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If you don’t know Blaser guns, you should. The German maker of precision rifles and shotguns turns out some beautifully constructed guns (see our review of their impressive LRS 2 precision rifle here). The latest additions to their line are the F16 Intuition over/under shotgun and R8 Intuition rifle, both directed at women shooters. Here’s their email blast:

Crafted for Women: F16 Intuition and R8 Intuition

A perfect design ensures the perfect shot. When it comes to intuitive shooting, a proper fitting stock is everything. Blaser’s R8 Intuition rifle and F16 shotgun, now offer a purpose-built stock which takes into account a woman’s proportions. The Monte Carlo shortened butt stock and pistol grip is designed for perfect mounting and minimized recoil, keeping you on target.

The Blaser Bolt Action Rifle for Women

The R8 rifle has revolutionized the way the world views the bolt action rifle. Never before has there been such a flexible platform that incorporates all the characteristics of form and function for a guaranteed result. The optimally designed Monte Carlo stock maximizes comfort and provides ample surface area for a proper cheek weld to the stock allowing the huntress to fully unlock the potential of the R8. The R8 Intuition is available in all models featuring a wooden stock.

The Blaser Shotgun for Women

With the lowest profile receiver in its class, the F16 forms the ideal basis for a shotgun that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the sportswoman – both for hunting and clay shooting.

The 12 gauge Sporting Intuition comes with a stock balancer system and optional barrel balancer that allows the adjustment of weight distribution to suit your personal needs.

Thanks to reduced pitch angle and slender pistol grip the optimized Monte Carlo stock rests naturally in the shoulder and ensures positive trigger control. Shooting becomes comfortable. Shooter and shotgun become one.

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  1. I’ve wanted a Blaser ever since I first laid eyes on one, especially on e of those that has the highest grade wood and retails north of $20,000. Ain’t gonna happen though.

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  3. Blaser is beautiful, so is Caesar Guerini, but….. I just saw a beautiful Browning Citori Micro Midas Hunter at MegaSports in Plainfield (Illinois) for $1400. Someday I will get a CG. For now Citori is perfect for this beginner. (and it doesn’t have that shiny bowling alley wood finish)

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