler who is going to violate people’s real rights. He’s probably not, but all of us know any leader COULD be.

    They expect him to start rounding people up and marching them off to death camps or forced labor. However unlikely this is with any elected president , it is a big part of the reason for 2A. What we need to do is reach out to people who are on the verge of realizing we have been right all along. We also need to explain to this group of largely passive people that WE are the ones who would rise up to fight a tyrant ( trump or otherwise ) with those AR15 s they wanted to ban. We need to make them understand that yes we would fight a president sending people to concentration camps EVEN if those people where a different race, political party or sexual orientation than us. They NEED To understand that the “knuckle dragging angry white CIS gendered male gun nuts” they have made fun of are the guys who wouldn’t let a tyrant cart a bunch of SJW pussies to death camps ( even though we might look the other way for the occasional wedgie ). They need to understand that if Trunp is Hitler 2, they are Poland and we are their only real hope.

    I think Trump will be better for the country than HRC. I think he’s not a bad guy. I think this will be a good thing for our country and the world. Of course so did the people who voted in Hitler. So did the people who helped Mao into power. The left needs to understand they are always one Election away from the wrong guy. The solution is to KEEP the power to the people.

  26. They don’t seem to get the contradiction in their thinking. If Trump is going to be Hitler why would he come out for an armed citizenry? Would he support something like Australia’s compensated confiscation?

    • If you limit yourself to reason alone you will never reach the left. They simply don’t think that way.

  27. Despite who would “normally” vote for different proposals on either side. The second amendment, like freedom of religion or any other civil right isn’t conservative or liberal, republican or democrat. It is a universal right.

    just a thought.

  28. Leftist for gun rights before Trump. We’re not all your enemy on the 2A, but by all means disparage away, Sara.

  29. Not exactly. They still don’t understand. They see it as a popular fad, like faded jeans that has sudden come into style because the majority of Americans are already there. The Left are most shallow people on the planet that can’t see past selfies and surface crap that amounts to nothing. They are the ones trying to fight evil with feelings and hashtags. It’s utter drivel. They are the most useless people that can’t think for themselves unless they heard it first on twitter.

    If they DID understand, they would’ve been pro-gun a long time ago. This is monkey-see-monkey-do.

  30. The goofballs said the same exact thing after Bush defeated Kerry in 2004. Everything old is new again.

  31. Leftists and their useful idiots consciously oppose individual gun rights for the same reason their ideological forbears did – unchallenged state control. They oppose private gun-ownership because they harbor grave doubts about their personal ability to exercise the right responsibly, which they subconsciously project onto others. Some romantics among them might wish to emulate Che or the jihadists, but the rank-and-file are decided followers who wouldn’t touch an icky gun with a ten-foot pole.

    • True. Remember Squeaky Fromme’s assassination attempt on Gerald Ford? The 1911 wif de empty chamber?

      For the rest of you liberal “operators”, bringeth it on.

  32. These liberal democrats are not going to be able to purchase a gun legally. Most of them are proud to be a convicted felon, since they “fight the power”, my apologies to Public Enemy.
    They are not supporters of the second amendment. They are immoral opportunists.

    No FFL will sell to them. All gun dealers should be on alert. If you see a bad attitude in a customer don’t do business with them. That is your right as a gun dealer.

    • Wow — what a great example of exactly why liberals SHOULD be arming themselves: that attitude labeling all liberals with a total caricature is just a step away from tyranny. You actually want to put barriers to people exercising their constitutional rights just because you don’t approve of them?!

  33. I posted this on my FB page today:
    To all of my friends who are suddenly worried about having their civil rights taken away by our president-elect, I have a condolence and an offer.

    First, I’m sorry that you’re so shaken by the election results. Having been in your shoes until about 10:30 on Tuesday, I can relate to the thought of having to deal with an administration who seems diametrically opposed to your beliefs and core principles. Until Tuesday, I assumed that our next president would, among other things, curtail the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth amendments, while nominating supreme court justices who would affirm those assaults. I assumed that they would further erode the rule of law in America, until the elites were truly unaccountable for anything they wished to do. I assumed that our national security would be degraded and our world standing would be lowered by a chief executive whose unlikeability, history of corruption, and track record of abusing subordinates would make them a punchline in the community of nations. Ironically, after Tuesday’s upset, you are all now assuming the same, and so I really do understand your pain and worry; not for the exact same reasons, perhaps, but in a general sense.

    For those of you who are worried that as a minority, or a member of the LGBT community, or as an immigrant, you’re going to be oppressed under a Trump presidency, I really believe your worries will be proved unfounded. You know me; most of you personally and professionally, and mostly for quite some time. If that’s the case, you know that if I really believed that my friends and family would be harmed by the election of a certain candidate, I couldn’t in good conscience vote for that person. Trump is a loudmouth and a boor and a vulgarian. He’s said things that sound horrible when repeated by newscasters and put into FB memes. He’s not presidential, although he’s beginning to try to become so. But what I don’t believe is that he’s a racist, or a bigot, or a xenophobe, or any of the horrible things he (as well as every republican candidate for high office) has been accused of. If he’d run against Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) or Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR) I’d have probably voted for them. But they weren’t the nominee, and in my view, he was the less terrible choice.

    But while I am passionate, I am sure I do not persuade. Thus, my offer. To any of my friends who, though we are on separate sides of this issue, remain my friends as I remain yours, I offer to help to arm yourselves against the governmental tyranny that you see coming. Specifically, I will help you to get one of the pictured items; a NYS S.A.F.E. act legal featureless AR-15. (If you’re out of NYS, of course, we’ll get you the full-on version!) I will give you all the assistance and instruction needed to purchase the 80% lower receiver, (which is the serialized, legal “firearm” as defined by the ATF; purchasing an incomplete lower and finishing it yourself keeps it off the registry) lower parts kit, upper receiver, and NYS legal stock. I cannot assemble if for you, but I will assist you and you can even borrow the necessary tools. If you’ve never held a firearm, I will give you lessons in safe gun handling, storage, marksmanship, and the manual of arms for the rifle. I’ll give you advice on where to find inexpensive but reliable magazines, optics, and ammunition. You will be the owner of a modern musket, and will have the power to defend yourself if necessary.

    Some of you may be horrified right now, or think this is a joke. It’s not. Some of you firmly believe that under a Trump administration you’re going to be vulnerable to loss of civil rights, imprisonment, deportation, roving gangs of alt-right thugs, etc. I think you’re wrong. But if I’m wrong and it should it come to pass, you will have taken steps to defend yourself against the reach of a tyrannical government and its minions. And you can tell me that I’m wrong, because I’ll be right there with you.

    As I said, right now we’re on opposing sides of a wide political chasm, but you all remain my colleagues, my fellow citizens, and my friends.

    • Just curious, but what makes you think those two Democrats you mentioned wouldn’t also be a threat to the First, Second, etc..amendments and appoint SCOTUS justices the same as Hillary?

      • Those two democrats are probably anti freedom more than Trump. Gov. Brown(shirt) is no friend of liberty as her railing against assault weapons shows. I would still prefer Trump over her as we already know where she will go with her ideas.

  34. Hey, the ACLU said in response to Trump’s election that it is “ready to fight against any encroachment on our cherished freedoms and rights,” so presumably they are already committed to protecting the second amendment!
    Now we have common ground!

  35. It’s really hilarious:

    Under George W. Bush:

    “Bush is a racist fascist, Hitler-esque person!”

    then under Obama…

    “Tyranny can’t happen in the U.S. and you gun owners are paranoid for thinking so.”


    “OMFG Trump won! We are turning into Nazi Germany! BUY GUNS!!!”

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