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These are known as “Denver Pile Drivers,” and for good reason. Watch the damage these things inflict.

TAOFLEDERMAUS, Wide Open Spaces video contributor and ammo tester, records some test firing to find out. Check out his YouTube channel and see more videos of his on

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    • Defensive handgun rounds like the hydrashock are nearly $1 a round, and I can guarantee you’ll have a stop with fewer shots with this thing.

  1. How much deeply does the slug penetrate and how much does it expand? If penetration meets FBI standards (12″ to 18″ in ballistic gelatin), it would make a fantastic defensive load even in 20 gauge or .410. Surprising that something this potent would come from anti-gun Australia.

    • Hogden buys Mulwex ADI powders (now owned by Thales) and buys so much Mulwex actually altered their product lines to suit Hogden. The ever popular AR2206 was replaced by the slightly slower burning AR2206H which was being made for Hogden.

      Sydney (population about 2.5 million) has about 10 gun shops of which I am aware of and maybe more. This is more gun shops than Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle have combined (okay, I cherry picked my locations). So much for the gun free utopia Australia is made out to be.

  2. Is it better than a common Foster slug? We don’t know, because they never do comparative testing on this channel. Probably not. If it was better, would it be enough better to bother seeking them out over a common foster slug? Probably not. Yawn.

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else think that all of these super duper explody grappling hook etc rounds for shotguns are gimmiky as all hell? I mean, pretty much anything moderately dense the size of a large marble traveling at 1300 fps is going F people up. Certainly cause a water bottle to explode.


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