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There’s room for everyone . . . With John Brown Gun Club, is there a growing community of left wing gun right advocates?

Yes… Sort of. I don’t like the labels, because they mean different things to different people, so we’re often not understanding what each other is actually saying or meaning. Yes, there is a growing community of “lefty gunnies,” but it’s actually just regrowing after a bit of dormancy, and it’s not growing all that much. When you’re dealing with very small numbers to start with, a little growth can seem like a lot. A group might double in size, but if it only had 5 people to begin with, double is not that impressive.

There have always been “liberal” gun owners. JFK was a Life Member of NRA. The divide had become so dramatic though, that gay gun owners reported that it was much easier for them to tell their shooting friends that they were gay, than to tell their gay friends that they were shooters, and “liberal” shooters tended to avoid letting the members of their gun club know they were Democrats. All of that ebbs and flows though. At the moment, more “liberals” are becoming more vocal about gun ownership. We saw a little of that during W’s term, but it’s much more pronounced now.

This is what doesn’t happen with a disarmed populace . . . Marysville police applaud homeowner’s handling of confrontation with wanted man

Marysville (WA) police said a homeowner did everything right when he came face-to-face with a criminal on the lam Monday morning, putting his conceal-and-carry permit to the test.

The homeowner, Joe Hemrich, said it took the decade of training with his pistol to teach him not to pull the trigger on the man.

“I swing the door open and say, hey! He turned and that’s when I said, put your hands in the air,” Hemrich said.

How will you celebrate? . . . Trijicon Holds One Millionth ACOG Celebration in October

To celebrate this exciting milestone with customers and dealers, Trijicon is hosting a 24 Days of ACOG Sweepstakes at Here’s how it will work:

– For 24 straight days (starting October 1), visitors to can enter once each day for a chance to win a prize package.
– On the last day (October 24 – 25), 24 Days of ACOG turns to 24 Hours of ACOG, when visitors get a chance to win the grand prize by entering every hour for 24 hours.
– All daily winners will be announced during 24 Hours of ACOG, with the grand prize winner announced on October 26.

Trijicon is proud to count among its ACOG users the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Special Operations Forces, United States Government, state and local Law Enforcement and many of America’s allies. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of civilian enthusiasts who trust the ACOG for their dedicated riflescope.

More blood running ankle-deep in the streets…all evidence to the contrary . . . Dana Milbank: NRA dead wrong on recreation

I take personal comfort in Title XI of the sportsmen’s bill, which says that if you can legally own a gun in states with anything-goes gun laws (such as Texas), you can transport that gun through places with restrictive laws (such as Washington, D.C.).

People could be free to take their AR-15s, their AK-47s or perhaps even their M134 machine guns to the capital. They wouldn’t be allowed to leave them here, but it’s likely some would do so anyway — a welcome development, because I have discovered a population of moles burrowing in my lawn. A weapon that fires 100 rounds a minute would make quick work of them.

Just like the scorpion, it’s in his nature . . . Bloomberg Spending Millions To Elect Anti-Gun Virginia Governor

Billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg is at it again, pledging to spend $1 million through his gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety in an attempt to impact Virginia’s upcoming elections for governor and attorney general.

The $1 million consisted of $750,000 for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and $250,000 for incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring, both of whom support more restrictive gun control laws for law-abiding Virginians.

Moreover, Everytown has made clear that the $1 million is only the first of an undisclosed number of investments that will be made in the Virginia races.

It’s almost that time of year . . . Things To-Do Before You Hunt

The best place to learn safety before heading out in the field is first at a hunter’s safety course, then out on the shooting range.

If you’re looking for a hunter education class in your area, go online to Hunter-Ed for a start. The site allows you to inquire about classes in your state. Most states offer several courses with a higher number occurring just before spring and fall hunting seasons.

After you’ve completed your hunting course, you should have an awareness of firearms. To be most successful, and of course safe, in the field you now need to get to know your hunting gun.

Irresponsible gunship pilot of the day . . . Russian Helicopter Fires Missile by Accident

At least one bystander narrowly escaped death when a Russian military helicopter accidentally fired a missile into a parking lot during a training exercise, a video released on Tuesday shows.

The video, from the online news portal, shows two helicopters swooping over a field at treetop level before one suddenly fires off rockets that seem to hit a truck just a few yards from the bystander, who was standing on the parking lot, which is next to a firing range near St. Petersburg.

Supporting a good cause . . . Benelli USA Invitational Raises $55,000 for Freedom Hunters

The third annual Benelli USA Invitational Shoot drew 152 shooters from within the outdoor industry and across the region to raise more than $55,000 for Freedom Hunters to support outdoor opportunities for active duty and combat veterans.

The Benelli USA Invitational Shoot took place on Friday, September 15 at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Attendees included active duty military personnel, veterans; Freedom Hunters participants from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and other shotgunners from the region who competed in a sporting clays shoot. Following the shoot competitors enjoyed lunch and participated in a silent auction and raffle, whose proceeds also went to Freedom Hunters.

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  1. ‘A weapon that fires 100 roun ds a minute would make quick work of them.’

    That’s kind of like speeding down the freeway at 55mph!

  2. And here’s a bit of good news for non-American gun owners, as well as US gun makers:

    “The Trump administration is preparing to make it easier for American gun makers to sell small arms, including assault rifles and ammunition, to foreign buyers, according to senior U.S. officials.”

    Finally, it’ll be easier to get things like spare parts for warranty repairs, along with optics and other stuff.

    • man there are so many outright lies in that story it boggles the mind!!!

      “”They point out, for instance, that AR-15 rifles are already readily available worldwide since the technology is decades old, the weapons are sold in U.S. sporting goods stores and parts can be reproduced using a 3D printer. “”

      A few parts that might last a few hundred shots at best????

      • The receiver you make directly with 3D printing may not last long, but any competent machine shop with electricity should be able to take a 3D printed receiver and use it to make a mold for aluminum ones (I’ve even seen guides for producing 100% polymers lowers on your own using an existing one as a mold). Indeed as I understand it mold negatives actually one of the big things 3D printers are currently used for in a professional capacity.

        • Yeah that’s what I’m all about myself. You can’t regulate something you don’t know exists.

          You know there’s all kinds of DIY CNC technology floating around to do receivers. Now if we can get a way to make easier but still good quality gun barrels it would be all over but the crying for gun control. Hell I’m half way attempted to create videos just showing how to set up the tools to make AKs or some other simple(ish) weapons.

      • Many parts, while critical (handguards, anyone?), not all need be of metal. The handguards, stock, pistol grip are all necessary (well, mostly – California doesn’t like the grips), but can be made on a 3D printer, along with other parts.

  3. I hope that guy who almost ate a rocket wore his brown pants, be cause that’s what color they are now anyways.

    I would to tho….

  4. Damn that missle strike was close. Definition of code brown right there.

    On the plus side, I just discovered my home insurance actually covers accidental missile strikes, so there’s that.

  5. have always been “liberal” gun owners. JFK was a Life Member.

    the “problem” is that in the demtard party is 25% liberal and 75% progtard

  6. JFK wouldn’t even BE a democrat nowadaze…lowered taxes,a hawk,war hero,sorta religious,NRA member,etc. The last “good” dumbocrat. If these so-called liberal gun owners can change the D-mons for the better it’s all good…

    • A shame he picked a nutcase that would (with the NRA’s endorsement!) deprive over a quarter of the US population their human rights (not to mention how he handled Nam and created the black welfare plantation) as VP.

    • That’s a disingenuous argument that both sides use constantly to try to make a point that doesn’t really work. “Reagan wouldn’t be a Republican today! JFK wouldn’t be a Democrat today!”

      The fact of the matter is that JFK pushed for the expansion and centralization of government, and he’d be pushing for the same thing today. The individual policies don’t matter as much as the broader picture, because the goalposts are constantly moving.

      • Bonzo was never a “republican” – he was a tax and spend democrat, who took a giant dump on gun rights.

        He grew the hell out of government, started the trend of doubling the national debt, and was utterly worthless, save for some cutesy quips ‘conservatives’ use without the context of knowing what he actually did.

        Likely the worst gun rights Prez, including Obozo. His senile self said lots of things that were great. Too bad his actions were worse than (Bill) Clinton’s.

    • The vietnam war was JFK’s baby…….a fact that would make liberal heads explode if it were more widely known……but this new ken burns documentary is shedding light on that fact……..(and the fact that france bears ultimate responsibility for the whole damn thing)

        • The US (Truman and Eisenhower) didn’t want France back in Viet Nam. They opposed it and wouldn’t allow the French to use any weapons made in the US. (I’m not sure if that included WW2 weapons or just “new” weapons made after WW2.) Ho Chi Min, however, DID want the French back in, so he could make an example out of them. Do some research on the Paris Accords of 195???

      • We were stupid enough to intervene in France’s colonial problem. I always thought it was LBJ who really got us deeply involved, but am willing to accept that it might have actually been JFK. We know Ike had some very limited involvement but didn’t want to actually get into combat in Vietnam (he was a lot smarter than JFK and LBJ).

        Either way, Vietnam was by far the worst “war of choice” America has ever waged. Brought to you by democrat presidents.

  7. There’s probably more machine guns in DC per capita than most other parts of the US considering all of the embassies located there and the guns stocked in them.

  8. The truth surfaces. Bernie Sanders has opened the window on the Socialist scheme to get your guns from you that will not fail.

    He, and many others, want a single-payer healthcare system. That would mean that those run amok supposed representatives of We the People will have control of your health and lives and you won’t have a say in what happens. When that happens you will have surrendered your 1st Amendment rights to suffer tyranny at the hands of those you elected to serve in your stead while managing our country.

    The trouble with that is YOU! You have become totally complacent when it comes to doing things that are not fun or relaxing. You can’t take time to help preserve, protect and defend our country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Well, YOUR complacency has allowed the rich and powerful Socialists globalist to infiltrate our government at all levels of influence from which slow and subtle changes have been going on since Jimmy Carter was President and before.

    The failure of Hillary Clinton to be elected President really took the wind out of their sails. She caused them to have to back up and restart their agenda for change in America that will not be in accordance with the Constitution, as written and legally amended according to Article V, thereof.

    One of the first signs of where they want to go to catch up was when Bernie Sanders started to publicly advocate for a single-payer, “Social Security/Medicare like” healthcare system which, he says, would provide good healthcare for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

    The big problem is that “Social” word. It refers to a Socialist agenda. Socialism will not work because it depends on every single living person agreeing to follow its precepts, without question and without fail. Those that do not would have to be killed off to keep them from influencing others not to comply.

    Any way, should a single-payer system evolve, who would be in control of its operations? Who would set the guidelines for its operation? Who would determine who should get what kind of healthcare, from where, from who, for how long, at what cost, etc.? Do you trust anyone now in office to manage the quality of your life and how long you will live? You are darn stupid if you do. You also prove that you are one of the complacent ones because you don’t know what has really been going on within government. You have also missed important points on how those now serving us have fallen to temptations having no penalties for abuse that have become their only reason, other than personal power, about which they are concerned.

    You are called upon and pleaded with by them when its time for reelection. You are quickly forgotten once they have again acquired the keys to untold fortunes provided willingly by special interest wanting their fires kept lit through legislation that benefits them before our country and our citizens.

    Anyway, once government gets total control over your health, and you continue not to participate in your government, those miscreants can make you do anything they want you to do. All they have to do is threaten to take away your ability to maintain, or save your life, You will do exactly what they tell you, no questions asked, including surrendering your firearms and ammunition.

    You better wake up and help make sure that no single-payer healthcare system ever evolves to threaten your freedom and liberty as a healthy individual.

    Never allow government to control anything that is important enough to be able to force you to do things you would have never done before. We will see an effort to control everything agricultural, including land and farm equipment. For the time being global warming has been on the back burner but popping its head up once in awhile to see if its time to continue its attack on people for polluting the atmosphere sufficiently enough to cause climate change. They want us to pay fines based on the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere by the processes we employ in our daily lives.

    Government is not supposed to control the lives of the people for whom they work. Government is to manage the affairs of the country in the manner dictated by public consensus of its citizens. This cannot happen if government is comprised of self-serving people that don’t honor their Oaths-of-Office whose primary concerns are fame and personal fortune above all else.

    The Framers knew this would happen if people remained in office too long exposed to temptations that bear no penalties for abuse. The Framers did provide tools for citizens use to remove those that failed to serve them and our country well. Those are specific term lengths found in Article I. Sections 2. and 3. as well as Article II. Sections 1. Read them and learn them and refuse to reelect anyone that does not perform exactly as permitted by the Constitution. This is the only peaceful method left to us. Should we fail to purge all from Washington, D.C. in 2018 we will see a bloody revolution in America the likes of nothing that has ever taken place here.

    • Pretty sure every country with a single payer health system gives their citizens (as they should in a good capitalist market) the option of purchasing their own insurance that is better than the single payer mandatory option. AKA: if you don’t like it, buy something better. I could continue breaking it down, but I feel it wouldn’t be worth my time trying to break you out of the dystopian future you have found yourself in. Good grief…

      • Either way it’s a pointless argument because socialized healthcare isn’t feasible in the least bit. And don’t give me that “Well Europe does it” line, because they don’t. Europe has all of its socialized policies because of the American tax payers funding its defense.

      • “Pretty sure every country with a single payer health system gives their citizens (as they should in a good capitalist market) the option of purchasing their own insurance that is better than the single payer mandatory option.”

        You sure can, and you can even ‘keep your doctor’ that you like as well.

        Just one, tiny, little glitch with that plan – you still have to pay the full price (taxes) for the one-payer *along with* whatever private insurance / self-insurance you want to buy.

        Who in the *HELL* do you know that can afford *THAT*?

        We have some very good news – The Left has been doing some polling and have discovered their party’s platform (free college, $15 an hour minimum wage, single payer healthcare, etc), is falling flat.

        Check this gem out:

        “Worse news, they worry: Many of the ideas party leaders have latched onto in an attempt to appeal to their lost voters — free college tuition, raising the minimum wage to $15, even Medicare for all — test poorly among voters outside the base. The people in these polls and focus groups tend to see those proposals as empty promises, at best.”

        • Trust me bud. People here in the States that can afford insurance that has $1000 deductibles are the same people all over the western world that can afford their own private insurance. Private insurance that supplements the ‘single payer’ or whatever you want to call it insurance their taxes pay for.
          Basically Upper Middle Class plus, or those with a job that has really good ‘benefits’. Sooo kind of the same situation we all find ourselves in here in the land of the free. Except if I didn’t finally land my good job so I had a low deductable I’d still be living in terrible pain like I did for years. While those pricks get off scott free being a janitor cleaning shitters and getting that shoulder surgery for free fixing that injury they got slipping on the ice ice on the way to work! And those bastards don’t even give us our due that our taxes goddamn subsidize their healthcare via Trident missiles. (Somewhat agree with you here, but I think there’s a lot of corrupt waste that adds to that bill. And, if it ever came down to it, white Europe and Australasia would throw just as many able bodied men per capita at a war defending against Chinese aggression as the United States.) The nerve of those wankers!

      • Does “Hillarycare” ring a bell?
        Her plan would have made it illegal for any healthcare professional to offer care “off the books.”
        The reason Canadians come here for care is because they can’t get it in Canada, for the same reason.
        The dystopian future you scoff at is alive and well, and, if the Dems get their way, is coming here.

        • Americans will *never* tolerate their doctor not being allowed to practice outside of a ‘single-payer’ system.

          “Fuck that noise!” will be their response to that…

    • There is a certain amount of government control or oversight that is needed for national security. We can’t leave whole industries go to foreign countries and then 20 years later be boycotted and be left out. We need the USDA checking on crops(which we do very well), but depending on one or 2 countries for our energy needs is just crazy.
      Other countries that have single payer medical coverage also have private practice doctors and even hospitals for those whom want/need elective or other procedures in a timely manner. Certain procedures under Canada’s system sometimes get sent to US hospitals with Canada covering the bill, or having the Canadian citizen paying when he wants it in a timely manner.
      Everyone knew that Obamacare would eventually go to a single payer plan, at least, we will all be put off at the same limits. HMOs and PPOs have played that game for years, they have more adminisrtrators and red tape than they have medical workers. A single payer plan won’t be able to play companies against one another just to keep the patient waiting.
      Many of us with blue collar medical insurance have been pawns in these insurance company’s games. Sadly, just as I am starting Medicare, they want to merge it with Obamacare and all I see is trouble. We can hope that the VA will stay seperate for those that served.

      • It sure seems that way, doesn’t it. EVERY leftist government ends up murdering its own people. Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler did.

        Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were in hell, arguing over who was the greatest mass murderer of all time. Hitler stood up and shouted, “that’s not fair! I didn’t know you could count killing your OWN people!”

  9. “… gay gun owners reported that it was much easier for them to tell their shooting friends that they were gay, than to tell their gay friends that they were shooters,”

    That says a lot about who the intolerant bigots are, doesn’t it?

  10. I have no problem with the John Brown Gun Club. But the problem with Liberal gun owners is the same with some of the stupid “right wing gun nuts.”
    They are not polite.
    If you are going to open carry you are obligated to conduct yourself in the highest of public conduct standards. That is how we convince the non gun population that having a gun is not a threat.

    Those two open carry Michigan fools wearing masks and walking into a police station are just like the rude obnoxious JB gun club. The JB gun club physically attacked a reporter in Arizona.

    The conservatives will become the better public face of the gun rights Movement by being polite and contrasting themselves with the liberals who are rude obnoxious, and threatening people.

    • So I’m a liberal gun owner and am always polite, do not threaten people and mind my business. Go tar somebody else with your broad brush.

      • Have liberals with guns denounced the John Brown Gun Club????
        Have they called for the arrest and investigation of the JB gun club????
        I hear crickets……

  11. i dont think that picture is of Lefties with guns. their sign says ” liberty for all WORKING people” that is definitely not a liberal attitude.

    • They’re referring to “working people” as a class (ie. the Proletariat), not “employed individuals”.

      Someone without a job is far more likely to be a “working person” than someone with.


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